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CLINK! The hand snaps off at the wrist. It looks stupidly at the glassy stump of a wrist. For the first time we see an expression on its face we know to be a true one... The expression is pain. Agony. Its mouth opens in a soundless scream as the hoar-frost races up its legs, across its body.

And that's the position it freezes in. It has become a statue, kneeling in the frozen vapor, that surprised look of agony frozen on its face. The liquid nitrogen stops flowing and begins to evaporate. Terminator, just beyond the boundary of the cold, can see the T-1000 clearly. He draws his .45 and aims.

TERMINATOR: Hasta la vista, baby.

K-POW! The single shot blows the T-1000 into a million diamonds spraying up into the air. They shimmer across the ground for twenty feet in all directions. Terminator lowers the gun, satisfied. He looks like he needs a vacation.

JOHN AND SARAH have seen it from the pickup. She is in bad shape. Conscious but very weak. He tries the door. It's jammed. He kicks it open.

JOHN: Okay, Mom, we gotta get out now, come on. That's it.

He helps her slide down from the seat of the truck. Her knees give way. John has to take a lot of her weight. He reaches in and picks up the riot gun off the seat. They hobble toward -- A TERMINATOR. On his knees, he looks into the dissipating cloud of vapor. The heat of the furnaces has evaporated all the liquid nitrogen.

INSERT, TIGHT ON THE FLOOR - the T-1000 shards are melting, liquefying. Hundreds of drops of mercury, spattered across the floor. Orange light of the enormous black-furnaces dances on liquid metal.

TERMINATOR struggles to rise. One arm is shattered, the hand smashed and useless. And some leg-servos are damaged. He can barely stand. John and Sarah arrive.

TERMINATOR: We don't have much time.

JOHN: What?

Terminator points. John and Sarah watch as -- INSERT, T-1000 DROPLETS are creeping together. Fusing into larger blobs. These pools shiver and run together, soon forming a central mass.

ON JOHN AND SARAH, realizing it's not over.

JOHN: Come on! Let's go!

Terminator gets one of Sarah's arms over his shoulder and they go.

BEHIND THEM, something is moving.

A HEAD is forming up out of a pool mercury. it rises, as shoulders form. hunching up from the liquid mass. Half-formed, it turns to look straight at them. John looks back in new terror as -- The T-1000 rises to man-height. It is still in mercury form, but its features are forming rapidly.

It takes its first step after them. Sarah stumbles and they pull her up. Terminator himself has a pronounces limp, dragging one leg with a shattered ankle joint. John's the one pulling, straining, driving them forward. They round a corner into --

INT. AISLE BETWEEN FURNACES It is a maze of monstrous machinery. The heat is tremendous. The air shivers with a pounding roar. Sarah cries out in pain and stumbles again.

JOHN: Come on, Mom, you can do it! Come on!!

They drag her up, and stagger on. Her leg is bathed in blood and she is deathly pale. He looks back.

INT, MAIN GALLERY The T-1000 steps INTO FRAME. Fully formed. The hell-fire light glints on its impassive cop face. It walks forward. At first it seems unaffected by its crystallization but --

ANGLE ON ITS HAND as it touches a railing in passing. The railing is covered with O.S.H.A. yellow-and-black safety tape. The hand turns yellow and black, the color fading to normal by about the elbow. It rips the hand from the railing with difficulty.

There is a sound like adhesive tape ripping off a surface. The T-1000 looks at its yellow-and-black striped hand. It wills the hand back to normal. We see ripples of "static" or system noise moving subtly over the surface of its body. It's starting to "glitch".

TRACKING WITH THE T-1000'S FEET. With each step, the pattern on the tile floor "invades" its lower legs. Fades as the foot is lifted. Returns as it is set down. The foot is trying to meld with the floor. The chameleonic function is out of control. The T-1000 is losing it. It moves forward, searching. It rounds the corner, entering the aisle between the furnaces.

INT. AISLE Terminator sees the SILHOUETTE closing on them through the smoky gleam. The T-1000 breaks into loping run when it sees them, Terminator turns to Sarah over John.

TERMINATOR: Keep going.

John shakes his head no. The T-1000 is almost on them.


John runs, dragging, half-carrying Sarah as best he can. She can barely stay conscious. Half-running, delirious, she stumbles and drops to her knees. John pulls but she can't rise.

JOHN (crying, shouting): Come on, you gotta try... please, Mom. Get up!

John looks back to see -- Terminator trying to load the M-79. With his shattered hand, he can barely maneuver is last grenade into the breech. T-1000 smacks the weapon out of his hands. It clatters to the floor. The grenade spins across the floor, rolling under some machinery.

Terminator lunges, slamming the T-1000 against a wall with all his weight. The battle is joined. John and Sarah have reached the back of the aisle. It is a cul-de-sac, blocked on the end by the base of an immense smelter crucible. They turn to watch the titans battle in silhouette, backlit by the molten sparks falling from the furnaces above.

The battle which will decide their fate. Terminator grabs the T-1000 and hurls it with awesome force against the opposite wall of the narrow alley. In less time than it would take to turn, the T-1000 morphs trough itself, front to back... face emerging from the back of its head.

It comes off the wall straight at Terminator, who smashes his good fist into its face. The pile-driver blow buries Terminator's fist almost to the elbow. But the T-1000's head morphs in a split-second into a hand which grips Terminator's wrist, and the head "emerges" somewhere else, the geometry shifting faster than we can follow.

The T-1000 slams Terminator into a large machine, jamming his arm into the moving works. A massive sliding bar scissors his arm, smashing it into junk at the elbow, pinning him in the machine. Terminator strains against the machine pinning him. We hear his servos whining with overload. The T-1000 turns and lopes toward Sarah and John. Sarah screams and hurls John into a gap between the machines. He falls into a maze of pipes and girders.

INT. MAZE OF MACHINES: John turns to see her in the entrance of the narrow gap. She could follow him but she doesn't. Suddenly a dark mass moves toward him. John gasps as a huge steel counterweight, driven by a chain 6 inches thick, slides toward him. He rolls out of the way. When he looks back, he cannot see the opening.


INT. AISLE BETWEEN FURNACES: Terminator strains to reach a 6-foot steel bar lying near him. Steel workers use them to move the red-hot ingots around. He gets hold of the end and uses it as a lever. With titanic effort he spreads the massive components which are holding him, and withdraws his arm, which is severed at the elbow. Dangling junk hands from the crushed joint. Sarah has lost sight of John. It is much of a goodbye as they will have.

She turns as the T-1000 closes on her. She is half-slumped against the sooty machines, looking barely conscious. She struggles to load a shell into the empty weapon.

At the last instant she whips up the riot gun and fires. T-1000's face is blown open, but quickly reforms as it closes on her.

She fumbles to get another shell into the magazine but -- THUNK! A steel needle slams through her shoulder, pinning her. The polymorphic killer cocks back its other hand. The index finger extends as a gleaming needle, toward her eye --

T-1000: Call to John. Now.

WHAM!! Something whistles down on the T-1000 with such force that it cleaves its head and body in two down to the naval. The 6-foot steel bar is imbedded in its body. Terminator hurls the killer off Sarah. The T-1000 pulls the steel shaft out of itself and attacks him with fury. Swinging again and again.

Hammering Terminator back. Terminator falls back against the wall. Behind the T-1000 is an enormous I-beam, hanging from two chains. It is used to lift ingots into the smelters, and it runs on a linear track. The T-1000 grabs the I-beam and rolls it down the track. Straight at Terminator.

The two-ton girder smashes into his chest, crushing the armor. The T-1000 pulls the I-beam back, and then heaves it forward again. Terminator turns and takes the second blow on the shoulder. We hear metal crush and break inside him. He sags, turning to grip the wall...

The third blow slams into his back, smashing his spine and pelvis. We hear servos ratcheting and failing. He drops to his knees, crucified on a wall of machinery. The fourth blow is centered between his shoulder blades. Sound of crushing metal. His skull is partially caved in. He slides to the floor.

ON THE T-1000, emotionless as it walks forward. TERMINATOR is a pathetic shape on the floor. He is trying to crawl, feebly. Dragging his malfunctioning legs behind the crushed spine. His arm stump screeches on the tile floor as he inches himself forward. His exposed machine eye burns red with determination. We see his prize.

He has the M-79, with the breech still open, cradled in the crook of his ruined arm. He good hand, the exposed steel one, is reaching for the last grenade, which is visible under the skirt of the massive smelter base. His metal fingers reach out for it as -- The T-1000 raises the heavy steel bar over his head and stabs it down with unbelievable force.

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