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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - 2015 | Story and Screenshots

This story presentation includes some dialogue

As they continue driving through the night, the rig once again gets stuck in a big mud hole. The Bullet Farmer is not far behind them in his war vehicle (known as Ripsaw) and begins firing in the direction of the War Rig.

Ripsaw Imperator: Wouldn't want to shoot the Wives, sir.

The Bullet Farmer: Just probing.

Max is surprised to find Nux in the War Rig driver's seat and managed to move it a few feet. As Max holds a gun to Nux, Capable pleads to them that Nux wants to help them.

Nux: There's high ground, just beyond that thing.

Capable: He means the tree.

Nux: Yeah, tree!

The Dag: Say, anyone notice that bright light? Encroaching gunfire?

Max fires the rifle at the Bullet Farmer, but misses twice. With only one bullet left, Furiosa takes the weapon and rests it on Max's shoulder to aim.

Furiosa: Don't breath.

Furiosa gets a clean shot, taking out the Bullet Farmer's searchlight as shards of glass pelt The Bullet Farmer's face.

The Bullet Farmer: Hold up a flare!

Red Flare Warrior: I am holding a flare!

The Bullet Farmer: [opens his eyes wide] Closer!

Red Flare Warrior: It's right in front of your eyes!

Realizing he is blind, the Farmer screams.

With his eyes now bandaged, the Bullet Farmer continues to blast away at the war rig with his two sub-machine guns.

The Bullet Farmer: I am the scales of justice; conductor of the choir of death. Sing, Brother Koch! Sing, brother! Sing! SING!

Bullets are raining down on the War Rig crew while they duck for cover. A moment they later, they are now being hammered with artillery fire. Max struggles to secure the wench chain to the tree, but finally gets it hooked with Nux's help. Nux is able to drive the War Rig out of the mud hole. He gets it onto solid ground but the engines are now overheated. Max goes out to face the Bullet Farmer himself.

Max: Hey - you need to take the War Rig half a click down the track.

Furiosa: What if you're not back by the time the engines are cooled?

Max: Well, you keep movin'.

He heads off towards the Bullet Farmer's gunfire.

Toast: What do you suppose he's gonna do?

Furiosa: Retaliate first. . . . Let's go!

Moments later, as they cool down the engine with water, they see a large explosion in the dense fog. Max returns with blood on his face, a supply of guns, ammo, and a new steering wheel for the War Rig.

Toast: Are you hurt?

Max: Huh?

Toast: You're bleeding.

Furiosa: That's not his blood.

Max approaches a bucket hanging from the trailer to wash off his face and sees it's not water.

Max: What is this?

Dag: It's Mother's Milk.

Sometime later, as Max drives on, they come across a muddy swamp with creepy characters walking about on stilts. In the morning, Furiosa now driving, tells Max of the Green Place and how she was taken from it as a child.

Max: Have you done this before?

Furiosa: Many times.

Later they see reflection from an object in the far distance. Furiosa sees it is a tower through her binoculars.

Furiosa: I remember something like that.

They approach the tower where a naked woman, the Valkyrie, is screaming for help.

Max: Uh-oh. That's bait.

Furiosa: Stay in the rig.

Furiosa steps out and tells the Valkyrie her mother's name and her affiliation with this clan. The Valkyrie climbs down the tower and puts on a robe. More older women, the Vuvalini, emerge. The eldest, Keeper of the Seeds, recognizes Furiosa. Furiosa tells them that she is taking the women from the Citadel to the Green Place.

Furiosa: I can't wait for them to see it.

But the Vuvalini inform her that the muddy swamp they passed through was the Green Place, and has long since become uninhabitable.

Furiosa walks into the sand and falls on her knees, screaming in despair. Later that evening, Nux and a few of the women are watching the stars while Keeper of the Seeds chats with Dag.

The Dag: [to her belly] Stay right where you are, little Joe. Kind of lost his novelty out here.

Keeper of the Seeds: You're having a baby?

The Dag: Warlord, Jr... It's gonna be so ugly.

Keeper of the Seeds: It could be a girl.

Dag watches the old woman prepare her rifle.

The Dag: You kill people with that, do you?

Keeper of the Seeds: Killed everyone I've ever met out here. Headshots all of them. Snap. Right in the medulla.

The Dag: I thought somehow you girls were above all that.

Keeper of the Seeds: Come here. Take a peek.

The Dag: Seeds.

Keeper of the Seeds: These are from home. Heirlooms. The real thing. I plant one every chance I get.

The Dag: Where?

Keeper of the Seeds: So far nothing's took. Earth's too sour.

The Dag: Ah, so many different kinds.

Keeper of the Seeds: Trees, flowers, fruit. Back then, everyone had their fill. Back then, there was no need to snap anybody.

The Vuvalini agree to help the women from the Citadel ride across the salt flats (the dried up ocean) in search of a home. Furiosa approaches Max and explains their plan to begin their trek on motorcycles, abandoning the war rig. She invites Max to join them.

Max: I'll make my own way. . . .. You know, hope is a mistake. If you can't fix what's broken, you'll go insane.

After the women ride off, Max experiences another haunting vision of Glory the Child.

Glory the Child: You promised to help us!

So he decides to help the women and rides after them to explain his alternate plan. They brake to a stop and Max shows Furiosa a map.

Max: [points to the Citadel] All right. This is your way home.

Furiosa: We go back?

Max: Mmm.

Toast: Back?

Max: Yeah.

The Dag: I thought you weren't insane anymore.

The Vuvalini: What's there to find at the Citadel?

Max: Green.

Toast: And water. There's a ridiculous amount of clear water. And a lot of crops.

The Dag: It's got everything you need, as long as you're not afraid of heights.

Keeper of the Seeds: Where does the water come from?

Toast: He pumps it up from deep within the earth. He calls it "Aqua Cola" and claims it all for himself.

The Dag: And because he owns it, he owns all of us.

Keeper of the Seeds: I don't like him already.

The Valkyrie: It'll take two weeks to skirt the wall of mountains.

Max: No. I suggest we go back the same way we came. Through the canyon.

Toast: It's open. We know that. Right? He brought all his war parties through.

Max: So we take the War Rig and charge it right through the middle of them. We can decouple the tanker at the pass, shut it off behind us.

Keeper of the Seeds: Kaboom!

Furiosa: And how exactly do we take the Citadel, assuming we're still alive by then?

Toast: If we can block the pass, it'll be easy. All that's left are his War Pups, and War Boys too sick to fight.

Capable: And we'll be with Nux. He's a War Boy. He'll be bringing us home, bringing back what's stolen, like he's meant to.

Everyone turns to look at Nux.

Nux: Yeah. . . Feels like hope.

Keeper of the Seeds: I like this plan. We could start again, just like the old days!

Max: Look, it'll be a hard day.

Max points to the horizon.

Max: But I guarantee you that a hundred and sixty days ride that way . . . there's nothing but salt. . . [points back] At least that way we might be able to . . . together . . . come across some kind of redemption.

He holds out his hand. After a pause, Furiosa takes it and clasps tight. The whole group rides back in the direction of the Citadel.

A War Boy alerts Joe that he sees them with his telescope.

Rictus: Do they wish to surrender?

Joe realizes their plan, gathers his army, and gives chase. In the cab, Toast notices Dag is chanting.

Toast: What are you doing?

The Dag: Praying.

Toast: To who?

The Dag: Anyone who's listening.

As Joe's war parties close in, Max notices his Interceptor car being driven by Slit. However, it's been modified into an off-road bare metal version now called the Razor Cola.

Max: That's mine!

The Vuvalini: One man, one bullet.

The Valkyrie shoots at the War Boys while defending one of her own until she is run over by The People Eater. Toast is captured by a War Boy and is now held captive in Joe's car. Max is fighting warriors on the hood of the War Rig and almost falls to the ground, but Furiosa manages to grab him by the ankle with her metal arm. Furiosa is stabbed by a warrior just before Nux finally gets the engine repaired, allowing her to accelerate.

Slit in his car, the Razor Cola, comes up along the side of the War Rig about to smash into the dangling Max, but Furiosa forces Slit into the People Eater's rig, destroying him and the Razor Cola. Max leaps onto The People Eater's rig, takes out a couple warriors, and manages to commandeer the car after knocking out the People Eater. Furiosa kills some of the War Boys, while Max gets Joe to kill the People Eater by using him as a human shield.

Max manages to escape The People Eater's rig just before it is engulfed in a large explosion. Keeper of the Seeds is also killed when one of the War Boys cuts her neck.

Furiosa leaps onto Joe's car and begins fighting with a War Boy. Toast distracts Joe long enough to give Furiosa an opportunity to hook Joe's mask.

Furiosa: [growls] Remember me?

She throws Joe's mask hose into the rear wheels of his vehicle, tearing off his lower face and killing him instantly.

Cheedo: [to the group] He's dead! He's dead!

The War Rig then heads toward the canyon, with Rictus still trying to kill the group.

The women get off safely while Nux says goodbye to Capable.

Nux: Witness me.

Nux swerves against the canyon, sacrificing himself to kill Rictus and collapse the overpass to put an end to Joe's war party. On the way back to the Citadel, Furiosa's lungs nearly collapse.

Max: I am so sorry.

Max punches a small hole in her side to give her air. She starts to lose consciousness, and Max gives her a transfusion of his own blood.

Max: Max. My name is Max. That's my name.

The group arrives at the Citadel. Max presents the people with Joe's mouthless corpse, making everyone cheer. They rip Joe's corpse apart and feed off him. The water supply is brought out, giving the people as much water as they need. Furiosa rises and apparently becomes the new leader. She and Max acknowledge each other with respect once more before he slips away into the crowd to continue down his own path.

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