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The Matrix Reloaded - 2003 | Complete Story and Screenshots

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It's morning, Ballard knocks on a door in Zion and Trinity opens.

TRINITY: Ballard.

BALLARD: Is Neo here?

Trinity opens the door further and Neo appears.

BALLARD: Neo. It's from the Oracle.

NEO: It's time to go.

The team prepares to leave. Zee and Link are having departing words.

LINK: Morpheus said this is how it's gonna happen. I don't know. Maybe the prophecy is true, maybe it's not. All I know, is that ship needs an operator. Right now that operator's me.

ZEE: I know.

Zee hands him her lucky necklace.

LINK: Zee...

ZEE: I want you to wear it.

LINK: You know I don't believe in this stuff.

ZEE: But I do. It's always brought me luck. Maybe it'll bring me you.

LINK: I'm coming back. I promise. No matter what it takes, I'm coming home.

ZEE: Just keep it with you, please? For me.

LINK: Okay.

As the party go to their ship, Bane/Smith sits in the nook of the tunnel, cutting his hand with a knife. When the quartet pass him, he sneaks up behind them, knife in hand. He is discovered though when Kid comes running.

KID: Neo!

Bane/Smith hides the knife behind his back.

LINK: Who the hell? Bane?

NEO: Is something wrong?

BANE/SMITH: No, I'm fine. I just wanted to catch you to say good luck.

NEO: Thanks.

BANE/SMITH: We'll see you.

KID: Neo! Just in time. You're gonna see the Oracle, aren't you?

MORPHEUS: We don't have time.

KID: I'm sorry, sir, I just have to give something to Neo. A gift from one of the orphans. He made me swear to get it to you before you left. He said you'd understand.

NEO: Thanks.

It's a metal spoon.

Lock storms into at Counselor Hamann's office, outraged. . .

LOCK: I was just told you cleared the Nebuchadnezzar for takeoff.

HAMANN: That is correct.

LOCK: Councillor, am I still in charge of our defense system?

HAMANN: Of course.

LOCK: I believe I need every ship we have if we're going to survive this attack!

HAMANN: I understand that, Commander.

LOCK: Then why did you allow the Nebuchadnezzer to leave?!

HAMANN: Because I believe our survival depends on more than how many ships we have.

Neo enters the Matrix near the designated address, which is in Chinatown.

TRINITY: Be careful.

He enters a small room from the street and at the back of the room sits an Asian man in corresponding clothes, meditating. To Neo, who sees everything in coding, the stranger radiates a golden light.

NEO: Hello.

SERAPH: You seek the Oracle.

NEO: Who are you?

SERAPH: I am Seraph. I can take you to her. But first I must apologize.

NEO: Aplogize for what?

SERAPH: For this . . .

Seraph (Collin Chou) attacks. After some kicking, punching and blocking, Seraph is satisfied.

SERAPH: Good. The Oracle has many enemies, I had to be sure.

NEO: Of what?

SERAPH: That you are The One.

NEO (smiles): You could have just asked,

SERAPH: No. You do not truly know someone until you fight them. Come, she's waiting.

He then pulls out a key that he turns in the key hole and opens the door. It no longer leads to the streets of Chinatown, but to a white hallway lined with green doors.

LINK (wonders in the real world): Where'd the hell they go?

NEO: These are back doors, aren't they. Programmer access.

Seraph confirms.

NEO: How do they work?

SERAPH: The code is hidden in tumblers. One position opens a lock. Another position opens one of these doors.

NEO: Are you a programmer?

Seraph shakes his head no.

NEO: Then what are you?

SERAPH (pauses, then faces Neo): I protect that which matters most.

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