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Trivia - Computer Effects

- Director Steven Spielberg was worried that computer graphics meant Nintendo type cartoon quality. He originally only wanted the herd of gallimimus dinosaurs to be computer-generated, but upon seeing ILM's demo animation of a T-rex chasing a herd of galamides across his ranch, he decided to shoot nearly all the dinosaur scenes using this method.

The animation was first plotted on an Amiga Toaster, and rendered for the film by Silicon Graphics' Indigo workstations.

- Many errors were corrected digitally: some stunt people were made to look like the actors, and in one scene an entire Ford Explorer was digitally generated.

- To study the movement of the Gallimimus herd, the film's digital artists were ordered to run along a stretch of road with some obstacles, their hands next to their chest. Generally speaking, any shot of a full dinosaur was computer-generated, but shots of parts of dinosaurs were of animatronics.

- At one point Lex is hanging from a floorboard between stories. She looks up for a moment. The stunt double looked up accidentally while filming and Ariana Richards' face had to be superimposed in post production.

Trivia - Practical Effects

- Steven Spielberg considered hiring Bob Gurr to do the full size dinosaurs because he was impressed with his apes in the "Kongfrontation" ride at Universal Studios.

- There were two animatronic Tyrannosaurus built for filming. One was the full-body version, the other only consisted of a head and was used for closeups.

- The T-rex occasionally malfunctioned, due to the rain. Producer Kathleen Kennedy recalls, "The T. rex went into the heebie-jeebies sometimes. Scared the crap out of us. We'd be, like, eating lunch, and all of a sudden a T-rex would come alive. At first we didn't know what was happening, and then we realized it was the rain. You'd hear people start screaming."

- There were so many wires and rigging to control the velociraptor animatrons in the kitchen stalking scene that the child actors had to literally step over and around them while the scene was being filmed.

The kitchen set was greatly expanded from the original design to accommodate the velociraptors. Some reports say that all of the dinosaurs in the kitchen scene were computer-generated.

- The glass of water sitting on the dash of the Ford Explorer was made to ripple using a guitar string that was attached to the underside of the dash beneath the glass.

- A baby triceratops was built for a scene where one of the kids rides it. Special effects technicians worked on this effect for a year but the scene was cut at the last minute as Steven Spielberg thought it would ruin the pacing of the film.

- The full-sized animatron of the tyrannosaurus rex weighed about 13,000 to 15,000 pounds. During the shooting of the initial T-rex attack scene that took place in a downpour and was shot on a soundstage, the latex that covered the T-rex puppet absorbed great amounts of water, making it much heavier and harder to control.

Technicians worked throughout the night with blow driers trying to dry the latex out. Eventually, they suspended a platform above the T-rex, out of camera range, to keep the water off it during filming.

- Phil Tippett became quite depressed when he learned that none of the stop-motion creatures he had been developing would be used in the film. However, shortly after that decision had been made, ILM animators discovered they did actually have a use for him.

While none of his stop-motion models would be seen in the film, his techniques were determined to be quite useful in animating the computer-generated dinosaurs, especially given how much research he had put into animal movement.

Rather than creating the dinosaur motion using key-frame animation, it was decided to build a stop-motion armature for each computer generated dinosaur and manipulate it as they would for a stop-motion film.
These armatures were specially built with motion-sensors, and linked up to the animated dinosaurs being created on the computer. Thus, the motion of the stop-motion armature was directly translated into the computer-generated version that appears in the final film.

- When the T-Rex comes through the glass roof of the Explorer in the first attack, the glass was not meant to break, producing the noticeably genuine screams from the children.

Trivia - Sound

- The first film to use DTS (now Datasat) digital surround sound. The blip sound on the Silicon Graphics computers and the blip on the Apple Macintosh Quadra 700 is a blip sound from a Motorola-brand cell phone.

- The Tyrannosaurus' roars were a combination of dog, penguin, tiger, alligator, and elephant sounds.The sounds made by the Brachiosaurs were a combination of whale and donkey sounds. For the part where the T-Rex catches a Galliminus and shakes it in his mouth, the sound was taken from a dog shaking a toy in its mouth.

- The sounds made by the Dilophosaurus were a combination of the sounds of howler monkeys, hawks, rattlesnakes, and swans. The main cry of the Velicoraptors was a combination of the sounds of elephant seal pups, dolphins and walruses.

The elephant seal sounds were recorded at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA, a marine mammal hospital that rehabilitates and releases sick and injured seals and sea lions.

- According to Foley Artist Dennie Thorpe, the sounds of the hatching baby dinosaurs were created by a combination of crushing ice cream cones (egg shell breaking), squishing cantaloupe melon halves (embryonic emergence), goo-smeared pineapple skin (baby dinosaur flesh cleansing).

Trivia - Box Office

- The film opened on Friday, June 11, 1993, and broke box office records its first weekend, with $47 million. It eventually went on to make more than $900 million worldwide. David Koepp remembers the day it opened: "I was in New York and I walked to the Ziegfeld Theatre to see how it was doing.

The guy comes out and announces to the big line, 'Ladies and gentlemen, the 7 o'clock show of Jurassic Park is sold out.' And people go, 'Oooh.' And he goes, 'Also the 10 o'clock show is sold out.' And they went, 'Ooooooh.' 'And also Saturday night's 7 and 10 o'clock shows are also sold out.' And I was like, 'I'm not an expert, but I think this is very good.'"

- The highest-grossing film of 1993; it outdid Steven Spielberg's own E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) as the then biggest success in film history. It would hold that record until Titanic (1997), and then James Cameron would also outperform himself with the release of Avatar (2009).

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Jurassic Park - 1993 | Story and Screenshots

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Malcolm: Boy, do I hate being right all the time!

Grant and Malcolm sit trembling in the front seat, watching as the giant legs stride past their windows.

Grant: Keep absolutely still. Its vision is based on movement.

In the front car, Lex is rummaging around in the back cargo area, looking for something, anything. She finds a flashlight.

Malcolm and Grant freeze as the rex bends down and peers right in through the window. The T-rex then bumps the car with its snout, rocking it. The front car lights up from within as Lex switches on the flashlight. The dinosaur raises its head. It turns slowly from the second car to the first car, drawn by the light. Making a decision, it strides over to the first vehicle. Fast. Tim screams at Lex to turn the light off.

The rex strides around to the side of the car and peers down, from high above. Tim leaps into the front seat and pulls the driver's door shut. Both kids are terrified, breathing hard, unable to speak. The T-rex turns, bending over to look in at them through the window. The rex bends down and looks in through the side window.

Lex is eye to eye with the thing for a second, then the dinosaur raises its head up, above the car. The kids look up, through the sunroof, as the head goes higher, and higher, and then the rex turns, looks straight down at them through the sunroof, opens its mouth wide and - - ROARS. The T-rex then bumps the car with its snout, rocking it. The kids scream, Tim climbs over the seat and joins Lex, shouting at her to turn off the flashlight.

Lex: I'm sorry!

They both struggle to turn off the flashlight, and then the tyrannosaur strikes. SMASH! The thing's head plows through the plastic sunroof, knocking the whole frame right out of the roof of the car and down into the vehicle. The bubble falls down onto Tim and Lex, trapping them, and the animal lunges down, through the hole, snapping at them.

Broken, but the Plexiglas holds, and protects Tim and Lex even as it pins them to the seats. The T-rex continues to push down, Tim, whose feet were caught above him, pushes back, only an inch of glass between him and the dinosaur's teeth.

In the rear car, Grant and Malcolm watch in horror as the dinosaur pushes, starting to tip the car over. In the front car, the glass windows shatter, the Kids are thrown to the side, and the Explorer tilts. The rex bends down and nudges the car with its head, rolling it up on its side. Tim and Lex tumble around as the car is now upside down. The rex towers over the car.

Like a dog, its puts one foot on the chassis and tears a the undercarriage with its jaws. Biting at anything it can get a hold of, and bites into a tire. Tim and Lex are trapped inside the rapidly flattening car. As the frame continues to buckle, they crawl toward the open rear window, the car collapsing behind them. Mud and rain water pout into what little space there is left.

Grant looks around, climbs over the seat. He tears apart the back area, searching - and finally finds a metal case. He opens it, finding flares. He grabs one and moves quickly back to the driver's seat and opens the door. Malcolm grabs a flare, too. Grant gets out of his car. He's holding the flare in one hand, which he pulls the top off of. Bright flames shoot out the end of it.

Grant: Hey!

The T-rex turns and looks at him.

Grant waves the flare slowly in front of him from side to side. The T-rex follows his moving arm, eyes locked on the flare.

Grant looks over to the wall, and tosses the flare over the edge of the barrier. The rex lunges after it.

Unclear with Grant's plan, Malcolm leaps out of the car and tries to scare up the T-rex's attention with his own newly lit flare. He begins to wave it at the animal.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Grant: Ian, freeze!

Malcolm: Get the kids!

The T-rex sees the flare, roars at Malcolm, and runs after him.

Grant: Get rid of the flare!

Malcolm takes off, running for his life down the road. He throws the flare into the woods, the rex watches it, but continues to stalk Malcolm.

Malcolm runs to the outhouse Gennaro went into earlier. The T-rex whirls and takes off after Malcolm, fast. Malcolm runs as fast as he can, approaching the outside just steps ahead of the T-rex. But not far enough ahead. Without even slowing down, the rex leans forward and flicks Malcolm into the air with its snout.

It's just a nudge for the rex, but it sends Malcolm sailing right through a wooden portion of the wall, and into the building. In the restroom, Gennaro, who cowers in a stall, screams as the head of the T-rex explodes through the front of the building, sending chunks of wall flying in all directions inside. The roof collapses; Gennaro tries to protect himself from the falling junk.

Nothing is left of the outhouse while Malcolm lies unconscious underneath the rubble. The only thing left is the toilet and Gennaro - - face to face with the rex. The rex quickly lunges forward and clamps down on Gennaro's body with his massive jaws. Yanking him upwards, he thrashed Gennaro's limp body back and forth.

Grant scrambles over to the car. He lays on the ground, looking inside, and sees Lex staring up at him, conscious, her face covered in mud. Grant reaches in and drags Lex out, but Tim's feet are stuck by the crushed seat. Grant tries to find Tim. Lex, staring over his shoulder, screams. Grant whirls, covering her mouth at the same time.

Grant: Don't move! He can't see us if we don't move.

BOOM! A big T-rex foot print smacks down in front of them as the dinosaurs approaches the car again. It leans down, right past them, and sniffs the car Not finding anything, the dinosaur swings its head away, snorting loudly through its nose. Grant's hat flies off his head. Still, he doesn't move. The rex walks to the side of the car. WHAP! The car spins as it is pushed from behind by the rex. Grant and Lex are pushed in front of it, helpless.

They scramble around on their knees, trying to keep ahead of the car, which the rex is now pushing even closer to the edge of the barrier. Grant and Lex crawl quickly, but the car is moving faster, catching up on them. The T-rex starts to nudge the Explorer toward the barrier.

Over the barrier, there is a gentle terraced area at one side where the rex emerged from, but the car isn't next to that, it's next to a sharp precipice, representing a fifty or sixty foot drop. The T-rex looms over Lex and Grant, who are trapped between the car and the sixty foot drop. Inside the car, the rex bends down and sees Tim.

Lex: Timmy!

Grant: Tim!

Tim backs away, furiously, but there's almost no room to move in there. The T-rex still tries to get to Grant and Lex, pushing the car, spinning on its roof. Grant and Lex scramble, trying to avoid being caught by the T-rex and crushed by the car. The back of the car almost crushes them against the barrier.

They move, as the rex continues to move the car towards the edge. Grant finally gets on the wall, Lex follows. The T-rex roars in frustration. It bends down for one final lunge at the car. Grant sees it coming. He grabs one of the dangling fence cables on the other side of the barrier. She wraps her arm around his neck.

He scrambles to the edge of the barrier, and starts to climb down. The cable is slick with rain, and it's all Grant can do to hang on as he and Lex slide rapidly down. Above them, the vehicle is now teetering over the edge, threatening to drop right on top of them if they didn't hurry. Grant gasps, as Lex has unwittingly started to choke him as she holds on for dear life.

Grant: Lex, Lex you're choking me!

The car groans, nearly over the edge now. Grant looks to the side. There are other cables, out of the line of the car's impending drop. His feet scrambling along the concrete wall, Grant tries to swing over towards one. But he falls short.

Grant: Grab the wire! Grab the wire!

His momentum carries them back the other way, but on the second swing Lex manages to grab hold of the second cable. The car falls. Lex and Grant are clear by inches, clinging to the second cable. The car crunches into the leafy top of a tree, resting on its roof some fifteen feet below them. The T-rex stares down at them, but they are safely out of its reach. It roars once more, in a final fit of frustration.

In the Control Room, Arnold hovers over Nedry's computer terminal, which is a mass of incomprehensible commands that scroll by quickly as he futilely examines each one of them. He points to his computer screen, to a specific series of commands. The others crowed over his shoulder and stare at the screen. He explains that Nedry's coding cannot be traced, they would have to search two million lines of code.

Hammond: Robert, I wonder if perhaps you would be good enough to take a gas jeep, and bring back my grandchildren.

Muldoon: Sure.

Ellie: I'm going with him.

They head for the door. Hammond turns, staring out the windows at the front of the control room. He's gone pale, and he's sweating, wrapped up in million thoughts. Behind him, Ray Arnold's voice calls to him, but he doesn't hear it. Hammond turns, finally hears Arnold.

Arnold: John? John? I can't get Jurassic Park back online without Dennis Nedry.

As the rain continues to pour down, a gas-powered jeep roars down another park road. Nedry drives the jeep as fast as he can in the treacherous conditions. He mutters to himself, shaking his head.

Nedry: I should have been there by now. My God!

He hauls it around a corner and looks to the side. When he looks back up, his eyes go wide. There's a white wood guard rail fence, right in front of him. He stands on the brakes as hard as he can. The jeep fishtails, skidding out of control in the mud towards the fence. Nedry hauls the wheel hard to the side to try to control the skid, but the jeep skids off the road, going halfway over the muddied embankment.

Nedry: Damn!

He drops the car in reverse and hits the gas. The wheels spin, sending mud flying everywhere, but the jeep goes nowhere, just digs in further. Nedry can't believe it. Frustrated, he gets out of the jeep. He stops suddenly - he can see another park road, down the sloping embankment, about twenty feet below. There is a large sign alongside the road. Nedry leans forward excitedly to get a better look. It reads "TO EAST DOCK."

Nedry: There's the road!

He scrambles to the front of the jeep. On the hillside, Nedry cranks a winch on the front end of the jeep. He loses his balance and slips - falling back on his rear. He slides down the embankment, across the road below. Pissed, he gets to his knees and searches for his glasses.

Nedry: My glasses...

He stands up.

Nedry: I can afford more glasses!

He grabs the winch, and goes to a sturdy-looking tree on the other side. Nedry walks into a tree branch.

Nedry: Oh, Jesus Christ!

From the distance, there is a soft hooting sound.

Nedry: Hello?

There's some movement in the bushes - Nedry looks around for the source of the sound and movement. He doesn't find it. He nervously checks his watch and goes back to the winch, but faster. The hooting comes again and Nedry turns - again, nothing.

A figure ducks around the tree and pops out on the other side, hooting playfully. Nedry looks around one side of the tree - nothing. It pops up on the other side, hooting again. And Nedry looks again. Nothing. It seems like a friendly game of hide-and-seek. But Nedry begins to get rattled.

Nedry: Yeah, yeah that's nice. Gotta' go!

He secures the winch and starts across the road, back up the embankment. He freezes, as he feels something behind him.

He turns around slowly and sees: A dilophosaur. It stands only about four feet high, its spotted like an owl, and has a brilliant colored crest that flanks its head. It doesn't look very dangerous. In fact, it's kind of cute. The dilophosaur just stares at Nedry, tilting its head curiously.

Nedry: Hello, nice boy. Uh, nice boy. Nice dinosaur. I thought you were one of your big brothers, you're not so bad. You're not so bad. What do you want? What do you want? You want food? Look at me. I just fell down a hill. I'm soaking wet. I don't have any food. I have no food on me. I have nothing on me. Go on.

Nedry looks around on the ground and finds a stick. He picks it up and chucks it at the thing. He throws it as far as he can as a game of fetch. The dilophosaur gets into the spirit of the game, but not the object. He shakes his head and starts back towards the jeep, muttering to himself.

Nedry: Ah, no wonder you're extinct. I'm gonna run you over when I come back down!

He's near the top when the dilophosaur is suddenly right behind him. The animals hisses. The brightly colored fan around its neck flares wildly. It rears its head back and spits. SPLAT! A big glob of something wet smacks into the middle of Nedry's chest.

He reaches down and touches the goo that's dribbling down his slicker. A look of confusion crosses his face. He lifts his right hand, the one that he touched the spit with, and looks at it strangely, flexing it. He gets to his feet, angry. POW! This time the lugie hits Nedry right smack in the face. He screams and rubs it away, frantically. Because it hurts. Like hell. Nedry falls back, clawing at this eyes, in excruciating pain.

He pulls his hands away, starting to hyperventilate. He staggers forward, to try to get into the jeep. He gets the door open, but smacks his head on the door frame and collapses. Nedry loses his balance and falls back, right on his rear. The can of shaving cream flies out of Nedry's jacket pocket - - and tumbles into runoff water, down the muddy hillside. Nedry gets to his feet again and staggers to the jeep.

He reaches the open door and feels his way in. He slams the door. From inside the jeep, Nedry turns and the dilophosaur is right there, in the passengers seat. It hisses louder than before, its crest fans angrily, vibrating, reaching a crescendo - - and the thing pounces, slamming Nedry back against the driver's window. As Nedry shrieks - - Rain and mud wash over the shaving cream can, burying it.

The rain has all stopped now. Grant and Lex are at the bottom of the large barrier leading up to the park road. Like it or not, they're in the park now, and are surrounded by think jungle foliage on all sides. They're both beaten up, and Grant's face is covered in blood.

He's bent over a big puddle, splashing water on his face, rinsing the blood off and trying to bring himself to. Poor Lex is scared as hell. She stands behind Grant, ramrod straight, her breath coming short, desperate gasps. Her eyes are wide, and she doesn't look like she can move. As Grant gets rid of the blood, his injury doesn't look so bad, just a gash on his forehead.

He turns and looks up to the tree the Explorer fell in. It's stuck there, nose down in the thickest top branches. Lex's gasps are getting louder. She's terrified. He touches her, but it's awfully awkward, more of a pat on the head than anything strong or reassured. But she responds to the contact, hurling herself forward and throwing her arms tightly around his waist.

She holds on for dear life, sobbing. Lex bursts out crying again, a wailing scream, nearly hysterical now. Grant holds her, no idea what to do. He turns and looks around. He hears a cracking sound. He looks up to the tree again. the Explorer has fallen a few feet lower into the branches. Grant looks down at Lex, who is sitting on a rock.

Lex: He left us! He left us!

Grant: But that's not what I'm gonna do.

Grant walks to the tree. Lex scampers into the culvert. Grant takes a deep breath. grabs hold of the first branch, and starts his long climb. Fortunately, it's a good climbing tree, its branches thick and regularly spaced. Grant moves at a good pace. He reaches the car's level, on the driver's side five or six feet to one side of it.

The car's in rough shape. It's much thinner that it use to be, its nose completely smashed in, the front wheels driven solidly into a thick branch. They are what hold it in place. Grant comes up to the car and looks in. Tim is huddled on the floor on the passenger side, frightened, hugging his knees to his chest. He looks up at Grant with a tear and blood-streaked faced.

Tim [barely audible]: I threw up.

Grant: Oh, well that's OK. Give me your hand.

Tim refuses to move from the car.

Grant: Tim, I won't tell anyone you threw up, just give me your hand.

He reaches out for Tim's hand. Tim reaches too, but they're still about a foot apart. Grant grabs hold of the steering wheel, to pull himself further in. The wheel turns. On the branch, the front wheel turns, losing a bit of their grip on the thick branch they're resting on. Tim and Grant grab hands.

Grant holds on to him, getting an arm securely around his waist. They climb down. They stop on a branch.

Grant: Its just like climbing down from a treehouse. Did your Dad ever build you a treehouse?

Tim: No.

The car groans forward on the branch, which sags in their direction. They look up. The car begins to shift dramatically towards them.

Grant: Oh, no! GO, Tim, go! Go!

They climb down, as fast as they can, as the big branch that is supporting the car creaks, ready to give way any second.

Grant: Faster! Faster!

The branch breaks. Disintegrates, really, and the car falls straight at them. Grant and Tim let go of the branch they're on and fall, thudding into another branch a few feet down. The car smacks into the bug branch they just vacated, and stops there. Grant and Tim are half climbing, half falling down the tree now, slipping on the resin-covered branches, just trying like hell to get out of the way.

The second branch breaks, and now the car smashes and crashes through a network of thinner branches, headed right for them. It hits open space and goes into free fall. Grant turns, and puts up his arms in defense - and the car stops, slamming into a thick branch just above him. Grant looks up, eyeball to eyeball with the front grill.

The new branch starts to creak. Grant and Tim basically fall down the rest of the tree, the car bashing its way through right behind them. They jump the last six or seven feet and hit the ground, hard. Grant grabs Tim and rolls with him, to the side, just as the car smashes into the earth, nose first, standing upright that way.

They look up in relief, but the damn thing's still heading for them, now tipping over, falling straight at them, and there's no way they have time to get out of the way this time, so Grant just balls himself up on top of Tim to try to protect him and - crash! The jeep falls on top of them. Grant, amazingly unhurt, looks up confused. They're inside the jeep again, saved by the sunroof hole.

Tim: Well... we're back... in the car again.

Grant: Well, at least you're out of the tree.

Sattler and Muldoon arrive in a jeep at the site of the T-Rex attack. The jeep skids to a stop and they jump out. The road is rutted, muddy mess. The block house is a pile of rubble. One of the Explorers is gone, the other stands untouched, both doors hanging open.

She runs to the Explorer. Muldoon follows, looking around. Ellie leans in and looks around. Nobody's there. She and Muldoon walk towards the wreckage of the outhouse. They hear the T-Rex's roar in the distance.

Ellie: I think it's ahead of us.

Muldoon: Well, it could be anywhere. With the fences down he can wander in and out of any paddock he likes.

They hear a moaning sound from somewhere in the wreckage of the restroom building. They rush over to it. Malcolm lies on his back, semiconscious among the twisted wood and cement. Muldoon shines his light along the length of Malcolm's body. His shirt is soaked with blood, but his leg is even worse off. Malcolm groans as she touches him, groggy.

Malcolm: Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend.

Ellie: Should we chance moving him?

The T-rex roars again. But closer now.

Malcolm: Please, chance it.

Muldoon lays Malcolm as carefully as possible in the back of the jeep. Ellie and Muldoon look for the others. They find the remains of Gennarro.

Muldoon: I think this was Gennaro.

Ellie [about 15 feet away]: I think this was too.

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