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The Matrix Reloaded - 2003 | Complete Story and Screenshots

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This causes the connection between the restaurant and castle to break and when Neo re-opens the door, he sees nothing but mountains. He therefore runs the way the Keymaker went.

Meanwhile, the Keymaker connects the door at the end of a hallway to a parking lot.

TRINITY: Where are you going?

KEYMAKER: Another way. Always another way. . . Close it, quick.

But Trinity fails to close the door before one of the Twins gets an arm between the door and the door frame. Morpheus holds the door shut while Trinity blasts the Twin's arm with multiple rounds from her gun.

TWIN 1 (to Twin 2): Could we move along?

The other twin glides through the door in spectral form, prompting Trinity to fight him, but she loses and the Twin holds a straight razor to her throat.

TWIN 2 (to Morpheus): Step away from the door.

Morpheus has no choice but to let the other Twin through.

TWIN 2 (looking at Twin 1's shot-up arm): We owe you for that.

TWIN 1 (dematerializes and solidifies with his arm restored): Just like new.

TWIN 2 (to Morpheus): Drop your weapon.

With lightning speed, Morpheus instead whips out his pistol and fires multiple rounds, forcing the Twin to go spectral and releasing Trinity. In the meantime, the Keymaker acquires a car.

MORPHEUS: Stay with him.

TRINITY: What about Neo?

MORPHEUS: He can handle himself.

Trinity runs over to the car, finding the Keymaker in the driver's seat. . . .

TRINITY (to the Keymaker: Get in the back.

She gets in the driver's seat while Morpheus holds the Twins at bay. Trinity pulls the car up to Morpheus, he jumps in the car and they flee. As they drive away one of the twins closes the door in Neo's face. Neo crashes through the door anyway, but is again in the mountains.

NEO: Shit.

He pulls out his cellphone to call Link.

LINK: Operator.

NEO: Link, where am I?

LINK: You're not going to believe this, but you're all the way up in the mountains.

Neo looks around at the wall of mountains. . .

NEO (sarcastically): Really?

LINK: Yeah, it's gonna take me a while to get up an exit. Oh shit.

NEO: What?

LINK: Those Twin things are after Morpheus and Trinity, and I don't have a way to get them out.

NEO: Where are they?

LINK: Middle of the City, five hundred miles due south.

In the city, Morpheus and Trinity launch out of the building trying to shake off the Twins. Morpheus calls Link for help . . .

LINK: Operator.

MORPHEUS: Get us out of here, Link.

LINK: That won't be easy, sir.

MORPHEUS: I know. We're inside the core network.

LINK: Yes sir. The only exit I got near you is the Winslow Overpass.

MORPHEUS: Off the freeway?

LINK: Yes, sir.

MORPHEUS: Fine, we'll make it.

LINK: Sir, I think I should say... oh shit, look out behind you!

The pursuing Twins who have acquired a vehicle of their own, RAM Trinity's car from behind. A Twin pops out the sunroof and begins firing.

LINK: Incoming fire!


Morpheus and Trinity duck low into their seats as their car is riddled with bullets.

TRINITY: Hold on!

Trinity zigzags through traffic to avoid hitting other traffic, but the Twins just plow through demolishing other vehicles with sadistically pleased satisfaction.

LINK: Oh no, this is getting real ugly real fast.

MORPHEUS: Are you watching this, Link?

By now, a load of police cars are on their tail.

LINK: Yes sir, there's an all-points on you. Eight units headed your way.

MORPHEUS: Any suggestions?

LINK: Turn right.

MORPHEUS: Right, now!

LINK: Now straight here, go through the next branch, you'll hit a connecting tunnel to the 101.


LINK: Sir, are you sure about this? The freeway, I mean. It's dangerous, in 14 years of operating, I've never seen . . .

MORPHEUS: Link, what did I tell you?

LINK: Yes sir, I do, sir, Winslow Overpass, I'll be ready for you.

MORPHEUS: Good man.

TRINITY: You always told me to stay off the freeway.

MORPHEUS: Yes, that's true.

TRINITY: You said it was suicide.

MORPHEUS (loads his Glock 18): Then let us hope that I was wrong.

Elsewhere in the Matrix, Niobe calls Link.

LINK: Operator.

NIOBE: Link, it's Niobe. We've been sent to bring you in. I need to talk to Morpheus.

LINK: Believe me, Niobe, he needs you.

NIOBE: Where is he?

LINK: Just follow the sirens.

We see two cops in a police unit chasing the three runaways.

COP: Repeat. They're approaching . . .

Suddenly they morph into Agents Jackson and Johnson.

THOMPSON: We have them now.

JOHNSON: The exile is the primary target.

On the freeway, the Twins are now in front of Morpheus and company, and soon run out of ammo. The agents are now hot on their tail.

POLICE RADIO: Shots fired.


The Twin not driving takes spectral form and lands himself in the backseat of Trinity's car, next to the Keymaker. Morpheus tries to fight him off, to little avail. Then the two Agents show up; Agent Johnson leaps onto the hood of one car, then over to Trinity's car, and rips off the roof.

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