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Adria (Orici)


While Vala was in the Ori home galaxy, one of the Ori impregnated Vala and manipulated the fetus at a genetic level to be its physical form on the lower planes, so that one of the Ori would be able to lead the Ori Army without forcing them to intervene on the lower planes, which would have caused the Ancients to intervene.

After her birth, she was genetically altered to grow to adulthood at an increased acceleration, and was an adult within a matter of days.

At first, she was simply called Orici, though Vala named her Adria, after her (step)mother. Adria is a devout follower of Origin, saying that it is the Ancients who suck human life forces to gain power, not the Ori, leading Vala to conclude that Adria was complicit in their deceptions.

Adria was given several superhuman powers, similar to the powers of Priors. However, she is technically not a Prior, and is between the Doci and the Ori in status. Her power is at least on the level of that of a Prior, although many of her abilities have yet to be revealed.

Adria claims that despite the fact that she is essentially Ori, there is still a part of her that is human, which somewhat limits her powers. The anti-prior device is capable of temporarily preventing her from using her powers.

The Doci


The Doci was once the Chief Prior who spoke the word of the Ori. He resided in the city of Celestis, his chambers adjacent to the Flames of Enlightenment. The Doci was the most devout believer in Origin. Like the rest of the Priors, however, he was unaware of the true nature of the Ori. Arguing with him about faith was pointless.

The Doci often served as a direct mouthpiece for the Ori, who literally spoke through him. When this happened, his eyes glowed a fiery red. After an encounter with Dr. Jackson, the Ori spoke through the Doci giving the order for more Priors and the construction of ships to spread Origin to every corner of creation.

When SG-1 was captured at Ortus Mallum after finding the Ark of Truth, the Doci and the Priors tortured Daniel, Vala and Tomin before Vala was brought before Adria. When they tried to activate the Ark, the Doci showed up and was protected from a staff weapon blast with a personal shield.

Witnessing the activation of the Ark, The Doci transmitted the programming in the Ark to the other Priors in the Ori galaxy, causing them to believe that the Ori were not gods and significantly weakening Adria's power.

The Replicators


The Replicators were created at an unspecified time in the past on a Human world where an android called Reese was created. This machine had a child-like personality and was feared by the natives of the planet.

In order to keep herself amused, she created the Replicators which were to be her toys. As the population of the world grew more fearful of Reese and the replicators, she began to teach the machines to protect her and themselves.

In order to accomplish this, they began the process of self replication. The Replicators grew too large in number, and Reese herself began to lose the ability to control them. After Reese lost control of the Replicators, they destroyed her world and everyone living on it.

Each replicator is composed of a series of Replicator blocks. Each block is made up of many Keron pathways. It takes several blocks working together to make new blocks.

Replicators are capable of forming many patterns determined by what they need to accomplish. Although Replicators usually take the form of "bugs," they can take other forms. The blocks are capable of absorbing large amounts of energy, which can empower them.

Each Replicator was capable of independent behavior but they all were unified in a single purpose which was self replication. They were remarkably adaptive allowing them to develop means at combating strategies that proved effective against them in the past and learn from them.

The only weapon that was capable of destroying all forms of Replicators was the Replicator disruptor produced from the knowledge of the Ancients. This weapon attacked the links that held a Replicator together causing them to fall apart harmlessly.

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There were numerous system lords that appeared in the franchise including Amaterasu, Ares, Bastet, Belus, Egeria, Ishkur, Isis, Kali, Marduk, Moloc, Morrigan, Olokun, Svarog, and others, but the characters highlighted below were the most prominent of the feature films and television shows.

Anubis' symbol


Anubis was one of the most powerful and dangerous Goa'uld in history. Once a powerful System Lord, Anubis was banished by Ra and the others because his actions were deemed unspeakable, even among the Goa'uld. He was believed destroyed, but managed to escape and trick Oma Desala into helping him to ascend.

The Ancients did not want the Goa'uld to join them on the higher planes of existence, and forced him into a state between mortal existence and ascension.

Because of his knowledge of the Ancients, Anubis amassed unimaginable advanced technologies, gathering strength for hundreds of years before returning to take his revenge upon the System Lords and dominate the galaxy.


When Anubis entered a midpoint between ascension and human existence to mock Oma Desala, he found Daniel Jackson, also at the midway point. He took the persona of Jim, a fat and abrasive patron in the Astral Diner, mocking Oma and subtly pointing Jackson in the direction of Oma as the cause of Anubis' ascension. When Jackson realized that Jim was Anubis, he attempted to attack the System Lord, but lacked the power to even touch him.

By this point, the Kull warriors had secured control of Dakara, and Anubis was in place to destroy life in the Milky Way. However, he was stopped by Oma Desala. Inspired by Daniel's actions, Oma engaged Anubis in eternal struggle. Neither one can win, which prevents Oma from helping others to ascend, but Anubis would be forced to concentrate on fighting her back, also preventing him from ever harming the galaxy again. It was the only time the Others reacted to anything happening in the Astral Diner.(SG1: "Reckoning, Part 1", "Reckoning, Part 2", "Threads")

Apophis' symbol

APOPHIS - Deceased

Apophis was once an extremely powerful Goa'uld System Lord. The brother of the Supreme System Lord Ra, he originally commanded a minor fleet, but he grew in strength to command the power of multiple System Lords that had been killed during his reign, ultimately succeeding Ra as the dominant System Lord after his death.

He held one human host in his life. He was one of the most powerful enemies of the Tau'ri and a personal enemy of SG-1.

After many years of war, his fleet was destroyed in the Vorash system and Apophis was finally killed for good when his ship crashed into his homeworld Delmak thanks to SG-1 and the Replicators.


With his fleet on the way to attack the Tok'ra base on Vorash, Samantha and Jacob Carter devised a bold trap: they intended to cause Vorash's sun to go supernova, hoping to destroy most of Apophis' fleet and possibly even Apophis himself. The plan worked, but Apophis survived, capturing Teal'c in the process. Apophis' mothership and a ha'tak that SG-1 had acquired after they had killed Cronus was thrown to another galaxy, one which the Replicators were in.

The Replicators destroyed Apophis' mothership, though Apophis was able to escape along with a few Jaffa bodyguards and Teal'c, who had been brainwashed into believing he was his First Prime. Apophis and his forces were able to take over the ha'tak, but the Replicators had managed to sneak aboard. The Replicators took control of the Ha'tak, flying to Delmak at incredible speeds. Though SG-1 and Jacob were able to escape, taking Teal'c with them, Apophis was trapped in the pel'tac. SG-1 was able to disable the sublight drives, causing an uncontrolled re-entry into Delmak. Apophis was killed in the crash.

Ba'al' symbol

BA'AL - Deceased

Ba'al was a Goa'uld, and one of the last System Lords. Once an underlord in the Second Goa'uld Dynasty, Ba'al left Ra's service and rose to a position of power among the System Lords in his own right. After the fall of the Goa'uld at the hands of the Replicators, Ba'al was the only known surviving System Lord and became determined to rebuild his power base.

He succeeded somewhat with his clones, but they were all killed with the last being extracted by the Tok'ra and the real Ba'al was finally killed by Colonel Cameron Mitchell who set an ambush for him when he tried to change time.

Mitchell shot Ba'al in the head, killing him, and with the deaths of all his clones, Ba'al was gone for good although the host of one of his clones survived.


Ba'al cared only for his own interests, and was a persistent enemy of SG-1 and the Tau'ri. Throughout this however, he displayed a very uncharacteristic ability to recognize universal threats, and occasionally worked cooperatively with SG-1 for brief periods when he recognized that it was in his own best interests to do so. This would imply that although he was egocentric and desires self-aggrandizement, he was not purely chaotic, but rather that he at times committed actions that would commonly be defined as evil, simply because he saw said means as being the fastest and most direct way of obtaining what he wanted.

Ba'al was also extremely intelligent and a brilliant military strategist, but his strategies, while used to defeat his opponents, were always aimed at giving him more power. He was also a more than capable scientist, overseeing at least some of his experiments and projects personally (SG1: "Abyss"), and proved to be a cunning and shrewd businessman on Earth at taking over The Trust.

Hathor's symbol

HATHOR - Deceased

Hathor was the mate/queen of Ra and the mother to Heru'ur. Stranded on Earth after the Tau'ri rebellion, she became imprisoned in her sarcophagus for centuries before being set free. Leaving Earth, she attempted to rebuild her power base, before being killed in a confrontation with SG-1. Once a Goa'uld with her own empire, Hathor originally ruled from her place of power on Ta-Netjer.

Hathor was known to control both her enemies and friends through use of the pleasure principle—as well as nish'ta—which meant that she gave people what they wanted, within reason, so that they would follow her anywhere.


Making her way into the SGC, Hathor informed the personnel that she was an enemy of Ra, and thus was taken into custody. Initially regarded as a kook, her familiarity with the Stargate quickly changed the minds of the SGC. Claiming that she wanted to help the Tau'ri, she soon learned that Ra was dead, among others, and so launched an attempt to conquer Earth. Using nish'ta pheromones that her body naturally secreted, she managed to subjugate the males at the SGC, including General Hammond and Colonel Jack O'Neill.

Under her influence, Daniel Jackson was used to spawn Goa'uld larvae to be used to create an army of Jaffa, and the females of the facility were locked away. In addition to this, she used her Goa'uld bodice to transform O'Neill into the first of her new Jaffa, planning to make him her First Prime. This attempt to gain a power base on Earth was thwarted by Captain Samantha Carter, Doctor Janet Fraiser, Teal'c (who, as a Jaffa, was immune) and a handful of capable female airmen and marines, who exterminated Hathor's infant larvae and destroyed her sarcophagus.

Sokar's symbol

SOKAR - Deceased

Sokar was a powerful Goa'uld System Lord, also well known for his cruel and sadistic nature. When the Goa'uld first arrived on Earth, he became the basis for various underworld demons, including the Biblical Satan. During that period, Sokar held an Unas host, though he eventually moved to a human one. For a time, Sokar was ruler of the Goa'uld, until an alliance consisting of several other System Lords, including Ra, Apophis, and Cronus, banded together to defeat Sokar.

He was believed destroyed, but somehow survived. He conquered the world of Delmak, making it his homeworld, and terraformed its moon into a hell like world, naming it Ne'tu. His underlord Bynarr ruled Ne'tu, travelling to Delmak by way of Rings to inform Sokar of the suffering of the damned.


In 1999, he made his presence known again among the System Lords, by making Apophis a prisoner on Netu, as well as engaging in a war with Heru'ur. Within a year, however, he was prepared to launch a massive attack against the System Lords, which would have put him in control of the Goa'uld Empire. Realizing how dangerous that would be, the Tok'ra destroyed Netu while Sokar attempted to put down a rebellion begun by Apophis when SG-1 arrived attempting to rescue Jacob Carter. Sokar was killed when his ship was caught in Netu's explosion, but Apophis escaped and took control of his forces.

Ra's symbol

RA - Deceased

Ra was the Goa'uld System Lord who personified the Egyptian sun god, and the first to discover the Tau'ri. His mate was Hathor, by whom he had a son, Heru'ur, and his brother was Apophis. His elite Jaffa were the Horus Guards. Because of his power, authority, and cunning, Ra was the most powerful of the System Lords.

Despite the animosity System Lords feel for each other, Ra was recognized as the Supreme System Lord of the Goa'uld Empire, a title which made him nominal Emperor of the Goa'uld. It was because of this, and his supposed murder of Egeria, that the Tok'ra took their name, which literally means "against Ra".

Ra was finally killed by Colonel Jack O'Neill and Doctor Daniel Jackson who ringed an enhanced nuclear warhead onboard his ship after the Abydonians rebelled and he was forced from the planet.


In the original timeline of Earth, the Tau'ri became aware of the truth behind the Goa'uld, learning that they were not in fact all-powerful gods but simply beings with advanced technology and so rose against their oppressors. Choosing the moment when the System Lords were at their most complacent— and indeed when Ra was overseeing his other territories— they overthrew their oppressors as well as the Jaffa guards, killing several on-planet Goa'uld and burying the Stargate.

While the loss of the Tau'ri was a great affront to Ra, his continuing battles with the Asgard demanded more of his attention and so, as he had several other breeding planets, he simply left Earth be. However, when SG-1 became trapped in 3,000 BC after traveling back in time to acquire a ZPM from Ra, they tried to aid the Egyptians in overthrowing Ra, but Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter and Teal'c were all executed and caused Ra to remove the Stargate when he fled the planet. However, a team comprising of an O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c from an alternative future arrived on the scene in 2,995 BC to make sure the gate was buried in Giza so it could be discovered in 1928 as it was in the original timeline.

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