The Wolf Man - 1941 | Story and Screenshots

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He grabs her hands, but when he looks at her palm, he sees the pentagram mark. He steps back and turns in shock.

Gwen: Larry! What is it?

Larry: Your hand.

Charles has awaken and comes down the stairs.

Gwen: I can't see anything.

Charles: Mr. Talbot.

Gwen: Father! I'm going with Larry.

Larry: No! It's no use!

Larry runs out of the store. Charles hold Gwen back when she tries to go after him.

Later at the Talbot estate . . .

Sir John: Going out, Larry?

Larry: Father, I've got to get away from here. Bela the Gypsy was a werewolf. I killed him with that silver cane. I was bitten.

Larry: Look. The pentagram.

Sir John: That scar could be made by most any animal.

Larry: Yes, but it's the sign of the werewolf. They say that he can see it in the palm of the hand of his next victim.

Sir John: That's hard to believe.

Larry: I saw it. Tonight. In Gwen's hand.

Sir John: Larry, Larry, how can I help you get rid of this fear, this mental quagmire you've got yourself into? What can I say to you?

Larry: You don't understand. You think I'm insane. Why . . .

They hear dogs barking.

Larry: What's that?

Sir John: That's Paul Montford and the men. They caught nothing in the traps, so now they're going to hunt the wolf.

Larry (races up the stairs): They're out hunting for me!

Sir John: Stop it! Stop it! You can't run away.

Larry: That's it. That's what she said.

Sir John: Who?

Larry: The Gypsy woman.

Sir John: Gypsy woman? Now we're getting down to it. She's been filling your mind with this gibberish, this talk of werewolves and pentagrams. You're not a child, Larry, you're a grown man, and you believe in the superstitions of a Gypsy woman.

Larry: No, but the scar! The footprints in my room! Look, Father, I was caught in a trap tonight. I don't know how I got there. The old Gypsy woman helped me get away. And now they're all out hunting for me!

Sir John: Listen to me. You're Lawrence Talbot. This is Talbot Castle. You believe those men can come in here and take you out?

Larry: No. I'll go out to them. I can't help myself.

Sir John: Then I'll see to it that you can't go out to them. Come on, Larry.

Sir John takes Larry to his room and straps him to a chair..

Sir John: There. You're fast to the chair, all the windows are locked, and I'll bolt the door so that nothing can get in or out. Now you'll see that his evil thing you've conjured up is only in your mind.

Kendall (knocks on door): Sir John!

Sir John: Yes?

Kendall: Captain Montford and the men are waiting for you and Master Larry.

Sir John: I'm coming.

Larry: But you're going to stay with me, aren't you?

Sir John: No, I've got to go, Larry. These people have a problem. You must make your own fight, but we'll settle this thing tonight.

Larry: Dad!

Sir John: What is it?

Larry: Take the cane with you.

Sir John: What do I want with a cane?

Larry: Please. Just take it with you. Please.

Sir John: All right.

Sir John takes the cane, locking the door behind him.

A short time later, Montford and the men are in the woods, perched in a shooting stand.

Montford: He should come right across through there.

Frank: The beaters are driving right towards this point.

Sir John arrives at the shooting stand.

Lloyd: Did you give your son the sleeping pill?

Sir John: Oh, no.

Lloyd: But I wanted him to sleep through all this hullabaloo.

Sir John: And I want him cured tonight. In the morning, he'll have conclusive proof it was all in his mind.

Lloyd: What did you do?

Sir John: Strapped him to the chair. Turned him to the window so that he'd see something of the hunt.

Lloyd: I hope you won't be sorry.

Montford: Dr. Llloyd.

Lloyd: Coming.

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