The Wolf Man - 1941 | Story and Screenshots

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Sir John wanders off into the woods and runs into Maleva.

Maleva: You're not frightened, are you, Sir John?

Sir John: Frightened? Of what?

Maleva: Of the night.

Sir John: Rubbish. You startled me.

Maleva: Don't be startled, Sir John. You have the silver cane for protection.

Sir John: Who are you?

Maleva: Hasn't your son told you?

Sir John: You're the Gypsy who's been filling his mind with this werewolf nonsense.

Maleva: Nonsense, Sir John?

Sir John: Yes. You've been preying on his gullibility with your witch's tales.

Maleva: But you fixed him, didn't you, Sir John? You don't believe the witch's tales, do you?

Sir John: Not for a minute.

Maleva: Then where were you going, Sir John? Why aren't you there at the shooting stand?

Sir John: I was.

Maleva: Were you hurrying back to the castle? Did you have a moment's doubt? Were you hurrying to make sure he's all right?

Sir John: I wanted to be with my son. I was going . . .

They hear gunfire.

Maleva: Yes, Sir John. You were going?

Sir John races back to the shooting stand as the gunfire continues.

Sir John:

Maleva: Hurry, Sir John. Hurry.

A flurry of commotion at the shooting stand . . .

Montford: Come around this way, men! Swing out to the right there, come through again. Wykes, you and Phillips take charge.

Montford: I could have sworn I hit him dead on!

Frank: And I, too.

Lloyd: Have you forgotten it takes a silver bullet for a werewolf?

Having somehow broken free of the straps, the Wolf Man lurks through the woods.

At the same time, Gwen pops out of nowhere and rushes up to Maleva.

Gwen: Have you seen Larry?

Maleva: Don't go through the woods.

Gwen: Why?

Maleva: Listen. The hunt is on.

Gwen: But I want to help him.

Maleva: You'd better come with me.

Gwen: No. I've got to find him.

Maleva: Come with me or he will find you.

Frustrated, Gwen races off into the woods. The Wolf Man sees hers and stalks her through the woods. We also see Sir John running through the woods along with the other men carrying torches. The Wolf Man positions himself for the kill and has now cut off her path, growling at her.

Seeing the werewolf now up close, she starts screaming. The Wolf Man grabs her by the throat, more screaming from Gwen and she passes out. The men start running towards the screaming, but Sir John makes it there first.

The Wolf Man drops Gwen and attacks Sir John, who starts beating the werewolf with the silver cane. The Wolf Man yelps in pain. Sir John keeps up the repeated blows until the Wolf Man finally collapses to the ground. Sir Wolf continues beating in a fury even after the werewolf is motionless. Maleva races up in her cart and dismounts.

She leans over the werewolf and speaks . . .

Maleva: The way you walked was thorny though no fault of your own, but as the rain enters the soil, the river enters the sea, so tears run to a predestined end. Your suffering is over. Now you will have peace for eternity.

While she talks, Sir John is horrified to see the Wolf Man transform back to his son, Larry. Maleva leaves as Sir John approaches his son's body. The men are now getting closer.

Montford: Down this way, men.

They arrive as Sir John leans over his Larry, in sorrow. Frank rushes to Gwen's side.

Frank: Gwen! Are you all right?

Montford (looking at Larry): The wolf must have attacked her, and Larry came to the rescue. I'm sorry, Sir John.

Gwen: Larry!

She buries her head in Frank's shoulder and cries.



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