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Larry enters the parlor.

Gwen: Larry!

Larry: Oh, you. . . You heard them.

Gwen: Yes. I suppose you can't blame them too much. Kind of a mess, isn't it.

Larry: I came over to tell you how sorry I am about Jenny.

Gwen: Tell me, just exactly what did happen?

Larry: Well, I saw a wolf attacking her, and I killed it. In the fight, it bit me. This morning, there's no sign of the wound. Now they're trying to make me believe that I killed Bela, the fortune-teller.

Gwen: Maybe there wasn't a wolf. It was dark and foggy, and well, perhaps the story I told you about the werewolf confused you.

Larry: Why does everyone insist that I'm confused?

They hear the store door open, it's Frank. He has a dog on a leash.

Charles: Hello, Frank.

Frank: Hello, Mr. Conliffe. Is Gwen in?

Charles: Yes, but she has a visitor.

Frank: Larry Talbot?

Charles: Yes.

Frank: Well, that's all right. I want to see him, too.

Frank enters the parlor.

Gwen: Larry, this is Frank Andrews

The dog begins barking and growling at Larry.

Frank: Quiet.

Gwen: You'd better take him outside, Frank.

Frank: All right, come on. Come on.

Frank leads the dog out.

Larry: So that's him, huh?

Gwen: Yes. We grew up together.

Larry: He looks like a nice enough chap. What does he do?

Gwen: He's the gamekeeper for your father's estate.

Larry: Oh.

Frank returns to the parlor, mouthing his pipe.

Larry: Glad to know you, Andrews.

Larry offers a handshake, but Frank doesn't respond, he just stares at Larry's cane.

Larry: I just came over to see that Gwen was all right. I guess I better be going now. Goodbye, Gwen.

Larry dons his hat and leaves.

Gwen: Frank, why were you so rude?

Frank: Well, I'm sorry, but I couldn't take my eyes off that walking stick of his. Gwen, be careful, will you?

Gwen: Careful?

Frank: Yes. He's been away for 18 years, I know, but he's still the son of Sir John Talbot.

Gwen: Oh, I see. And I'm the daughter of Conliffe, who owns the antique shop, is that it?

Frank: Yes, that and, well, there's something very tragic about that man, and I'm sure that nothing but harm will come to you through him.

Later, Frank and Gwen arrive at the Gypsy Fair, which is in full swing with lively music playing. Larry shows up and takes in the music and stage dancing.

Frank: Now aren't you glad I brought you?

She nods and smiles. Frank then notices Larry across the way.

Frank: There's Larry Talbot.

Larry notices them and heads the other way.

Frank: Let's go and say hello, eh? I just wanted to show you that I'm not jealous. . . Larry Talbot! . . . Saw you walking along by yourself, thought you might like to join us.

Larry: Well, thanks. I was just on my way home.

Frank: Don't say that. Come on. We'll have some fun together.

Gwen: Please do, Larry.

They are standing right in front of a shooting gallery with cut out metal animal targets that pop up in random places.

Frank: Two guns, please.

Gallery Worker: Yes, sir.

Frank (to Larry): See what you can do.

Larry: All right.

While hitting a few animal targets, Sir John and Montford are watching him from a distance.

Sir John: He seems to be able to handle a rifle.

Larry is hitting one target after another until a wolf target pops up. He stalls out, and looks clearly disturbed.

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