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The Matrix Reloaded - 2003 | Complete Story and Screenshots

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A teenage boy known as Kid (Clayton Watson), comes running enthusiastically towards them.

KID: Neo!

NEO (discreetly): Oh no.

TRINITY (asks in a hushed voice): How does he always know?

NEO: Doesn't he have anything better to do?

TRINITY: You know what they say about the life you save...

NEO: I didn't save his life.

Kid, now right in front of them, welcomes them home.

KID: Hiya, Neo! Trinity, Link. It's great to have you back!

NEO: Thanks. It's good to be back.

KID: Can I carry that for you, Neo?

NEO: No, I can carry my own bag.

KID: Trinity?

TRINITY: I'm fine.

LINK: You can carry these.

KID: Yeah sure, Link.

As they all walk towards the elevators, Kid starts a sales pitch they have obviously heard too many times before.

KID: Hey, you know, next year I'm old enough to join a crew. I've been thinking a lot about it and I've made my decision.

LINK: Let me guess.

KID: I want to join the Nebuchadnezzar. I know Morpheus hasn't filled the other crew positions except for you, Link. I'm sure he has his reasons, but the more I think about it, the more I think it's meant to be. You know, it's fate. I mean, you're the reason I'm here, Neo.

NEO: I told you, Kid, you found me, I didn't find you.

KID: I know, but you got me out! You saved me!

NEO: You saved yourself.

Lock's office: Lock (Harry Lennix) is waiting for Morpheus to arrive.

LOCK: Morpheus.

MORPHEUS: Commander Lock.

LOCK: I've spoken to the other captains, and I wanted to offer you the chance to explain your actions.

MORPHEUS: I wasn't aware that my actions required any explanation.

LOCK: You were given a direct order to return to Zion.


LOCK: But you asked for one ship to remain behind.

MORPHEUS: I would have stayed, but I needed to recharge my ship.

LOCK: So you admit to a direct contravention of your duty.

MORPHEUS: Commander, we need a presence inside the Matrix to await contact from the Oracle.

LOCK: I don't want to hear that shit! I don't care about Oracles or prophecies or Messiahs. I care about one thing: stopping that army from destroying this city, and to do that I need soldiers to obey my orders.

MORPHEUS: With all due respect, Commander, there is only one way to save our city.

LOCK: How?


LOCK: Goddammit, Morpheus. Not everyone believes what you believe.

MORPHEUS: My beliefs do not require them to.

KID: There's a Gathering tonight. Everyone's talking, a lot of people are scared. No one can remember the last time so many ships were docked. Something's happening, isn't it? Something big?

LINK: Hey, we're not allowed to say anything, so stop asking.

Link pauses to look over the infrastructure of Zion.

LINK: Goddamn, it's good to be home.

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