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7-ELEVEN STORE - DAY: Officer X has stopped two young girls in front of a 7-Eleven. He is leaning out the cruiser window and showing them the picture of John. The first girl nods.

FIRST GIRL: Yeah, he was here about fifteen minutes ago. I think he said he was going to the Galleria.

OFFICER X: The what?

The second girl points toward a massive complex visible about the houses several blocks away. Officer X stares at it.

EXT. STREET: Terminator cruises slowly on the bike. Scanning. He crosses an overpass above a drainage canal and whips his head around at the sound of a dirt-bike engine.

Terminator POV of two kids on a bike down in the canal. The image snap-zooms in. Freezes on the driver's face. "IDENT POS" flashes next to the blurry image of John. Terminator wheel the Harley around, cutting onto a street which runs parallel to the canal. Terminator hauls ass at keep John in sight. He catches glimpses of the kid through trees and houses. Loses him. Catches one last glimpse of him heading into the parking lot of a large shopping mall.

INT. GALLERIA - DAY: John works his way through a crowded video arcade. Sees some guys he knows. Stops to talk, striking a pose. Mall rats in the element. We don't hear the dialogue.

INT. GALLERIA PARKING LOT: Terminator's idling Harley shakes the parking garage walls. He stops at a row of bikes near the escalators. John's little Honda sits proudly with the big street bikes. Terminator parks.

GALLERIA: Officer X is moving through the flow of shoppers. The place is a zoo. He stops some kids and shows them the picture. They shrug. In a crowded video arcade, John is lost in an intense battle, going for a new high score at "Missile Command". He parries deftly at the enemy ICBMs deploy their MIRVs... the warheads stream down... it's more than he can deal with. The world gets nuked. Game over.

He slouches away from the game, looking for another. Bored. Officer X passes the entrance of the store behind him. The cop moves on, down the concourse, out of sight. John gets in an "Afterburner" simulator game. Terminator is walking through the crowd in slow motion. Scanning. He moves with methodical purpose, knowing the target is close. We see that he is, incredibly, carrying a box of long-stem roses.

Like some hopeful guy with a hot date. The Cop is pointed toward the arcade by come kids hanging out at the multi-cinema. He walks into the maze of kids engaged in synthesized combat. Cheap electronic effects blare above the crowd noise. John is shooting down MiGs at Mach 2. His friend Tim slides up next to him. Taps him on the shoulder, trying to play it cool.

TIM: Some cop is scoping for you, dude.

John looks around the corner of the "Afterburner" ride. Sees the cop showing a picture to some of the kids. The kids point his way. John ducks just as the cop glances over. He slinks out the other side of the ride and heads for the back of the store, instinctively retreating. Sarah has taught him that cops are bad news. The Cop scans the crowded arcade. Glimpses John, looking back as he moves around a row of machines.

Starts toward him. John sees the cop homing in and starts walking fast. Looks back. The Cop is shoving through clots of kids. One of them is slammed to the floor. As eddy of outrage behind the cop as he gains speed. John breaks into run. So does the cop. Kids scatter like ten-pins as the cop charges after John. John sprints through the arcade's back officer and store-rooms.

INT. SERVICE CORRIDOR: John emerges through a firedoor into a long corridor with connects to the parking garage. He's running full out, when around the corner ahead of him comes... Terminator. Time stretches to nightmarish crawl as John tries to brake to a stop. Terminator reaches into the box of roses. The cold back steel of the shotgun emerges at the box falls open, the roses spilling to the floor.

Terminator's boot crushes the flowers as it moves forward. John, transfixed by terror, is trapped in the narrow featureless shooting gallery of the corridor. The shotgun comes up. Terminator expressionlessly strides forward. Jacks a round into the chamber, slow and fluid. John looks behind him for a place to run. Sees the cop coming toward him, pulling his Beretta pistol. Incredibly, John realizes the cop is aiming his gun at him!

John looks back at Terminator. He is staring into the black muzzle of the 10-gauge now. Aimed right at his head. He realizes he's screwed. Then something crazy happens...


John instinctively ducks. Terminator pulls the trigger. KABOOM! The cop catches the shotgun's blast square in the chest just as he fires the pistol. The pistol's shot goes wild. Terminator pumps another round into him. The another. And another. Advancing a step each time he fires, he empties the shotgun into the cop, blowing his backward down the corridor. The sound is deafening. Then silence.

The Cop lies still on his back. Terminator is now standing right over John. They both watch as the cop, incredibly, sits up unharmed and gets to his feet. Terminator grabs John roughly by his jacket. Clutches the kid to his chest then spins around at the cop opens fire with the Beretta. The "cop", who not only isn't a cop, he clearly isn't even human, pulls the trigger so fast it almost seems like a machine-pistol.

On Terminator's back, as the 9mm slugs slam into it, punching bloody holes in the motorcycle jacket. John is bug-eyed with fear, but completely unscratched. Terminator's body has blocked the bullets. The Beretta clacks empty. Terminator turns at the sound. Shoves John behind a Coke machine. Drops the empty shotgun. Starts walking toward the "cop". The empty magazine clatters to the floor.

The cop inserts another one. Snaps back the slide. Terminator still has twenty feet to go. He doesn't break his purposeful stride. The cop opens fire. Bullets rake Terminator's chest. He doesn't even flinch. Ten feet to go. BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM! Neither the cop nor Terminator show the slightest change in expression as the gun rips Terminator's wardrobe to shreds. CLACK. The pistol empties again.

Terminator stops two feet in front of the cop. The appraise each other for a second. We realize now that the cop is a terminator too. We don't know the details yet, but let's call him the T-1000 (since that's what he is). A newer model than the one we've come to know so well (the 800 Series "Arnold"). This guy's a prototype... and he's got quite a few surprises. T-1000 and Terminator size each other up.

Terminator moves first. He grabs T-1000 in his massive hands but the T-1000 snaps back with a counter-grip. After about two seconds of intense slamming, the walls on both sides of the corridor have all the plaster smashed in, and the two battling machines have blasted through the wall and disappeared. John, totally stunned by all this, remembers to move. He staggers to his feet. Stumble-runs toward the parking garage.

THIRD LEVEL CONCOURSE: A plate glass window explodes and Terminator crashes through to the tile floor like a sack of cement amid the screaming crowd. T-1000 turns without a word and heads back through the store after John, accelerating slowly into a loping, predatory run. Terminator is totally still.

A Japanese tourist cautiously steps forward and takes a picture of the body. Suddenly, Terminator's eyes snap open. The stunned tourist backs away. He sits up and looks around. Gets his bearings. Rises smoothly to his feet. All servos seem to be working fine. The tourist's camera whirs as the motor-drive runs on by itself, taking shot after show. The owner isn't even looking through the eyepiece, he's so shocked.

INT. PARKING GARAGE: John is frantically pumping the kick-start of his bike, scared shitless and the damned thing won't start. His hands are shaking so badly he can't find the choke. He looks up to see -- The T-1000 running down the corridor toward him. John fumbles with the choke. The bike catches. He slams it in gear and spins the bike out into the main aisle of the garage.

John looks back... the T-1000 is behind him, running. He twists the throttle and guns the little bike forward. Incredibly, the T-1000 is gaining. This nightmare isn't happening. John races out the exit ramp, and charges right into the street.

EXT. STREET: John shoots into the busy traffic. Cuts off a big-rig tow truck. The driver swears. Hits his air horn. What the driver doesn't see is the cop, running faster than O.J. Simpson at the airport, who emerges onto the street and runs back at his truck.

Int the truck, the driver hears a thump as something slams against his door, then feels himself pulled right out. T-1000 slides in and takes his place. The truck is still rolling along about 25 mph. T-1000 accelerates after John without missing a beat. It can see him, up ahead, weaving through traffic. Out of the garage entrance, Terminator roars onto the street on the Harley. He accelerates after the others.

EXT. FLOOD CONTROL CHANNEL: John slides his bike down the service ramp faster than he's ever done it before. He races along the bottom of the canal, turning into a narrower tributary which has vertical sides. He looks back. No sign of pursuit. Suddenly he sees the sun blocked out by a great shadow. The Kenworth tow-truck... big as a house, all chrome and roaring diesel engine... crashes through the fence and launches itself right into the center of the canal.

It crashes down, 15 feet to the ground, going about 60, hits at an angle and tears into the concrete wall with a hideous grinding of metal. It ricochets back and forth between the walls then, bellowing like a gunshot stegosaurus, it just keep on plowing forward, gathering speed.

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