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Chapter Seven: Father of Lies

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Organ music plays.

Tomas: Thank you for being here.

All: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Congregation: Amen.

Tomas: The Lord be with you.

Congregation: And also with your spirit.

Nine days earlier.

Tomas: How'd you find her? Has she been integrated?

Marcus: Does she look integrated?

Demonic growling.

Tomas: Where are we taking her?

Marcus: Somewhere she'll be safe. Just drive faster.

Tomas: I confess......to Almighty God

Congregation: ......to Almighty God...

All: and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I have greatly sinned...

Tomas: ......in my thoughts......

Congregation: ......in my thoughts...

Tomas: ...and in my words...

Congregation: ......and in my words......

Tomas: ......in what I have done......

Congregation: ......in what I have done......

Tomas: ......and what I have failed to do.....

Congregation: ......and what I have failed to do.....

Tomas: Through my fault...

Congregation: Through my fault...

Tomas: ...through my most grievous fault.

Tomas: I cannot be an exorcist, but I can be your taxi driver.

Marcus: That's right, yeah. Can you give us a hand?

Demonic growling.

Marcus: Mother Bernadette!

Demonic growling, grunts.

Marcus: Mother Bernadette!

Demonic grunting.

Nun: Careful. All right.

Demonic grunting.

Tomas: You belong to your father, the Devil. There is no truth in him. He's a liar. He is the father of lies.

Demonic growling.

Claire: Get her inside.

Marcus: You can assist me again, but one lapse of concentration...

Tomas: No more lectures.

Marcus: Come back when I've got her ready.

Tomas: I'll tell the family.

Marcus: No. This is not just a possession.

Tomas: But they have the right to know.

Marcus: This is a revenge. Can you not see that? Four decades ago, it had Regan's body and it lost it. That is a demon with a 40-year grudge. Now, it wants to torture her daughter in front of her. I'm not gonna give it that satisfaction. No.

Tomas: You're asking me to lie.

Marcus: I was this close at the Rance house. I got it swimming laps in the lake. God is in me. Yeah, lie.

Tomas: (sighs) Let us pray to the Lord for the safe return of Casey Rance. That she may soon be found and reunited with her loving family. Lord, hear our prayers.

Reporters clamoring.

Henry: Come on.

Reporter: Ms. MacNeil, what's your idea about Casey's whereabouts?

Henry: Please, let me through. Let me through, through here. Let me through. Please, back off. Please, back off.

Reporter: Ms. MacNeil, is Casey's condition related to what happened to your daughter, Reagan?

Chris: The property line is behind the gate.

Reporter: Is Casey's condition related to what happened to your daughter, Reagan?

Chris: My daughter's name is Angela. There's nothing wrong with Casey except she isn't here. Now, please, leave us be.

Reporter 2: There seems to be something in common with your family. Can you give us something to go on?

Marcus: Scooped the Sun Times, did it?

Bernadette: If they find out we've been hiding her...

Marcus: They won't.

Bernadette: Nine days since the girl arrived. Have you noticed any change in her?

Marcus: The demon is rallying itself... 'cause it knows we're winning.

Bernadette: It's tripled in strength.

Marcus: What's your point?

Bernadette: If we fail here, we are unleashing an ancient violence into the world.

Marcus: Well, let's not fail then.

Bernadette: And if it can't complete the integration, then it will kill the girl out of spite. You know this.

Marcus: So, what are we supposed to do? Just give it up? Sorry, God, this one's too hard. Can you send us something a bit easier? We stand in the doorway... and we push back the darkness. Remember?

Egan: I've been praying for her every day since she went missing. I've been praying for you, as well, Tomas. What you've done here is extraordinary. You brought the entire community together. You did that. Don't think the Church hasn't noticed.

Tomas: Thank you.

Egan: Unfortunately......with the tension, comes scrutiny and we both know there's an element of Casey's situation which is... sensitive.

Tomas: With all due respect... when we presented you the evidence...

Egan: I-I-I made a mistake, Tomas. I know that now. And I am sorry. But moving forward, we need to be proactive in protecting the Church.

Tomas: What do you mean?

Egan: Where is Marcus Keane?

Tomas: I haven't seen...

Egan: Stop. What would happen if the media got word there was an excommunicated priest conducting unsanctioned exorcisms right under our nose, within a week of h-his Holiness's visit? How would that reflect?

Tomas: You were the ones who excommunicated him.

Egan: I work for the ones who excommunicated him. And so do you. And just or unjust, your friend is now an enemy of the Church. That's why it is crucial that we must find him before he causes further scandal. I will ask you again. Have you seen him?

Tomas: No.

Indistinct chatter.

Angela: This is the last one, right?

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Angela: What-what is it?

Henry: Investigative Hour. It's national, in case she crossed state lines.

Angela: Mm-hmm.

Producer: Katherine, this seat on the end is for you. Mrs. Rance, if you could sit next to your mother. Thank you. Sit here. Mr. Rance.

Woman: I hope this helps.

Interviewer: It will, but...

Producer: Yeah.

Interviewer: Okay, yeah, thanks. Okay, here we go. (clears throat) I'd like to start with you, Chris.

Chris: Fine. Yeah.

Interviewer: This certainly isn't your family's first brush with tragedy.

Chris: Well, today, fortunately, we're not talking about the past.

Interviewer: Mm.

Chris: Which, I believe, was made abundantly clear.

Interviewer: So, your granddaughter's disappearance is... unrelated to what happened in Georgetown?

Chris: As I said, we're discussing Casey.

Interviewer: Then let's talk about Casey.

Chris: Perfect.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm. Okay. Is your daughter dangerous?

Angela: What?

Interviewer: She wandered away from a crash that left two medical workers dead.

Henry: That wasn't her fault. Casey was sedated. She was strapped to a gurney.

Interviewer: Okay, what about the rumors that she was involved in some kind of altercation on the "L" train?

Kat: Yeah, that magazine also says that Bat Boy had a wedding in Las Vegas. Are we really talking about this?

Interviewer: We have a police report that says that she was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold. Can you tell us why?

Angela: Done. We're done.

Chris: This is not what we agreed upon.

Interviewer: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, really. Okay. Okay. But if I could just ask you one more question. It's not a kidnapping, and she's out there somewhere, why wouldn't she just come home?

People chanting.

All: ...spiritual vessel. Vessel of Honor. Singular vessel of devotion.

Glass shatters.

All: Mystical Rose.

Demonic growling.

All: Tower of David, Tower of Ivory. House of Gold, the Ark of the Covenant.

Nuns: Jacob from Heaven...Make this stop. Health of the Sick...

Wind whooshing.

Nuns: Holy Mother of God, pray for us. Holy Virgin of Virgins, pray for us. You have no authority but that which is given. You are forgiven.

Overlapping prayers and chanting.

Nuns: Ashes on the Earth, you are relieved.

Marcus: I pray for you.

Nuns: Outcast. Fallen angel. You are loved.

Marcus: Mother of our Creator...

Demonic growl.

Marcus: Virgin most prudent...

Praying quickly, indistinctly.

Marcus: No will but that which is given. You have no authority but that which is given.

Cries out, groans.

Marcus: You have no power but that which is given.

Bernadette: You have no will but that which is given.

Demonic growl.

Marcus: Holy virgin of virgins, pray for us. Mother of divine grace...

Demonic growl.

Marcus: You're gonna need more than cactus for that.

Tomas: Is it always like this?

Marcus: All we can do is bait the hook and put it in the water. Sometimes it's a minnow that comes along... (sighs) sometimes it's a big bloody shark.

Tomas: What happened to you out in the lake? You're different.

Marcus: (breathlessly) I killed her. I almost... killed her. She stopped fighting and she stopped breathing. Uh, my madness... just, it had me. And then... God... He just, He woke up from His nap, and He just, He ripped through my hands, and He brought her back. She's my ward now.

Tomas: You felt God... in your hands?

Marcus: It could have been hypothermia.

Tomas: God saves Casey, but also saves the demon?

Marcus: Don't-don't, Tomas. Don't go there.

Tomas: Why?

Marcus: God is not... is not some big, fluffy border collie that comes running every time you snap your fingers. He does what He damn well pleases. It's not our job to understand why.

Crowd clamoring nearby, shouting indistinctly.

Henry: Come on, let us through. Come on!

Reporter: Mrs. Rance, how do you respond to claims that Casey attacked someone...

Henry: We're just trying to find our daughter. Come on, let us through. Come on!

Mrs. Harris: Mrs. Rance, Mrs. Rance, do you recognize him?

Angela: No...

Mrs. Harris: His name was James Harris. Six years as a first responder. He died driving your daughter to the hospital.

Angela: I'm sorry.

Mrs. Harris: Sorry for what? That my boy's never gonna see his father? Are you sorry for that?

Angela: No, no, no, I-I tried to stop them, I did. I-I...

Mrs. Harris: No car crash did that to my James.

Henry: Come on, come on.

Mrs. Harris: I don't want your sorries. Your little demon girl killed him!

Henry: Okay, come on, come on! Come on, get out of the way! Come on. Come on! Get out of the way!

Jaffey: We scheduled the first stop at this corner here. His Holiness can get out of the car, take a few minutes with the crowd...

Maria: Bless a few strategically placed babies.


Bennett: How many undercover assets do you have on the roof? How many uniformed police officers? Do you have access to the rooftops? Have you checked the windows? Where's the intelligence officer? Why am I talking to this guy?

Egan: Father Bennett, I don't tell you how to say mass... don't tell me how to do my job.

Bennett: That location is untenable. There are sight lines from a dozen different buildings. His Holiness would he totally exposed.

Jaffey: Which is precisely why the stops are spontaneous.

Egan: Father Bennett, the only people who even know this is happening are standing around this conference table.

Bennett: We should stick to the original plan. Proceed directly to the stadium. No stops.

Maria: I have the utmost faith in Superintendent Jaffey's ability.

Jaffey: Father Bennett, calm down. We go through this every time Obama comes to town.

Simon: I had a lovely chat this morning with the head of the Swiss Guard. Ran him through all the changes.

Bennett: I'm sorry, Brother Simon, was it? I still don't understand exactly what you're doing here.

Maria: Simon heads up fundraising for our committee. The money he's raised so far has gone a long way to making this entire trip possible.

Bennett: About that, I took the liberty of requesting copies of the committee's accounts. Do you know what I found?

Simon: I can't imagine.

Bennett: Tattersal Landscaping. $2.7 million in charitable giving to this campaign alone. By far, the committee's single biggest donor. As I'm sure you're aware, Mrs. Walters, seeing as your husband served on the Tattersal board of directors for nine years.

Maria: If George felt it his Catholic duty to give of our good fortune, so be it.

Egan: And we are certainly very grateful to your husband for his generosity, Maria.

Bennett: Tattersal filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Its assets were dissolved. So perhaps you'd like to explain to me how a defunct landscaping company funnels nearly $3 million into a papal planning committee four years after going out of business? Seeing as it's your job.

Simon: I'll tell you what. Why don't I do some digging and get back to you on that?

Bennett: Would you like a shovel?

Simon: Only if you bring it, Father. Bennett.

Egan: Perhaps we could turn our attention to the matters at hand?

Chris: Here you go, Father.

Tomas: Thank you, Ms. MacNeil.

Chris: Please, Father, call me Chris.

Tomas: Chris. Uh... what was it like? Georgetown?

Chris: Have you ever been walking down a flight of stairs late at night, and you miscount, and there's one extra step that you'd forgotten, and suddenly you're in free fall? For months on end, just falling and falling, until you hit the ground. We weren't alone, though. We had priests. Good men. Gave their lives to save us. Actually, Father, you remind me very much of one of them.

Indistinct shouting.

Henry: Thanks for coming, Father.

Tomas: Of course. I've kept you, always, in my prayers.

Angela: Have you talked to Father Marcus?

Tomas: No. No, not for a long time.

Angela: He said he would find her.

Tomas: And he will, but we need to be patient.

Angela: Two weeks ago he said it was only a matter of hours until the demon took control of Casey permanently. What did you call it?

Tomas: Integration.

Angela: Is that what's happened?

Tomas: Every case is different.

Angela: Right. How many cases have you had? Be patient, he says. Two weeks.

Henry: Angie, come on.

Angela: Do you think she's alive?

Tomas: Yes.

Angela: How do you know? How do you know?

Tomas: I have faith.

Angela: Well, the next time you talk to God, ask Him how He can just sit back and let something like this happen. Then you tell me what He said.

Henry: Ange, he's trying to help.

Angela: Maybe you should try harder.

Raspy breathing.

Tomas: When did this happen?

Marcus: This morning.

Tomas: What does it mean?

Nun: It means the body has failed.

Marcus: Is failing.

Tomas: What about the demon?

Marcus: He was quiet all morning, hiding inside her. Attacking her from within. If the demon can't be drawn out, we can't finish the exorcism. And so...

Casey groaning weakly.

Marcus: ...she dies.

Breathing unsteadily.

Marcus: Why is Casey sedated? There, 4:00. Why is she sedated?

Bernadette: I ordered the sisters to give her a tincture of Passionflower.

Marcus: If I can't wake her up, then I can't exorcise her.

Bernadette: I'm afraid our professional opinions have parted ways.

Marcus: What are you saying? No.

Bernadette: Tea made from the leaves will bring about a swift and painless end.

Marcus: No!

Bernadette: Why do you think God allows His children to suffer?

Marcus: Wh... I don't know. So university freshmen have got something to argue about in their dormitories!

Bernadette: Sometimes, suffering is just suffering. It serves no higher purpose. It simply is.

Marcus: God is not the source of Casey's suffering.

Bernadette: Needlessly torturing a young woman whose body is rotting before our eyes, who has zero hope of recovery, that is not compassion.

Marcus: What, and killing her is?!

Bernadette: Why do you think we grow the belladonna? Do you think we simply release the integrated back into the world like mad puppets? Spare her now. We spare her soul. Continue this, and the demon will take her. But you know this. We'll tend to her wounds, but the sisters and I will take no further part in the exorcism. At some point, you have to ask yourself whether you're continuing this for Casey's sake or your own.

Church bell tolling.

Chris: Cocktail hour is at 1:00 in the California desert. Is this fake Mom?

Angela: Uh... I found those at a... at a thrift store, sitting in a shoe box. I figured she looked enough like me.

Chris: It's a terrible robe.

Angela chuckles.

Chris: Is that...

Angela: Kat. Kat.

Chris: Kat. She's gorgeous.

Angela: Two weeks late, 17 hours of induced labor. But the first time I saw her, uh... (exhales) something just clicked into place. As if all the horrible things that had happened to me were... worth it.

Chris: Well, I think she's a lucky kid. I know you're a wonderful mom. Better than me.

Angela: Hmm. Oh, I don't know. How many kids can say they spent Christmas Eve at the Beverly Hills Hotel, singing "Jingle Bells" on Steve McQueen's lap?

Chris: That's true.

Angela: You want to hear something crazy? I used to, uh, think that-that you got off easy, that I had to live it and you just had to watch. But... now, uh, now... I don't know. Uh, seems like it's... almost as bad than watching and waiting.

Chris: 'Cause you see her pain. And there's not a hell of a thing you can do to take it from her. I used to think I'd give up anything if you'd stop hurting my little girl.

Angela: Well, you did the best you could. What happened in that room... I can't... I can't remember. But I did feel so dirty, so... dirty, like I would never be clean again. And every time I looked in your eyes, that look like I was this broken thing. When Casey comes home, she's gonna look at me and I'm... I'm gonna say, "You are good, and you are clean, and none of this is your fault." I'm gonna say it over and over and over until she believes me.

Chris: (exhales) You do that.

Angela: Okay.

Tomas: I'll speak with Mother Bernadette, convince her to change her mind.

Marcus: Because nuns are so well-known for their flexible thinking.

Tomas: What if I find her a doctor?

Marcus: Any doctor on Earth would take one look at her and demand she be taken to a hospital immediately.

Tomas: But maybe we should take her back to the hospital.

Marcus: We've got work to do.

Quiet wheezing breaths.

Marcus: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (exhales) I'm speaking now to the entity inside this servant of the Lord.

Quiet wheezing breaths continue.

Marcus: And the date and hour of your departure.

Tomas: We have to tell her family.

Marcus: No. Star of the morning, fallen angel, you are forgiven. You are loved.

Tomas: They have the right to say good-bye.

Marcus: Nobody is saying good-bye, 'cause she's not gonna die.

Casey gasps, whimpers.

Tomas: Marcus.

Marcus: What?

Tomas: Do demons cry?

Casey: (softly) No more. No... (whispers) No more.

Siren wailing in distance, light buzzing, door creaks, light buzzing, coughs, pipe clatters on floor, quiet whooshing.

Bennett: Jesus.

Light buzzing, flies buzzing, door creaks, coughs, grunting, pipe clatters, demonic growling, demonic grunting, knife clatters on floor, blows landing, grunting continues, neck cracks, body thuds, groaning, knife slices, Bennett yells, demonic growling, metallic thud, Bennett groaning, knife clatters on floor, knife slicing, demonic growling, body thuds, demonic growling.

Bennett: You're not going anywhere. (panting) Dómine, exáudi oratiónem meam.

Pipe: (demonic voice) Your Pope is a pig.

Bennett: May the Lord pardon thee whatever sins or faults...

Pipe: (demonic voice) And pigs will be bled.

Bennett: ...thou hast committed. You stole this body. Now you're going to die.

Demonic shrieking.

Bennett: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!


Jessica: You gonna tell me what actually happened to your hand?

Tomas: I told you it was a dog.

Jessica: A dog. You know what I keep thinking about? That habitat trip we took your last year at Loyola.

Tomas: North Dakota.

Jessica: North Dakota. Every morning, I'd take my coffee out on the porch. And you'd already be out on the roof. Shirtless, hammer, no safety line. But by the time I realized I was falling in love, God, it was way too late.

Tomas: You never told me about that.

Jessica: You had seminary. I had the rest of my life.

Tomas: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: But I used to think, if we could just stay... (exhales) ...right here. If time could just... stop.

Tomas: I am still here.

Jessica: No. You're not. I know there's something wrong. Maybe it's this... this arrangement... I don't know. (sighs) But I can see it... in your eyes.

Tomas: (scoffs softly) I keep waiting for a sign. That I am doing the right thing. And there is nothing.

Jessica: Then let me help you.

Tomas: No. No. You can't.

Jessica: Even priests need confession.

Tomas: I thought that, in this room, I was just a man and you were just a woman. Wasn't that the idea?

Jessica: What happened to your hand, Tomas?

Tomas: I have to go.

Door opens, quiet wheezing breaths.

Marcus: Casey, it's Father Marcus. I need you to hold on. Can you do that for me? I need you to keep fighting.

Sirens wailing in distance.

Clerk: Help you, Father?

Tomas: Yes. Yes, you can. I... I need something for this.

Clerk: (hisses) Ooh! Whoa. That's not good.

Tomas: What do I need?

Clerk: Some serious antibiotics. You got a prescription?

Man: Hey, I know you. You're that priest I saw on TV!

Tomas: Can you write one in an emergency?

Clerk: This coat's just for show. I'm a clerk, man.

Tomas: No. That's okay, I... What... what...

Man: I... Uh, sor... I saw you talk about that girl gone missing?

Tomas: Yes. Hi. Hi.

Man: Hi!

Tomas: Hi. Hi. Yes. Uh, okay, something that you can recommend? Anything.

Clerk: I-I'm a clerk. Okay, if your name was on one of these bags, then maybe I could do something...

Man: Let me get a selfie real quick before you...

Tomas: No.

Camera clicking.

Man: Hey. It's for Donna. She calls you "the hot priest." (chuckles)

Tomas: I said no.

Man: I just wanted a photo.

Tomas: I said no.

Man: I just wanted a... I just wanted a picture!

Clattering, grunting.

Tomas: Thank you so much.

Sirens wailing in distance.

Maria: Good news. Your friend in the trucker hat has declined to press charges. Says his mother would never forgive him for sending a priest to court. (chuckles) Please tell me you were drunk.

Tomas: I was just......stupid. (sighs) I didn't know who else to call.

Maria: Lucky for you, I'm a light sleeper.

Tomas: Have you ever been in a situation where......the only way to do the right thing is... do something wrong?

Maria: Yes.

Tomas: One little lie. Just for the greater good. God won't mind. That's what you start to tell yourself, inside your head. And then it multiplies. You lie... ...to protect your own lies. (chuckles softly) Everybody keeps saying that I am this......rising star. (laughs) Rising star. Yeah, right. (chuckles) They don't know the truth.

Maria: What truth is that?

Tomas: That I am losing myself.

Quiet wheezing breaths.

Marcus: Dear God. Is this one of your unfathomable plans......that we can't question or understand?

Door creaks, quiet wheezing breaths continue.

Tomas: Katherine.

Kat: Thank you. Come in.

Tomas: Uh, where... where is she?

Door closes.

Kat: She's upstairs with my dad and her mom. Um... you haven't... heard anything new from the police, have you?

Tomas: Um... no.

Kat: She's not doing well. She's asking about you.

Angela: (exhales) I need...

Henry: What do you need, Ange?

Angela: I need, uh...

Henry: Ange, look who it is. Look who's here.

Angela: I...

Tomas (whispers) Hi, Angela.

Angela: Hi. Hi. How good to see you. (exhales)

Henry: She's been asking for you.

Angela: I came to your... I... I came to your office. And I thought it was Kat. And, uh... and the raven crashed through... crashed through the... through the window.

Tomas: Right. I remember that.

Angela: Yeah. And, uh... (sniffles) Don't cry, Kat.

Kat: I love you, Mom.

Angela: (panting) It wasn't you, it was... it was Casey. It was Casey. You were there for the... and you... I, uh... I thought you should know. I thought you should know because you cared so much.

Tomas: About what, Angela?

Angela: (panting) What... what... Wait. Aw. When, uh... when Casey... when Casey ran.

Tomas: When Casey ran away?

Angela: Yeah. When she ran, I knew. I knew that... she was okay, because I could feel... I could feel, and right here, I could feel. And sometimes it was... it was very strong, and sometimes... it was just a little, uh... a flutter, a flutter. But, uh... Oh... But... Um... (sniffles) But today... uh, uh... today, ...it's nothing. It's nothing. Now, uh, it's e-empty. And a... part of me... is gone. And... And she... she's gone. She's gone.

Quiet wheezing breaths, speaks quietly, quiet wheezing breaths continue.

Marcus: This is wrong.

Bernadette: This is mercy. Look at her. Listen to her.

Marcus: He has my hands. This is His design. I'll not interfere.

Bernadette: How? How can you possibly know that?

Marcus: How can you not?

Door opens, high heel footsteps approaching, wheezing gasp, exhales.

Casey: (demonic voice) Ah... The sow.

Angela: Casey.

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