Titanic and the Making of James Cameron: The Inside Story of the 3-Year Adventure That Rewrote Motion Picture History

The first film to gross over $1 billion worldwide, winner of eleven Academy Awards (for Best Picture, Director, Cinematography, Film Editing, Art Direction, Costume Design, Original Dramatic Score, Original Song, Visual Effects, Sound, and Sound Effects Editing).

Titanic has been the subject of continuous media coverage, but not until now has the whole story behind the movie been told in such fascinating, behind-the-scenes detail - including excerpts from Cameron's journals - that you feel you are there, reliving the three-year adventure with the extraordinary filmmaker and his co-creators.

The Directors - James Cameron DVD

Before setting his sights on a motion picture career, James Cameron studied physics and worked as a machinist and a truck driver. Today, he is one of the most successful directors in Hollywood.

His blockbuster films include The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, True Lies and Titanic, the largest grossing motion picture of all time.

Actors who discuss Cameron's career include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo Decaprio, Michael Biehn, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bill Paxton and more.

Film clips from Cameron motion pictures are also included. Features Weblink, Filmography, Interactive Menus, and Scene Access.

Cast & Crew: Robert J. Emery - Director/Producer/Writer, Milt Felsen - Executive Producer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Paxton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Biehn.

Technical Info: DVD, Aspect Ratio 1.33:1, Hi-fi Stereo, Running Time: 58 minutes, Number of Discs: 1.

Lost Tomb of Jesus-James Cameron Presents

In 1980, a bulldozer accidentally uncovered a first-century tomb in Jerusalem.

Of the ten ossuaries, or stone coffins, found inside, six bore inscriptions: Jesus son of Joseph, Maria, Mariamene (the name by which Mary Magdalene was known), Joseph, Matthew, and Judah son of Jesus. Dismissed by archaeologists as coincidence, the ossuaries were warehoused and forgotten.

Twenty-five years later, filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and his team took a fresh look at this astounding cluster of New Testament names.

Granted unparalleled access, they went in search of the ossuaries...and the lost tomb...What they found may well be the most controversial archaeological discovery of all time.

Features The Lost Tomb Of Jesus Epilogue Featuring James Cameron & Simcha Jacobovici, English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Extensive Additional Expert Interviews, Film Trailer, Interactive Menus, Widescreen, Photo Gallery, and Scene Selection.

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