Faran Tahir as Captain Richard Robau

"You're captain now, Mister Kirk."

Robau's first name comes from official production material, including his dossier profile on the official movie site, although the novelization gives his name as "Pierre Robau." According to his profile on Intel's Starfleet Shipyard site, Robau was born in Sagua La Grande, Cuba, and his Starfleet Service Number is SA-476-2549-CM.

Robau was named after the Cuban-born uncle of Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci. According to Orci, he had imagined Robau being born in Cuba and raised in the Middle East.

Chris Hemsworth as
Lieutenant Commander George Kirk

"Tiberious? Are you kidding me? That's the worst. Let's name him after your dad. Let's call him Jim."

Husband of Winona Kirk, Father of James T. Kirk. The name "George" first originated in Vonda N. McIntyre's TOS novel. Intel's Star Trek tie-in website gave his serial number as SA-733-9624-AM. George Kirk was mentioned in the unfilmed Star Trek: The First Adventure script as having died when his craft, the Bonaventure, disappeared during an experimental dilithium-fueled warp jump.

Randy Pausch as Bridge Crew Member

"Captain, we have visual."

? as Bridge Crew Member

"I have a reading. They've locked weapons on us!"

Tim Griffin as Chief Engineer

"The Warp Drives are knocked out, I've never seen anything like it!

Sean Gerace as Tactical Officer

"Are shields even up?"

Freda Foh Shen as Helmsman

"We have confirmed casualties!"

? as Bridge Crew Member

Katarzyna Kowalczyk as
Alnschloss K'Bentayr, Security Officer

Alnschloss' appearance was based on a design by Neville Page. Alnschloss' name comes from production sources and was never mentioned on-screen - and neither was its gender. According to the viral site Starfleet Shipyard, Alnschloss was born on the planet Monchezke in the Beta Quadrant, and its service number was SA-890-0404-DB.

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Detailed Plot and Screenshots

In the year 2233 a Federation starship, USS Kelvin, investigates a "lightning storm" in space, their sensors haven't made sense of the anomaly. The crew soon realizes it's a black hole. With urgency, we move down a corridor with Captain Richard Robau and Officer Pitts. The Kelvin is only 150,000 kilometers from the Klingon Neutral Zone, but the vessel is not Klingon. Its registry doesn't match any recorded profile.

The doors part and we enter the bridge of the ship, A flurry of activity. Bearing zero-three-four, the massive ship they are approaching on the viewscreen. Robau moves to the center. The massive ship is not transmitting on any frequency, communications appear to be shut down. Not only is the ship unregistered, but even its construction materials seem unrecognizable. Robau sits in the captain's chair, his eyes on the ship as they approach.

The Narada, enormous and threatening. And in the endless vacuum of space, and in total silence, the Kelvin appears as a dot, coming to a stop in front of the gigantic black claw that is the Narada. In the bridge, crew members are glued to their telemetry, working consoles.

Suddenly, a warning beep . . . the Narada has locked weapons on the Kelvin. Alarms blare, lights go red. The Narada fires a torpedo, it heads for the Kelvin then separates, fracturing into a multi-hit projectile. Officers scramble, brace for impact. The torpedo is locked on the Kelvin at 320 degrees, mark two, incoming fast! A direct hit smashes several decks along the dish of the ship.

In the massive Engine Room, a huge blast, men go flying in the steel-shattering explosion. In the Engine Room, the Kelvin's Chief Engineer reports to Robau that weapons are weapons off-line and main power is at 38 percent.

Another Narada torpedo, it separates, pieces hit the Kelvin. In the Engine Room, the Chief Engineer is consumed by the sudden explosion. In a corridor a female crew member running down the hall suddenly holds on as a hole is ripped in the hall. She's yanked out of the corridor, then sucked out of the ship.

Pandemonium on the bridge. Life support is failing on decks seven through thirteen. They attempt to reach Starfleet command on subspace to report they are under attack by an unknown aggressor. Shields are at eleven percent and dropping.

As Robau orders power to forward shields, he stops. They all do. A face is now on their viewscreen. A Romulan face, the First Officer of the Narada, whom we'll come to know as Ayel. Ayel's commander requests the presence of the Kelvin's captain in order to negotiate a cease-fire. He's to come aboard the Narada ship via shuttlecraft. Screen goes dead. All eyes on Robau . . . and he feels them. A tense, horrible moment. Robau orders his first officer to walk with him.

The First Officer follows Robau off the bridge and into the corridors. As they walk, briskly, Robau orders his first officer to wait fifteen minutes for his signal and evacuate the ship if he doesn't make contact. The First Officer suggests they could issue a mayday call. Robau heads into a waiting Turbolift. Robau says that there is no help for them out here, turns, they lock eyes . . . knowing what this means.

Robau hands command of the ship to Kirk. He's gone. And we realize the First Officer is George Kirk, Jim's father.

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