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Chapter Nine: 162

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Lively chatter in distance.

Angela: I was in my room, and I heard a thumping sound. I came out and looked around and saw her down at the bottom of the stairs. At first, I didn't even know what I was looking at.

Lawrence: How would you describe your relationship with your mother?

Angela: I loved her.

Lawrence: Timeline... daughter goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Daughter next emerges from a nunnery, except this time she has amnesia and can't tell you where she's been.

Kat: Do you have any idea what my sister has just been through? She was in a hospital six miles away from here.

Angela: Sweetie, no, it's okay. The man is just doing his job.

Lawrence: Thank you, Mrs. Rance. I'm just trying to wrap my head around all these... facts.

Angela: Well, the fact is that my family has been through two unthinkable tragedies. Well, more, if you count my husband and Kat. The accident she had. And we're not looking for special consideration at all. It's just a little compassion goes a long way. Would you mind?

Casey: (demonic voice) Last rites, priest? Giving up on the piglet so soon?

Tomas/Marcus/Mother Bernadette: But most of all because they offend Thee, my God, who are all good and deserving of all my love.

Marcus: Angela, get back! Return to the shadow, viper! You have no hold on this woman!

Mother Bernadette: Child of God, you are forgiven.

Salesman: All this prattling. They just won't stop.

Casey/Salesman: Sorry, Mommy, show is over. Time to give the people what they want.

Angela: Casey.


Angela: Casey, no! (gasps) Take me instead.

Soft gasp, faint whooshing.

Salesman: Ah... together again. What do you say? Let's give 'em a good show.

Angela: (sobbing) Stay with me, Casey. No! No! (quietly) No, Casey.

Indistinct chatter, panting.

Jaffey: We've taken enough of your time.

Lawrence: Respectfully, sir, I still have some more questions.

Jaffey: No, you don't, Detective. We're done here.

Lawrence: What the hell's going on?

Jaffey: Outside, Detective Lawrence. I'll see what I can do about getting those protestors and news vans off your lawn.

Angela: That's very thoughtful. Thank you.

Jaffey: We'll be in touch.

Lively chatter continues outside, exhales, door closes.

Angela: Let's go pick up your sister.

Henry: Your room's not ready yet, Casey.

Kat: We'll share mine, until we move.

Gate creeks, low growling nearby, dogs barking, snarling, low growling.

Camera shutter clicking.

Cherry: Any sign of Bennett?

Marcus: He checked out last night and left with a French cardinal.

Cherry: Probably Guillot, Archbishop of Lyon.

Lester: Forget the frog cardinal. Follow the money. Maria Walters. She's the slush mama of the slush funds. She's bankrolling all this.

Mechanical whirring.

Marcus: I know this man.

Lester: It's Brother Simon. Fundraising chair.

Marcus: When I knew him he was a counselor at a renewal center for deviant priests.

Cherry: Sounds like a hell of a place to recruit.

Marcus: He was watching me. Bennett knew about this Brother Simon. (exhales) If Bennett was taken, we have to assume that he was tortured for information. Which means they know about us... Mother Bernadette... possibly Tomas.

Lester: So what's the plan, boss?

Marcus: Hitch up the trailer, get out of town, both of you, tonight.

Cherry: What about you?

Henry: Hey there, honey.

Tomas: Casey, you look well.

Angela: All right. There we go.

Henry: We tried inviting Father Marcus, didn't we, Ange?

Angela: Okay, everybody, dig in. Don't let it get cold.

Henry: Honey, let's say grace. Kat, you want to lead?

Tomas: Please.

Kat: Bless us, O Lord for these Thy gifts which we are about to receive.

Angela: Amen.

Kat: And thank You... for bringing Casey back home to us. And let us remember Chris, who was sweet and funny, and even though we decided to call her Chris, I really wish I had called her Grandma. I think she would have liked that. Amen.

Others: Amen.

Tomas: So, you're really gonna leave Chicago? Uh, you have a plan?

Henry: I know these people in Canada, actually, and there's a few builders out there. I could consult.

Angela: Or we could just stay in Chicago.

Kat: Mom, we packed up half the house; it was your idea.

Angela: We'll talk about it later.

Henry: What about you, Father Tomas, uh, you gonna take a break?

Tomas: No, no, no. This... ordeal has clarified some things for me. Renewed my commitment. Uh, my parish needs me, and I've neglected it.

Henry: I guess we've monopolized you these past few weeks.

Angela: Well, look who's a regular chatterbox tonight. I would like to make a toast to my whole family. To Henry... to Kat... and my sweet, sweet Casey.

Kat: And to Grandma, who died on our staircase.

Tomas: To Chris.

Kat: To Chris.

Henry: To Chris.

Angela: To Mom.

Tomas: Hey, Henry.

Henry: Father. Hey, come on in, sit down.

Tomas: Thank you. (sighs) How do you feel, Henry? How's everything?

Henry: (sighs) Well sometimes whole days go by, and, you start to feel like, hey maybe I'm finally getting better, maybe I'm a human being again, and then... (pops) ...right back to potato land, as my darling daughter would say. . . . Angie, wow! You going somewhere?

Angela: The hotel. Like this one says: "You neglect your duties too long, everything falls to pieces." Apparently, I'm indispensable.

Henry: Okay, when you gonna be back?

Door closes.

Henry: Okay.

Both chuckle.

Tomas: You know, I don't think you know this, but everything started here. You gave me a message. You told me where to find Father Marcus.

Henry: I did what, now?

Tomas: You told me how to get to a place called St. Aquinas. God spoke through you, Henry.

Henry: Father... does this mean anything to you?

Tomas: Uh, the number 162?

Henry: Yeah. Okay, ever since I woke up from the accident, I've had this low-frequency sound in my head.

Tomas: Mm-hmm.

Henry: It's like being in a restaurant, and everyone is yammering away in the background. Except sometimes it feels like there's a pattern. Like, all at once, all those people start saying the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Tomas: Are they talking to you right now?

Henry: It started a few days ago, over and over. 162, 162. And I have no idea what it means.

Camera shutter clicking.

Cherry: Whole band's here tonight. Wonder what they're up to.

Shutter clicks.

Lester: Cherry.

Cherry: Yeah, babe.

Lester: Let's get out of here.

Jaffey: The parade pauses. The driver slows to a stop here.

Simon: And the pig pops out of the pigmobile.

Maria: These men are ready?

Simon: Oh, they're quite ready. Who do you think signed off on their exile to St. Aquinas? That denier of angels, Pope Sebastian.

Angela: Where are the popes who take advantage of the office? Urban VI. Now, there was a pontiff. He actually complained that he couldn't hear enough screaming from those who plotted against him while they were being flayed.

Jaffey: Glad you could make it. A recent arrival to Chicago.

Maria: Angela Rance?

Simon: No. Pazuzu. We thought you had left us after your little spat with Father Merrin, was it?

Maria: Am I missing something?

Angela: A little bird told me about your plans for Sebastian.

Simon: With the greatest of respect, I've spent six years planning this welcoming. The honor is mine and mine alone.

Angela: Well, see, if you really understood respect, you'd already be where you belong.

Men groaning, pants.

Angela: Lower. Lower.

Grunts, chuckles softly.

Angela: No, no, no. Not you. Do you want to know why you've never been chosen?

Maria: Yes.

Angela: It's your smell. The Firstborn are attracted to power and potential. And you... (inhales) desperation with notes of mediocrity. You're never gonna be one of us.

Groans, grunts.

Angela: All right. We need to send a message to everyone who's ever stood against us. Starting with these sanctimonious whores.

Horns honking, birds chirping.

Egan: Excited for tonight's gala?

Tomas: I'm more excited about His Holiness' arrival tomorrow.

Egan: These things can be a bit much. But really more of an opportunity for our benefactors and the Friars of Ascension to pat themselves on the back. What do you think about St. Bridget's?

Tomas: Beautiful, very beautiful.

Egan: You should see the rectory. Even I don't live that well.

Both chuckle.

Egan: What would you say if I told you it could be yours?

Indistinct chatter nearby.

Egan: Father Dennis is retiring, not altogether voluntarily, between you and me, but it's time. He gets to go out on a high note, and we get to install a top prospect in one of our finest parishes.

Tomas: What about St. Anthony's?

Egan: Sadly... (clears throat) that was another thing that I wanted to talk to you about. We're closing St. Anthony's.

Tomas: What?

Egan: It's been hemorrhaging money for years now. The congregation has shrunk.

Tomas: Father, we've been growing recently. I can't abandon my parish.

Egan: Your parishioners will be absorbed into nearby congregations. It happens all the time. Tomas, St. Anthony's will be shuttered, whether you accept this promotion or not. And, believe me, it is a promotion.

Tomas: You don't want me here.

Egan: Of course we do.

Tomas: (quietly) I have sinned. I don't deserve a promotion. I deserve to...

Egan: Her husband dropped by my office. I know all about it.

Tomas: Then you know I can't.

Egan: It's a problem. I'm not saying it's not. And you will do your penance. But this transfer has been in the works for a while now. We can handle the husband on our side. Believe me, we've dealt with far worse. But you have to handle the girl on yours. If you want this, that is. And you do want this, Tomas. . . . . Father Dennis.

Indistinct chatter, door opens in other room, paper crinkling.

Tomas: Picking locks again.

Marcus: Security's pretty lax around here. You might want to put that on your to-do list.

Tomas: The diocese is closing down St. Anthony's.

Marcus: I'm sorry to hear that. What did they offer you?

Tomas: I've been asked to run St. Bridget's.

Marcus: That's what you wanted, isn't it? And I bet it makes your friend Maria Walters happy.

Tomas: She's been a great friend to this church.

Marcus: Mind your back about this new gig. You're playing the premiership now. And the higher you rise, the more there are to conspire your fall.

Tomas: (chuckles softly) Are you going to see His Holiness tomorrow? I might be able to get you a good spot at the parade route.

Phone beeping, buzzing.

Marcus: I ain't much into parades. (chuckles softly) I'm gonna miss this place.

Kat: Remember this one? I wore it to your confirmation, and another girl had the same exact dress on. This is way too short for me now. You should try it.

Casey: Okay.

Kat: Case, don't make me whip out the tickle monster. So, we're all walking on eggshells around you, yeah? They treated me the same way after the accident. Everyone's too afraid to ask you what you want for dinner, if you want to go to a movie.

Casey: (quietly): Kat, please. I just don't feel like talking.

Kat: Right. Rather just scroll through Twitter all night. . . Casey.

Casey: They had names. Families. Kids.

Kat: He did that, not you.

Casey: It was my body. And my hands. He made me watch. He thought it was funny.

Kat: But you survived.

Casey: Yeah, great. Now what?

Kat: I don't know. We're gonna figure it out.

Marcus: I thought I told you... (sighs) Damn it. God our Father, Your power brings us to birth, and by Your command we return to dust. Lord, those who die still live in Your presence. Their lives change, but do not end. I pray in hope for my family, relatives, and friends and for all the dead known only to You. Unite us together again in one family, so that we may sing Your praise forever and ever.

Angela: Knock-knock. There you are. The sisters sent me out to the garden. I've been looking all over the place for you. Vow of silence, right. I brought you something. It's a token of gratitude. What do you get a bunch of nuns, right? Well, it was either this or warm, woolen mittens. No? I wanted to thank you for saving my little girl. Although, I must say you did waiver a bit, didn't you?

Bernadette: We should have killed you when we had the chance.

Angela: She speaks.

Bernadette: I felt you the moment you walked through these doors. I don't know how we missed it the first time.

Angela: Well, you were distracted. I tried to let it go, but I just knew that I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that you were still out there. Not after what you did to me.

Bernadette: All the suffering for nothing. In the end, you're just a child throwing a tantrum.

Angela: "Tantrum"? This is not a tantrum. This is a victory lap.

Gurgling, choking, gurgling, choking, gasping.

Angela: Mmm.

Bones cracking, dog barking in distance.

Angela: They had to clip it with bolt-cutters to get it off.

Casey: (clears her throat) Mom? What do you remember about...?

Angela: Well I remember what it felt like. What did it feel like for you?

Casey: Like nothing about me was mine anymore.

Angela: Mmm, because he was inside you, right? It's as deep as anyone can get. It's so intimate, isn't it?

Casey: No. That's... That's not how it was for me.

Angela: Well, no, I know, you had to say, no. I mean, that's the game, right? But, at a certain point, you asked for it. So much shame for enjoying it. And the dirty little secret is you fell in love with him. Then when he left, the loneliest feeling in the world. But we've both been through it, and now we have each other, right?

Kat: Did we pack my art books...? I'm sorry.

Angela: We were just having a little heart-to-heart.

Kat: You okay, Case?

Casey: Mom?

Angela: Hmm?

Casey: You're bleeding.

Angela: Hmm? Oh, it's nothing. (sighs) I love this blouse.

Kat: Thank you.

Marcus: Mother Bernadette! (gasping) Oh, God.

Choir singing, indistinct chatter.

Egan: You, of course, recognize this young man, Father Tomas of St. Anthony's.

Tomas: Hi.

Egan: And soon, we hope, St. Bridget's.

Woman 1: It was wonderful what you did for that poor girl.

Tomas: God did everything; It was...

Egan: You see what I mean? The humility.

Indistinct conversations.

Woman 2: We have to show you the offices and wait until you see the rectory here.

Tomas: Ah. I've heard it's very nice.

Jaffey: You keep this up, Father, you're gonna put me out of a job.

Tomas: Well, I'm happy doing mine.

Jaffey: The mayor has told me she'd love to have you doing that here.

Tomas: Well, I'm actually a White Sox fan.

Jaffey: I know.

Glass clinking.

Maria: I want to thank you all for coming. It's no secret that our city has seen its share of hardships lately. Innocent lives lost, communities ripped apart, threats against the church itself. But I've always believed that in the darkest hour, a light shines brightest. There is no brighter light than His Holiness, Pope Sebastian. For those who have given up, he is God's hope. For those who struggle to find purpose in their lives, he is God's reason. For those who feel beyond salvation, he is God's love. For many of us in the room tonight, he is the Church. May his visit bring joy and inspiration to a city who so badly needs it. Thank you.


Henry: I hate to bring this up but we should probably make a decision about a funeral for your mom.

Angela: When's the last time you touched me?

Henry: Uh... It's been a while; I don't know. It's been a long while.

Angela: Take your pants off.

Henry: (laughing) What? Right now?

Angela: Mm-hmm.

Henry: Just like that, huh?

Angela: Take 'em off.

Henry: Oh. Wow. Okay. This is kind of out of the blue.

Angela: Mm-hmm.

Henry: Hi, Angela.

Angela: Hello, Henry.

Both laughing.

Henry: Hey, Ange. (voice strangled) Ange, what are you doing? Ange.

Moaning, choking.

Henry: Ange... What are you doing? Honey, are you all right?

Engine starting, doors closing.

Man (on TV): Just about to release your next record at the end of the week.

Woman: I am.

Door opens nearby.

Man: Well, now, you didn't stop by here tonight just to talk or do you actually have something to promote?

Footsteps nearby.

Woman: (chuckles) Well, you know, I've been writing this record and recording it for about a year now, and just been trying to figure out what...

Dog barking in distance, hinges creak quietly, gasps softly, clears throat loudly, hinges creaking.

Casey: Hey, Mom. What are you still doing up?

Angela: Shh. (whispers) I don't want to wake her. I'm just savoring what I have.

Casey: Yeah, well, um, couch is too lumpy to sleep on, so savor us tomorrow? . . . Night, Mom.

Tomas: No, it's not a no, it's a condition. My staff comes with me. And also, I want a bus. Wednesdays and Sundays, we'll run it back and forth from St. Anthony's to St. Bridget's. . . I know, but the parish at St. Bridget's can afford it. I think it's going to be a good thing for them to share a pew with the people from a different tax bracket. . . I'll take care of that tonight. . . Good night, Bishop Egan.

"Devil's Trill Sonata" playing. Footsteps, humming along to music.

Simon: Mmm.

Knocking on door, music continues to play, grunting, coughs.

Marcus: Stay down.

Simon: Some people would call that a very rude hello. (grunts) Oh, are we sharing a soak?

Marcus: God's creature, water on the earth, I cast out the echo of evil by the living God, by the one true God, by the holy God, through whom all things have their being. Did you kill them? Bennett? The Regos? The nuns?

Simon: In their final moments, do you think cattle blame the slaughterhouse? Or do they blame the Judas goat that led them up the ramp? I didn't kill anyone, priest. You did.

Tomas: I received a promotion today. It's everything I've ever dreamed about.

Jessica: That's great.

Tomas: But the whole time the bishop was offering it to me, all I could think was I don't deserve this. And I'm tired. I'm tired of not being the man God wants me to be. I'm tired of being disappointed every single time I look in the mirror.

Jessica: We could have done this, you know. I would have made your coffee just right every morning. You would have bought me the same perfume every Christmas. It could have been so normal.

Tomas: I can't give you what you want, Jessica. The life that you deserve, I can't.

Jessica: I seduced a priest. Exactly what kind of life do I deserve?

Tomas: A long... and happy life.

Jessica: Please don't write to me anymore. It'll be easier that way.

Grunting, burbling, water hissing.

Marcus: Did you kill them?

Simon: I'll accept responsibility for the academics in the trailer. But who do you think massacred Sister Bernadette and her whores of mercy this afternoon? That was Angela Rance.

Burbling, water hissing.

Simon: Did you lose your nerve, Father?

Marcus: Ipse Venit, He is coming. You're gonna kill the pope.

Simon: Oh, you were such a mess at Aquinas.

Splashing, burbling.

Marcus: The parade... is that where you're gonna do it?

Simon: The sun breaks over our fair city. God's faithful crowd every street corner. The car stops, the door opens. And the whole world watches while a disgraced priest murders the living embodiment of Catholic hope. Rome's shame come full circle.

Marcus: And what if I kill you now?

Simon: Then another will take my place. And the ponies go round and round.

Door bangs open, grunting, blows landing, Marcus grunting.

Simon: Would one of you be so kind as to pass me a towel?

Hinges creaking.

Henry: Hey, hon.

Footsteps approaching.

Kat: (whispers) You ready?

Henry: Girls, what is this?

Casey: We have to go. Now.

Henry: Without Mom?

Casey: She's not Mom. I don't know how it happened, but he left me and went to her. I recognize him.

Kat: I believe her, Dad. After everything that's happened, I don't need any more proof.

Casey: We have to leave this house now.

Henry: Okay. Okay.

Angela: Time for a family meeting.

Dog barking in distance.

Kat: I want to talk to Mom.

Angela: You are talking to her.

Kat: My mom doesn't have three pupils.

Henry: Angie. You can fight this. Casey got through it, so can you.

Angela: I'm not possessed, Henry. This is integration. She invited me in. Don't you understand? This is permanent.

Casey: Why do you keep hurting us? What do you even want?

Angela: The only thing that we've ever wanted: that which is rightfully ours. We were His first creations. Did you know that? We were loyal and perfect in every way. And do you know what God did? God got bored. He got bored with our perfection. So He created Man, mortal and ugly, and then He built them a sandbox, and He filled it with tangible and sensual delights. Delights that we could never feel or taste or experience. He created paradise, and he handed it over to a pack of primates rutting in the dirt. Well, this world was meant for us. And we're gonna take it back.

Tomas: Tara.

Tara: Sorry, I got sucked in. Have you read this? She led such a life.

Tomas: Where did you get that?

Tara: Oh. When Chris was here, helping find Casey... I kind of asked her for her autograph and she gave me her own personal copy.

Toma: No. No, the feather... where did you get that?

Tara: In the book.

Tomas: Um, can I... 162. "I knew then that the demon would never rest, never stop, until it had taken Regan for its own. It would keep coming for her until the end of time."

Simon: Did you know, we approached His Holiness years ago, back when he was still just a lowly Apostolic nuncio. We offered him a peek behind the curtain, a chance to ascend this mortal slog. And do you know what he did? He turned his back on eternity, like a child. I wonder if you'll make the same mistake. Vocare Pulvere.

Angela: Tomorrow, when we wake up, we can put all this behind us. Bundle up. Go downtown. We can wave at the pope. A little family outing. Won't that be fun? But first... you have to learn that disobedience has consequences. Which means that I'm gonna have to hurt one of you. Just a little. Just so you remember.

Casey: Did you kill Grandma?

Kat: Oh, my God.

Angela: See, that's exactly what I'm talking about. That disrespectful tone of voice.

Gasps, chokes.

Kat: No!

Henry: Angela, stop! Let her go!

Kat: Stop, please! Stop!

Angela: I need to hear it. I need to hear you say you'll behave.

Kat: We'll behave, I promise!


Kat: Just please let her go!

Angela: I don't believe you.

Henry: Angela, stop it!


Henry: Angela!

Kat: Please!

Henry: Angela, please, we swore to you.

Kat: Stop!

Henry: Stop it. Angie! You're killing her!

Kat: Please, stop. Stop.

Door bangs open.

Tomas: Get the hell away from them.

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