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ISOLATION FLOOR: The attendants at the security checkpoint look up at the monitor as someone enters the corridor. They see Sarah, holding Silberman at syringe-point. Sarah speaks to them through an intercom on the wall. Her voice comes through the speaker.

SARAH: Open it or he'll be dead before he hits the floor.

The attendants' adrenaline levels just went off the scale. The first attendant shakes him head no. The amperage here is really high. The second attendant keys the intercom switch.

2ND ATTENDANT: There's no way, Connor. Let him go.

Silberman's face is the color of suet.

SILBERMAN: It won't work, Sarah. You're no killer. I don't believe you'd do it.

Her voice is a deadly cold hiss.

SARAH: You're already dead, Silberman. Everybody here dies. You know I believe that. So don't fuck with me!

SILBERMAN: Open the goddamn door!

The attendants looks at one another. One of them hits the solenoid button. The far door unlocks.

IN THE LOCKOUT CORRIDOR: Sarah pushes Silberman ahead of her. The nearer, barred door must be unlocked manually. One of the attendants cautiously approaches. Nervously unlocks it.

SARAH: Step back!

He does. She faces both of them.

SARAH: Down on the floor! Now!

They comply. She comes through with Silberman, giving them a wide berth. Starts backing down the hall away from them, still holding her hostage. She's actually pulling this off.

ANGLE FROM BEHIND HER. What we can see, but she can't see, it a third orderly waiting just around the corner. He's poised, ready to jump her when she comes abreast of him.

ON SARAH backing up. She reaches the corner. The third attendant lunges, grabbing her syringe-hand. Sarah spins on the orderly and catches him across the throat with the nightstick. He loses interest fast, dropping to his knees and gagging. Silberman pulls away, screaming at the top of his lungs


They scramble up as Sarah takes off like a shot around the corner. One of them hits the panic button and ALARMS begin to sound.

IN THE ISOLATION WARD, the T-1000 is looking in at a very stoned attendant inside the nurses' station when the alarms shriek through the halls. It reaches into its chest and pulls out the 9mm pistol. Heads for the security entrance.

IN ANOTHER CORRIDOR in the maze of the vast hospital, Sarah flies past us, her bare feet slapping on the cold tiles. The orderlies charge after her. She's like an animal in a maze. She turns the corner, glancing off the wall, and sprints on without slowing. She reaches a steel door. Tries it. Locked. Footsteps like a drum solo behind her.

She fumbles with Douglas' keys, breathing hard. Jams the master in. The orderlies are bearing down on her at full tilt. Sarah gets the door open. Dives through. Slams it. She turns a deadbolt knob just as the first orderly grabs the latch on the other side. He's too late. Sarah sees them beyond the window, fumbling with their keys. Sarah is in another sally-port corridor.

A jail-cell type barred door is between her and the corridors of the ward beyond. She sprints to the walls of bars, jams her key into the door. She unlocks and pulls open this door just as she hears the latch of the one she just came through being unlocked. She flings herself frantically through the barred door as the first orderly comes through behind her. She slams the bars shut.

CLANG. Her keys are dangling from the lock on the other side from her. The orderly is racing at her, white-lipped with rage. She reaches back through the bars, turns the key, and purposefully snaps it off in the lock. An instant later the big orderly slams against the door, grabbing through the bars for her as she dances back just out of reach.

He lunges against the steel bars, unbelievably pissed off. Sarah takes off running, looking back at the frustrated orderlies. They're shouting at each other, unable to fit their keys into the lock -- The broken-off key tip makes it impossible to get their keys in. Silberman shouts at them.

SILBERMAN: Go around, goddamnit! Go around!!

The orderlies run back the way they came, and along a cross-corridor to another set of doors. 73B ON SARAH as she rounds a corner and sees the elevators ahead. Now she's home-free. At a full-tilt sprint, she's nearly there when the elevator doors part...

Terminator steps out... his head swivels to face her. Sarah reacts, stricken by the image from her worst nightmares. Her eyes go wide as momentum carries her forward. Her bare feet slip on the slick tile. She slams to the floor, staring up at the leather-clad figure with the shotgun. She loses all semblance of courage and some of her sanity. She's not even aware that she is screaming, or what would be screaming if she could get the breath to do it.

In slowed-down dream-time, Sarah scrambles back along the floor like a crab, spinning and clawing her way to her feet along the wall. She runs like the wind, like in her nightmare. If she looked back she would have seen John step warily out of the corridor behind Terminator. John, however, catches a glimpse of the fleeing Sarah and figures out instantly what happened.

JOHN: Mom!! Wait!

Sarah doesn't hear. She has clicked fully into her own nightmare. They take off running after Sarah. She is pelting down the long corridor, back the way she came. As she reaches an intersection with a cross-corridor a white-clad figure blurs from that corridor. The orderly hits her in a flying tackle. She skids across the floor, shrieking and struggling. The other two orderlies leap into the fray.

SARAH: No! Help me! Goddamnit, it's gonna kill us all!!!

She is shouting, pleading, trying to get them to understand what is coming. They grab her thrashing arms and legs. They don't even look where the out-of-control woman is pointing... back along the corridor. They have pinned her to the cold tiles, a ring of faces above her. Silberman leans down to her, holding a syringe with a heavy dose of trank.

Sarah cranes her neck and sees the dark silhouette of Terminator coming up behind them. It is exactly her nightmare. She screams in utter hopelessness. Terminator, holding the shotgun in one hand, reaches down and grabs one of the orderlies with his other hand. He hurls the 200-pound guys against the far wall of the corridor. SMACK! He drops to the floor. The other two orderlies react instantly, leaping onto the intruder.

Terminator seems to disappear for a moment under the two big guys. Then there is an explosion of white-clad figures, as the orderlies are flung outward like they stepped on a land mine. One crashes through a window of safety glass and is caught before a two-story fall by the outer steel bars. The other crashes through an office door, splintering it into kindling. Silberman has jumped to hold Sarah.

He is grabbed by a roll of skin at the back of his neck and lifted like a cat. The doctor feel his feet pedaling above the ground. He looks into the expressionless face. And it hit him. Sarah was right... this guy isn't human. He feels the fabric of reality crumbling. Then he feels himself flying through the air. The wall smacks him, then the floor kicks him in the face. He decides to lie there a second.

Sarah blinks, staring up at the figure looming over her. John kneels next to her.

JOHN: Mom, are you okay?

She looks from Terminator to John. Back to Terminator. Is this a nightmare? Or has she finally gone truly bad? Incredibly, Terminator politely reaches his hand down to her, offering to help her up. The last thing she ever expected to see.

TERMINATOR: Come with me if you want to live.

The orderlies are stirring.

JOHN: It's all right, Mom. He's here to help.

Sarah, is a daze, takes the huge hand in her shaking fingers. Terminator lifts her to her feet.

John sees a guard standing thirty feet away, on the other side of the walls of bars. John doesn't know what we know, but he knows something's not right with this guy. Terminator turns to follow John's gaze. The T-1000 has its pistol in its hand, at its side. Terminator pushes John behind him. They start backing up.

The T-1000 walks forward, reaching the bars. It doesn't stop. Its body divides like jello around the bars. As it squeezes itself through like metal playdough, its surface reforms perfectly on our side. We see it deform and squeeze through like a viscous paste forced past an obstacle. Silberman has recovered enough to be sitting up and watching this. That faint snapping sound is his mind.

There is a CLANK and we see that the guard's gun has caught against the bars... the only solid object. The T-1000 turns its wrist and tries again, slipping the gun endwise through the gap. Sarah is agape. Not reacting. It's been a heavy day for her. Terminator grabs John by the seat of his pants and hooks him up onto his back. John grabs him around the neck. Terminator raises the shotgun and starts backing up.


Sarah doesn't need to be told twice. T-1000 walks toward them, opening fire with the Browning Hi-Power. Terminator straight-arms the 12-guage like a pistol and fires. The stunned orderlies flop face down on the floor as the corridor is filled with high-velocity lead. One of them, stupidly running for the cross-corridor, gets hit by the T-1000.

Terminator is hammered by several slugs, and the T-1000 is cratered by two buckshots hits. It staggers, but comes on. In the craters we see bright mercury before they close and reseal, disappearing in a second. Terminator makes it around the corner and breaks into a run. Ahead, Sarah is already at the elevator.

Terminator and John pile in and John slaps the button for "Garage Level". The doors start to close. T-1000 clears the corner. Terminator slams John and Sarah back against the side walls as the T-1000 charges at them, rapid firing the Browning. The rounds hit the steel doors as they close.

T-1000 keeps pumping them at the closing gap. Inside, they see the backside of the doors denting with the hits that are punching holes in the other side. The Browning locks open, empty. T-1000 drops it without a glance back. The doors close. K-WHAM! The T-1000 hits them a split second later. The elevator hasn't moved yet.

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