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They arrive at the Gypsy camp and approach Bela.

Jenny: We've come to have our fortunes told. Can you really read the future?

Bela: I will not disappoint you, my lady. Will you step inside, please?

Jenny: Do you mind if I go in first?

Larry: No, no. Go right ahead.

Gwen: Go on, silly.

Nearby, the gypsy woman, Maleva approaches as Larry and Gwen talk.

Larry: Quite a pipe the old boy's got, isn't it?

Maleva stares at them and then walks away. Inside the tent, Bela and Jenny are sitting at a table.

Bela: Cut the cards.

As she cuts the cards, we cut back to Larry and Gwen.

Larry: We didn't come down to listen on Jenny, did we?

Gwen: No.

Larry: Well, maybe if you took a little walk with me, I could tell your fortune.

She takes him arm and a moment later they are strolling in the woods.

Gwen: So you're a fortune-teller.

Larry: Uh-huh.

Gwen: Is that how you know abouth the earrings?

Larry: Well, not exactly. You see a telescope has a mighty sharp eye. It brings the stars so close that you feel you can almost touch them.

Gwen (shocked): A telescope?

Larry: Sure. And it does the same thing to people in their rooms - that is if you point it in the right direction.

Gwen: Oh you wouldn't.

Larry: Well, now, I was only testing the refractor. I didn't know about you and all of sudden there you were.

Gwen: From now on I'll be sure to draw the curtains.

Larry: Don't do that! I mean, not on account of me. (chuckles) I mean, well, you know what I mean.

Gwen (grinning): Yes, I'm afraid I do. But it's only fair to tell you I'm engaged. I'm going to be married very soon. In fact, I really shouldn't be here.

Larry (exclaims): But you are here.

We return to Jenny and Bela in the tent.

Jenny: Can you tell me when I'm going to be married?

Bela angrily throws the wolfsbane off the table and holds his head in anguish.

Jenny: What did you see?

Bela (smiles): Your hands, please. . . Your left hand shows your past, your right hand shows your future.

Bela looks down at her right hand and sees a pentagram on her palm. Disturbed, Jenny pulls her hand back.

Jenny: What's the matter?

Bela (glaring): I can't tell you anything tonight. Come back tomorrow.

He leaves the table.

Jenny: What do you see? Something evil?

Bela: No, no! Now go away. Go quickly. Go!

Jenny: Yes. Yes, I'm going!

Jenny runs off crying. Bela looks down and sees the wolfsbane on the ground. He once again covers his face as if he's in despair. We see Maleva in her tent, she turns her attention to Bela. A horse tethered to the wagon gets upset and begins neighing.

As Jenny races through the woods, she hears a haunting wolf howl. We cut back to Larry and Gwen . . .

Larry: What was that?

Gwen: I don't know. Never heard anything like it before.

Suddenly, they hear Jenny screaming.

Larry: Stay here.

Gwen: Larry! Wait, Larry!

Larry rushes off to investigate. Gwen goes after him. He sees a wolf tearing at Jenny's limp body. Larry attacks and beats the animal to death with his cane, but is also bitten. Injured, he stumbles away and collapses.

Gwen: Larry, where are you?

She finds him and rushes to his side.

Gwen: Oh, Larry! Larry, what happened? What's the matter?

Larry: A wolf.

Gwen sees a horse-drawn cart approaching.

Gwen: Help! Help! Please hurry!

It's Maleva, she stops the cart.

Gwen: Hurry, please.

Maleva: What happened to him?

Gwen: A wolf bit him. . . Do something. Can't you help him?

Maleva: We must take him home.

She helps Gwen in tending to Larry. We cut to Sir John's den, Montford is visiting him as they share a drink.

Sir John: Big boy, isn't he?

Montford: Huge.

Sir John: Like the Red Talbot, there.

Montford: We should have had him in the Guards.

Sir John (chuckles): Oh, no. He'll be invaluable here, looking after the estate. You know, he's had a lot of experience in America.

The butler, Kendall, goes to the door. Larry stumbles in, supported by Gwen and Maleva close behind.

Kendall: Here, here. What's the matter?

Sir John and Montford jump out of their seats and rush to them.

Gwen: Sir John!

Kendall: Master Larry, what's happened?

Gwen: He was bitten by a wolf.

Montford: A wolf?

Sir John: Nonsense. Haven't been wolves around here for years.

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