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The Matrix Reloaded - 2003 | Complete Story and Screenshots

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Morpheus, though held down by the Twin, fires at him, but Johnson dodges the bullets with lightning speed. Trinity hits the brakes so that the Agent is flung off. Morpheus continues to struggle with the Twin and eventually gets hold of a sword which he thrusts through his seat, forcing the twin to let go of his solid self and get left behind. He is immediately picked up by his brother.

TWIN 1: We are getting aggravated.

TWIN 2: Yes, we are.

Agent Jackson has caught up with our heroes and fires away as well hitting them with his car. They manage to lose him though, by leaving the freeway in a way that causes the Agent to crash into the railing. They are now on a bridge over the freeway and come to a full stop.

MORPHEUS: Trinity, get him out of here!

TRINITY (shouts to the Keymaker): Come on!

They jump off the bridge onto a truck below carrying a load of motorcycles. Morpheus stays behind to handle the Twins.

TWIN: Crush him.

Morpheus dodges to the side just as they try to run him down. As they pass, he drives the sword through the car, also slashing the tire. The Twin loses control of the vehicle and it flips on its side. Morpheus turns and shoots the gas tank.

The vehicle explodes, sending the Twins screaming high in the air in spectral form. Trinity sees the explosion from the distance . . .

TRINITY: Morpheus.

LINK: He's okay, keep moving.

TRINITY (to Keymaker): Let's go.

Trinity and the Keymaker rush up to a motorcycle at the very front of the truck bed. She phones Link . . .

TRINITY: I need a download to hotwire a motorcycle.

LINK: Not a problem, one crash course in motorcycle . . .

The Keymaker selects a key from his array of keys and hands it to Trinity.

TRINITY: Wait. Cancel that. (to Keymaker) You are handy. Jump on.

Trinity and the Keymaker mount the motorcycle and leap off the truck. She zigzags through traffic and takes the freeway shoulder to pass a semi-truck. However, an Agent takes over the body of the semi-truck driver and tries to crush the motorcycle against the freeway wall. Trinity slams on the brakes in time and does a U-turn, speeding the opposite way.

Within moments, now police cars are on her tail. She steers back onto the freeway and is zigzagging through oncoming traffic. Another police car catches up on the other side of the freeway divider and the cops instantly turn into agents, this time it's Jackson and Thompson, who begin shooting at them. She now has the agents and the other police cars on her tail while trying to dodge oncoming traffic at great speed.

Meanwhile, Morpheus had leaped onto a truck bed and that semi is heading straight for Trinity. Morpheus sees her and drives his sword into the side of the truck to use it as a step to lower himself to their level. As she passes the truck, Morpheus straddles his legs to another truck next to him and grabs the Keymaker, swinging him up in the air and onto the truck bed. Trinity ducks into an exit ramp, but the Agents do not follow.

JACKSON: She means nothing.

THOMPSON: Find the exile.

JACKSON: We have them.

POLICE RADIO: One Adam Twelve, please respond.

Agent Johnson is waiting on an overpass above. As the semi approaches, Johnson leaps onto the truck bed roof.

MORPHEUS (to Keymaker): Get down.

A great battle commences between the Agent and Morpheus. The formidable Agent is the superior opponent, but the legendary Morpheus manages to hold his own . . . just barely. Morpheus gains a slight advantage when he retrieves his sword and manages to draw Agent blood. However, Morpheus is eventually knocked off the truck. With impeccable timing, Niobe has raced up right behind the semi. As he falls, he lands on the hood of Niobe's car, saving him . . .

NIOBE: Gotcha.

LINK: She's good.

The Agent approaches the Keymaker.

JOHNSON: You are no longer necessary.

KEYMAKER: We do only what we're meant to do.

JOHNSON: Then you're meant for only one more thing. Deletion.

Morpheus signals Niobe to move to the front of the truck.

NIOBE: Go kick his ass.

Just as Johnson is about to terminate the Exile, Morpheus leaps from Niobe's car onto the truck, driving his feet into the back of the Agent. Johnson is sent flying off the truck onto a car behind the truck, crashing into the windshield. This only prompts the Agent to relocate to the driver's seat of the same semi-truck, and rear ends Niobe's car, forcing her to leave.

Without speaking words, Agent Jackson has gained control of another semi further up ahead and informs Agent Johnson. Jackson spins the wheel of the semi and heads against oncoming traffic, demolishing vehicles along the way as he aims for Johnson's truck for a head-on collision. Morpheus sees what the Agents are planning to do . . .

MORPHEUS (prays to himself): Neo, if you're out there, I could use some help.

LINK (wonders about something on the screen): What is that?

The trucks collide with great force, crushing both cabs. Morpheus and the Keymaker are propelled forward as the wreckage is enveloped in a mammoth explosion of flames and black smoke. Neo comes flying through the air, grabbing Morpheus and the Keymaker in the nick of time.


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