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Chapter Six: The Monster

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Jonathan: Nancy! . . . Nancy! Come on, come on. Nancy! Where are you?

Nancy (echoing): Jonathan! Jonathan! . . Jonathan! Jonathan, I'm right here!

Jonathan: Nancy! . . . Nancy!

Nancy: Jonathan, where are you? Jonathan! . . Jonathan! Jonathan, I'm right here! . . Where are you?

Jonathan: I'm right here!

Nancy: Jonathan!

Jonathan: I'm right here! Nancy! . . . Just follow my voice!

Nancy: Jonathan!

Jonathan (in distance): Follow my voice, Nancy, I'm right here!

Growling. Nancy gasps.

Jonathan: Nancy!

Panting . . . growling continues. Jonathan finally notices the tree opening . . . breathing heavily . . . squelching . . . growling continues.

Jonathan: Nancy? . . . Nancy . . . Nancy! Follow my voice!

Monster growling.

Jonathan: Nancy?

Nancy's hand plunges through the tree opening. Jonathan gasps.

Nancy: Jonathan!

Jonathan: Nancy!

Nancy straining, sobbing. Jonathan grunting.

Jonathan (panting): I got you.

Carol: I just don't understand why we're coming out here. She obviously doesn't wanna talk to you.

Steve: That's not it.

Carol: Oh, really? Because no girl would ever blow off King Steve.

Steve: She was acting weird. I mean, something was wrong.

Carol: So what? Like, you're worried about her?

Steve: What?

Carol: Aw, you are. Aw, Steve has a heart.

Steve: Would you just. . . Stop.

Tommy: Oh, Stevey's in love.

Steve: Would you just shut up?

Carol: Who knew?

Steve: Shut up!

Tommy (chuckling): Jeez.

Carol: Damn. Sorry.

Tommy: So this is it, huh? Princess' castle.

Steve: I'll just be a minute.

Steve climbs up to Nancy's bedroom window and sees her with Jonathan.

Joyce: Look, we gotta go through this again.

Hopper: I told you everything that I saw.

Joyce: Oh, gosh. Tell me again.

Hopper: Upstairs or downstairs?

Joyce: Upstairs.

Hopper: There was a laboratory. It was where they must do experiments or something, and then there was this kid's room.

Joyce: How do you know it was a kid's room?

Hopper: More like a prison.

Joyce: So why would you think it was a kid's room, then?

Hopper: Because, I told you, the size of the bed, there was a drawing, there was a stuffed animal . . .

Joyce (stammers): You didn't say there was a drawing.

Hopper: Yeah, there was a drawing of a an adult and a child. It said "Eleven" on it.

Joyce: Was it good?

Hopper: It was a kid's drawing, Joyce. It was stick figures.

Joyce (grabs Will's drawings): Wasn't Will.

Hopper: Earl. The night that Benny died, Earl said he saw some kid with a shaved head with Benny. Now, I pressed him, he said it might be Will, but maybe . . .

Joyce: Wait. Maybe, it wasn't?

Hopper: Look . . . this woman, Terry Ives, she claims to have lost her daughter, Jane. She sued Brenner, she sued the government. Now, the claims came to nothing, but what if this whole time I've been looking for Will, I've been chasing after some other kid?

As Nancy showers, she recalls her encounter with the monster. Jonathan is making up a place for him to sleep on the floor.

Jonathan: Better?

Nancy: Yeah.

Jonathan: Is this okay? I found it in the closet. I can go home. I just figured . . .

Nancy (stammers): Yeah, no. I don't wanna be alone. Do you?

Jonathan: No. No.

Nancy climbs in bed while Jonathan gets in the sleeping bag on the floor.

Nancy: Can you just come up here?

Jonathan: Yeah. . . Do you want the lights off, or . . .

Nancy: On.

Jonathan: Yeah. . . . You know, it can't get us in here.

Nancy: We don't know that.

The Wheelers' home. Mike is staring at the makeshift tent for Eleven. Out of anger he knocks it down.

Hopper (on payphone): Yeah, it's Ives. Terry Ives. That's with a "Y. " Yeah, I got a pen. Hang on. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Great, thanks. I really appreciate this, Frank. Say hi to the boys for me, too, would you?

Joyce: Did you get it?

Hopper: I got it.

Joyce: Okay.

The Wheelers' home. Jonathan wakes up. Nancy is already awake, making notes.

Jonathan: Oh . . . Hey.

Nancy: Hey.

Jonathan (grunts): Couldn't sleep?

Nancy: Every time I close my eyes, I just keep seeing that thing. Wherever I was, that place I think that it lives there. It was feeding there. Feeding on that deer. That means that if Will and Barbara . . .

Jonathan: Hey. My mom said she talked to Will. If he's alive, there's a chance Barbara is, too.

Nancy: That means that she's trapped in that place. We have to find it again.

Jonathan: You wanna go back out there?

Nancy: Maybe we don't have to. When I saw it, it was feeding on that deer. Meaning, it's a predator, right?

Jonathan: Right.

Nancy: And it seems to hunt at night, like a lion or a coyote. But it doesn't hunt in packs like them. It's always alone, like a bear. And remember at Steve's, when Barb cut herself? And then, last night, the deer . . .

Jonathan: Hmm, it was bleeding, too.

Nancy: One sec. Sharks can detect blood in one part per million. That's one drop of blood in a million, and they can smell it from a quarter mile away.

Jonathan: So you're saying it can detect blood?

Nancy (softly): It's just a theory.

Jonathan: We could test it. But if it works . . .

Nancy: At least we'll know it's coming.

Door knob rattles . . . both gasp . . . Nancy sighs.

Karen: Honey, are you up?

Nancy: Yeah, I'm getting dressed.

Karen: I made some blueberry pancakes.

Nancy: I'll be down in a second.

Footsteps receding.

Jonathan (sighs): Your mom doesn't knock?

Both chuckle.

Knocking on door. Mr. Clarke answers the door at his home.

Connie: Hi. Scott Clarke?

Mr. Clarke: Yes.

Connie: The same Scott Clarke who teaches science and AV at Hawkins Middle?

Mr. Clarke: The very same.

Connie: Oh, wonderful.

Moments later, they are sitting in his living room . . .

Connie: . . . And we're making a newsletter, which we'll send out monthly. It'll showcase all the latest equipment, as well as how-to articles, which the kids write themselves.

Mr. Clarke: Oh, that's neat.

Connie: What we're really trying to do here, Mr. Clarke . . .

Mr. Clarke: Please, call me Scott.

Connie: Scott. What we're trying to do here, Scott, is to connect kids from all over the state and give them the support and encouragement to pursue careers in technology. We feel these are the kinds of kids that are going to make Indiana proud.

Mr. Clarke: I agree, yes. Completely.

Connie: So, you know any kids you think might wanna participate?

Mr. Clarke: Oh, I have a few in mind.

The Wheelers' basement.

Mike: I just . . . I can't believe she didn't come back.

Dustin: She's gotta be close.

Mike: She said it wasn't safe. She just messed up the compasses because she wanted to protect us. She didn't betray us.

Dustin: Mike, calm down.

Mike: I shouldn't have yelled at her. I never should've done that.

Dustin: Mike, this isn't your fault.

Mike: Yeah, it's Lucas'.

Dustin: It wasn't his fault, either.

Mike: It wasn't his fault?

Dustin: No.

Mike: So you're saying he wasn't way out of line?

Dustin: Totally, but so were you!

Mike: What?

Dustin: And so was Eleven.

Mike: Oh, give me a break!

Dustin: No, Mike, you give me a break! All three of you were being a bunch of little assholes! I was the only reasonable one. But the bottom line is you pushed first. And you know the rule. You draw first blood . . .

Mike: No! No way! I'm not shaking his hand.

Dustin: You're shaking his hand!

Mike: No, I'm not.

Dustin: This isn't a discussion. This is the rule of law. Obey or be banished from the party. Do you wanna be banished?

Mike: No.

Dustin: Good. Where are we going? Where do you think? We're going to get Lucas. And then we're gonna find Eleven.

Eleven has another flashback. Dr. Brenner enters Eleven's room and gifts her a gift.

Brenner: Today is a very special day. Do you know why? . . . Because today, we make history. Today, we make contact.

Back in the present, Eleven is walking through the woods. She comes upon a pond and looks at her reflection. Her nose begins to bleed and she screams. The water ripples in a line across the pond.

The Wheelers' home. Karen and Ted are in the kitchen with Holly.

Karen: Here you go. . . Ah yum. Okay. . . Now, sweetie, swallow the pancake.

Ted: Where is Nancy? I thought she was coming down.

Karen: She is. She was. I don't know.

Karen: Nancy, what's taking so long?

Music playing faintly.

Karen: Nancy?

Door knob rattles.

Karen: Nancy, come on. . . Nan . . .

Karen uses a hair pin to unlock the door, she discovers Nancy is gone and the window is open.

Mike and Dustin arrive at the Sinclairs' home. Lucas answers the door.

Lucas: What do you want?

Mike (sighs): I drew first blood, so . . .

Moments later, inside the house.

Lucas:Okay, I'll shake. On one condition. We forget the weirdo and go straight to the gate.

Mike: Then the deal's off.

Lucas: Fine!

Mike: Fine!

Dustin: No, no, not fine! Guys, seriously? Do you even remember what happened on the Bloodstone Pass? . . . We couldn't agree on what path to take, so we split up the party and those trolls took us out one by one. And it all went to shit. And we were all disabled! So we stick together, no matter what!

Lucas: Yeah, I agree. But this is the party, right here in this room.

Mike: El is one of us now.

Lucas: No, she's not. Not even close! Never will be. She's a liar, a traitor . . .

Mike: She was just trying to keep us safe! She didn't mean to hurt you. It was an accident!

Lucas: An accident?

Dustin: All right, accident or not, admit it, it was a little awesome.

Lucas: Awesome?

Dustin: Yeah, she threw you in the air with her mind!

Lucas: I could have been killed!

Mike: Which is exactly why we need her. She's a weapon! Do you seriously wanna fight the Demogorgon with your wrist rocket? That's like R2-D2 going to fight Darth Vader. We're no use to Will if we're dead.

Lucas: If you two wanna waste your time looking for a traitor, go ahead, 'cause I'm not spending my time on her anymore. No way! I'm going to the gate. I'm gonna find Will.

Eleven enters a downtown Hawkins grocery store. As shoppers stare at her, she recalls the memory of another Brenner experiment.

Brenner: It's okay, Eleven. Don't be frightened. These are all friends. They're just here to watch. Don't focus on them. Stay in here, like before.

Eleven: Yes, Papa.

Brenner: Now, remember. Whatever it is, it can't hurt you. Not from here. So there's nothing to be frightened of. It's reaching out to you 'cause it wants you. Hmm? It's calling you, so don't turn away from it this time. I want you to find it. Understand?

Eleven: Yes.

Eleven is submerged in the sensory deprivation tank. She enters a dimension of black void.

Back to the present, a store clerk addresses Eleven.

Store Clerk: Are you lost? Is your mom here? Your dad?

Eleven: Mouth breather.

Eleven grabs a few boxes of Eggos from the frozen food section and walks toward the exit with no intent to pay for them.

Assistant: What should we do?

Store Clerk: Call the police. Excuse me. Young lady! You know you have to pay for those! Hey! Stop right . . .

Woman (grunts): Please.

Store Clerk (stammers): You have to pay for those! Stop right there! Thief! Thief!

As she exits the store with the clerk chasing her, the front sliding doors slam shut, shattering the glass.

Hopper and Joyce arrive at the home of Becky and Terry Ives.

Becky: Can I help you?

Hopper: Hi, we're looking for Terry Ives. Does she live here?

Becky: Who's asking?

Hopper: The Hawkins chief of police.

Becky: And you want to talk to my sister? Well, if your sister's Terry Ives, then, yeah, we do.

Becky: Okay, well, you can come in, but if you want Terry to tell you anything, you're about five years too late.

They enter the living room.

Becky: Terry, you have some visitors.

Joyce: Hello. My name's Joyce Byers. This is Hopper. We drove over from Hawkins. You see, my son, he's been missing for almost a week now, and we were wondering if we could talk to you about your daughter, Jane? If there's anything that you could tell us about when she was taken.

Hopper: What was your relationship with Dr. Brenner? You guys keep in touch?

Joyce (stammering): This is him. This is Will. You may have seen him on on the news.

Hopper: What's wrong with her?

Becky: I told you, you're wasting your time.

Lucas gears up for his journey to search for the gate - utility belt, sling-shot, binoculars, head-band, flashlight, army knife, etc. He jumps on his bikes with the walkie-talkie strapped to the handle bars and notices a Hawkins P&L service repairman - the Hawkins Lab agent seen earlier.

Dustin: This is weird without Lucas.

Mike: He should've shaken my hand.

Dustin: He's just jealous.

Mike: What are you talking about?

Dustin (sighs): Sometimes, your total obliviousness just blows my mind. He's your best friend, right?

Mike: Yeah, I mean, I don't know.

Dustin: It's fine. I get it. I didn't get here until the fourth grade. He had the advantage of living next door. But none of that matters. What matters is that he is your best friend. And then this girl shows up and starts living in your basement, and all you ever want to do is pay attention to her.

Mike: That's not true.

Dustin: Yes, it is. And you know it. And he knows it. But no one ever says anything until you both start punching and yelling at each other like goblins with intelligence scores of zero. Now everything's weird.

Mike: He's not my best friend.

Dustin (chuckles): Yeah, right.

Mike (sighs): I mean, he is, but so are you. And so is Will.

Dustin: Can't have more than one best friend.

Mike: Says who?

Dustin: Says logic.

Mike: Well, I call bull on your logic, because you're my best friend, too.

Dustin: Okay.

Mike and Dustin arrive near the grocery store, the police are there.

Mike (panting): Whoa.

Dustin: You don't think . . .

Mike: Definitely.

Back to Hopper, Joyce, and Becky. Audience applauding on TV.

TV Host: Are you ready?

Becky: She was a part of some study in college.

Hopper: MK Ultra?

Becky (exhales): Yeah, that's the one. Was started in the '50s. By the time Terry got involved, it was supposed to be ramping down, but the drugs just got crazier. Messed her up good.

Hopper: This was the CIA that ran this?

Becky: You and Terry would've gotten along. "The Man," with a big capital "M." They'd pay you know, a couple hundred bucks to people like my sister, give 'em drugs, psychedelics. LSD, mostly. And then they'd strip her naked and put her in these isolation tanks.

Joyce: Isolation tanks?

Becky: Yeah. These big bathtubs, basically, filled with salt water, so you can float around in there. You lose any sense of . . . sense and feel nothing, see nothing. They wanted to expand the boundaries of the mind. Real hippie crap. I mean, it's not like they were forcing her to do any of this stuff. The thing is, though, is that she didn't know she was pregnant at the time.

Joyce: Jane. . . Do you have any pictures of her?

Becky: I don't think you guys understand. Terry miscarried in the third trimester.

Moments later, they enter a child's bedroom.

Becky: She keeps all of this up. Been doing it for 12 years. Terry pretends like Jane is real . . . like she's gonna come home someday.

Lullaby plays from mobile.

Becky: Says she's special. Born with "abilities."

Joyce: Abilities?

Becky's explanation is intercut with flashbacks of Eleven at Hawkins Lab. . . Bones cracking.

Becky:You read any Stephen King?

Cat hisses . . . beeping.

Becky (stammers, chuckles): You guys look scared, actually. I mean, it's all make-believe.

Joyce (clears throat): What what kind of abilities?

Becky: Telepathy, telekinesis.

Eleven screams.

Becky: You know, shit you can do with your mind. That's why the big, bad Man stole Jane away.

Eleven (yelling): Papa!

Becky: Her baby's a weapon, off fighting the commies. You know, the doctors all say it's a coping mechanism. You know, to deal with the guilt.

Joyce: Do you think there is any chance she could be telling the truth? About having had the kid.

Becky: There is no birth certificate, nothing from the hospital. Doctors and nurses all confirm that she miscarried.

Hopper: Yeah, but that could've been covered up. Right?

Becky: Like I said, you and Terry would've gotten along.

Lucas makes it to the outer fencing of Hawkins Lab. He looks back and forth and sees the fence seems to go on endlessly.

Lucas (grunts): Oh, man.

Jonathan and Nancy are shopping at a hunting & camping store for supplies - bear trap, gas can, spikes, ammo, flashlight, etc.

Jonathan: And I'll have four boxes of the .38's.

Store Clerk: What you kids doin' with all this?

Nancy: Monster hunting.

Store Clerk (scoffs): Huh.

Moments later, outside the store.

Jonathan:"Monster hunting"?

Nancy: You know, last week I was shopping for a new top I thought Steve might like. It took me and Barb all weekend. It seemed like life or death, you know? And now . . .

Jonathan: You're shopping for bear traps with Jonathan Byers.

Nancy: Yeah.

Jonathan: What's the weirdest part? Me or the bear trap?

Nancy (chuckles): You. It's definitely you.

Car horn honking, a couple of teens drive by.

Reed (laughs): Hey, Nance! Can't wait to see your movie.

Jonathan: What the hell was that?

Nancy: I don't know.

Jonathan: What? . . . What? Hey! Where are you going?

Nancy races down the sidewalk towards a movie theater, Jonathan follows.

Jonathan: Nancy, wait! . . . Nancy!

Nancy discovers someone has spray-painted next to the movie title, "All the Right Moves" adding, "Starring Nancy The Slut Wheeler."

Man 1: I can't believe it.

Man 2: These kids!

Jonathan: Jesus.

Woman (looking at Nancy): Wow.

Nancy enters an alley where she finds Steve, Tommy, Carol, and Nicole. Spray can hissing . . . Tommy laughing.

Jonathan: Wait!

Carol: Tommy, you write like a three-year-old.

Tommy: Shut up!

Nicole: I didn't know you could spell.

Tommy speaks indistinctly . . . indistinct chatter . . . laughter.

Carol: Aw, hey there, princess!

Tommy: Uh-oh! She looks upset.

Nancy slaps Steve.

Carol: Oh!

Tommy: Damn!

Nancy: What is wrong with you?

Steve: What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? I was worried about you. I can't believe that I was actually worried about you.

Nancy: What are you talking about?

Carol: I wouldn't lie if I were you. You don't want to be known as the lying slut now, do you?

Tommy: Speak of the devil. . . Hi.

Nancy: You came by last night?

Carol: Ding! Ding! Ding! Does she get a prize?

Nancy: Look, I don't know what you think you saw, but it wasn't like that.

Steve: What, you just let him into your room to study?

Tommy: Or for another pervy photo session?

Nancy: We were just . . .

Steve: You were just what? Finish that sentence. . . Finish . . the sentence.

Steve (scoffs): Go to hell, Nancy.

Jonathan: Come on, Nancy, let's just leave.

Steve: You know what, Byers? I'm actually kind of impressed. I always took you for a queer, but I guess you're just a little screw-up like your father. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that house is full of screw-ups. You know, I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. A bunch of screw-ups in your family.

Nancy: Jonathan, leave it.

Steve: I mean, your mom, I'm not even surprised what happened to your brother.

Nancy: Steve, shut up!

Steve: I'm sorry I have to be the one to tell you, but the Byers, their family, it's a disgrace to the entire . . .

Jonathan turns and strikes Steve, they begin fighting. Grunts . . . groans . . . Jonathan breathing heavily.

Nancy: Steve!

Tommy: Oh!

Both grunting.

Nancy: Steve. . . Stop! Steve! Knock it off, you guys!

Carol: Get off of him, seriously!

Tommy: Kick his ass, man!

Carol: Get off! Stop! . . . Get in there, he's going to hurt himself!

Tommy: Hey. Hey! Get out of here! Get out of here! Get out of here!

Nancy: Jonathan, stop! Stop! You're going to hurt him! Jonathan, stop!

Sirens wailing.

Tommy: Cops!

Nancy: Guys . . . Jonathan, get off of him! Stop it!

Tommy: Cops! Come on!

Nancy: Stop it! Come on!

Tommy: Cops!

Nancy: You have to stop!

Tommy: Just go, Carol!

Nancy: Stop it!

Tommy: Hey, he's had enough, man! I said he's had enough!

Officers Callahan and Powell intervene.

Callahan: Kids! All right!

Nancy: Stop it!

Callahan: Oh! My nose!

Powell: Calm him down!

Tommy: Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Callahan: Hey! Hey, uh-uh. Come here, little guys! Come here!

Jonathan: Get off!

Powell: I got this one!

Callahan: Get back here! Get back here, you little punks!

Back to Hopper, Joyce, and Becky. Audience cheering on TV.

Man on TV: Good gift for a college student . . .

Hopper: Well, thank you for your time. We appreciate it.

Becky: Hmm, yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck.

Hopper (sighing): Thank you.

A moment later in the car . . .

Hopper: Hey . . .

Joyce: What?

Hopper: We're gonna find him.

Joyce: Yeah, like Terry found her daughter?

Hopper: We're close.

Joyce (breath trembling): Twelve years? Twelve years she's been looking for her.

Hopper: And then she shows up at Benny's five nights ago, which means we've got a chance. You know what I would give? For a chance? You know what I would give?

Callahan (over radio): Hey, Chief, you there? Hey, Chief?

Hopper: Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, a fight broke out here and . . .

Hopper: Cal, I don't have time for this.

Callahan (over radio): It's Jonathan Byers. You haven't seen Joyce, have you?

Hawkins Police Station.

Nancy: Do you think we'll be out of here soon?

Flo: You, yes. Him, no. He assaulted a police officer.

Nancy: Well, how long are you gonna keep him?

Flo: You and your boyfriend have big plans, do you?

Nancy (chuckles): He's not my boyfriend.

Flo: I think you better tell him that.

Nancy: What?

Flo: Only love makes you that crazy, sweetheart. And that damn stupid.

A moment later, Nancy joins Jonathan to offer ice for his injury.

Nancy (sighs): Found some ice.

Jonathan: Thanks. . . Everything okay?

Nancy: Yeah. Everything's fine.

Eleven is in the woods munching on Eggos when she hears . . .

Dustin (shouting in the distance): El!

Mike (shouting): Eleven!

Dustin: El!

Mike: El! Eleven!

Dustin: Eleven!

Mike: Hey, stop. Do you hear that?

Dustin: What?

Mike: El! . . . El?

Suddenly James and Troy appear, holding a knife.

Troy: Hey, there, Frogface.

James: Toothless.

Dustin: Shit! Run, Mike!

Mike: What?

Dustin: Run! Come on!

Troy: You're dead, Wheeler.

Dustin: Move, Mike! Mike, come on, run!

The scene cuts to Lucas, who is using his compass to guide him closer to the gate. He climbs a tree and uses his binoculars to scope out Hawkins Lab. Then back to Mike and Dustin again.

Dustin (groans): Cramp!

Mike (grunts): Just keep going! Keep going!

Dustin: Shit!

Mike (picks up a rock): Stay back! Don't come any closer!

Mike throws the rock at James, and misses.

James (scoffs): Nice throw, numbnuts.

Dustin charges Troy with a stick, but Troy grabs him and puts the knife close to Dustin's face.

Dustin (gasps): Get off! Get off me!

Mike: Let him go! Let him go!

Troy: Stay back, or I cut him!

Mike: What do you want?

Troy: I want to know how you did it!

Mike: How I did what?

Troy: I know you did something to me. Some nerdy science shit to make me do that.

Mike: You mean piss your pants?

Dustin: Our friend has superpowers, and she squeezed your tiny bladder with her mind.

Troy: Shut up! I think I should save Toothless here a trip to the dentist. Help him lose the rest of his baby teeth.

Mike: Let him go. Let him go!

Troy: I'll let him go, sure. . . . But first it's your turn.

Mike: My turn for what?

Troy: Wet yourself.

Mike: What?

Troy: Jump or Toothless here gets an early trip to the dentist.

Dustin (gasping): Stop! No!

Troy: I'll cut him right now!

Mike: All right, just hold on! Hold on!

Dustin: Mike, don't do it. I don't need my baby teeth, Mike! Mike, seriously, don't!

Mike approaches the cliff edge overlooking the quarry far below.

Dustin: Mike, don't do it! Seriously, don't do it, man! Seriously, don't!

James: Troy, I don't think this is a good idea, man.

Dustin: Mike, don't!

Troy: Dentist's office opens in five! Four! Three! Two!

Dustin: Mike!

Troy: One!

Mike steps off the edge and disappears.

Dustin, Troy, and James race to the edge and see Mike is hovering in mid-air.

Dustin (gasps): Holy shit.

Mike ascends back to the cliff top.

Mike: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Eleven appears walking towards them. Using her powers, James is knocked to the ground. . . Next, Troy. Bone cracks . . . screaming.

Troy: She broke my arm! My arm!

Eleven: Go.

Troy: Let's get out of here! Let's go!

James: Go!

Dustin: Yeah, that's right! You better run! She's our friend and she's crazy! You come back here and she'll kill you! You hear me? She'll kill you, you sons of bitches! She'll kill you, you hear me?

Eleven collapses and recalls the black void. Ticking . . . water trickling. She sees the monster feeding on something, she approaches it. Eleven touches it's back with her finger. The monsters turns quickly and roars.

Eleven is seen in the deprivation tank, screaming. It's like an earthquake hit the lab, loud banging, people clamoring, the wall cracks open.

Mike: El, are you okay? El?

Eleven (sobbing): Mike, I'm sorry.

Mike: Sorry? What are you sorry for?

Eleven: The gate. . . I opened it. . . I'm the monster.

Mike: No, El, you're not the monster. You saved me. Do you understand? You saved me.

The Agent Repairman monitors the kids.

Agent: I have eyes on 'em now. They're heading home.

At Hawkins lab, Brenner and several men gather weapons and take off in P&L vans. Lucas is watching them with his binoculars. Mike, Dustin, and Eleven return home, unaware the vans are coming for them.

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