Director Joseph Kosinski Reveals the Extent of the TRON: LEGACY Re-Shoots

Director Joe Kosinski spoke about how, at its heart, even with all of the action and technology, Tron: Legacy is a father-son relationship story.

He also explained the additional scenes he shot once the film was done and the reason for them, revealed that there would be very little deleted footage for the DVD/Blu-ray when it’s released and said that he’s looking to focus on either his remake of The Black Hole or an adaptation of his graphic novel Oblivion, written by William Monahan, for his next project.

Kosinski: I like to call it additional photography because it really was additional photography. We added about five or six minutes to the movie, most of it in the first 20 minutes. Most of the shooting was done to set up Sam a little bit better and to give him a little more context. . . . . . complete article

Interview with Tron Legacy Writer Adam Horowitz

Question: Do you think it was the new technology that's available, revisiting the character or something else entirely that excited Jeff Bridges about returning?

Adam Horowitz: Well you'd have to ask Jeff that but I think that he has always had a fondness for Tron. Like when we first met him, we went to his house and at one point we were pitching him the movie when he said, "Wait, hold on."

He ran upstairs and got the original Tron helmet and put it on. He was like, "Do you want to wear it?" We were like, "If we must." Do I have pictures of myself in the Tron helmet at home? Yes!

Question: Was having Bruce Boxleitner back and involved as well essential to making this sequel?

Adam Horowitz: Well Bruce had to be involved, the movie is called Tron after all. I remember first meeting Bruce. It was at the table read.

Bruce and Jeff were together and I mean they had seen each other over the years but it was the first time in this Tron context that they had been together in a long time so it was really cool. I remember thinking, is this really happening? Is this my life?

Question: As such a big fan of the source material, did you ever find that when you were writing the script that perhaps you began geeking out on a particular tangent from the original that didn't really serve this story so you had to pull it back a bit?

Adam Horowitz: I'm sure in early drafts we did. Here's how we looked at it. There is a slice of the universe that you can experience in under a hundred and ten minutes. We have to tell our story and stay on focus.

The natural process of writing for us is thinking up a bigger world than you can ever really do. You have to do it like that if you want to have a sense of that richness and depth of mythology. So it starts here and then we hone it down to this. . . . . . complete interview

Concept Art From The Tron: Legacy
Theme Park Installment

September 3, 2010 - If you’ve ever thought that the Tron movies just look like giant glowy dance parties, you are not alone.

The folks over at Disneyland have the same idea, and that’s why they’ve decided that in celebration of Tron: Legacy’s release this December they’ll be transforming the Hollywood Pictures Backlot into ElecTRONica, an outdoor dance party that brings the grid out of the game and onto the streets.

Also included in the ElecTRONica portion of Disneyland will be a full-on recreation of Flynn’s Arcade (obviously), but there will probably be less chance of getting sucked into a video game for 20 years . . . . . complete article

Garrett Hedlund Interview
on Tron: Legacy

September 27, 2010 - In an interview with Collider, actor Garrett Hedlund talked about playing Sam Flynn, the experience of working with someone as talented as Jeff Bridges and how much he already misses being on set for this project.

Question: How did you originally get involved with Tron: Legacy? Was there something specific that attracted you to it?

Hedlund: I went to go meet with Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey, maybe about three or four months before I was cast, and they showed me the effects footage that Joseph had created. In terms of that room, I walked in uncertain and I walked out driven.

I didn’t know I was going to walk in and be shown something like that, that was that unforeseeable. I just thought it was the coolest thing that I had never imagined. Being an audience member and being a fan of film and going to see all these films, that was something I hadn’t seen.

Question: What was it like to work with someone like Jeff Bridges?

Hedlund: I think he’s just incredible and genuine, and filled with life and inspiration. He’s inspired by so many things, like music, literature, philosophy and spirituality, and all these things. It’s infectious. It’s such a privilege for me to be able to have the chance to work with him.

I know that each of these actors that I completely admire make me a better actor. I had the opportunity to watch them on set and see how they compose themselves on and off, and how much work they put into it. It inspires me to work harder on every film that I do and never cease. . . . . . complete interview

Tokyo fest gets 30-minute 'Tron' trailer

A special 30-minute screening of “Tron: Legacy" in 3D, including previously unseen footage, will be held at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Walt Disney Studios Japan, which is organizing the event, is releasing minimal information about the screening, and like last year’s sneak preview of “Avatar” at the fest, will be on invitation-only basis.

Following the huge success in Japan of “Avatar,” and the Disney 3D releases this year of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Toy Story 3," the studio will have high expectations for the sequel to the 1982 cult classic . . . . . complete article

Tron 3 Confirmed

“Tron Legacy” isn’t due until December, but Disney already is putting a sequel on its monorail track. No details have been released because it is so early in the process.

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the “Lost” writers/executive producers who worked on “Legacy,” have begun writing a sequel to the studio’s sci-fi tentpole.

Notwithstanding the question of whether the movie will be a hit, other topics to ponder are whether the sequel will focus on spinoff characters or center on a new adventure set in the “Tron” world . . . . . complete article

Tron Legacy uses new Avatar 3D
camera Sci-fi sequel pushes
James Cameron's technolgy
BY Jonathon Crocker

Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinski reveals he's shot the cyberspace sequel using James Cameron's very own groundbreaking 3D camera system. Only he's made it better.

"We used a brand new generation of the Pace/Cameron system developed by Vince Pace and James Cameron," says Kosinski. "I think we’re the first film to use full 35mm sensor cameras in a 3D rig."

Um, what does that mean? "It gives a stunning image," explains Kosinski. "And in 3D, it’s even more spectacular. The line between what’s real and what’s not is blurred so you can’t tell the difference."

Set in 2010 and recasting Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn ("It's Apocalypse Now and I'm like Kurtz," quipped Bridges), the Tron universe has been disconnected from the outside world for 25 years.

"But the simulation has gotten more perfect, so the scale, the realism, the physics and the visceral quality of it is all bigger," says Kosinski. "The world of Tron has evolved."


Tron Legacy - 2010
Plot and Screenshots

As he looks around, Clu recalls when he was first created and how Flynn promised that they would change the world together. The thought makes him furious. Sam, meanwhile, is taken by Castor to a private room above the party while the masked DJ's spin a tune. Castor reveals to Sam that he *is* Zuse but admits that his services have turned with the tide.

At that moment, the club is infiltrated by Clu's guards and Sam steps out to fight them. Quorra arrives and fights along Sam but is overpowered and her left arm is derezzed. Flynn then appears and derezzes the rest of the guards before escorting Sam, carrying Quorra who has gone into a state of shock, to the elevator to escape. Zuse propels an extension cord to capture Flynn's Disc as the elevator doors shut and sabotages the lowering mechanism.

Flynn manages to slow the elevator before they crash and scolds Sam for 'messing with his Zen thing, man'. They decide to then board a Solar Sailer which should take them directly to the portal. Clu arrives at the club where Zuse presumes a silent agreement: Flynn's Disc for control of the city. But, as he and Gem watch, Clu orders his guards to rig the place with bombs and, as Clu leaves in his ship, the tower explodes.

As they ride the Solar Sailer, Flynn takes Quorra's Identity Disc and rearranges the corrupted material that will enable her arm to regenerate. He also shows Sam that Quorra is an ISO; the very last one. Her digital readout shows that she has triple-stranded DNA. "Bio-digital jazz, man."

Flynn then leaves Quorra with Sam to reboot so that he can 'knock on the sky and listen to the sound'. Quorra wakes up moments later and tells Sam that Flynn saved her during the Purge. They bond further and Quorra asks more about the real world.

Sam tries to describe to her what the sun looks like as Flynn looks on, smiling. Suddenly, the Solar Sailer intersects the Rectifier, a large carrier ship.

Flynn, Quorra, and Sam hide among the cargo units of the Sailer and discover that programs are encased within, en route to be reprogrammed into an army for Clu.

Rinzler then appears and begins to investigate the Sailer. Flynn suddenly recognizes Rinzler as his old friend, Tron; reconfigured as Clu's henchman. Quorra gives Sam her disc and runs into Rinzler's line of sight where she is immediately captured and taken away. Flynn and Sam use Quorra's distraction to move out.

They find Clu giving an announcement to his army. With Flynn's disc in his possession, he intends to use it to allow passage into the real world where they may 'perfect' it. Flynn and Sam agree to a plan and split up.

Clu goes to his tower where Flynn's disc is stored. There, Quorra is brought to him and, when he sees that she is an ISO, claims that he has something special in mind for her.

Flynn makes his way to the Light Jet hangar where he reprograms a guard, allowing him to access one of the vehicles. Meanwhile, Sam makes his way to Clu's docking tower to rescue Quorra and retrieve Flynn's Disc.

He fights off the guards there and intimidates Jarvis, allowing him to retrieve Flynn's Disc. Rinzler confronts him, holding Quorra as a hostage, but Sam fights him off and defeats him by knocking him off the edge of the tower. Sam takes Quorra and leaps off the tower, using a wing-like parachute to glide to the ground. They meet up with Flynn in his Light Jet and Quorra takes the pilot's seat.

Clu storms into the tower to find Rinzler, having climbed back from the ledge, and Jarvis looking sullen. As he watches Flynn's Light Jet leave the carrier, he strikes down Jarvis with his Disc and leaps out of the tower, creating his own Light Jet. Rinzler and a few guards follow.

As they fly over the Sea of Simulation, Sam is sent to the Light Jet's turret to fire on their pursuers. Rinzler flies over the Light Jet and he and Flynn make eye contact for the first time. Flynn speaks out to him and the connection allows Rinzler to regain his memories of being Tron. He turns against Clu, crying out "I fight for the users!"

However, Clu wins out on the battle, sending Tron sinking into the Sea of Simulation, his armor circuitry changing from red to blue. Flynn asks Quorra to do something for him just before they arrive at the portal. As they walk up the pathway, they find Clu standing before them. Clu confronts Flynn and insists that all he was trying to do was what Flynn instructed him to.

Flynn apologizes to Clu and says that perfection is impossible because it's unknowable; but Clu would not know that because Flynn didn't when he created him. This revelation incites Clu to attack Flynn who yells at Sam and Quorra to continue to the portal. Though determined not to lose his father again, Sam is pushed forward by Quorra. Clu takes Flynn's Disc and reads it to see that it's actually Quorra's; Flynn had swapped his with her before arrival.

Infuriated, Clu jumps the gap between the gate and the portal but Flynn performs reintegration; a destructive method of rejoining Clu to him. Flynn watches tearfully and with pride as Sam holds his Disc into the portal. He says, "Goodbye, kiddo" before Clu is merged with him. Sam and Quorra escape the Grid just before the union which results in a massive explosion that destroys it.

Back in his father's office, Sam saves the Tron system onto a microchip that he laces around his neck. He pages Alan to the shop and tells him that he was right about everything. Sam says that he will take back ENCOM and would like Alan as chairman. Leaving the arcade, Sam greets Quorra who asks what they will do now. Sam tells her that he has something to show her and takes her for a ride on his motorcycle. As they ride out into the real world, Quorra sees the sun rise for the first time.







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