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Larry: Doctor, do you believe in werewolves?

Lloyd: Why, I believe that a man lost in the mazes of his mind may imagine that he's anything. Science has found many examples of the mind's power over the body. The case of the stigmata appearing on the skin of zealots. Self hypnotism.

Larry: But if a man isn't even thinking about the thing, isn't interested in it, then how could he hypnotize himself with it?

Lloyd: It might be a case of mental suggestion plus mass hypnotism.

Larry: You mean by that, that he could be influenced by the people about him.

Lloyd: Yes.

Sir John: Come now, Doctor. You're letting your science run away with your common sense.

Frank: Have you ever met a werwolf, Doctor?

Lloyd: Not that I know of.

Larry: Doctor, can these sick people be cured?

Montford: Not they. An asylum's the only safe place for them.

Lloyd: Any disease of the mind can be cured with the cooperation of the patient.

Frank: Well, while you gentlemen are figuring it out scientifically, I think I'll go and set a few traps.

Montford: Yes, I'll help you. We may not find anything more than a diseased mind, but even that may be interesting.

Larry: Doctor, I've got to talk to you.

Lloyd: Later. Now, I want you to go and get some rest.

Sir John: Go on, Larry.

Larry returns to his bedroom.

Lloyd: You're the one I want to talk to.

Sir John: I didn't like what you said to him about mass hypnotism.

Lloyd: Sir John, your son is a sick man. He's received a shock that has caused definite psychic maladjustment. You must send him out of this village.

Sir John: You're talking like a witch doctor. If my son is ill, the best place for him is in his own home proving his innocence.

Lloyd: Does the prestige of your family name mean more to you than your son's health?

Sir John: Oh, nonsense. The one way for him to get cured is to stay here and fight his way out of this.

Lloyd: And I tell you that shock therapy is too strong for him in his present state.

Sir John: Listen to me, Dr. Lloyd. Five generations of Talbots haven't been affected by this village. That boy stays here!

Lloyd: Oh, very well. We'll see how he is in the morning.

Out in the woods, we hear the sounds of chains clanking as Frank and Montford, along with assistants, Wykes and Phillips, set the traps.

Wykes: All right, sir.

Frank: Last one, huh?

Montford: That ought to hold him

That night, we see the dark woods filled with fog and the howl of a wolf. The Wolf Man is once again on the prowl. It isn't long before he is caught in one of the traps. Within moments, a group of hunters led by Montford close in with a pack of barking dogs.

The Wolf Man is writhing and trashing in pain to get loose. The hunters come to a dead end on tracking.

Hunter (referring to the dogs): They've lost the trail, sir.

Frank: Well, he can't have disappeared into thin air.

Montford: Take Phillips and walk around the marsh, see if you can pick up the trail down there.

Wykes: All right sir.

Montford: Come on, Frank. Let's go.

Frank: Right away.

Phillips and Wykes head around the marsh while Montford and Frank take another direction.

Moments later, Maleva arrives in her cart and sees the injured and captured Wolf Man. She dismounts and leans over him.

Maleva: The way you walk is thorny, through no fault of your own. But as the rain enters the soil, the river enters the sea, so tears run to a predestined end.

As she finishes her words, the Wolf Man has transformed back to Larry.

Maleva: Find peace for a moment, my son.

Larry finally comes to.

Larry: What are you doing here?

Maleva: I came to help you.

Larry: Where am I? What happened?

They now hear the dogs barking.

Maleva: You are caught in a trap.

Larry: Here, here. Let me do that.

Maleva: Hurry. The dogs. They are hunting you.

Larry frees himself from the trap as the dogs get closer. Phillips and Wykes catch up with Larry.

Phillips: Hello, there! Stop! Come here! You!

Wykes: It's Master Larry. What are you doing here, sir?

Larry: Why, the same thing you are, of course. Hunting

Larry takes off. A second later, Montford appears.

Montford: I hear you talking to someone?

Phillips: It was Master Larry.

Montford: All right. Go along.

Phillips and Wykes continue their search. Frank catches up with Montford.

Frank: Who was that?

Montford: Larry Talbot.

Some time later, Larry makes into town and goes to Conliffe's antique shop. He throws rocks at Gwen's window to get her attention. Gwen wakes up and opens the window. She rushes downstairs and lets him in.

Gwen: Larry!

Larry: Gwen, I'm going away.

Gwen: Away? But why?

Larry: I've got to go. I can't stay here any longer.

Gwen: Let me go with you. I'll fetch a few things and be back in a minute.

Larry: No, no. I'm going alone.

Gwen: But I can help you!

Larry: You wouldn't want to run away with a murderer, would you?

Gwen: Larry, you're not. You know you're not.

Larry: I killed Bela. I killed Richardson. If I stay around here much longer, you can't tell who's going to be next! Wait . . . it might even . . .

Gwen: Please! I've stil got the charm you gave me, remember?

Larry: Yeah, yeah, I know, but I'm afraid.

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