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Summer, Camp Crystal Lake, 1958, nighttime. Counselors and campers are singing "Tom Dooley." A mysterious person enters the Fox Cabin, walking through it past sleeping campers. A book about casting is lying on a table.

Back at the campfire, the song has changed to "The River of Jordan," and two campers sneak off together. The rest continue, singing "Tom Dooley." It's a full moon as the counselors enter a cabin.

CLAUDETTE: Somebody'll see...

BARRY (turns on lights): Please...

CLAUDETTE: Does Mary Anne kiss as good as I do?

BARRY: How would I know?

CLAUDETTE: Oh, you... You said I was special.

They continue into the cabin, upstairs, they prepare a blanket on the floor, sitting down

BARRY: I meant everything.

They resume kissing. Someone gets up from a lying position at the foot of the stairs and walks up them. The counselors continue to giggle and mock-protest. The boards of the stairs creak.

CLAUDETTE: Somebody's there.

They dress frantically.

BARRY (looking at person): Uh, we weren't doing anything; we were just fooling a-

He clutches his stomach as he's stabbed.

CLAUDETTE (screams): Please, don't! No!

She screams as she's stabbed.

Present, morning. Annie walks over a bridge into town, passing a Delicatessen. A clock chimes seven times. She stops at a gas station with Crystal Lake written on the tanks; she talks to a dog lying there.

ANNIE: Hi, girl, excuse me, hi boy! Hey, do you speak english? How far is it to Camp Crystal Lake? That far, huh? Okey dokey, see ya later.

RADIO ANNOUNCEMENT: ...KLL1 on Friday the 13th of June... this is Big Dave and it's time for you lazy bones to get out of bed... it's black cat day in Crystal Lake...

Later, Annie enters a diner with a Waitress, Janitor, Truck Driver, Female Customer, and a Male Customer.

TRUDY (Waitress): I must've seen that Kojack 82 times...

ANNIE: Excuse me, uh, how far is Crystal Lake from here?

TRUDY: What is it, Enus, 'bout 20 miles?

TRUCK DRIVER: 'Bout that.

FEMALE CUSTOMER (reading paper): Camp Blood... they're opening up that place again?

TRUCK DRIVER: Lots o' luck.

ANNIE: Can I get a bus or something?


TRUDY: You goin' out to the crossroads, Enus (truck driver nods), what about a lift? It'll be halfway.

TRUCK DRIVER: No sweat, Trudy, (getting up) okay, kid, let's move it.

ANNIE: Name's Annie.

TRUCK DRIVER: Alright Annie, let's go.

They exit onto the street, passing an old bicycle.

TRUCK DRIVER: Are all the girls up there gonna look as good as you?

ANNIE: Oh, I don't know...

CRAZY RALPH (appearing from nowhere): Going to Camp Blood, ain't ya?

TRUCK DRIVER: Goddamn it, Ralph! Get outa here, go on, get! Leave people alone!

CRAZY RALPH: You'll never come back again!

TRUCK DRIVER: Oh shut up, Ralph!

CRAZY RALPH: It's got a death curse!

TRUCK DRIVER (after they pass): He's a real Prophet of Doom, ain't he? Come on, climb up, miss.

He helps her into his red truck. Ralph rides his bike away, and the truck gets moving.

TRUCK DRIVER: I tell ya, he's causing problems enough for your boss with all that talk... goddamn nuisance.

They drive over a bridge, through a residential area.

TRUCK DRIVER: He tell ya anything?

ANNIE: Oh, I'll be cooking for fifty kids and ten staff. The campers will mostly be like inner city children.

TRUCK DRIVER: I mean about what happened.

ANNIE: No. (the truck driver shakes his head) Come on, there's something you're not telling me.

TRUCK DRIVER: Quit. Quit now.

ANNIE: Quit? Why would I wanna quit?

TRUCK DRIVER: Camp Crystal Lake is jinxed.

ANNIE: Oh, terrific. Not you, too. You sound like your crazy friend back there, Ralph.

TRUCK DRIVER: Did Christy ever tell you 'bout the two kids murdered in fifty-eight? Boy drowning in fifty-seven? Buncha fires. Nobody knows who did any of 'em. In 1962, they was gonna open up... the water was bad. Christy'll end up just like his folks, crazy and broke. He's been up there a year fixin' up that place. He musta dropped twenty-five thousand dollars and for what? Ask anybody, quit.

ANNIE: I can't.

TRUCK DRIVER: Dumb kids. Know-it-alls. Just like my niece, heads full a rocks.

ANNIE: You're an American Original.

TRUCK DRIVER (mocking): I'm an American Original. Dumb kid.

ANNIE: At least I'm not afraid of ghosts.

They stop at a cemetery and road junction, Annie is let out

TRUCK DRIVER: Take care of yourself, kid.

ANNIE: No sweat, thanks a lot for the lift!

Bright red pickup truck headed down the road. Three teens, Jack, Marcie, and Ned are inside. Ned drives while Jack and Marcie playfully jibe and fondle one another.

NED: Hey, no, Marcie, you really think there'll be other gorgeous women at Camp Crystal Lake besides yourself?

MARCIE: Is sex all you ever think about?

NED: Hey, no, no, absolutely not.


NED: Sometimes I just think about kissing women.

They pass through wooden arches reading Camp Crystal Lake and past the sign, "Camp Crystal Lake, est. 1935." There's also a colorful false totem pole beside it. They drive up the dirt road to Steve Christy chopping wood with an axe. They all hop out.

STEVE: Hey, ya wanna give me a hand over here?

JACK and NED: Sure.

STEVE: Alice! We wanna get this tree stump out. Get on this side; he pulls on that side, and I'm flack. On three, okay? Alice!

ALICE: Coming!

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Friday the 13th Script Written by Victor Miller, Transcribed by Matthew Head











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