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Tom Cruise as Captain John Anderton

A divorced and middle-aged man who is the Chief of the Department of PreCrime in Washington, D.C. The disappearance of his son devastated him, and provided the motivation for him to join the PreCrime unit. He is addicted to drugs, which he uses to cope with the pain from the loss of his son, but maintains a professional appearance while at work.

Max von Sydow as
Director Lamar Burgess

An elderly official in the Washington, D.C., PreCrime program and Anderton's superior. He begins the film as Cruise's mentor, but becomes the film's antagonist.

Colin Farrell as Danny Witwer

A cocky Department of Justice agent sent to observe and evaluate the PreCrime process. He spent three years in divinity school and carries a rosary. He chose his career path because his father, who was a policeman, was murdered when he was 15.

Samantha Morton as Agatha Lively

The lead precog, who has the most powerful psychic abilities of the three. Her mother, Anne Lively, was murdered. All the precogs are named after mystery writers: Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dashiell Hammett.

Neal McDonough as Gordon Fletcher

A PreCrime officer who works alongside Anderton.

Lois Smith as Dr. Iris Hineman

One of the pioneers of the PreCrime program, who has retired.

Kathryn Morris as Lara

Anderton's ex-wife and the mother of his lost son.

Peter Stormare as Eddie Solomon

A shady Swedish doctor who survives by performing illegal operations, and transplants new eyes into Anderton. He does this even though Anderton turned him in years earlier, in Baltimore, when he had been lighting his female plastic surgery patients on fire.

Solomon is jaded with his work. He has a black sense of humor; when his nurse assistant brings him Anderton's replacement eyes, Stormare utters a line not in the script: "She's already smitten. She only has eyes for you."

Tim Blake Nelson as Gideon

The warden who watches over prisoners forced into "halo sleep".

Daniel London as Wally the Caretaker

A PreCrime worker whose job is to protect and assist the precogs.

Steve Harris as Jad

Oversees the precogs and helps Anderton interpret their visions.

Arye Gross as Howard Marks

Patrick Kilpatrick as Knott

Another PreCrime officer who works alongside Anderton, Fletcher, and Jad.

Jessica Capshaw as Evanna

An advisor for PreCrime.

Mike Binder as Leo Crow

A man whom the precogs predict Anderton will kill. He agrees to a deal with Burgess where in exchange for assuming responsibility for the disappearance of Anderton's son Sean, and being murdered by Anderton, his family would receive a large, undisclosed sum of money.

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Minority Report - 2002

In Washington, D.C. in the year 2054, John Anderton (Tom Cruise) and his team of "Precrime" police officers are in the midst of locating a suspect who is about to commit a murder.

They are acting on data obtained from the "precogs," three mutated humans who can see into the future. The process involves Anderton's meticulous "scrubbing" of the images from the precogs' visions, looking for clues that reveal the location.

Only the names of the victim and perpetrator, and the time and date of the crime, are explicitly given. Anderton determines that the residential area of Sarah, the victim, and her husband Howard, the perpetrator, has a park with a merry-go-round.

Howard has discovered that his wife has been cheating on him and plans to murder them both with a large pair of scissors. Anderton and his team are dispatched to the area but still have not discerned the precise address. Anderton notices that Howard left the front door open when he returned to the house for his glasses.

The team rushes upstairs, stopping Howard's crime of passion just seconds before he commits it. Howard is arrested and "haloed" (a device placed around his head that renders him fully incapacitated), while his wife is counseled. As Anderton works, he is observed by Danny Witwer (Collin Farrell), an agent from the United States Department of Justice.

Witwer has been sent to evaluate the system because the country is about to vote on whether to expand the Precrime program nationally. After the suspect has been apprehended, the murder reappears on the displays. It is explained that the precogs sometimes think about a crime that has been stopped, and that these echo images are deleted from the system.

That evening, Anderton reminisces over home movies of his ex-wife Lara (Kathryn Morris) and the couple's missing six-year-old son, who disappeared several years before at a public swimming pool. We also see that Anderton is also addicted to an illegal inhaled hallucinogen called Neuroin.

The next morning, he and Witwer tour the chamber in which the precogs are kept semiconscious in a pool of fluid similar to amniotic fluid and are wired to the Precrime computer system. After Witwer has gone, the precog Agatha (Samantha Morton) snaps fully awake, and images of a woman being murdered play across the chambers video screens.

When Anderton investigates, he finds that the visions from the other two precogs, Arthur and Dashiell, are on record, but Agatha's is not.

The potential victim, a woman named Ann Lively, was reported as having gone missing shortly after her assailant was caught. Anderton reports his findings to Precrime Director Lamar Burgess (Max von Sydow), who suggests that he let the matter drop.

Upon returning to his office, Anderton is alerted to a new murder that is to take place in 36 hours, with himself as the perpetrator. He does not know the victim, Leo Crow, leading him to believe that he is being set up.

The caretaker of the precogs, Wally, sees the vision and gives John two minutes to leave the building before he hits the alarm. John escapes and is immediately chased by his own team and Witwer.

Having trained his team, he has an advantage and escapes them through an apartment building and an auto assembly plant, using a car that is constructed around him. He makes his way to the residence of Dr. Iris Hineman (Lois Smith), whose research laid the groundwork for the Precrime program.

Quite eccentric but still coherent, Hineman explains that the three precogs do not always agree on their visions of the future; when this happens, the one that deviates the most from the others typically is ignored. In order to establish his innocence, Anderton must determine whether this "minority report" exists and, if so, get it for himself.

Anderton is puzzled as to which of the precogs would generate a minority report and Hineman tells him its the "most talented" of the three: Agatha. Since everyone is subjected to iris scans wherever they go, Anderton undergoes an eye transplant at the hands of a shady doctor.

The doctor is actually one of John's past cases, whom he busted for performing questionable surgery, however, the doctor performs the procedure anyway, leaving John alone to recover.

While sleeping after the surgery, he dreams about the day his son vanished he was abducted from a swimming pool and awakens to find the Precrime team searching the building for him.

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