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The Matrix Reloaded - 2003 | Complete Story and Screenshots

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Back in the real world Morpheus is just coming out of the Matrix.

LINK: We got a serious situation, sir.


He sees Trinity connected. Trinity is still battling Agent Jackson and pulls out her guns, he ducks behind the wall. Before she fires, Agent Thompson appears at her side, gun in hand and fires, but misses. Trinity jumps through the window and falls, Agent Jackson resumes his chase and leaps out the window, close behind Trinity.

At the same time, Neo zips through the building as an expanding wall of fire trails him. He shoots out of the building like a bullet.

MORPHEUS: What was that?

LINK: Whatever it is, it's moving faster than anything I've ever seen.

Neo darts through the cityscape so fast, cars are hurled and demolished along with shattered building glass, in the wake of his trail. But he's too late. Agent Jackson shoots Trinity as predicted in Neo's nightmares. Neo, flying faster than ever, catches her before she hits the ground. The agent instead hits the car, crushing it a second before Neo's wake of destruction sweeps the car away.

LINK: Holy shit, he caught her!

Neo lands on a rooftop with her and lays her down. She appears fatally wounded.

TRINITY: Neo, I had to.

NEO: I know. The bullet is still inside.

Neo reaches into her body by manipulating the code of the Matrix. Morpheus tends to her body in the real world.

MORPHEUS: Trinity, don't you quit on me now.

Neo removes the bullet . . .

TRINITY: I'm sorry.

Her heart stops and she closes her eyes. Morpheus hangs his head in grief. But Neo refuses to accept her death.

NEO: Trinity. . .Trinity. I know you can hear me. I'm not letting go. I can't. I love you too damn much.

Reaching through the code of the Matrix, he compresses her heart and restarts it. Morpheus is shocked to see the monitor showing her vital signs reviving. She awakens with a start and they kiss passionately. Link is in a complete stupor . . .

LINK: I can't take this.

TRINITY (whispers): I guess this makes us even.

Later in the ship . . .

MORPHEUS: I don't understand it. Everything was done as it was supposed to be done. Once The One reaches the Source, the war should be over.

NEO: In twenty four hours, it will be.


NEO: If we don't do something in twenty four hours, Zion will be destroyed.

LINK: What?

TRINITY: How do you know that?

NEO: I was told it would happen.

MORPHEUS: By whom?

NEO: It doesn't matter. I believed him.

MORPHEUS: That's impossible, the prophecy tells us . . .

NEO: It was a lie, Morpheus. The prophecy was a lie. The One was never meant to end anything. It was all another system of control.

MORPHEUS: I don't believe that.

NEO: But you said it yourself - how can the prophecy be true if the war isn't over? I'm sorry. I know it isn't easy to hear, but I swear to you it's the truth.

TRINITY: What are we gonna do?

NEO: I don't know.

But before they can contemplate this complexity, their proximity alert sounds. Outside the ship, we see a Sentinal preparing a missile strike.

LINK: Oh no.

They have gathered at a monitor showing Sentinels in hologram form.

NEO: What are they doing?

TRINITY: They're just out of EMP range.

NEO: It's a bomb. We have to get out of here. Now.

They flee from the ship. Keeping its distance, the sentinel they detected spins itself rapidly and releases a tow bomb that collides with the Neb. From a safe distance the crew see the Nebuchadnezzar blown apart by the powerful weapon.

MORPHEUS (heartbroken): I have dreamed a dream, but now that dream has gone from me.

The Sentinels pursue them immediately and our heroes run for their lives.

LINK: Here they come. Let's go, Morpheus.

NEO: We won't make it.

TRINITY: We have to try. . . . Come on!

NEO (suddenly stops): Something's different.


NEO: I can feel them.

As the Sentinels descend on them, Neo stops them in mid-air, as if he were emitting an EMP. As soon as all the Sentinels are down he collapses.


MORPHEUS: What happened?

TRINITY: I don't know.

Just then another ship comes to their rescue.

LINK: It's the Hammer.

Aboard, Neo is lying unconscious in sickbay. Trinity and a Med Tech, Maggie (), is at his side.

MAGGIE: He's in some kind of coma, but his vitals are stable. What about you?

TRINITY: I'm fine.

MAGGIE: You could use some rest.

TRINITY: No, I'm gonna stay with him.

In the conference room, Zion crew members including Roland, AK, and Colt, tell Morpheus and Link about the counterattack on the digging machines.

ROLAND: Lock was right. He guessed that the machines would cut off the mainlines in and out of Zion. He thought a counterattck might suprise them. It sounded good, we figured we had a shot, until someone screwed it up.

COLT: An EMP was triggered before we could get in position.

MAUSER: Five ships were instantly downed.

COLT: When the machines broke through, it wasn't a battle, it was a slaughter.

LINK: Was it an accident, some sort of malfunction?

AK: No one knows.

ROLAND: Someone does.


ROLAND: Once the machines were done with us, they started digging again. We made a quick pass to look for survivors.

LINK: You found one?

ROLAND: Only one.

The sole survivor now lies unconscious in the sickbay of the Hammer with Neo. It is Bane/Smith.


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