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Metropolis - 1927 | Story and Screenshots

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The lustful men in the audience watch in amazement - their lecherous, staring eyeballs seen in a montage.

The erotic dancer is portrayed as the one that the cathedral monk had spoken of, the lascivious whore of Babylon riding on a beast with seven heads. "For her - all seven deadly sins!"

The distraught Freder imagines, in an hallucination, that the Grim Reaper statue comes to life, playing a leg bone like a flute during her dance. In his vision, the Reaper swings his sharp scythe and cries out . . .

Grim Reaper: Death descends upon the city!


Partially recovered from his fever, and reading the Book of Revelations, Freder is interrupted by and reunited with Josaphat, who explains how he evaded the Master's spy, the Thin Man.

Josaphat: I put on this disguise to escape from the Thin Man. But for ten days, your father's spy has been making even the workers' city risky.

Josaphat relates to Freder more of the strange events after his collapse

Josaphat: On the evening you fell sick . . .

And the film returns to the scene at Yoshiwara's where the false Maria performs a sexy dance.

Josaphat: . . . once the best of friends...because of that woman...the other man...the same evening...The Eternal Gardens lie abandoned, but night after night in Yoshiwara.

The false Maria's dancing incites men, lured to her treachery and seductiveness at Yoshiwara's, to become mad, angry and aggressive toward each other. Freder cannot believe what he hears, that Maria is having a negative effect on the city: "And this woman, at whose feet all sins are heaped is also named Maria."

Freder: The same woman who those in the depths look up to as a saint?! . . . . . Many now go to the city of the dead, to a woman who has proven herself as true as gold...But the mediator must appear!

The Thin Man reports to Fredersen in his office.

Thin Man: Only their hope for a mediator is keeping the workers in check.

Fredersen: Whatever happens tonight, it is my express order to let the workers do as they will.

Meanwhile, Rotwang holds the real Maria captive, telling her about Fredersen's ultimate plan to stir up rebellion among the workers, to have them abandon their machines, and then quell the workers with brutal force: Joh Fredersen wants to let those in the depths use force and do wrong, so that he can claim the right to use force against them.

Rotwang: When you spoke to your poor brothers, you spoke of peace, Maria...Today, a mouthpiece of Joh Fredersen is inciting them to rebel against him.

Maria (devastated): She will destroy their belief in a mediator!

But then Rotwang informs her of his own double-cross.

Rotwang: But I have tricked Joh Fredersen! Your double does not obey his will only mine!

In the attic with Maria, Rotwang grows ever more intoxicated by his triumph over Fredersen

Rotwang: And I tricked Fredersen twice over! For I concealed from him that his son wants to be your brothers' mediator and loves you!

But Maria is not the only one listening to Rotwang. Outside the attic window, Joh Fredersen has been eavesdropping.

At the same time, on the altar in the catacombs, the false, fanatical and beserk robotic Maria preaches a new message of protest and violent revolt to entice and prod the working class to rebel.

False Maria: You know that I have always spoken of peace . . . but your mediator has not come. . . You have waited long enough! Your time has come! Who is the living food for the machines in Metropolis!? Who lubricates the machine joints with their own blood?! Who feeds the machines with their own flesh?! Let the machines starve, you fools! Let them die!! Kill them - the machines!!

Freder and Josaphat proceed down into the catacombs where they find the false Maria preaching dissension, and aghast, Freder cries out . . .

Freder: You are not Maria!!! YOU ARE NOT MARIA! Maria speaks of peace, not killing! This is not Maria!!

One of the workers recognizes Freder, and denounces him as the Master's son

Worker: Kill him, the dog, in his white silken fur!!!

With his bare fists, Freder bravely fights off an assault of the workers, resulting in one of them being accidentally stabbed.

Another worker shouts out for them to abandon the underground workers' city.

Worker: Get your women, your sons, from the workers' city! Let no one stay behind! Death to the machines!!!

After the workers march away en masse, as a ferocious, club-wielding mob, to destroy the machines in the Underground City, Josaphat and Freder attend to the wounded worker, who recognizes that Freder is truly "faithful after all" - before he expires.

Joh Fredersen breaks into Rotwang's attic. He battles with his old rival, overcoming him. Maria is free. She races to the city's town square where the workers and their families have assembled under the direction of the false Maria. She rallies them and urges them to follow her.

Maria: Women and men, let no one miss today! Death to the machines!!

She leads them to the elevators that take them to the machines. One woman declares there is total support for the worker revolution.

Woman: Not one man or woman remained behind!

Although the children have not been evacuated. After ripping through outer iron gates, the mob storms the M-Machine and rushes toward the Heart Machine, the power house of Metropolis. Grot closes the gate and tries to notify Fredersen. Using an advanced videophone-communications system, Joh Fredersen speaks with chief foreman Grot and learns of the impending crisis.

Fredersen: Open the gates!

Grot: If the Heart Machine is destroyed, the entire machine district will end up in ruins.

Finally, Grot obeys Joh Fredersen's order and opens the gates.

The workers race to the Heart Machine, and confront Grot who stands alone to defend the machine.

Grot: Have you gone mad?? If the Heart Machine is destroyed, the entire workers' city will be flooded!!

But his warnings are ignored and he is overwhelmed. The false Maria causes the Heart Machine to overheat and short-circuit until it crumbles, causing the pumps to stop turning which then produces a cataclysmic flood (as she escapes). After running from Rotwang's home, the real Maria comes upon the workers' city where she witnesses the failure of the machines. Water ruptures through the street and begins to flood the Underground City - the workers' quarters.

She sounds the alarm in the transit, town-square area of the city with the giant gong and gathers some of the worker children together there to rescue them from the rising waters. The children clamor for high ground with arms outstretched, to be evacuated to safety.

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