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Chapter Seven: The Bathtub

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Mike: That's better. . . You don't need it.

Eleven: Still pretty?

Mike: Yeah! Pretty. Really pretty. . . El?

Eleven: Yes?

Mike (stammers): I'm happy you're home.

Eleven: Me, too.

They lean in towards each other when the door suddenly opens.

Dustin (panting): Guys! It's Lucas, I think he's in trouble. . . Do you remember how he said he was looking for the gate?

Mike: Yeah.

Dustin: What if he found it?

Lucas shouting indistinctly on radio.

Mike: What's he saying?

Dustin: I don't know, he's way out of range.

Lucas (on radio): . . . son of a bitch!

Mike: Lucas, if you can hear us, slow down. We can't understand you.

Lucas: Yes, I copy! Do you? They know about Eleven! Get out of there! They know about Eleven! The bad men are coming! All of them! Do you hear me? The bad men are coming!

Dustin: "Mad hen." Does that mean anything to you? Like a code name or something?

Lucas: The bad men are coming!

Mike: "Bad men." Bad men!

Radio static.

Mike (gasps, to Eleven): Stay here.

Mike and Dustin race upstairs, look out the window, and see a P&L van parked just outside their house.

Mike: What's that guy doing?

Dustin: You don't think . . .

Karen (on phone): Well, I know she and Steve have been spending some time together, so I thought maybe . . .

Mike: Mom!

Karen (stammers): Well, is he home? Maybe you could ask him?

Mike: Mom!

Karen: I'm sorry, can you just hold on, please? Michael, I'm on the phone. I've told you a million times . . .

Mike: Did you schedule any repairs?


Mike: Is there anyone supposed to come and do repairs on the house?

Dustin, still looking out the window, sees more vans appear.

Karen: I don't understand. Is there something wrong?

Mike: No, Mom, nothing's wrong in the house.

Dustin: Mike!

Mike: One second.

Dustin (panting, yells): Mike! We need to leave right now.

Karen: Michael!

Mike: If anyone asks where I am, I've left the country.

Karen: What?

The kids mount their bikes and see Brenner and agents approaching them.

Dustin: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

When the kids take off, the men race back into their vans. Engines starting. . . tires screeching.

Dustin: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Lucas (on radio): Dustin! Dustin, do you copy?

Dustin: Yeah, Lucas, they're on us.

Lucas (on radio): Where are you?

Dustin: Cornwallis.

Lucas (on radio): Meet me at Elm and Cherry!

Dustin: Copy. Elm and Cherry!

Mike: Okay.

The vans are now right behind them.

Dustin: Shit!

Mike: This way, come on!

The kids cut through a play area. Indistinct singing . . . bicycle bell ringing.

Dustin: Out of the way! Out of the way!

Ringing continues. They meet up with Lucas.

Mike: Lucas!

Lucas: Where are they?

Mike (stammers): I don't know.

Dustin: I think we lost them.

Suddenly the vans appear. Tires screeching.

Mike: Go, go, go, go, go!

Dustin yelling.

Mike: Go, go, go, go, go! Faster, faster!

Dustin (yelling): Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

Directly ahead, another van cuts them off.

Eleven concentrates on the van. Van flipping and crashing.

Tires screeching. Brenner steps out and watches the kids make their escape.

Moments later, the kids arrive at a junkyard to use as a hideout.

Dustin: Holy shit! Did did you see what she did to that van?

Mike: No, Dustin, we missed it.

Dustin: (stammering): I mean that was . . .

Lucas (panting): Awesome. It was awesome. Everything I said about you being a traitor and stuff, I was wrong. I'm sorry.

Eleven: Friends, friends don't lie. I'm sorry, too.

Mike: Me, too.

Hopper and Joyce arrive at the police station.

Joyce: Hey. Jonathan? Jesus, what what happened?

Callahan: Ma'am

Jonathan: I'm fine.

Joyce: Why is he wearing handcuffs?

Callahan: Well, your boy assaulted a police officer. That's why.

Joyce: Take them off.

Callahan: I am afraid I cannot do that.

Joyce: Take them off!

Hopper: You heard her. Take 'em off.

Powell: Chief, I get everyone's emotional here, but there's something you need to see.

Hopper and Powell inspect the box of weapons and traps in Jonathan's car and sets them down in front of Jonathan.

Joyce: What is this?

Hopper: Why don't you ask your son? We found it in his car.

Joyce: What?

Jonathan: Why are you going through my car?

Hopper: Is that really the question you should be asking right now? I wanna see you in my office.

Jonathan: You won't believe me.

Hopper (softly): Why don't you give me a try?

The Wheeler's basement. Karen discovers the makeshift sleeping area for Eleven.

Karen (sighs): Mike? Mike?

The Wheeler's home. Doorbell rings.

Ted: Yeah, just a minute, please! Jiminy Christmas.

Doorbell continues ringing.

Ted: Hold your horses.

Connie: Mr. Wheeler?

Ted: Yes?

Moments later, they are in the kitchen. Agents are going through and gathering their things, inspecting the basement. Men speaking indistinctly.

Karen (stuttering): I don't understand. You think my son is hiding this girl?

Ted: What happened to her hair?

Connie: We just need to know if you've seen her in the past week.

Karen: No, no.

Ted (chuckles): Absolutely not. Our son with a girl? I mean, believe me, if he had a girl sleeping in this house, we'd know about it. Wouldn't we?

Karen (sighs): This girl, what has she done?

Connie: I'm afraid I can't answer that.

Ted (stammers): Oh my God, is she Russian?

Karen: You can't treat us like this.

Connie: I need you to stay calm.

Karen: You come into my house, and you tell me that my son is hiding some girl, and that he's in danger, but you can't tell us why? And you, what, you expect me to remain, what, calm?

Brenner (sighs): I understand how upsetting this is. I wish we could tell you more, but I can tell you that your son, Michael, is in real danger. We want to help him. We will help him. I give you my word. But in order for me to do that you have to trust me. Will you trust me?

Karen nods yes.

Brenner: Good. Now do you have any idea where your son might have gone?

Back at the junkyard . . .

Lucas: This is Randolph Road, right here. The fence starts here, and goes all the way around. And this is the lab right here. The gate's gotta be in there somewhere. It's gotta be.

Dustin: Well, who owns Hawkins Lab?

Lucas: The sign says "Department of Energy."

Dustin: Department of Energy? What do you think that means?

Mike: It means government. Military.

Dustin: Then why does it say "Energy"?

Mike: Just trust me, all right? It's military. My dad's told me before.

Lucas: Mike's right. There's soldiers out front.

Dustin: Do they make, like, lightbulbs or something?

Mike: No, weapons to fight the Russians, and commies and stuff.

Lucas (gasps): Weapons.

Dustin: Oh, Jesus, this is bad.

Lucas: Really bad. The place is like a fortress.

Dustin: Well, what do we do?

Mike: I don't know, but we can't go home. We're fugitives now.

Helicopter approaching.

Dustin: Guys? Do you hear that?

Mike: Go, go, go, go!

Dustin: Come on, come on! It's stuck.

Lucas: Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Mike: Hurry up! Hurry, come on!

Lucas: Come on!

Dustin: Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Helicopter whirring.

Lucas: Get down!

Helicopter receding.

Dustin: Mental.

Back at the police station.

Hopper: You say blood draws this thing?

Jonathan: We don't know.

Nancy: It's just a theory.

Jonathan: I'm sorry, Mom. What, you're sorry? You're sorry? That is not good enough, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I know.

Joyce: That's not even close. That's not even in the ballpark.

Jonathan: I wanted to tell you, I just . . .

Joyce: What if this thing took you, too? You risked your life and Nancy's.

Jonathan (stammers): I thought I could save Will. I still do.

Joyce (stammers): This is not yours to fix alone. You act like you're all alone out there in the world, but you're not. You're not alone.

Jonathan (sighs): I know.

Joyce: God damn it, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I know.

Joyce (sniffling): Damn it.

Hopper hears an argument in another room and investigates.

Troy's mom: I want an apology!

Callahan: An apology for what, exactly?

Troy's mom: Where is the chief? I want to speak to him right this instant.

Hopper: Stay here.

Callahan: Ma'am, I need you to calm down.

Troy's mom: What is your name, Deputy?

Callahan (chuckles): Well, I'm an officer, okay?

Troy's mom: Name and badge number, both of you!

Hopper: What the hell is going on here?

Powell: Chief.

Troy's mom: These men are humiliating my son.

Callahan: No, no, no. Okay, that's not true.

Troy's mom: Yes.

Powell: There was some kind of fight, Chief:

Troy's mom: A psychotic child broke his arm!

Callahan: A little girl, Chief. A little one.

Troy's mom: That tone! Do you hear that tone?

Callahan: Honestly, I'm just trying to state a fact.

Hopper: I don't have time for this.

Callahan: It was a little girl.

Hopper: Will you please take a statement (mouthing) and get her out?

Powell: Yes. So what'd this girl look like?

Troy: She had no hair and she was bleeding from her nose. Like a freak.

Hopper: What'd you just say?

Troy: I said she's a freak!

Hopper: No, her hair. What'd you say about her hair?

Troy: Her head's shaved. She doesn't even look like a girl. And . . .

Hopper: And what?

Troy's mom: Tell the man, Troy.

Troy: She can do things.

Hopper: What kind of things?

Troy: Like make you fly. And piss yourself.

Powell: What?

Hopper: Was she alone?

Troy: She always hangs out with those losers.

Hopper: "Losers"? What losers?

At a convenient store, Tommy gets some aspirin for Steve.

Tommy: Hey. You owe me $1.20. Don't worry, he'll need more than aspirin when we're done with him.

Carol: Yeah, if the creep ever gets out. The cops should just lock him up forever. Did you see the look on his face? Oh.

Steve groans.

Tommy (chuckles): He probably had that same look whenever he killed his brother, right?

Carol: Oh, God, I just got an image of him making that face while he and Nancy are screwing.

Steve: Carol, for once in your life, shut your damn mouth!

Carol: What?

Tommy: Hey, what's your problem, man?

Steve: You're both assholes. That's my problem.

Tommy: Are you serious right now, man?

Steve: Yeah, I'm serious. You shouldn't have done that.

Tommy: Done what?

Steve: You know what.

Tommy: You mean call her out for what she really is? Oh, that's funny, because I don't remember you asking me to stop.

Steve: I should've put that spray paint right down your throat.

Carol: What the hell, Steve?

Steve: You know, neither of you ever cared about her. You never even liked her, because she's not miserable like you two. She actually cares about other people.

Carol: The slut with a heart of gold.

Steve: I told you to watch your mouth!

Tommy: Hey! I don't know what's gotten into you, man, but you don't talk to her that way.

Steve: Get out of my face.

Tommy (grunts): Or what? Or what? You gonna fight me now, too? Huh? You gonna fight me now, too? Because you couldn't take Jonathan Byers, so I wouldn't recommend that.

Car door opens.

Tommy: Here, let me get the door for you, buddy. That's right. Run away, Stevie boy! Run away! Just like you always do. That Nancy's turning you into a little pussy!

Tires screeching.

Tommy (scoffs): That's right, Harrington, run away! Run away!

Hopper is watching agents, through binoculars.

Nancy: I have to go home.

Hopper: No, you can't.

Nancy: My mom, my dad are there.

Hopper: They're gonna be okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Nancy: Let go. Let go!

Hopper: Hey! Listen to me. Listen to me. The last thing in the world we need is them knowing you're mixed up in all this.

Nancy: Mike is over there . . .

Hopper: They haven't found him. Not yet, at least.

Helicopter whirring.

Nancy: For Mike?

Hopper: Come on, get in the car. Look, we need to find them before they do. Do you have any idea where he might have gone?

Nancy: No, I don't.

Hopper: I need you to think.

Nancy: I don't know. We haven't talked a lot. I mean, lately . . .

Joyce (sighs): Is there any place that your parents don't know about that he might go?

Nancy (stuttering): I don't know.

Jonathan: I might.

Hopper: What?

Jonathan: I don't know where he is, but I think I know how to ask him.

They arrive at the Byers' house to search for the walkie-talkie. Nancy is shocked to see the house in a mess.

Nancy: Whoa.

Joyce: I got it.

Helicopter hovering.

Nancy (on radio): Mike, are you there? Mike?

Dustin: You guys hear that?

Nancy: Mike, it's me, Nancy. Mike, are you there? Answer. Mike, we need you to answer.

Lucas: Is that your sister?

Nancy: This is an emergency, Mike. Do you copy? Mike, do you copy?

Dustin: Okay, this is really weird.

Mike: Don't answer.

Lucas: She said it was an emergency.

Mike: What if it's a trick?

Lucas: It's your sister!

Mike: What if the bad people kidnapped her? What if they're forcing her to say this?

Nancy: I need you to answer.

Dustin: It's like Lando Calrissian. Don't answer.

Nancy: We need to know that you're there, Mike.

Hopper: Listen, kid, this is the chief. If you're there, pick up. We know you're in trouble and we know about the girl.

Lucas: Why is she with the chief?

Dustin: How the hell does he know about . . .

Hopper: We can protect you, we can help you, but you gotta pick up. Are you there? Do you copy? Over. . . Anybody got any other ideas?

Mike: Yeah, I copy. It's Mike. I'm here. We're here.

Steve: Need a hand?

Theater Employee: Did you have something to do with this?

Steve: I just I wanna help.

Theater Employee: All yours.

Karen (sighs): They expect us to just sit here like prisoners. We should be out there looking for him.

Ted: Honey, we have to trust them, okay? This is our government. They're on our side.

Karen (sighs): That man gives me the creeps. Nancy. You don't think she's involved in this, too, do you?

Ted (chuckles): Nancy with Mike? No. No.

Mike: Will you stop pacing?

Dustin: It's been way too long. Do you know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe this is all a trap and the bad men are coming to get us right now!

Lucas: It's not a trap. Why would the chief set us up? Nancy, maybe, but the chief?

Dustin: Lando Calrissian.

Lucas: Would you shut up about Lando?

Dustin: I don't feel good about this. I don't feel good about this!

Lucas: (shouting): When do you feel good about anything?

Vehicles approaching.

Dustin: Shit!

Mike: Go, go, go, go.

Dustin (panting): Lando.

Lucas: You think they saw us?

Mike (grunts): Both of you, shut up.

Agents inspect the area. One of them enters the bus the kids are hiding in. Suddenly he is knocked out from behind.

Man 1: Hey!

Blows landing . . . man 1 grunts.

Man 2 (grunting): What the . . .

Door creaks. Hopper enters, breathing heavily.

Hopper: All right, let's go. . . Let's go!

Hopper and the kids arrive at the Byers' home where Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy are waiting.

Nancy: Mike. Oh, my God. Mike! I was so worried about you.

Mike: Yeah, uh me, too.

Nancy: Is that my dress?

Mike: Okay, so, in this example, we're the acrobat. Will and Barbara, and that monster, they're this flea. And this is the Upside Down, where Will is hiding. Mr. Clarke said the only way to get there is through a rip of time and space. - A gate. - That we tracked to Hawkins Lab. With our compasses. Okay, so the gate has a really strong electromagnetic field, and that can change the directions of a compass needle.

Hopper: Is this gate underground?

Eleven: Yes.

Hopper: Near a large water tank?

Eleven: Yes.

Dustin: How do you know all that?

Mike: He's seen it.

Joyce: Is there any way that you could that you could reach Will? That you could talk to him in this . . .

Eleven: The Upside Down.

Joyce (whispering): Down. Yeah.

Nancy: And my friend Barbara? Can you find her, too?

Static . . . static increases . . . static becomes faint.

Eleven: I'm sorry.

Joyce (stuttering): What? What's wrong? What happened?

Eleven (voice breaks): I can't find them.

Moments later, Eleven is in the bathroom, washing her face, she notices the bathtub.

Mike: Whenever she uses her powers, she gets weak.

Dustin: The more energy she uses, the more tired she gets.

Lucas: Like, she flipped the van earlier.

Dustin: It was awesome.

Mike: But she's drained.

Dustin: Like a bad battery.

Joyce (stutters): Well. How do we make her better?

Mike: We don't. We just have to wait and try again.

Nancy: Well, how long?

Mike: I don't know.

Eleven: The bath.

Joyce: What?

Eleven: I can find them. In the bath.

Woman (screaming): Oh! Oh. Oh, my No, mmm-mmm.

Mr. Clarke: Hey, you know how they did that? You know what that is?

Woman (sighing): No, what?

Mr. Clarke: Melted plastic and microwaved bubble gum.

Woman: No way. Really?

Mr. Clarke: Really.

Phone ringing.

Mr. Clarke: What in the world?

Woman: Do you want me to pause it?

Mr. Clarke: I'm sure it's just a wrong number.

Mr. Clarke: Hello?

Dustin: Mr. Clarke? It's Dustin.

Mr. Clarke: Dustin? Is everything okay?

Dustin: Yeah, yeah. I just, I have a science question.

Mr. Clarke: It's ten o'clock on Saturday. Why don't we pick this up . . .

Dustin: Do you know anything about sensory deprivation tanks? Specifically how to build one?

Mr. Clarke (stutters): Sensory deprivation? What is this for?

Dustin: Fun.

Mr. Clarke: Okay. Well Why don't we talk about it Monday? After school, okay?

Dustin: You always say we should never stop being curious. To always open any curiosity door we find.

Mr. Clarke: Dustin . . .

Dustin: Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?

Dustin (sighs): Uh-huh.

Indistinct chatter over phone.

Dustin: Uh-huh. How much? Uh-huh. Yep, all right. Yeah, we'll be careful. Definitely. All right, Mr. Clarke. Yeah, I'll see you on Monday, Mr. Clarke. Bye. (to Joyce) Do you still have that kiddie pool we bobbed for apples in?

Joyce: I think so. Yeah.

Dustin: Good. Then we just need salt. Lots of it.

Hopper: How much is "lots"?

Dustin: 1,500 pounds.

Nancy: Well, where are we gonna get that much salt?

Sometime later, Hopper and Jonathan arrive at Hawkins Middle School.

Jonathan (grunting): Hey, wait. It's not gonna snow next week, is it?

Hopper (sighs): Worst case, no school.

Jonathan: Even if we find Will in there, what are we gonna do about that thing?

Hopper: We're not gonna do anything. I don't want you anywhere near this, all right? Your mom's been through enough already.

Jonathan: He's my brother.

Hopper: Listen to me. I'm gonna find him. All right? You gotta trust me on this. I am going to find him.

Meanwhile at the school gym, Dustin and Lucas are assembling the swimming pool.

Dustin (grunting): This damn thing is heavy. Come on. It's upside down.

Lucas: No, this way.

Dustin: Okay. How does this even work?

Lucas: Try that side.

Dustin (grunts): Son of a bitch!

Lucas: Pull it back. Pull it back.

DustinI am!

Lucas: One, two, three.

Dustin: Shit!

Nancy and Mike arrive at the school's utility shed and find it locked. Nancy finds a large rock and breaks off the lock.

Mike: Ah.

Nancy: Stand back.

Mike: Whoa.

Nancy: What did she even eat?

Mike: What?

Nancy: Eleven.

Mike: Oh. Candy, leftovers. Eggos. She really likes Eggos.

Nancy: I knew you were acting weird. I just I thought it was because of Will.

Mike: I knew you were acting weird, too. I thought it was 'cause of Steve.

Nancy: Hey No more secrets, okay? From now on we tell each other everything.

Mike: Okay. Do you like Jonathan now?

Nancy: What? No. No, it's it's not it's not like that. Do you like Eleven?

Mike: What? No. Ew. Gross.

Joyce (sighs): This will keep it dark for you. Just like in your bathtub.

Joyce (sighs): You're a very brave girl. You know that, don't you? Everything you're doing for my boy for Will for my family [sniffs] Thank you. Listen. I am gonna be there with you the whole time. And if it ever gets too scary [stutters] in that place, you just let me know, okay?

Eleven: Yes.

Joyce: Ready?

Eleven (breath trembling): Ready.

Lucas: Colder! . . . . . . Warmer! . . . . . . Right there!

Static. . . . Electricity surging.

Breathing heavily.

Eleven: Barb? . . . Barbara?

Breathing heavily . . . squelching . . . bubbling . . . gasps . . . electricity pulsating. Eleven discovers Barb's body.

Nancy: What's going on?

Mike: I don't know.

Nancy: Is Barb okay? Is she okay?

Eleven (screaming, crying): Gone! Gone! Gone! Gone! Gone! Gone. Gone. Gone.

Joyce: It's okay. It's okay.

Eleven: Gone. Gone!

Joyce: It's okay.

Eleven: Gone!

Joyce (gasping, echoing): Hey. It's okay. It's okay, we're right here. We're right here, honey. It's okay. I got you. Don't be afraid. I'm right here with you. I'm right here with you. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay, you're safe. You're okay, honey.

Eleven: Castle Byers. Castle Byers. Will.

Joyce (gasps, echoing): Will? You tell him tell him I'm coming. Mom is coming.

(stutters): Your mom she's coming for you.

Will (muttering weakly): Hurry. Hurry.

Joyce: Okay. Listen, you tell him to stay where he is. We're coming. We're coming, okay? We're coming, honey. Just just hold on a little longer. Will. Will.

Low growling.

Eleven: Will? Will!

Panting, whimpering on radio . . . both gasp.

Dustin: Oh!

Eleven breathing heavily.

Joyce: Oh, okay, okay. I've got you. It's okay. I got you. I got you. I got you, honey. You did so good. - Are you okay?

Eleven cries.

Hopper (sighs): So this fort. Where is it?

Joyce: It's in the woods behind our house.

Jonathan: Yeah, he used to go there to hide.

Hopper: Hey, get back inside.

Joyce: What, are you insane? No, I'm . . .

Hopper: Look, if something happens to me, I don't make it back . . .

Joyce: Yeah, but then I'll go.

Hopper: You stay. Are you kidding me? He's my son, Hop. My son. I'm going! Now, listen, I need you to stay here . . .

Jonathan: No.

Joyce: . . . and watch over the kids.

Jonathan: No, Mom. I can help.

Joyce: Please, I need you to stay, Jonathan. Please. Please, be careful.

Hopper: Joyce, come on!

Joyce: Please. I'm gonna find him. I'm gonna find him.

Engine starting . . . door closes . . . tires screeching.

Nancy: We have to go back to the station.

Jonathan: What?

Nancy: Your mom and Hopper are just walking in there like bait. That thing is still in there. And we can't just sit here and let it get them, too. We can't.

Jonathan (sighs): You still wanna try it out?

Nancy: I wanna finish what we started. I want to kill it.

Joyce and Hopper arrive at Hawkins Lab.

Joyce: So this is your plan?

Hopper: Worked for me before, didn't it?

Joyce: Well, did it?

Hopper: Come on, trust me.

At the police station, a guard is listening to the radio, unaware Jonathan and Nancy are sneaking in to retrieve their box of weapons and traps.

Announcer on radio: I'd like to hear your thoughts on the war. I think we're dealing with a whole different environment here.

Announcer 2: I'll tell you what, we always planned on the Russians massing the fire and we . . .

Back at Hawkins Lab. Hopper sighs . . . . Joyce gasps.

Man: Don't move! . . . All right, move in.

Guns cocking.

Hopper: It's all right. Let me do the talking.

Indistinct radio chatter.

Will (softly): If I go there will be trouble [shuddering] And if I stay it will be double So, come on and let me know Should I stay or should I go now?

Monster growling . . . footsteps approaching . . . growling continues . . . breathing heavily . . . monster growls.

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