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Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly

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Barb: Hello? . . . Nancy? . . . Nancy! . . . Hello?

Barb: Oh, my God! . . . Nancy!

Steve: Hey, what's the matter?

Nancy: Nothing.

Steve: You're so beautiful.

Barb: Nancy!

Nancy: Steve? Hey, Steve.

Steve: Mmm.

Nancy: I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Mmm-hmm.

Nancy: Oh! Jesus, you scared me.

Karen: Oh, I scared you?

Nancy: I know, I should have called.

Karen: Where have you been? We agreed on 10:00.

Nancy: After the assembly, some people wanted to get something to eat. I didn't think it'd be a big deal.

Karen: You didn't think to call and let me know? With everything that's been going on?

Nancy: I didn't realize how late it was, okay? I'm sorry, Mom. What more do you want?

Karen: Hey, wait. Whose sweatshirt is that?

Nancy: Steve's.

Karen: Steve's. So is Steve your boyfriend now?

Nancy: What? No! It was just cold, so I borrowed his sweatshirt. It's not a big deal.

Karen: Nancy?

Nancy: What?

Karen: You can talk to me. You can talk to me. Whatever happened.

Nancy: Nothing happened.

Karen: Nancy.

Nancy: Nothing happened. Can I please go?

Joyce: Will? Will? Sweetheart, can you hear me? Will Please Will It's me. It's me. Just talk to me. Talk to me. Just say . . .

Jonathan: Mom?

Joyce: Jonathan! Come here. Come here.

Jonathan: Mom, what is this?

Joyce: Come here. Come here.

Jonathan: What's going on?

Joyce: It's Will. It's Will, he's trying to talk to me.

Jonathan: He's trying to talk to you?

Joyce: Yes, through through the lights.

Jonathan: Mom.

Joyce: I know. I know. Just watch. Will, your brother's here. Can you show him what you showed me, baby? Please. Did you see that?

Jonathan: It's the electricity, Mom. It's acting up.

Joyce: No.

Jonathan: It's the same thing that fried the phone.

Joyce: No! It is not the electricity, Jonathan. Something is going on here! Yesterday, the wall . . .

Jonathan: What? What about the wall?

Joyce: I don't know. I don't know.

Jonathan: Mom, first the lights, then the wall?

Joyce: I just know that Will is here.

Jonathan: No, Mom.

Joyce: Maybe if I get more lamps.

Jonathan: No, Mom. You don't need more lamps. You need to stop this, okay? He is just lost. People are looking for him, and they're going to find him. Okay. This isn't helping.

Joyce: Okay, okay. Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Jonathan: Can you do me a favor, Mom? Please try to get some sleep?

Joyce: Yeah.

Jonathan: Huh? Can you do that for me?

Joyce: I promise. I will.

Jonathan: Yeah?

Joyce: Yeah. I just need to sit here for a minute.

Jonathan: All right, I'll go make breakfast.

Joyce: Okay.

Jonathan: Yeah?

Joyce (whispers): Will?

Mike: We just tell our parents we have AV Club after school. That'll give us at least a few hours for Operation Mirkwood.

Lucas: You seriously think that the weirdo knows where Will is?

Mike: Just trust me on this, okay?

Lucas: Okay.

Mike: Did you get the supplies?

Lucas: Yeah. . . Binoculars from 'Nam. Army knife also from 'Nam. Hammer, camouflage bandana and the wrist rocket.

Dustin: You're gonna take out the Demogorgon with a slingshot?

Lucas: First of all, it's a wrist rocket. And second of all, the Demogorgon's not real. It's made up. But if there is something out there, I'm gonna shoot it in the eye . . . and blind it.

Mike: Dustin, what did you get?

Dustin: Well, alrighty. So, we've got Nutty Bars, Bazooka, Pez, Smarties, Pringles, Nilla Wafers, apple, banana, and trail mix.

Lucas: Seriously?

Dustin: We need energy for our travels. For stamina. And besides, why do we even need weapons anyway? We have her.

Lucas: She shut one door!

Dustin: With her mind! Are you kidding me? That's insane! Imagine all the other cool stuff she could do. . . Like . . . I bet . . . that she could make this fly! . . . Hey. Hey. Okay, concentrate. Okay? . . . .Okay, one more time. Okay. Use your powers, okay?

Lucas: Idiot.

Mike: She's not a dog!

Karen: Boys! Time for school!

Mike: Just stay down here. Don't make any noise, and don't leave. If you get hungry, eat Dustin's snacks, okay?

Karen: Michael!

Mike: Coming! You know those power lines?

Eleven: Power lines?

Mike: Yeah. The ones behind my house?

Eleven: Yes.

Mike: Meet us there, after school.

Eleven: After school?

Mike: Yeah, 3:15. Ah. When the numbers read three-one-five, meet us there.

Eleven: "Three-one-five."

Mike: Three-one-five.

Steve: Hey!

Nancy: Hey!

Steve: Is everything okay?

Nancy: Yeah! Yeah, totally. I just I feel like everyone's staring at me.

Steve: Oh, I didn't I didn't tell anyone.

Nancy: I know. I know. Of course not. But what about, like, Tommy, and Carol and them?

Steve: You're being paranoid.

Nancy: I'm sorry.

Steve: No. No, it's cute. Hey I had a good time.

Nancy: Yeah. Yeah. Me, too.

Steve: Mmm. Hmm.

Nancy: Hey, Ally. Where's Barb?

Ally: Shouldn't you know?

Nancy: You haven't seen her anywhere at all?

Powell: There she is. Emerald City.

Callahan: I heard they make space weapons in there.

Powell: Space weapons?

Callahan: Yeah. You know, like, Reagan's Star Wars. I guess we're gonna blow the Ruskies to smithereens.

Patrick: Hey, can I help you?

Hopper: Yeah. We're here for a tour.

Patrick: Oh, we don't give tours.

Hopper: Okay A quick look around.

Patrick: You have to get clearance for that. You can contact Rick Schaeffer at the Department of Energy.

Hopper: Maybe you seen it on TV. We got a local kid that's missing. We have reason to believe he might have snuck in here.

Patrick: Like I said, you have to speak to Mr. Schaeffer.

Hopper: What's your name?

Patrick: Patrick.

Hopper: Patrick, I got a panicked mayor, and I got reporters breathing down my neck and I got a very upset mother. Now, I know the kid's not in there, but I gotta check off this box. Patrick, would you do me a favor? Would you speak to your boss and see what you can swing for us? I'd really appreciate it. I'm talking ten minutes, tops.

The Wheelers' home. With everyone gone, Eleven decides to explore the house, including some TV channel surfing.

TV: . . . was occupying a large part of Lebanon. Today, Syria has become a home for . . . I have the power! . . . gift that will last forever. From the Harmony Treasures' collection . . .

Commercial: ♫ On the beach and in the sun. The real thing is so much fun. All the times of your life and the things that you do. Coke is right there with you. Coke is it! ♫

Watching a Coke commercial sparks a memory of her past at the Hawkins Laboratory. Eleven is staring intensely at a Coke can, which she crushes with her mind. Dr. Brenner is pleased.

TV: ♫ Coke . . . is . . . it! Coke is it! ♫

The Byers' home. Joyce is stringing Christmas lights inside the house. She decides she needs more lights and heads to . . .

Melvald General Store. She stacking boxes of lights at the checkout counter.

Donald: Joyce.

Joyce: Just ring me up, Donald.

Hawkins Laboratory. Hopper, Callahan, Powell, and the Laboratory's Head of Security are inspecting the drain pipe on the grounds.

Head of Security: And you think this missing boy may have crawled through there?

Hopper: Well, that was the idea.

Head of Security: Yeah, I just don't see how that'd be possible. We've got over 100 cameras. Every square inch covered, plus all my guys. No one breaks in here. Certainly not some kid.

Hopper: Those cameras, you keep the tapes?

Hopper: If you don't mind me asking, what do you guys do in here?

Head of Security: You're asking the wrong guy.

Hopper: Staying one step ahead of the Russians?

Head of Security: I expect. Something like that.

Hopper: Who's in charge here?

Head of Security: That'd be Dr. Brenner.

Callahan: And he builds the space lasers?

Head of Security: Space lasers?

Hopper: Ignore him.

Hopper: This is the night of the 6th and 7th we're seeing here?

Head of Security: That's correct.

Hopper: Is that it?

Head of Security: Like I said, we would have seen him.

Hopper: The night of the 7th, we had a search party out for Will. You remember anything about that night?

Callahan: Mmm, not much to remember. Called it off.

Powell: 'Cause of the storm.

Hopper: Yeah, a lot of rain that night. You see any rain on that tape?

Powell: What are you thinking?

Hopper: I don't know. But they're lying.

As Hooper and the officers drive off, we travel below ground where Dr. Brenner oversess a large cable wench being mounted on the floor.

Back to the Wheelers' home. Eleven explores Nancy's bedroom.

Hawkins High School cafeteria.

Tommy: That's why science doesn't make any damn sense to me.

Carol: No, I swear. Look at this. It's totally frostbite.

Tommy: Oh, thanks, man. It's a heated pool.

Carol: Well, if it's not frostbite, then what is it?

Steve: Ugh, I don't care what it is, it's disgusting! Get it off the table. We're eating here.

Carol: Ew!

Nancy: Hey, Tommy. When you left, did you see Barb?

Tommy: What?

Nancy: Barbara. She's not here today.

Tommy: I seriously have no idea who you're talking about.

Steve: Come on, don't be an ass, man. Did you see her leave last night or not?

Tommy: No, she was gone when we left.

Carol: Probably couldn't stand listening to all that moaning. Oh, Steve! Oh, Steve! Oh, Steve!

Tommy and : Oh, Steve Oh, Steve!

Steve: Okay, chill. Listen, I'm sure she's fine. She's probably just, like, skipping or something.

Nancy: Yeah. Yeah, probably.

Mike, Dustin, and Lucas on the school grounds, searching for rocks for the slingshot.

Mike: How about this one?

Dustin: Too big for the sling. So, do you think Eleven was born with her powers, like the X-Men, or do you think she acquired them, like Green Lantern?

Lucas: She's not a superhero. She's a weirdo.

Mike: Why does that matter? The X-Men are weirdos.

Lucas: If you love her so much, why don't you marry her?

Mike: What are you talking about?

Lucas: Mike, seriously?

Mike: What?

Lucas: You look at her all, like "Hi, El! El! El! El! I love you so much! Would you marry me?"

Mike: Shut up, Lucas.

Troy: Yeah, shut up, Lucas. What are you losers doing back here?

James: Probably looking for their missing friend.

Dustin: That's not funny. It's serious. He's in danger.

Troy: I hate to break it to you, Toothless, but he's not in danger. He's dead. That's what my dad says. He said he was probably killed by some other queer.

Mike: Come on. Just ignore them.

Troy: Watch where you're going, Frogface.

Troy trips Mike, causing him to fall and cut his chin.

Troy: Watch where you're going, Frogface.

Dustin: You all right?

Mike: Yeah.

Dustin: Hey. How about this one?

Mike: Yeah.

Dustin: Yeah?

Mike: Yeah, this is it.

Lucas: Oh, yeah. Yeah, this is the monster killer! Whoo!

Hawkins High School photo room. Jonathan is developing the shots he took at Steve's house.

Nicole: Hey.

Jonathan: Oh, hey.

Jonathan quickly takes down the photos, but not before Nicole noticing the content.

Joyce has finished putting up all the Christmas lights when Karen pays her a visit.

Karen: Hey!

Joyce: Hey, Karen. Hi.

Karen: I brought you a casserole.

Joyce: Oh! Thank you. You wanna come in?

Hopper and Powell visit the Public Library.

Hopper: Hey, Marissa. How you doin'?

Marissa: You have a lot of nerve showing up here.

Hopper: What?

Marissa: You could have at least called, said, "Marissa! Hey, it's not gonna work out. Sorry I wasted your time. I'm a dick."

Hopper: Yep. I'm sorry. Maybe we could go out again next week? Newspapers? You guys got newspapers around here?

Marissa: We have the New York Times, the Post, all the big ones. Organized by year and topic. You can find the corresponding microfiche in the reading room.

Hopper: Okay, we're looking for anything on the Hawkins National Laboratory.

Marissa: Well, shouldn't you be looking for that missing kid?

Hopper: Yeah. . . We are. . . . So, why don't you start with the Times, and we'll check out the Post.

Marissa (scoffs and walks away): Hmmmph!

Powell: The librarian?

Hopper and Powell pull up various articles related to Dr. Brenner . . .

Newspaper Article: "ALLEGED EXPERIMENTS ABUSE By. T. Bridges - Terry Ives' legal case against embattled research scientist Dr. Martin Brenner suffered another setback today when the district attorney's office formally refused to press criminal charges against Brenner, his fellow researchers, assistants, or the project's sponsors, citing lack of evidence. Local law enforcement executed a search . . ."

Newspaper Article: "MKULTRA EXPOSED By. T. Bridges - The trust of the American people has been shaken to its core as a special inquiry into a covert CIA operation, code-named MK Ultra, has exposed the extensive details about that which has been haunting the nation for the past decade. Six . . ."

Newspaper Article: "DR. MARTIN BRENNER NAMED IN LAWSUIT - BY A. WARD - STAFF WRITER - Senior researcher Doctor Martin Brenner and seven other staff researchers have been named in a new lawsuit filed today on behalf of former federal research study participant, Terry Ives. Dr. Brenner's attorney in conjunction with the Department of Energy has asked the circuit court to seal the details of the lawsuit until the attorney general's office can determine that no federal or . . . .

. . . her newborn daughter for scientific research. Following an investigation, the district attorney has already declined to press criminal kidnapping charges against the research facility and staff, citing lack of evidence. Dr. Brenner's attorney called Ms Ives' allegations baseless and tragic, citing Dr. Brenner's excellent reputation, recent peer-reviewed scientific papers and history of . . ."

Newspaper Article: "TERRY IVES SUING By Benjamin Buck - After the district attorney's office declined to press criminal charges citing lack of evidence, local resident Terry Ives is not giving up her search for justice for herself and her daughter, and this morning filed a lawsuit against research scientits Dr. Martin Brenner and his staff. Ms. Ives suit seeks unspecified damages against Dr. Brenner and his facility alleging physical abuse, sleep deprivation, malnourishment, and kidnapping . . ."

Joyce: Will always loved Christmas, you know. So I thought if I put the lights up I don't know, he . . . I'd feel like he was home somehow. It's silly, I know.

Karen: No. No, it's not silly. How is Jonathan holding up?

Joyce: You know, he's good at taking care of himself. He always has been, you know? I mean, he thinks I'm losing my mind, but . . .

Karen: Is something the matter?

Joyce: No. No, I . . . just . . . We're having electrical problems.

Karen: Joyce. I want you to know something. If you need anything, anything at all, Ted and I are here for you.

Joyce: Thank you. Thanks.

Karen: Okay.

Joyce: How's Mike dealing with this? Is he okay?

Karen: Mike? I don't know. He skipped school yesterday. He's never done anything like that before.

While Joyce and Karen talk, Holly wonders into Will's bedroom. She sees the lamps flickering, then approaches the wall. The wall begins to stretch, again like the creature trying to break through. Low growling. . . Karen notices Holly is missing and they go to find her.

Karen: Let me throw in that casserole, okay? . . . Oh, where's Holly?

Joyce: Hey! She shouldn't be here.

Karen: Oh, I'm sorry. She's quite the explorer these days.

Joyce: Wait, did you see something?

Holly: Yeah.

Joyce: What did what did you see? Tell me. What did you see? What . . .

Karen: Joyce. . . Joyce!

Joyce: Listen. Karen, thank you for the casserole, but I need you to leave. Okay?

Nancy (on school pay phone): Come on, come on, come on. . .

Ms. Holland: Hello?

Nancy: Hi. Hi, Ms. Holland, it's Nancy.

Ms. Holland: Oh, Nancy, how are you?

Nancy: Good. I'm good. I was just wondering, is Barb there?

Ms. Holland: Mmm. No, she hasn't come home yet.

Nancy: But she did come home, right? After the vigil?

Ms. Holland: No, she said she was staying with you last night.

Nancy: Right, yes. She did, sorry. I meant, did she come home this morning? I think she left some textbooks and she was gonna go pick them up.

Ms. Holland: Oh, no, I haven't seen her.

Nancy: Do you know what? I just remembered, she's at the library.

Ms. Holland: Nancy, will you please have her call me as soon as you find her?

Nancy: Yeah. Yeah, I will. Sorry to bother you.

Steve: Hey, man.

Jonathan: What's going on?

Steve: Nicole here was telling us about your work.

Carol: We've heard great things.

Tommy: Yeah, sounds cool.

Steve: And we'd just love to take a look. You know, as connoisseurs of art.

Jonathan: I don't know what you're talking about.

Tommy: Oh, no? Oh . . .

Jonathan: Hey. Please, give me my bag.

Steve: No, just . . . Man, he is totally trembling. He must really have something to hide. Here we go. . . Ah . . . Here we go. Oh, man.

Tommy: Let me see. . . Dude.

Carol: Yeah, this isn't creepy at all.

Jonathan: I was looking for my brother.

Steve: No. No, this is called stalking. Mmm-hmm.

Nancy: What's going on?

Tommy: Here's the starring lady.

Nancy: What?

Carol: This creep was spying on us last night. He was probably gonna save this one for later.

Steve: See, you can tell that he knows it was wrong, but, man, that's the thing about perverts. It's hardwired into 'em. You know, they just can't help themselves. So we'll just have to take away his toy.

Nancy: Steve . . .

Jonathan: No, please, not the camera.

Steve: No, no, wait, wait Tommy, Tommy. It's okay. Here you go, man. . .

Steve drops the camera to the ground, breaking it. Nancy picks up pieces of photo before leaving.

Steve: Come on, let's go. The game's about to start.

Tommy: Boo.

Carol: Bye.

Steve: Hey, Nance! Come on.

Eleven is near the power lines, where she was supposed to meet the boys after school.

Eleven: Three-one-five. Three-one-five. Three-one-five.

Eleven sees a cat and has a flashback. Dr. Brenner is conducting another experiment on Eleven. The test subject is a cat, which is growling, hissing at Eleven.

She is sobbing because she does not want to cooperate in the experiment, which is implied she is to harm the cat. Eleven looks at Brenner and shakes her head, no. The doctor is disappointed. Once again, Eleven is dragged away kicking and screaming.

Eleven: No! No! . . Papa! . . Papa! . . Papa! . . Papa! . . Papa! . . No!

They throw her in the dark room, but before they get a chance to close the door, she uses her powers to attack the two staff members, it is implied it was a fatal attack.

Brenner: Incredible.

Brenner carries Eleven down the hall as she continues to whimper.

Mike: El! You okay? . . . Hop on. We only have a few hours.

In the hall of Hawkins High School.

Carol: So, I told Mr. Mundy "The solution of ten plus Y equals blow me."

Steve: Bull, if you did that, you'd be in detention right now.

Carol: Saturday.

Tommy: I bet Mr. Mundy's still a virgin.

Carol: Oh, he's so a virgin!

Tommy: Maybe you should blow him, Carol. Help your grades a bit.

Steve: Whoa, Nance, where you going?

Nancy: I totally forgot. I told my mom I would do something with her.

Steve: Well, what do you mean? The game's about to start.

Nancy: I'm sorry.

Steve: What the hell's wrong with her?

Tommy: Maybe she freaked out when you went all psycho on the psycho.

Steve: Oh, give me a break.

Carol: What'd you expect, dating Miss Perfect?

Eleven (looking at the cut on Mike's chin): Why did they hurt you?

Mike: What? . . . Oh, that. I just fell at recess.

Eleven: Mike.

Mike: Yeah?

Eleven: Friends tell the truth.

Mike: I was tripped by this mouth breather, Troy, okay?

Eleven: Mouth breather?

Mike: Yeah, you know a dumb person. A knucklehead.

Eleven: Knucklehead?

Mike: I don't know why I just didn't tell you. Everyone at school knows. I just didn't want you to think I was such a wastoid, you know?

Eleven: Mike.

Mike: Yeah?

Eleven: I understand.

Mike: Oh. Okay, cool.

Eleven: Cool.

Nancy returns to Steve's house and the nearby woods to search for Barb. She sees that Barb's car is still parked in the same spot the night of the party.

Nancy: Barb? Barb! . . . Barb? . . . Barb? . . . Barb?

She is startled when something moves quickly behind her and she runs off.

Nancy: Oh!

Joyce is standing in the kitchen when the dog starts barking at the flickering lights. She crawls into a cubby-hole with a wire ball of Christmas lights.

Joyce: Will, are you here?

The ball of lights glow.

Joyce: Okay, good, good, good, good. Are you . . . blink once for yes, twice for no. Can you do that for me, sweetie? Can you do . . .

The ball of lights blink once.

Joyce: Oh, good boy. Good boy. Baby, I need to know. Are you alive?

The ball of lights blink once.

Joyce: Are you safe?

The ball of lights blink twice.

Joyce: I need to know where to find you, honey. Where are you? Can you can you tell me where you are? Can you . . . Please, baby. I need to find you. Tell me what to do. Please just . . . Will.

Moments later, Joyce begins painting the alphabet on the wall, below a light for each letter.

Karen: Hey! You're home early! How was the game? . . . Nancy? What's the matter?

Nancy: It's Barb. I think something happened. Something terrible.

Powell: I don't know, Chief.

Hopper: What don't you know?

Powell: This lady, Terry Ives, sounds like a real nut to me. Her kid was taken for LSD mind control experiments? She's been discredited. Claim was thrown out . . .

Hopper: Okay, forget about her. Take a look at this. Dr. Martin Brenner.

Powell: Who?

Hopper: Brenner. He runs Hawkins Lab.

Powell: Okay.

Hopper: You don't find that interesting?

Powell: Not really. He was involved in some hippie crap back in the day, so what?

Hopper: No, this isn't hippie crap. This is CIA-sanctioned research.

Powell: Doesn't mean he had anything to do with our kid.

Hopper: Come on. Look at that. Hospital gowns. All of them. Now, that piece of fabric that the teacher found by the pipe. That sure looked like a hospital gown to me, huh? Am I wrong?

Powell: I don't know, Chief.

Hopper: Come on, man. Work with me here. I'm not saying that there's some grand conspiracy. I'm just . . . I'm saying maybe something happened. Maybe Will was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he saw something that he shouldn't have.

Powell: It's a reach.

Hopper: It's a start.

Callahan: Hey, Powell, is the chief with you?

Hopper: Hopper here. What do you got?

Moments later, Hopper and Powell make an urgent exit from the library.

Eleven and the boys arrive at Will's house.

Eleven: Here.

Mike: Yeah, this is where Will lives.

Eleven: Hiding.

Mike: No, no, this is where he lives. He's missing from here. Understand?

Lucas: What are we doing here?

Mike: She said he's hiding here.

Lucas: No!

Dustin: I swear, if we walked all the way out here for nothing . . .

Lucas: That's exactly what we did. I told you she didn't know what the hell she was talking about!

Mike: Why did you bring us here?

Lucas: Mike, don't waste your time with her.

Mike: What do you want to do then?

Lucas: Call the cops, like we should have done yesterday.

Mike: We are not calling the cops!

Dustin: Hey, guys?

Lucas: What other choice do we have?

Dustin: Guys!

Mike: Will.

They see police and ambulance vehicles racing down the road with their sirens on. They hop on their bikes to follow.

Joyce: Okay. Okay, baby, talk to me. Talk to me. Where are you? "R. " Good, good, good, good. That's good. Come on, come on. "I G H T H E R E" "Right here." "Right here"? I don't know what that means. I need you to tell me what to do. What should I do?

Joyce: How do I get to you? How do I find you? What should I do?

The lights spell out R - U - N.

Suddenly the wall behind her begins to stretch, something trying to burst out.

The monster rips through the wall and screeches. Joyce runs out of the house.

The kids arrive at the quarry right after Hopper.

Hopper: Oh, Jesus. Oh, God. Please tell me it's not the kid.

Mike: It's not Will. It can't be.

Lucas: It's Will. It's really Will.

Eleven: Mike.

Mike: "Mike"? "Mike," what? You were supposed to help us find him alive. You said he was alive! Why did you lie to us? What's wrong with you? What is wrong with you?

Eleven: Mike.

Mike: What?

Lucas: Mike, come on. Don't do this, man. Mike.

Dustin: Mike, where are you going? Mike!

Lucas: Mike!

Meanwhile Joyce runs down the road and is intercepted by Jonathan.

Jonathan: Mom? Mom, what happened? It's okay. Hey.

Karen: Michael? What's wrong?

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