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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a 2003 American adventure fantasy film based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney theme parks. It was directed by Gore Verbinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

The story follows blacksmith Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) as they rescue the kidnapped Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) from the cursed crew of the Black Pearl, captained by Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush).

Jay Wolpert developed a script based on the theme park ride in 2001, and Stuart Beattie rewrote it in early 2002. Around that time, producer Jerry Bruckheimer became involved in the project; he had Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio work on the script, adding the supernatural curse to the storyline.

Filming took place from October 2002 to March 2003 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and on sets constructed around Los Angeles, California.

The world premiere was held at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, on June 28, 2003. The Curse of the Black Pearl was an unexpected success, with positive reviews and grossing over $654 million worldwide.

The film became the first in a series, with two back-to-back sequels, Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, released in 2006 and 2007. The latest in the series, On Stranger Tides, was released in 2011. The original film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Depp.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl Original Soundtrack

Original score composed by Klaus Badelt. Verbinski managed the score with Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer, who headed 15 composers to finish the score quickly.

Alan Silvestri, who had collaborated with Verbinski on Mouse Hunt and The Mexican, was set to compose the score, but Bruckheimer decided to go with Zimmer's team, frequent collaborators of Bruckheimer's productions, Silvestri left the production before recording any material.

Film composer Klaus Badelt gained recognition in his native Germany for scoring dozens of films and commercials. This is another of his collaborations with Hans Zimmer.

An adventure movie in the grand old style, albeit a modern one featuring the quirky talents of Johnny Depp, the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean seems tailor-made for a good old-fashioned orchestral film score.

Fortunately, that's just what composer Klaus Badelt gives it. You'll find no pop-group promotional tie-ins here, just plenty of evocative mood music that captures the drama and panoramic vistas of this summer blockbuster.

Track List

1. Fog Bound 2:16
2. The Medallion Calls 1:52
3. The Black Pearl 2:16
4. Will And Elizabeth 2:08
5. Swords Crossed 3:15
6. Walk The Plank 1:58
7. Barbossa Is Hungry 4:06
8. Blood Ritual 3:32
9. Moonlight Serenade 2:08
10. To The Pirates' Cave! 3:30
11. Skull And Crossbones 3:23
12. Bootstrap's Bootstraps 2:38
13. Underwater March 4:12
14. One Last Shot 4:46
15. He's A Pirate 1:30


Online Storyboard & Screenshots

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A gray, impenetrable wall of fog. From somewhere comes the faint sound of a little girl's voice, singing, slow tempo, almost under her breath.

Suddenly a massive ship emerges from the grey, the Winged Victory maidenhead looming. It's a British dreadnought, the H.M.S. Dauntless. Formidable, frightening, twenty-five gun ports on a side, and rail guns to boot.

Elizabeth Swann, strawberry blond hair, stands at the bow railing, gazing at the seas, still singing 'A Pirate's Life For Me.'

Joshamee Gibbs, who was born old, skin a dark leather, clutches her shoulder, startling her. Elizabeth stares wide-eyed at him. He warns her cursed pirates sail these waters and she could call them down on the crew.

Norrington, a dashing young man, Royal Navy to the core, glares sternly at Gibbs letting him know that's enough. Standing besides him is Governer Weatherby Swann, a man of obvious high station, brass buttons on his thick red jacket. He is Elizabeth's father.

Weatherby and his twelve-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, sail to Port Royal, Jamaica. After being dismissed by Norrington, Gibbs returns to his deck-swabbing duties, surreptitiously takes a quick swig from flask, grumbling it's bad luck to have a woman on board, even a mini'ture one.

Elizabeth thinks it would be rather exciting to meet a pirate. Norrington explains they are vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. And he intends to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag, or wears a pirates brand, gets what he deserves: a short drop and a sudden stop.

Elizabeth doesn't know what 'a short drop and a sudden stop' means. Gibbs helpfully mimes: a man being hung. Weatherby lectures his daughter about her disturbing fascination with pirates. Chastised, she turns away, to look out over the bow rail.

The fog still hems in the ship; very little of the sea is visible . . . but suddenly, a figure comes into view. A young boy, Will Turner, floating on his back in the otherwise empty water. There is nothing to show where he came from, or how he came to be there. Norrington and Swann spot him. Quick movement and activity on the deck. Sailors use a boathook to snag the boy as he passes. Norrington and Swann haul him aboard, and lay him on the deck. Elizabeth sidles in for a closer look.

Attention is turned away from the boy. The sea is no longer empty. Wreckage from a ship litters the water... along with the bodies of its crew. What is left of the ship's hull burns, a ragged British flag hanging limply from the stern. The H.M.S. Dauntless slips silently through it all. The scene calls for hushed voices.

They lift the boy. Swann pulls Elizabeth away from the rail, away from the hideous scene in the water. Weatherby put Elizabeth in charge of watching over the boy. Elizabeth nods gravely. Swann hurries away to help unstow the longboat. The sailors lay the boy gently on the poop deck, behind the wheel, then hurry off.

Elizabeth kneels down besides the boy. His good looks are not lost on her. She reaches out, gently brushes the blond hair from his eyes. Suddenly, he grabs her wrist, awake now. Elizabeth is startled, but their eyes lock. She takes his hand in hers. He clutches her hands, then slips back into unconsciousness. His movement has opened the collar of his shirt; Elizabeth sees he wears a chain around his neck.

Elizabeth tugs it free, revealing A gold medallion. One side is blank. She turns it over, A skull gazes up at her. Vaguely Aztec in design, but to her eyes, it means one thing only . . . Pirate. She glances back at the crew. Sees Norrington, giving orders, moving toward her.

She looks back at Will, comes to a quick decision. Takes the medallion from around his neck. Hides it under her clothing. Norrington arrives wanting to know if he has spoke. Elizabeth tells Norrington the boy's name only. Norrington hurries off.

Elizabeth steals away to the stern of the ship. Examines her prize, the gold medallion. A wisp of wind, and she looks up. Out over the sea, moving through the fog, silent as a ghost, is a large sailing ship, a schooner . . . and it has black sails. Elizabeth stares, too frightened to move, or cry out.

The ship is obscured by the fog it as it passes, but not the mizzen-top . . . and there hangs the frightening skull and crossbones of the Jolly Roger. Elizabeth looks from it to the medallion, the skull on the flag is the same as the one on the medallion. Fog surrounds and closes in on the black ship, except for the black flag. As Elizabeth watches, the skull appears to turn and grin at her. Elizabeth shuts her eyes tight . . .

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