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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - 2015 | Story and Screenshots

This story presentation includes some dialogue

The War Boys ride after Furiosa's war rig. Nux has strapped Max to the hood of his car like the figurehead on a ship and eagerly chases Furiosa alongside the others. Max notices that one of the War Boys has claimed his car (known as the Interceptor).

Max: How much more can they take from me? They've got my blood. Now it's my car!

Nux: Immortan! Immortan Joe!

Immortan Joe turns and looks in Nux's direction.

Nux: He looked at me. He looked right at me.

Slit: He looked at your blood bag.

Nux: He turned his head. He looked me straight in the eye.

Slit: He was scanning the horizon.

Nux: No, I am awaited. I am awaited in Valhalla!


The War Boys send up colored-smoke flares to signal Furiosa's caravan that they are approaching.

War Boy: Hey! Heads up!

However, before the War Boys catch up with her, another tribe called the Buzzards attack Furiosa's caravan.

The Ace: Should we turn it 'round and run 'em into our backup?

Furiosa: No. We're good. We fang it!

She blows the War Rig's air horn.

The Ace: Thunder up! Here we go!

The Ace and the War Boys who had joined Furiosa as bodyguards, are unaware of her betrayal and mount a defense against the Buzzards (they speak Russian dialect). They manage to destroy a couple of Buzzard vehicles, but not without their own losses.

War Boy: WAR!

Shortly after, Nux and his riding partner, Slit, catch up and they begin an assault on the Buzzards first to eliminate them from the conflict. Slit hurls a grenade-spear at the Buzzard vehicle, zinging within inches of Max's head.

Max: That's my head!

A War Boy known as Morsov, is exchanging fire with the Buzzards from his turret when he gets impaled by two cross-bow arrows. Spraying his mouth with chrome paint, he grabs two grenade-spears to make the ultimate sacrifice.

War Boy: Morsov!


War Boys: WITNESS!

Morsov leaps from his turret onto the Buzzard vehicle, blowing up himself and his opponent.

Slit: Mediocre, Morsov! Mediocre!

All Buzzard vehicles have been destroyed leaving just one left - but it's their 'boss' vehicle, a huge truck with giant spikes, a massive circular blade, and a shovel crane.

Slit: Back me in!

Nux guns his vehicle forward ahead, and flips the car in reverse allowing a 'grenade-spear' assault which destroys the monster Buzzard truck.

Slit: And now we bring home the booty!

Ace and the other bodyguards look puzzled when they see Joe's posse gaining on them and Ace questions Furiosa.

The Ace: Why don't you stop?

As Max attempts to break free, Nux gets close to the rig so he can shoot her.

Seeing this, Ace realizes she is a traitor and turn against her. With his hand on her throat, Furiosa immediately responds by shooting Ace point blank. The War Boy vehicles are now attacking the truck, but Furiosa shakes them off, causing Nux to have a blowout.

Furiosa drives toward a huge oncoming sand storm. Nux continues to chase her, even as they head into treacherous sand tornadoes. Joe and his posse are not far behind.

Rictus: [to Immortan Joe] She thinks she can lose us, Dad! She thinks we're stupid! She thinks she can lose us in there!

Slit: Fang it! Fang it!

Nux instructs Slit to unchain Max to use him as a counterweight to offset the flat tire.

Slit: [throttling Max with a chain] Hey head! Say bye-bye to the neck! To capitol!

Nux: We're going in, Slit!

Once free, Max attacks Slit, who is now barely hanging onto the rear of the vehicle. Max kicks him a couple times until Slit falls off, taking Max's shoe with him.

At that moment, they plunge into the wall of the sandstorm. Nux is protected inside, but Max is pelted with a wave of sand. Through the storm, Nux manages to spot Furiosa and heads for her.

The last remaining War Boy vehicle is closing in on Furiosa.

War Boy: Come on! We almost got her!

Just as they pull up to the War Rig's side, Furiosa rams them and the storm finishes them off.

Nux: Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!

Nux releases his fuel inside the cab, his plan is to sacrifice himself, along with Max, turning his vehicle into a bomb and crashing it into Furiosa.

Nux: I am the man . . . who grabs the sun . . . RIDING TO VALHALLA!

He turns to Max.


Nux sprays his mouth with chrome spray paint.


Nux chains himself to the car door and guns the vehicle in front of Furiosa and ignites a flare.

Nux: I live, I die. I LIVE AGAIN!

Realizing his plan, Max manages to stop him from igniting the fuel.

Nux slams on the brakes, which Furiousa rams into them with her large front grill. Nux's vehicle is knocked into the air, demolishing it as it flips and rolls a few times with Max still chained to it.

Max awakens to find himself still chained to an unconscious Nux (also chained to the car door).

Max grabs a shotgun and tries to shoot off Nux's wrist, but the gun misfires.

Sometime later, Max approaches Furiosa's rig where the women have taken a rest break. His solution of being chained to Nux and the car door is hauling them with him.

He walks around the rig to see five beautiful women -- the Splendid Angharad, Toast the Knowing, Capable, Cheedo the Fragile, and the Dag.

They are cleaning themselves with a hose and removing their chastity belts with bolt cutters. Angharad is eight to nine months pregnant with Joe's child, and Dag is also carrying his baby. They finally notice Max when he drops Nux to the ground.

Splendid: We're not going back.

Max points the shotgun at the women and points to the hose.

Max: Water.

He drinks, then signals them to use the cutters to break off his chain.

Max: [to Dag] You.

Dag tries to but cannot break it.

Behind Max, they see in the distance that Joe's caravan is rapidly approaching.

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