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Nightmarishly, the pilot watches as the T-1000 smashes its head through the plexiglass canopy and rapidly POURS ITSELF through the jagged hole. It reforms instantly into its previous self on the passenger seat. It hurls the pilot out of the chopper and slides into the driver's seat.

The chopper is auto-rotating, spinning out of control. It drops toward the parking lot. T-1000 recovers control ten feet above the ground. Cops hit the deck as the tail-boom swings around, going over them by inches. The chopper lifts out in a power climb, roaring away across the parking lot toward the fleeing SWAT van.


INT./EXT. SWAT VAN/HIGHWAY - NIGHT: Terminator looks back at his two passengers as he turns the boxy van onto a divided highway. Sarah and John are catching their breath, still coughing from the CS gas. Terminator look to the rear-view mirror. He sees the xenon searchlight of the chopper behind them, gaining. Sarah looks around the inside of the SWAT van. It is a rolling armory. There are rifles, ballistic vests, all manner of equipment.

SARAH: John, get under these. Hurry!

He sits against the front bulkhead of the van and she pile bullet- proof vests on top of him, completely covering him. Then she grabs two M-16s from the wall-rack and loads them. She starts on a shotgun as -- The SWAT van weaves through sparse traffic at high speed. Terminator slews the unstable van around cars and trucks which seem to be crawling. The van hits it top speed of eighty. They swerve to miss the back end of A WHITE 18-WHEEL TANKER.

The chopper swings in behind them, closing fast. T-1000 reaches through the shattered canopy with the MPK machine pistol and fires. The back of the can clangs with hits. The door windows are blown in. Terminator weaves the van, trying to throw off the T-1000's aim. The unstable vehicle screeches and wobbles on the edge of control. One of the doors is kicked open.

Sarah, wearing a ballistic vest, crouches in the doorway, whipping up the M-16. She opens fire. Bullets riddle what's left of the chopper's canopy as the T-1000 returns fire. The van is stitched with hits. Insidethe van, holes are punched through the thin sheet-metal walls, ripping up the interior. The vests covering John are hit repeatedly.

We see that Sarah has hung two Kevlar vests on the inside of the back door and she ducks behind these as bullets hit around her. She pops back out and fires in controlled bursts. The M-16 empties and she grabs another. Terminator serves around a car which is changing lanes, hitting it and knocking it skidding. Sarah reloads and keeps firing. The van swerves around a Toyota.

A moment later the helicopter passes it, the rotor just clearing the top of the car. T-1000 fires the machine pistol. Sarah has popped out to fire. She takes a HIT in the thigh, and several rounds hammer into her Kevlar vest. She is thrown back onto the floor of the van. She lies there, an exposed target... Terminator sees the T-1000 preparing to fire again. He locks up the van's brakes.

Tires scream as the vehicle shimmies. Sarah is thrown forward, sliding up to the bulkhead next to John. And the helicopter slam right into the back of the van. The rotor disintegrates. The back doors of the van are crushed in as the canopy, the whole front of the fuselage is hammered into juk, trapping the T-1000 inside the twisted metal.

The chopper hits the pavement, flips, sideways, and cartwheels... smashing itself into a shapeless mass of twisted metal. It falls away behind the van, tumbling end over end. Terminator fights to control the van, which is fishtailing violently from the impact. It smashes up against the center divider, screeching along the concrete, and then pulls away. Terminator puts the hammer down and the van accelerates.

He swerves to avoid an ugly pickup crawling like a snail ahead. The right front fender of the van, crumpled by slamming the wall, is sawing into the tire. The tire blows and peels off the clean rim. The steel wheel grinds across the pavement, striking trails of sparks, and the van slides sideways and topples -- steel screams on pavement as the van grinds to a stop on its side.

Inside the van, John crawls to Sarah, who is groaning and holding her bleeding leg. She is white and shocky. Terminator starts to extricate himself from the crumpled driver's seat. Back down the road, the helicopter wreckage is a crumpled ball of junk metal, unrecognizable.

Behind it, the tanker truck brakes hard, shuddering and groaning, trying to stop. The big tires lock up in clouds of tire-smoke. The rig comes to a shuddering stop just short of the wrecked chopper. The shaken driver jumps down. The behind the wreckage a cop emerges, walking toward him.

DRIVER: Goddamn, are you alri --

SSSHHCK! T-1000 drives a blade through the man's abdomen and walks on past without slowing, or even looking at him. It climbs into the open cab of the tanker. Releases the brake. As the truck bellows are rolls forward we see the large blue letters on the side which reads "CRYOCO INC. LIQUID NITROGEN SUPPLY'. At the SWAT van, John and Terminator are carrying Sarah out of the wreck.

Terminator has the M-79 slung over his shoulder, the bandolier of grenades, and his .45 stuck in his waistband. John has borrowed a 12-gauge riot gun from the SWATs. The pickup they passes seconds earlier pulls up to them. The driver, a Hispanic guy in his 50's, is getting out to help them. Terminator and John hear a crash and look back as the 185 helicopter wreckage is knocked aside by the accelerating tanker truck.

JOHN: Holy shit. Come on, Mom... we gotta keep moving... come on --

TERMINATOR (to the pickup owner): We need your truck.

The guy seems to know better than to try and stop him as Terminator slides Sarah into the front seat and climbs in behind the wheel. John runs to the passenger side. The tanker roars, spewing smoke from its chrome stacks as it shifts up through the gears. Terminator slams the pickup in gear, checking the rear-view. The tanker is a hundred feet behind them now, and really moving.

Terminator puts the throttle down, but the pickup is and old slug loaded down by a heavy home-made wooden camper-shell. It accelerates slowly. The tanker slams into one end of the SWAT van, spinning it out of the way with a roar and screech of twisting metal. The 18-wheeler shifts to a higher gear, still accelerating.

INT./EXT. PICKUP TRUCK: With the tanker right behind them, Terminator cuts the wheel, swerving the pickup back and forth across the lanes. The big rig stays right on them, it tanker whiplashing violently.

JOHN: Faster! He's right on us!

Terminator doesn't reply. He rapidly unslings the blooper, still around his neck, and reaches for a grenade.

LOW ANGLE ON THE TRACTOR-TRAILER as it roars right up to the lens, filling frame with chrome and lights. K-WHAM!! It rams the backs of the pickup, sending it skidding. Then the T-1000 pulls the tractor trailer up alongside the pickup and crabs over, sandwiching it against the center divider. The spinning chrome hubs tear into the passenger side door and the guard rail screeches along the other side. The pickup bucks and shakes insanely.

It ricochets violently between the big-rig and the divider Horrible screech of tortured steel. Sparks pour in sheets of fire from both sides. The windshield shatters as the door-posts buckle in. Metal and glass shower in through the side windows. The frame twists and buckles. John feels like the fillings are being shaken right out of his teeth. The wooden camper disintegrates, falling away as kindling behind them.

INT. TANKER CAB: T-1000 holds the wheel hard over, mercilessly grinding the pickup. The whole rig jerks and shakes with the violence of the sustained hammering.

INT./EXT. PICKUP: Terminator slides toward the passenger side. Keeping his foot on the gas he lifts John over him and puts him in the driver's seat.

TERMINATOR: Drive for a minute.

JOHN: Where you going?!

Terminator slams the shattered windshield with the palm of his hand. Held together by the plastic laminate, the windshield flops out of its frame. It flies over the top of the truck. Terminator pushes his upper body out over the dashboard and stands up. He turns and aims the M-79 one-handed.

POOM! The grenade misses the T-1000 by less than a foot. It explodes against the front bulkhead of the tanker, almost at the top. Liquid nitrogen pours from the opening, swept back by the 60-mph windstream. The big-rig swerves as T-1000 regains control. The tanker swings like a pendulum behind the cab. The pickup accelerates, getting back out in front by a few yards.

Behind it the big-rig is trailing a swirling comet-tail of nitrogen vapor. It is gaining again. Terminator, still standing, opens the breech and starts to reload. John cuts across the highway and takes an off ramp. T-1000 swerves the smoking behemoth across the lanes and down the ramp after him, still accelerating. It is twenty feet behind them and closing when Terminator closes the breech and FIRES.

The grenade hits the front grill and explodes. The radiator is destroyed, along with half the hood. Steam blasts out, obscuring the whole front of the truck. The semi rams the back of the pickup again. Spewing smoke and vapor like some demon locomotive, the tractor-trailer pounds into the back of the pickup. Driving it right through the intersection at the bottom of the ramp, and straight toward --

EXT. STEEL MILL: The chase has led them to an area of heavy industry. The gates are blasted off their hinges as the semi rams the pickup right through them. Terminator struggles to reload amid the chaos and impacts. He has three grenades left on the bandolier. John isn't even steering.

They are just being pushed. There's nothing he can do. They are rocketing down the broad thoroughfare which leads directly to the main building of the plant. Terminator pulls himself onto the roof of the pickup. He leaps to the bed, takes two powerful strides and -- Leaps onto the semi.

He climbs rapidly onto the hood. And fires point through the windshield. . . Right into T-1000's face. The explosion blows out all the glass and fills the cab with smoke and fire Terminator grabs onto the air-horn as the truck starts to shutter and scream. It is jack-knifing. Almost dream-slow the cab begins to swing sideways, until its tires are shrieking over the pavement.

The tractor is smashed back at right-angles to the tanker-trailer which begins to slide broadside. The juggernaut bucks and shudders as the tires and smoke sideways across the pavement. It begins to topple. Terminator hold on as the side of cab becomes the top.

With an unholy scream, like the unoiled hubs of Hell, the whole rig slides on its side at 60 mph toward the steel mill. A sheet of sparks sixty feet wide trails behind it on the pavement. John sees what's behind him, then snaps around to see the building looming right in front.

The huge rolling doors are partly open. No choice. He steers right through them into the mill, as -- Terminator, with one second to go, leaps from the cab -- He flies through the open doors as -- The tanker hits the building and --

INT. STEEL MILL/MAIN AISLE: Terminator slams to the floor of the mill and rolls, as -- The tanker-trailer smashed into a massive concrete support at one side of the doors. Thunderous carnage of twisting metal. It splits wide open. A river of liquid nitrogen pours out at -230. John hits the brakes, sliding out of control. He slows almost to a stop but hits a steel support column head-on. He and Sarah are slammed forward, hard.

Terminator, still clutching the M-79 blooper, rolls and slides across the floor. He smashes through a railing and slams up against the base of a massive machine. The semi cab swings about the trailer wreckage, into the building, and shudders to a stop. Liquid nitrogen sprays over the cab, flooding out around it in a hissing wavefront of ultracold. Freezing vapor swirls everywhere, obscuring the wreck.

TERMINATOR lies still. A beat. Then he rolls weakly, rising on one elbow to survey the scene.

IN THE WRECKED PICKUP, John stirs. He is stunned, and blood runs from his nose. Dazed, he realizes he is in a steel mill. There are sirens, and he can see men running... shouting. He turns and sees what they are running from... The wall of nitrogen vapor spreads from the demolished tanker. It is a strange vista of fire and ice. The huge smelters pour out orange light and fire from the sides of the huge galley, while the freezing vapor rolls down the center.

TIGHT ON THE WRECK. A billowing gray cloud. Deep inside, the shape of the cab in visible.

A FIGURE emerges, pulling itself out. It drops to the floor. The hissing, boiling river of liquid nitrogen flows around its feet. The T-1000 staggers, moving slowly, painfully. It has finally been affected by something. Its feet are freezing to the ground as it walks...

CLINK! One of its feet breaks off at a glassy angle. It stumbles forward, and -- Its other foot snaps off. As it catches its balance on the stump of its other ankle, the whole lower leg shatters at the impact. It topples forward to its knees. Catches itself on one hand. Liquid nitrogen flows around the hand. Now the hand is stuck to the pavement. The T-1000 pulls and...

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