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Maleva watches them silently, then slips out and exits.

Montford: Where did all this happen?

Gwen: By the marsh. That woman came to help.

Gwen turns to see that Maleva is gone.

Gwen: Where is she?

Sir John: Who?

Gwen: Why, the Gypsy woman. I'd never have got him here without her.

Montford: Yes, of course. The old woman was just in the doorway.

Sir John: Kendall, find her.

Montford: Was anyone else with you?

Larry: Jenny. Someone get Jenny.

An elderly man enters the room.

Man: Sir John! Captain! By the marsh!

Sir John: Yes, yes, by the marsh? Speak up, man.

Man: Jenny. Jenny Williams.

Sir John: What about her?

Man: She's been murdered, sir.

Montford: Wolf? Gypsy woman? Murder? What is this?

Sir John: What makes you say she was murdered?

Man: Her throat, sir.

Montford: Come, come. Let's look into this. Here, show me where it happened.

Man: Yes.

Montford: I'll send Dr. Lloyd, Sir John.

Sir John: Fine. Roberts, give me a hand with Master Larry, will you?

They help Larry to his feet.

Sir John: Come on, Larry. Get him up to his room.

A short time later, Montford is now in the marsh. Dr. Lloyd is inspect Jenny's body.

Montford: Mr. Twiddle?

Twiddle: Yes, sir?

Montford: Make a note, Twiddle.

Twiddle: Very good, sir.

Montford: "Jenny Williams, attacked by some large animal." That right, Dr. Lloyd?

Lloyd: Her jugular was severed by the bite of powerful teeth. The cause of death, internal hemorrhage.

Twiddle is getting squeamish as he takes down the note.

Montford: What's the matter with you, Twiddle?

Twiddle: I'm a little squeamish, sir.

Montford: Well, don't be squeamish. Write down what I told you.

Twiddle (whimpering): Very well, sir.

Frank Andrews, the Talbots' gamekeeper, explores an area nearby and discovers Bela's body.

Frank: Captain Montford! Here, sir. It's the Gypsy who passed through town this afternoon.

Everyone gathers around Bela. Dr. Lloyd inspects his body.

Montford: Was he killed by the same animal, Dr. Lloyd?

Lloyd: No, his skull was crushed by heavy blows with a sharp instrument.

Montford: Make a note, Twiddle.

Twiddle: Very well, sir.

Montford: "Bela the Gypsy found dead near the body of Jenny Williams. Cause of death, heavy blows from some sharp instrument."

Lloyd: Look, his feet are bare.

Montford: So they are. Otherwise, he's fully dressed. Make a note of that, Twiddle.

Twiddle: Very well, sir.

Frank discovers Larry's cane.

Frank: What's this?

Twiddle (exclaims): A stick with a horse's-head handle.

Frank: It's not a horse's head. That's a wolf's head.

Twiddle: Mr. Frank? Them tracks back there. A wolf!

Montford: Make a note, Twiddle.

Twiddle: Very well, sir.

Montford: "Found on scene of tragedy, silver-handled stick mounted with a wolf's head." Let's have a look at those tracks.

Twiddle is left whimpering and sighing nervously.

The next morning, Larry is asleep in his bed when someone knocks on the door. He gets up and puts on a robe. Sir John, Dr. Lloyd, and Montford enter the room.

Sir John: Larry. Shouldn't you be in your bed?

Larry: No. I'm all right.

Lloyd: Good morning, Larry.

Montford: This is Dr. Lloyd.

Lloyd: You frightened us last night, my boy.

Larry: I'm sorry. I guess I did kind of pass out.

Montford: Is this your stick?

Larry: Why, of course. That's the one I killed the wolf with.

Sir John and Montford look at Larry with great concern.

Sir John: Larry, Bela the gypsy was killed last night. They found your stick by the body.

Larry: You mean, Bela the fortune-teller?

Sir John: Mmm-hmm.

Larry: I only saw a wolf. He bit me. Look here.

Dr. Lloyd inspects Larry's chest and sees no wound.

Larry: Well, that's funny. It must have healed up.

Lloyd gives a stern look to Montford.

Sir John: Larry, Paul wants to ask you some questions.

Larry: Why sure, sure. Go ahead.

Lloyd: No, I think we ought to leave him alone.

Sir John: What's the matter with you? Paul wants to question him. Go ahead, Paul.

Larry: Yeah, go ahead. But don't try to make me believe that I killed a man when I know that I killed a wolf.

Lloyd: Yes, yes. We're all a little bit confused. He needs a good rest.

Montford: We'll talk to you later, Larry. Come on, Doctor.

Lloyd: Coming, Sir John?

Sir John: Yeah. I'll be down in a minute.

Lloyd and Montford leave the room. Larry grabs the cane and inspects it.

Sir John: Now, Larry, will you stop worrying and let me handle this?

Larry: But they're treating me like I was crazy!

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