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BANK PARKING LOT: John furtively hunches before a Ready-Teller machine at the rear of a local bank while his friend Tim stands lookout. John slips a stolen ATM card into the machine slot. It is something he's rigged up, trailing from the a card is a ribbon-wire which goes to some kind of black-box electronics unit. He holds his ever-present knapsack between his knees and pulls out a little lap-top keyboard.

The keyboard is also connected to the black-box. John enters a few commands and the plasma-screen displays the PIN number for that account.

He quickly enters the number on the Ready-Teller's keypad and asks it for 300 bucks. The machine whirs then begins dispensing twenty-dollar bills. Tim looks back over his shoulder amazed.

JOHN: Easy money!

TIM: Where'd you learn all this stuff?

John collects the twenties as the machine kicks them out. A cool and professional electronic-age thief at ten years old.

JOHN: From my mom. My real mom, I mean. Come on baby... (he grabs the last bills) Let's go!

They sprint around the corner and huddle behind the bank building as John counts out Tim's share. He folds five twenties and palms them to the other kid. When John opens his wallet to put in his money, Tim notices a picture in a plastic sleeve.

TIM: That her?

John reluctantly shows his friend the Polaroid. It is a shot of Sarah. Pregnant, in a jeep near the Mexican border. John doesn't know it now, but he will carry the photo with him for over 30 years, and gives it to a young man named Kyle Reese, who will travel back in time to become his father. Yes, that photo.

TIM: So she's pretty cool, huh?

JOHN: Actually, no, she's a complete psycho. That's why she's up at Pescedero. She tries to blow up a computer factory, but she got shot and arrested.

TIM: No shit?

JOHN: Yeah, she's a total loser. C'mon, let's check out the 7-Eleven, whatya say?

John has tried to sound casual, but we see in his eyes that is really hurts. He slaps Tim on the shoulder and they jump onto his Honda. John fires up and they whine off down the alley.

POLICE CRUISER: We see a computer terminal, attached to the dash. A Juvenile Division file. Subject: John Connor. Below his arrest record are his vital stats. Mother: Sarah Connor. Legal Guardians: Todd and Janelle Voight.

And below their names, an address: 523 S. Almond. Reseda, Ca. Officer X stares at the screen for a moment. Then gets out the car.

VOIGHT HOUSE: Todd Voight opens the front door, revealing the unsmiling face of Officer X beyond the screen door. Todd greets him with a weary sigh.

OFFICER X: Are you the legal guardian of John Connor?

TODD: That's right, officer. What's he done now?

Officer X ignores the question. He casually scans the living room.

OFFICER X: Could I speak with him, please?

Todd shrugs, showing the cop he's past his patience with the boy.

TODD: Well, you could if he was here. But he took off on his bike this morning. Could be anywhere. You gonna tell me what his is about?

OFFICER X: I just need to ask him a few questions.

Janelle appears in the doorway behind Todd, concerned.

JANELLE: There was a guy here this morning asking about him, too.

TODD: Yeah, big guy. On a bike. Has that got something to do with it?

Officer X registers the significance of that. He realizes who the big guy must be. He smiles. Reassuringly shakes his head no.

OFFICER X: I wouldn't worry. Do you have a photograph of John?

Todd stares unhappily at the cop. Turns to Janelle.

TODD: Get the album, Janelle.

An alley from the main street. We see John and Tim flash by on the Honda a block away. Hold a beat. Then... a big chrome wheel enters frame. Pan up a leather-clad leg to Terminator's implacable face. It surveys the area slowly as the bike idles, then kicks it into gear and moves on, scanning in a slow shark-like manner, not aware that it missed its prey by seconds.

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