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Westworld was filmed in several locations, including the Mojave Desert, the gardens of the Harold Lloyd Estate, and several sound stages at MGM. It was shot with Panavision anamorphic lenses by Gene Polito, A.S.C.

The Gunslinger's appearance is based on Chris Adams, Brynner's character from The Magnificent Seven. The two characters' costumes are nearly identical.

In the scene when Richard Benjamin's character splashes the Gunslinger in the face with acid, Brynner's face was covered with an oil-based makeup mixed with ground Alka-Seltzer. A splash of water then produced the fizzing effect.

The score for Westworld was composed by American composer Fred Karlin. It combines ersatz western scoring, source cues, and electronic music.

Westworld was the first feature film to use digital image processing. John Whitney, Jr. digitally processed motion picture photography at Information International, Inc. to appear pixelized in order to portray the Gunslinger android's point of view.

The approximately 2 minutes and 31 seconds worth of cinegraphic block portraiture was accomplished by color-separating (three basic color separations plus black mask) each frame of source 70 mm film images, scanning each of these elements to convert into rectangular blocks, then adding basic color according to the tone values developed.

The resulting coarse pixel matrix was output back to film. The process was covered in the American Cinematographer article Behind the scenes of Westworld and in a 2013 New Yorker online article.

Crichton's original screenplay was released as a mass-market paperback in conjunction with the film. Westworld was first aired on NBC television in 1975.

The network aired a slightly longer version of the film than was shown theatrically or subsequently released on home video. One added scene shows a brief fly-by shot of the hovercraft zooming just a few feet above the desert floor.

Previously, all scenes involving the hovercraft were interior shots only. Another additional scene later in the film features a guest in Medieval World being subjected to a torture rack.

Variety magazine described the film as excellent and that it "combines solid entertainment, chilling topicality, and superbly intelligent serio-comic story values". The film has a rating of 84% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Reviewing the DVD release in September 2008, The Daily Telegraph reviewer Philip Horne described the film as a "richly suggestive, bleakly terrifying fable and Brynner's performance is chillingly pitch-perfect."

American Film Institute Lists
AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills - Nominated
AFI's 100 Years...100 Heroes and Villains:
Robot Gunslinger - Nominated Villain
AFI's 10 Top 10 - Nominated Science Fiction Film

A sequel to Westworld, Futureworld, was filmed in 1976, with only Brynner returning from the original cast to reprise his Gunslinger character. Four years later, in 1980, the CBS television network aired a short-lived television series.

Beyond Westworld, expanded on the concepts and plot of the second film with new characters. Its poor ratings caused it to be canceled after only three of the five episodes aired.

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Westworld 1973
Plot, & Screenshots

This detailed plot includes most of the dialogue.


Ed: Hi. Ed Ramsey from Delos. If there's anyone who doesn't know what Delos is, well, as we've always said. Delos is the vacation of the future, today. At Delos you get your choice of the vacation you want. There's Medieval World, Roman World and, of course, Westworld. Let's talk to some people who've been there. Pardon me, sir. What is your name?

Gardner: Gardner Lewis. Just got back from Westworld.

Ed: Tell us how you liked it, Mr. Lewis.

Gardner: When you played cowboys and Indians as a kid, you'd point go "bang, bang" and the other kid would lie down and play dead. Well, Westworld is the same thing, only it's for real! I shot 6 people! Well, they weren't real people!

INT. PLANE: Peter Martin (Benjamin) a first-timer and his friend John Blane (Brolin), who has visited previously, are flying to Delos to visit the WesternWorld zone.

Peter: I'm not worried at all. I'm just curious. How much do they weigh?

John: Three or four pounds.

Peter: That's heavy. Do they have much of a kick?

John: A Colt .45?

Peter: Well, I never fired one before. What about that thing where you go like this over the gun?

John: Fanning?

Peter: Yeah.

John: What about it?

Peter: Is that hard to do? . . . Now, the gunbelt, does it have those strings to tie around your leg?

John: If that's the kind you want.

Peter: That's the kind I want. I think it's probably better for quick draws, you know.

John: It all depends.

Peter: What kind of gunbelt did you have the last time?

John: I had the one without the strings.

Peter: And you could draw fast? Then maybe it doesn't matter after all. The gun they give you are real guns?

John: Real guns.

Peter: That's incredible.

Flight attendant: The orientation on the resort will now begin. Please put on your earphones.

John: Don't you want to listen?

Peter: I heard it the last time.

Video Voice: Western World is a complete re-creation of the American frontier of 1880. Here it is possible to relive the excitement and stresses of pioneer life to the fullest. Western World is a life of lawless violence, a society of gun and action. This is Medieval World, where we have reconstructed 13th-century Europe. A world of chivalry and combat, romance and excitement.

Our teams of engineers have spared no expense in this re-creation precise to the smallest detail. Then we have Roman world: A lusty treat for the senses in the setting of delightful decadent Pompeii. Here the traveler experiences the sensual, relaxed morality that existed at the peak of the Imperial Roman Empire.

All together, these resorts comprise Delos. The most exciting vacation spot in the history of man. The whole spectrum of technology has been employed in Delos for the vacarioner's pleasure. Expensive and unusual, Delos is not for everyone. But for those who choose it , it is truly a unique and rewarding experience.


Man: This is Delos Control to Station 3. Your negative deceleration should be 25 and your ground speed should be 355 and dropping. We have you on Grid 5. Notify ground crews. Stand by. Locking in now. Shut down 2, shut down 3. Nice job, everybody.


Announcement: Welcome to Delos. Please go to your color-coded tram which will take you to the world of your choice. Give your name to the attendant.

Attendant: May I have your name please?

John: John Blane.

Peter: Peter Martin.

Attendant: Thank you.

Announcement: We are sure you will enjoy your stay in Western World.

John: Was she a ...?

Peter: Probably.

John: That's amazing!

Peter: Supposedly, you really can't tell expect by looking at the hands. They haven't perfected the hands yet.

Announcement: Nothing can go wrong. You will enjoy your stay in Roman World. While you are there, please feel free to indulge your every whim. Medieval World exists for you, the guest. Nothing can go wrong.

INT. DRESSING ROOM: People change clothes.


Crew: You've got a 3-millisecond cycle delay which should be computed in. I don't know what to do if the stagecoach is late.


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