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The opening crawl reveals there is unrest in the Galactic Senate. Several thousand solar systems have declared their intentions to leave the Republic. This separatist movement, under the leadership of the mysterious Count Dooku, has made it difficult for the limited number of Jedi Knights to maintain peace and order in the galaxy. Senator Amidala, the former Queen of Naboo, is returning to the Galactic Senate to vote on the critical issue of creating an Army of the Republic to assist the overwhelmed Jedi.

The amber city planet of Coruscant. A yellow Naboo Fighter flies toward the planet, followed by a large Royal Cruiser and two more Fighters. Senator Padmé Amidala returns to the Galactic Senate on Coruscant to vote against the creation of an Army of the Republic.

The ships skim across the cityscape of Coruscant. The sun glints off the chrome hulls of the sleek Naboo spacecraft as they navigate between the buildings of the capital planet.

Landing Platform - Two Naboo Fighters land on one leaf of a three-leaf-clover landing platform. The Royal Starship lands on the central lead, and the third Fighter lands on the remaining platform.

One of the fighter pilots jumps from the wing of his ship and removes his helmet. He is Captain Typho, Senator Amidala's Security Officer. He moves over to a woman pilot. Artoo Deetoo drops down from the Naboo Fighter. The ramp of the Royal Cruiser lowers. Two Naboo guards appear. Senator Amidala, one handmaiden, and four troopers descend the ramp. Amidala is more beautiful now than she was ten years earlier when, as Queen, she was freeing her people from the yoke of the Trade Federation.

Typho: We made it. I guess I was wrong, there was no danger at all.

Senator Amidala reaches the foot of the ramp, when suddenly there is a blinding flash and a huge explosion. The pilots are hurled to the ground as the starship is destroyed. Klaxons blare, alarms sound! Captain Typho and the two escort pilots get up and run to where Senator Amidala lies dying. Beyond, Artoo Deetoo rolls toward the wreckage.

The female escort pilot kneels by the Senator and takes off her helmet, revealing Senator Padmé Amidala. She gathers up her decoy double in her arms. Cordé's eyes are open. She looks up at her.

Cordé: My Lady, so sorry, I failed you, Senator.

Cordé dies.

Typho: My Lady, you're still in danger here.

Padmé: I shouldn't have come back.

Typho: This vote is very important. You did your duty, Cordé did hers. Now come. Senator Amidala, please.

They walk away.

The giant towers of the Republic Executive Building seem to reach the heavens. Traffic clogs the smoggy sky.

Chancellor's Office - Chancellor Palpatine sits behind his desk with two red-clad Royal Guards on either side of the door. Yoda, Plot Koon, Ki-Ad-Mundi, and Mace Windu sit across from him. Palpatine doesn't know how much longer he can hold off the vote, more and more systems are joining the Separatists.

Palpatine: I will not let this Republic that has stood for a thousand years be split in two. My negotiations will not fail.

Windu warns that there aren't enough Jedi to protect the Republic.

Windu: We are keepers of the peace, not soldiers.

Palpatine: Master Yoda, do you really think it will come to war?

Yoda advises that the possibility of war is impossible to see, The Dark Side clouds everything.

A muted buzzer sounds. A hologram of an Aide, Dar Vac, appears on the Chancellor's desk announcing the loyalist committee has arrived. They all stand as Senator Amidala, Captain Typho, Jar Jar, Mas Amedda, Senators Bail Organa, Horox Ryyder, and Orn Free Taa enter the office. Yoda and Mace Windu move to greet the Senator. Yoda expresses relief Amidala survived the attack. Palpatine gets up, walks to the window, and looks out at the vast city.

Amidala questioning for suspects, Windu suggests spice miners on the moons of Naboo. But she suspects Count Dooku was behind it, there is a stir of surprise. Count Dooku was once a Jedi, he wouldn't assassinate anyone, it is not in his character, Windu explains. Ki-Adi-Mundi adds he is a political idealist, not a murderer. But Yoda cautions that in dark times, nothing is what it appears to be, but the fact remains the Senator is in grave danger.

After gazing out of the window for several moments Palpatine turns to Mace and suggests that the Senator be placed under the protection of the Jedi. Bail Organa questions the wisdom of Palpatine's suggestion during these stressful times. Padmé protests the request but Palpatine suggests her old friend Master Kenobie. Palpatine nods to Mace Windu, who nods back. Palpatine pleads with her till she concedes. Amidala sighs as the Jedi get up to leave. Mace tells Amidala that Obi-Wan report to her immediately.

Senate Apartments - A graceful skyscraper twinkles in the evening light of Coruscant. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker ride the elevator to Amidala's apartment.

Obi-Wan: You seem a little on edge. I haven't felt you this tense since we fell into that nest of Gundoks.

Anikan: You fell into nightmare, Master, and I rescued you, remember?

Obi-Wan: You're sweating, relax, take a deep breath.

Anikan: I haven't seen her in ten years, Master.

Apartment Corridor - The door to the apartment slides open. Jar Jar walks into the corridor, where two Jedi are exiting the elevator. He recognises Obi-Wan and becomes extremely excited, jumping around, shaking his hand. Obi-Wan smiles. Padmé is in a conference with Captain Typho and Dorme. Jar Jar enters the room, followed by the two Jedi. Padmé and Typho rise as Obi-Wan and Anakin stop before the Senator. Obi-Wan steps forward and exchanges pleasantries with Amidala.

Anakin stares at Padmé. She glances at him.

Padmé: Ani? . . . My goodness you've grown.

Anakin (trying to be smooth): So have you . . . grown more beautiful, I mean . . . well, for a Senator, I mean.

Padmé: Oh Ani, you'll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine.

This embarrasses Anakin, and he looks down. Obi-Wan and Captain Typho smile.

Obi-Wan: Our presence will be invisible, M'Lady.

Captain Typho, "I'm Captain Typho of her Majesty's security service. I am grateful you are here, Master Kenobi. The situation is more dangerous than the Senator will admit." Padmé doesn't want more security, she wants answers - who is trying to kill her.

Obi-Wan: We're here to protect you, Senator, not to start an investigation.

Anakin: We will find out who's trying to kill you, I promise you.

Obi-Wan gives Anakin a dirty look.

Obiwan: We are not going to exceed our mandate, my young Padawan learner.

Anakin: I meant in the interest of protecting her, Master, of course.

Obiwan: We are not going through this exercise again. You will pay attention to my lead.

Anakin: Why else do you think we were assigned to her, if not to find the killer? Protection is a job for local security... not Jedi. It's overkill, Master. Investigation is implied in our mandate.

Obiwan: We will do exactly as the Council has instructed, and you will learn your place, young one."

Padmé: Perhaps with merely your presence, the mysteries surrounding this threat will be revealed. Now if you will excuse me I will retire.

Captain Typho: Well, I know I feel a lot better having you here. I'll have an officer on every floor and I'll be at the command centre downstairs.

Everyone gives Amidala a slight bow as she and Dorme leave the room. Captain Typho leaves.

Anakin: She didn't even recognise me, Jar Jar. I thought about her every day since we parted... and she's forgotten me completely.

Jar Jar: Shesa happy. Happier den mesa see-en her in longo time.

Obiwan: You're focusing on the Negative again. Be mindful of your thoughts. She was glad to see us. Now lets check the security here.

On a building ledge, Zam Wesell meets with the one who hired her for Amidala's assassination.

Zam: I hit the ship, but they used a decoy.

He explains they will need to try something more subtle, his client is getting impatient. He hands her a glass tube, "Take these, be careful, they are very poisonous. . . . Zam, there can be no mistakes this time."

Senate Building, Amidala's Apartment, Main Room - Anakin is standing in the living room. It is quiet. The door to the apartment slides open, and Obi-Wan enters. Obi-Wan checks a palm-sized view scanner he has pulled out of his utility belt.

Obi-Wan: Captain Typho has more than enough men downstairs. No assassin will try that way. Any activity up here?

Anakin: Quiet as a tomb. I don't like just waiting here for something to happen to her.

Obi-Wan: What's going on?

Anakin: She covered that camera. I don't think she liked me watching her.

Obi-Wan: What is she thinking?

Anakin: She programmed Artoo to warn us if there's an intruder.

Obi-Wan: There are many other ways to kill a Senator.

Anakin: I know, but we also want to catch this assassin. Don't we, Master?

Obi-Wan: You're using her as bait?

Anakin: It was her idea... No harm will come to her. I can sense everything going on in that room. Trust me.

Obi-Wan: It's too risky... and your senses aren't that attuned, young apprentice.

Anakin: And yours are?

Obi-Wan: Possibly.

Padmé is asleep in her bed, lit only by the light of the city outside her window coming through the blinds. Artoo stands in the corner of the bedroom. His power is off. As Padmé sleeps, a Probe Droid approaches outside her window. A laser on the Droid cuts a small hole in the glass. A faint sound is heard as the small section of glass is removed from the window.

The Probe Droid attaches a little tube to the window. Two deadly looking centipede-like Kouhuns exit the tube, crawl through the blinds and head toward the sleeping Padmé. Artoo wakes up, and his lights go on. The Kouhuns freeze. Artoo looks around, makes a plaintive little sound, then shuts down again. Anakin and Obi-Wan continue their conversation in the main room of the apartment.

Obi-Wan: You look tired.

Anakin: I don't sleep well, anymore.

Obi-Wan: Because of your mother?

Anakin: I don't know why I keep dreaming about her now. I haven't seen her since I was little.

Obi-Wan: Dreams pass in time.

Anakin: I'd rather dream of Padmé. Just Being around her again is... intoxicating.

Obi-Wan: Mind your thoughts, Anakin, they betray you. You've made a commitment to the Jedi order... a commitment not easily broken... and don't forget she's a politician. They're not to be trusted.

Anakin: She's not like the others in the Senate, Master.

Obi-Wan: It's been my experience that Senators are only focused on pleasing those who fund their campaigns... and they are more than willing to forget the niceties of democracy to get those funds.

Anakin: Not another lecture, Master. Not on the economics of politics.... It's too early in the morning... and besides, you're generalising. The Chancellor doesn't appear to be corrupt.

Obi-Wan: Palpatine's a politician, I've observed that he is very clever at following the passions and prejudices of the Senators.

Anakin: I think he is a good man. My instincts are very positive about...

Anakin looks stunned. He looks sharply at Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan: I sense it, too.

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