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Chapter Ten: Three Rooms

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Angela: I need to hear you say you'll behave.

Kat: We'll behave! Please, let her go!

Angela: I don't believe you.


Henry: Angela!

Kat: Please!

Door slams open.

Tomas: Get the hell away from them.

Angela: Now, this just got interesting.

Tomas: Is everyone okay?

Henry: Not really.

Kat: Please, you have to help her.

Angela: Mmm. By all means, help me.

Tomas: I'm speaking now to the presence inside Angela Rance...

Angela: I'm not possessed, Father. This is integration. You know what that means. There's no Angela left to save. No prayer that's gonna bring her back. There is just me.

Tomas: I don't believe that you're integrated.

Angela: Which begs the question, how far are you willing to take this?

Door creaks, slams.

Tomas: As far as it goes.

Angela: Here I thought you were the cuddly one. Well, then, man of God, let's see the measure of your conviction.

Tomas: I cast you out, unclean spirit!

All gasping, screaming, yelling, panting.

Tomas' panting echoes, exhales, men speaking Spanish, dog barking, laughing, bed springs creak.

Marcus: You certainly stepped in it this time.

Tomas: Marcus?

Simon: Well, it appears our friend, Angela, won't be joining us, after all. Domestic trouble. Such a pity.

Maria: Simon, I need to speak with you.

Simon: Later.

Maria: I harvested those ashes. My people, my work. They were promised to me.

Simon: Oh, Maria, I hope you're not giving me orders.

Maria: It's just that you promised.

Simon: I promised you due consideration, which you received. It's not my fault you were unsatisfactory.

Marcus: Bennett. Bennett.

Bennett: Good news. You know that mole inside the church? I'm starting to think I might be onto something.

Marcus: (chuckles) Guess we can all go home, then.

Simon: (chuckles) The special security liaison to the Vatican itself, and Rome's greatest living exorcist. The politician and the pit bull. Either one would be a feather fit for the finest cap. You have two doors set before you.

Electrical buzzing.

Simon: Behind the first door, is integration. Join us of your own volition, and you will know wealth and power beyond imagining. You will drink from the cupped hands of eternity. Or, choose the second door, and die.

Marcus: All eternity listening to your poncey little speeches. Kill me now.

Simon: Oh, it's easy to be cavalier about death in the abstract. It's much harder when one is actually dying.


Marcus: You bastard!

Simon: Case in point.

Marcus grunting, gasping.

Simon: Oh, I'd decide quickly if I were you. Tick-tock, my lovelies.

Dog barking.

Tomas: This is where I lived when I was six years old, with my grandmother.

Marcus: And now you're back.

Tomas: No. I'm dreaming. This is not real. You are not real.

Marcus: Oh, you're gonna hurt my feelings.

Tomas: What do you want?

Marcus: For you to accept the inevitable. Integration is permanent, Tomas. You can't beat her. (chuckles) Hell, even I couldn't beat her and I'm actually good at this.

Tomas: You're not Marcus.

Marcus: And you're not an exorcist. Do you remember what I told you?

Tomas: That I had too much to lose.

Marcus: Yeah, and then what happened? You lost the Rance girl, you lost the love of your life, you betrayed everything you held dear and for what? What did it get you? You're gonna die in here. Unless you wake up right now.

Tomas: But I don't know how.

Marcus: Yeah, you do.

Angela: We have a problem. The world is about to change, starting with a pig in a little white hat, bleeding out for all the world to see. And that kind of change brings opportunities. Opportunities that vanish if my entire family turns up dead. And I don't want that. Do you? I don't want to hurt any of you.

Henry: You just got done choking our daughter.

Angela: Well, I was just disciplining her.

Henry: You took my wife.

Angela: I took what was mine!

Henry: I'm going to kill you.

Angela: Now, that's the kind of talk that we just can't afford.

Kat: Marcus is gonna find you.

Angela: Well, then, I'll kill him, too.

Kat: Really? The way I heard it, you got your ass handed to you by a 12-year-old girl. What kind of all-powerful demon lets himself get chucked out a window?

Salesman: (demonic voice echoing) Regan.

Salesman: I thought I got every last piece of you. I should've known. You've been hiding from me. Like a remora, sucking on the belly of a shark.

Salesman: Hello... Little Rags found herself a burrow. All those years ago. A place where you wouldn't feel anything at all.

Scraping on walls.

Salesman: And first sign of trouble, you went scampering back. (sing-songy) Little pig. Little pig. Let me in!

Pounds on door.

Angela: Ah!

Salesman: You're going to open the door for me when you hear what I do to your wretched family.

Angela: Please. Let them go.

Salesman: The sounds they're going to make.

Scraping, then Henry, Kat, Casey screaming.

Tomas: I know what you are. Demon.

Marcus: Doesn't work like that, I'm afraid. Splitting consciousness, all that bollocks. Hollywood stuff. I'm you, Tomas. I'm that little voice in the back of your head. I'm every rotten lie you've ever told.

Tomas: I'm not a liar.

Marcus: Oh, really? You lied about Jessica, you lied about hearing God's voice... that was a personal favorite. (imitating Tomas crying) "Look at this family. See how they are suffering."

Tomas: I was trying to help.

Marcus: You were trying to be special. You were trying to pass the buck on every lousy decision you've ever made. God didn't want you, Tomas. He never did. The first Mexican Pope. Do you think anyone ever believed that pile of old tosh?

Tomas: Stop it! (breathing heavily)

Marcus: Your grandma didn't want you in the Vatican, she wanted you holding her hand while she died, but you couldn't even manage that, could you?

Old woman humming, rattling breaths, humming continues.

Grandma: (speaks Spanish) When I got sick, I thought, surely this will bring him home. I waited so long. But you never came.

Tomas: No. (speaks Spanish) You died in your sleep.

Grandma: (speaks Spanish) A lie, to spare you, mijo.

Wheezing, coughing, tooth rattles on floor, coughing and rattling breathing continues.

Marcus: Truth is, it took weeks. Weeks, Tomas.

Tomas: No. (speaks Spanish) My God, give me strength. I call upon you now in time of need . . . .

Marcus: Oh yeah, prayer, 'cause that always works, doesn't it? The thing about bed sores is, eventually, you become part of the mattress. They try and pull you free, but it's like tearing wet paper. They open the window 'cause of the smell.

Bones cracking, whispering.

Marcus: That's how the cats got in. First thing they went for was the face.

Tomas: (yells in disgust) No, that's not how it happened, I spoke with her the day before she died. She said she was proud of me.

Marcus: You spoke to her two weeks before she died. In the end, she couldn't even form words. Withering away into nothing in that bed. Look at her. It's the least you can do.

Rattling breathing, softly whimpering, sobbing.

Marcus: Is this what your God wanted? Look at her. Was this part of His plan? (chuckles menacingly)

Simon: Drip, drip, drip. I read about your time at the boys' home where they found you. Shot your own pa with a poaching rifle.

Marcus: What's your point?

Simon: Why do you think the Church took you in? Because of your potential? Or because they saw a scared, troubled child, and knew that all it would take was one little push to make you kill and kill again? It didn't take much convincing. That's your legacy. A lonely trail that ends in a dreary room without a single soul to mourn your passing. Why die for them, Marcus? For a Church who never gave one single damn about you?

Bennett: He's lying.

Marcus: No, he isn't.

Maria: The parade starts in ten minutes. We're running out of time.

Simon: They wrung your soul like a piece of wet laundry. And after they squeezed every last drop of good out of your body, what did they do? Excommunication. Oh, my poor boy. Don't let your life be the last thing they take.

Marcus: Six blind men... go into a room. There's an elephant... in the room and they all grab a part, the trunk, the-the ear, the tail. All of them trying to describe that one little piece of something greater.

Simon: I'm familiar with the story.

Marcus: Then you should know... that you're wasting your time. 'Cause I didn't touch a trunk, or a tail, or an ear. I saw the whole damn elephant! 12 years old, staring down one of your bastard brothers! And the world cracked in half. And I saw God on the other side. (sobbing) I'm not dying for the bloody Church. I am dying for Him.

Maria: Simon, we need to leave.

Simon: Vocare Pulvere.

Blows, electricity buzzes, ghostly breathing, footsteps leaving.

Maria: Stop. Wait! I brought Sebastian. It was my money, my resources...

Simon: Know your place. The oxen pulls the plow, Maria. He doesn't sit at the farmer's table.

Door closes, ghostly breathing resumes.

Angela: We're gonna play a little game. A game that can end at any time. And all you have to do, Regan, is open the damn... door. 'Round and 'round we go.

Casey: (softly) Oh, my God.

Angela: (gasps) Looks like we have a winner. The birdie with the broken wing. Aw. Casey, dear. I want you to pick up that hammer. Let's go. Come on. There we go. Good. It's okay, baby. Yeah. Pick it up. Good. There you go. Now come on over here. And what I want you to do with that hammer is to hit your sister. Just as hard as you can.

Casey: (softly) What?

Angela: Start with the knee.

Henry: Don't. Don't do it. We're not gonna play your sick little games.

Angela: I'm gonna give you until the count of ten to do it. Otherwise, I'm gonna tear both of Daddy Dearest's arms off.

Rumble, then bones cracking.

Casey: No!

Gasping and yelling.

Angela: One. Two.

Casey: Please, you don't have to do this, please.

Angela: Three.

Casey: (crying) Please, no, please!

Henry: Listen to me. I love you both so much.

Casey: No!

Angela: Four.

Casey: Please, please don't do this.

Henry: Okay, this is not... this is not your fault, do you hear me?

Casey: No!

Angela: Five.

Casey: Daddy, no.

Henry: Every day I wake up, I'm so proud, I'm so proud to be your dad.

Angela: Six.

Casey: Please, please, no! Please.

Kat: Do it, Case.

Angela: Seven.

Henry: And your mom, your mom loved you too.

Casey: No, please.

Henry: You can't ever forget... you can't ever forget that!

Angela: Eight.

Kat: Do it!

Casey: I can't!

Angela: Nine.

Casey: No!

Kat screaming, rumbling stops, laughing, gasping and crying, sobbing.

Angela: No! Leave them alone! Oh, God. They didn't do anything. Leave them alone!

Cries and gasps echoing.

Salesman: You don't get to run from me. You don't get to say no. All you can do is open the door and let me in.

Strained wheezing, coughing, indistinct demonic whispers.

Bennett: Ana? Is that you?

Marcus: Don't listen to it, Bennett.

Bennett: My sister. I can hear her.

Marcus: You have to fight this.

Bennett: Ana... I'm sorry. Ana...

Marcus: Poor little Renfield. Left all alone to eat your bugs.

Maria: Be quiet.

Marcus: Do you remember what happened to Renfield at the end of the book? The vampire crushed his face and snapped his neck.

Maria: You have no idea the things I've done.

Marcus: I know you're still on the bench, waiting for a call that's never gonna come. Renfield!

Indistinct whispering continues.

Bennett: Ah... there you are.

Marcus: How many times have you been passed over for someone younger, more desirable? How many times do they choose a man instead? Oh, you give 'em some sweet girl, they can't wait to pluck that flower. But shove a couple of miles on the clock, who do they go for? A man!

Maria: Shut up!

Marcus: Too afraid to take what's rightfully yours.

Bennett: Ana, I'm ready.

Maria: I am your daughter. Take me!

Demonic hissing, gasping, demonic growling, wood cracking.

Marcus: Bennett!

Demonic growling.

Bennett: Aah!

Bones snap.

Bennett: Sebastian.

Marcus: I know.

Henry: Easy...

Marcus: Spend your whole life denying your nature, and for what, Tomas? What are you left with? Nothing. Another one of God's abandoned projects. Unfinished, unnoticed, unloved.

Tomas: I don't want to be here. I want to wake up. Wake up, wake up, wake up!

Kat gasping, groaning.

Marcus: So wake... up.

Casey: (gasping) Oh, my God, Father Tomas, wake up! (echoing) Father Tomas, wake up! Wake up!

Tomas: Suicide is a mortal sin. My soul would be condemned to Hell.

Marcus: What are you doing, Tomas?

Kat panting, groans.

Angela: Who's ready for round two?

Tomas: You were right. I have sinned. I lied to myself. I lied to the people around me.

Casey: Mom... I know you're listening. I know it's hard, and it hurts, but you have to fight.

Angela: You know what?

Hammer thuds on floor.

Angela: I think we've had just about enough of you, Stinkpot.

Kat: No! Stop!

Henry: Let her go!

Tomas: I told myself I was special. I gave into temptation.

Casey: Stop!

Tomas: When my grandmother needed me, I was not there. When Jessica came to me, I was not strong. When Angela asked for my help... I was not honest.

Henry: Stop, Angela! Stop it!

Casey: I know you're in there.

Tomas: You said I have nothing. You were wrong. I have love. I have hope. And I have faith.

Henry: Stop it!

Tomas: These things are not weaknesses. They make me what I am.

Marcus: And what's that?

Tomas: An exorcist.

Henry: Angela, stop it!

Kat: Stop! Let her go.

Angela: You have got to be kidding me.

Tomas: The blood of Christ redeems you. The mercy of Christ absolves you. The power of Christ compels you!

Demonic growl, glass shatters, furniture smashing, glass breaking, demonic growling continues.

Tomas: The power of Christ compels you! It's He who casts you out, from whose sight nothing is hidden.

Furniture crashes.

Tomas: It is He who repels you, to whose might all things are subject. It's He who expels you. He who has prepared...

Furious demonic growling, Tomas praying loudly, indistinctly, demonic growling, praying continues, glass shattering.

Henry: What are you doing, Case? Come on, we gotta go!

Casey: I'm sorry, I can't.

Henry: Casey!

Tomas: I command you, unclean spirit, along with all your minions now attacking this servant of God, by the mysteries of the Incarnation, Passion, Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the coming of our Lord for judgment, that you tell me by some sign your name, and the day and hour of your departure!

Crowd chattering, cheering, panting, cheering continues.

Tomas: The power of Christ compels you by the coming of our Lord for judgment, that you tell me by some sign your name...

Wind whipping, demonic voice.

Angela: The real priest couldn't come, so they sent you instead.

Casey: Our Father, who art in Heaven...

Angela: Tiny Tomas. You're drowning by the second!

Casey: ...hallowed be Thy name.

All: Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses...


All: ...as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation...

Tomas praying inaudibly.

Crowd cheering, cheering gets louder, sharp ringing, crowd screaming.

All: St. Anthony, disperser of devils, pray for us. St. Anthony, reviver of the dead, pray for us. St. Anthony, tamer of tyrants, pray for us.


Tomas: From the snares of the devil, St. Anthony deliver us. From thunder, lightning and storms......St. Anthony deliver us. Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.

Angela: I'm tired.

Growling continues, grunts, praying in Spanish, growls.

All: Give us this day our daily bread.


Angela: Tired of spending my life looking over my shoulder, watching you hurt my family.


Angela: I'm tired of letting you win! (inhales) You want me? Come and get me.


Tomas: ...restorer of sight to the blind, pray for us. St. Anthony... (speaking in Spanish)

Angela: (demonic voice) Do it. Snuff the bitch! Right in front of her squealing pups.

Tomas: I'm not going to kill you.

All: St. Anthony, tamer of tyrants...

Tomas: I'm going to save you.

Simon: The Morning Star sends his greetings.

Marcus: And I send mine.

Choking, coughing, gasping.

All: Yield to God! Yield to God! Yield to God!

Angela: You can't do this. (grunting) You have no right! You're just a damned woman!

Tomas: Yield to God!


All: Yield to God! Yield to God! Yield to God!

Crunches, snaps, screaming, girls sob.

Tomas: Son of the morning, banished from grace, you are forgiven. Son of the morning, profane thing, ashes on the earth, you are redeemed. Outcast, fallen angel, you are loved.


Salesman (crying): No, don't... don't leave me... Rags? Don't leave me. Rags? (crying) Don't... (shouting) Ra...

Henry: Hey, Angie...

Kat: Oh, my God...

Henry: Angie?

Mom! Oh, my God...

Kat: No...

Girls crying.

Casey: So I guess this is it. What?

Marcus: I spent God knows how many hours staring at that damn face of yours, all snotted up, half the time trying to bite me. Much prefer this version.

Casey: The other people you, um... ...rescued. Like me. Do you ever keep tabs on them?

Marcus: I tried. Best I could.

Casey: How many got better?

Marcus: Some. Not all. Some people... (sighs) ...they stay in that pain forever, 'cause they don't think anyone else will believe them. Or understand what they went through.

Casey: So how do you get past it?

Marcus: (exhales) You tell yourself, I'm still here. And I'll be here tomorrow and the day after. And it wasn't my fault. 'Cause that's the deal we make with the world every time we get out of bed in the morning. Hurt me all you want, but the bastards don't get to win.

Casey: (voice breaking) What if I'm not strong enough?

Marcus: Then I'd say that, in the 40-odd years I've been doing this......I've never seen anyone fight longer or harder than Casey Rance. You might just be the strongest person I've ever met in my whole life.

Henry: Case. Time to go, honey.

Casey: (whispering) Thank you.

Marcus: Remember that. They don't get to win.

Car door opens, closes.

Reporter: ...new amateur footage has been released of the event that claimed one man's life following last week's papal parade...

Marcus: I'm surprised you didn't skedaddle off to Rome with the rest of them. You Know Who certainly didn't hang around.

Bennett: You do realize that defacing a Bible is sacrilege.

Marcus: Redacting. (clears throat) Not defacing. There's a difference.

Bennett: Half of the book is full of bird drawings.

Marcus: Oh! That. Oh, yeah. That part's defacing.

Bennett: I'll be in touch. Do try to stay out of trouble.

Tomas: Where will you start?

Marcus: Oof. Wherever the wind takes me. Uh, I might get lucky, Pop up in the visions of some other priest. Preferably one who also appreciates the subtle nuances of Nicolas Cage.

Tomas: What if I asked you to stay? Train me. To become an exorcist.

Marcus: Understand what you're asking, Tomas. There's no retirement home for people like us. You go after them, they hunt you down. They strip you of everything you hold dear. Sooner or later, you'll die in some stinking room, with one of those things standing over you.

Tomas: I know the costs.

Marcus: Then why?

Tomas: The demon. When it died. For just a moment......I saw God. I saw His true face.

Marcus: That's how they get you. First hit's always free.

Jaffey: How is it that you always manage to get exactly what you want?

Maria: We had a minor setback.

Jaffey: Simon is dead. Sebastian's alive.

Maria: Sebastian was never the finish line. And Simon got greedy. We are not going to make the same mistake.

Tomas: I don't know why. But He chose me. And I am going to get out of the boat and start walking.

Marcus: Oh, well, then. In that case...

Birds chirping, Casey and Kat speaking indistinctly.

Henry: How do you feel?

Angela: Safe.

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