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Chapter Five: Through My Most Grievous Fault

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Tomas: Isn't that the Book of Revelation? . . . . . Where is that?

Marcus: It's called Charnwood Forest. Near where I was born. Woods, rocks, caves. Some say it's where King Lear went mad. My mum used to take me there sometimes for walkies. Probably the only thing she was good for. . . . You all right?

Dog barking in distance.

Tomas: I worry about them. I can feel the toll it is taking. These last two days have been...

Marcus: You're good at this, you know. You've got a knack.

Thunder rumbles.

Music playing.

Weatherman (on TV): As this storm continues to sweep east, the National Weather Service has issued severe weather warnings at this time, so we're going to continue to see heavy rainfall throughout this evening and into tomorrow.

Newsman (on TV): Stocks dropped at the opening as global concerns weigh on market. The Dow and the S&P 500 are down for the second straight day as United Technology stock slips eight percent after their CEO abruptly resigned.

Henry: Our Father, who art in Heaven... Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses...

Labored breathing.

Henry: ...as we forgive those...

Casey: (rasping) Daddy? I have a secret.


Casey: Want to hear it? (whispering) Closer.

Demonic voices overlapping indistinctly, thunder crashes.

Man speaking indistinctly on TV.

Angela: Henry... what is it? Is she all right? Are you okay, Henry? Wh-What...?

Rain falling outside.

Music playing over headphones: There's a knock at your door . . . . . You don't even recognize the stranger

Loud banging.

Music: It's you from before . . . . . Trying to warn you all about the dangers . . . . . There's a hole in your head
At least that's what everybody's guessing . . . . . It's why you're always misread
Why you sleep but you never feel rested . . . . . You never get your rest in

Loud banging continues.

Music: Hold on to your heart

Banging continues, music continues indistinctly.

Kat: Case. Case, can you hear me? Are you all right?

Violent banging, banging continues, bang.

Weatherman (on TV): Storms will develop through the late afternoon and into the evening. Now, some areas could see multiple rounds of heavy downpours, according to the NWS. Thunderstorm activity is expected to continue, which will trigger extensive connective showers. Now, we're going to also see a drop in temperatures...

Radio drowned out by rain, thunder crashes.

Weatherman (on TV): Drivers are encouraged to take alternate routes.

Gounod's Faust Waltz playing, heavy thuds.

Marcus: The Lord Jesus Christ and His Almighty host, release this woman!

Praying continues indistinctly, banging, thudding overhead, thunder crashing.

Marcus: Pray for us. All holy disciples of the Lord.

Tomas and Marcus: Pray for us. All holy innocents. Pray for us. St. Stephen... Pray for us. St. Lawrence... Pray for us. St. Vincent... Pray for us. St. Fabian and Sebastian... Both: Pray for us.

Casey: (demonic voice) Is that all you got, little man?

Tomas and Marcus: Saints John and Paul... Pray for us.

Casey: (demonic voice, laughs) "Pray for us?" Not exactly El Papa Mexicano. Wasn't that your grandfather's wish? Someday you'll be the first Mexican pope?

Tomas and Marcus: Pray for us.

Casey: (demonic voice) No. That was your own invention. Makes for a better story at those North Side cocktail parties.

Tomas and Marcus: Pray for us.

Casey: (demonic voice) But it's still a lie!

Thunder crashes.

Marcus: I silence you, unclean spirit!

Casey: (demonic voice, speaking Latin) You are a liar, but I absolve you . . . Polly Parrot!

Marcus: Son of the morning, ashes on the earth, profane thing banished from grace. You are forgiven. Now leave this body and be redeemed. Leave the soul of this child of God, I command you.

Casey: (demonic voice) Suffer the little children, priest, she's a pig led to slaughter.

Unearthly screech.

Tomas: She's a child of God!

Casey: (demonic voice) She is a bastard spirit of a jealous despot. Your God is filth. Kneel before me. I am Havoc, I am Despair.

Marcus: You're nothing, but a lost, angry soul throwing a temper tantrum. You let this young woman go!

Thunder crashes, chains rattling, bones cracking, gasps, thunder crashes.

Casey: (demonic voice) Isn't it wonderful?

Thunder crashes.

Angela: Henry, how long have you been there? I know, right? Can you believe it? It's only been how many years? Of course, what I should do is scan them into the computer. It would be a lot easier, but...

Banging, Tomas speaking indistinctly, banging continues, indistinct shouting.

Angela: I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Henry: What is this?

Angela: Oh, wow, do you know what this is? This is your old phone number. You wrote it on this the day that we met. Remember? It was in that... oh, my God, disgusting sports bar at LaGuardia. We had an eight-hour delay, The Perfect Storm '91. Please tell me you remember.

Henry: (sighs) Angela, do you believe in God?

Angela: What?

Henry: Do you believe that our actions are answerable to consequences from a higher power?

Angela: You know what I think? I think we both forgot to eat today. Low blood sugar. I mean, between that and the... and the weather and... what's going on upstairs. You know, y-you need to be responsible for yourself. It can't always be on me.

Henry: Have you ever lied to me?

Angela: Henry.

Henry: Have you ever lied to me?

Angela: I heard you. You know what I could use right now, Henry, is a little cooperation. Is that too much to ask for? I mean, what is this? What are you saying?

Demonic laughter.

Angela: 'Cause if you're implying that I... Are you saying this is my fault? Is that what you're saying? How? How am I to blame for this, Henry? No. No.

Marcus: You have to fight this, Casey.

Humming in woman's voice.

Marcus: I know you don't feel strong enough, but that's what we're here for... to help you fight.

Casey: (humming, voice of Tomas' mother speaking Spanish) My son, why do you do this? Look at me, my son. I never wanted this for you. You have one life. Go live it.

Tomas: (speaking Spanish) This isn't true. Stop it!

Casey: (voice of Tomas' mother speaking Spanish) Why do you punish yourself?

Marcus: Don't look at it.

Tomas: (speaking Spanish) This isn't true. Stop it!

Casey: (voice of Tomas' mother speaking Spanish) Don't you love me, Tomas?

Marcus: Don't let it in your head.

Tomas: (speaking Spanish) Shut up! You are not my Grandmother.

Humming resumes.

Marcus: Tomas!

Tomas: (speaking Spanish) You are not my Grandmother... Shut up!

Marcus: Tomas...

Tomas: Depart this place, demon. I co... I command you!

Casey: (voice of Tomas' mother speaking Spanish) Aye, you're hurting me, my son! Why? Why?

Gasping, exhales deeply.

Tomas: I know. I know.

Marcus: You can do this.

Tomas: But the way it takes love... it finds it, you can feel it sniffing for it... and twists it.

Marcus: That's what it's doing to Casey's soul.

Sighs deeply, Casey screaming.

Casey: (demonic voice) This little piggy goes to market, this little piggy stays home, this little piggy goes...

Growling, shrieking, Marcus grunting, growling.

Casey: (demonic voice) Till she gives me her rancid little soul.

Guttural shrieking, chains rattling.

Henry: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Thunder crashes, door creaking, dripping.

Henry: Oh... Oh, man. Come on! (sighs) Ah. (chuckles)

Dripping continues, Casey moaning softly, Marcus whispering indistinctly, Casey moans, whimpering.

Salesman: Why are you fighting me?

Casey whimpers.

Salesman: Do you know what it is to have paradise within your reach? Never be allowed to touch it? Imagine never sleeping again or eating, feeling the sun on your face.

Casey: (normal voice) Why? Why me? Please. What do you want from me?

Salesman: Quit pretending. You know perfectly well what you must do. Bring her to me!

Cries, skin sizzling, gasping, whispering indistinctly.

Marcus: Amen. Shh...


Marcus: In the name of Jesus...

Kat: You've got to stop this, Mom.

Thunder crashes.

Kat: Are you listening to me? How could you just sit there?

Angela: Kat, we're doing everything we can.

Kat: I think we should call the cops.

Angela: No.

Kat: Have you even been up there?

Angela: Sweetie.

Kat: Why won't they let me see her? Why the hell did you let them discharge her from the hospital? At least there, she had doctors.

Angela: Kat, please don't yell at me. I don't think I can handle it.

Kat: Look, I don't know what's wrong with her any more than you do. But what Casey needs right now is professional care.

Angela: Hey, look. Look at this. Look what I found.

Kat: I think when people obsess about the past, it's because they're afraid of the future. We can't be afraid. We just have to do the right thing.

Marcus: But how do you know what's right?

Thunder crashes.

Angela: Is she...?

Marcus: Sleeping.

Angela: Would you care for a cup of tea?

Marcus: Oh, that would be a blessing. I wish I'd had an older sister like you growing up. Would have saved me a world of trouble.

Kat: Do you really think you're helping?

Marcus: If you believe nothing else, Kat, believe this. I would never hurt Casey.

Thunder crashes, knocking, sighing.

Tomas: One minute.

Knocking forcefully.

Tomas: Yes?

Jessica: Tomas, come here.

Tomas: Jessica?

Door creaks.

Jessica: Tomas? Tomas, come to me. Tomas?

Tomas: You're not Jessica.

Jessica: Then who am I?

Praying quickly in Spanish.

Tomas? Look at me.

Praying quietly in Spanish.

Jessica: What is it about me that scares you so much?

Speaking Spanish.

Tomas: You're not Jessica. You're not Jessica.

Jessica: Tell me. Don't tell God. I'm right here. Is it the fear of losing yourself? Letting yourself love and be loved for once.

Tomas: (whispering) You're a married woman.

Jessica: Only in the eyes of God. With my eyes, you could see much more. Give me your hands.

Tomas: Unclean... spirit.

Jessica: Unclean?

Tomas: (whispering) Stop it.

Jessica: I thought you liked the way I smell. Go on. Doesn't Christ preach to feed the hungry? (whispering) And I am so hungry, Tomas. So hungry. It's time for you to pray.

Casey: (demonic voice) I will make you forget God.

Thunder crashing, Tomas moaning.

Marcus: Tomas!

Casey: (demonic voice) Just as I was getting ahead.

Marcus grunts.

Casey: That's more like it.

Tomas: Marcus, listen.

Marcus: Oh, no, no, no, you are not gonna rationalize this. You let that thing in there compromise you. You're useless to me now.

Tomas: Wait! Tell me you've never made a mistake.

Marcus: Oh, I've made plenty. Just so happens this one's yours. You're a liability, understand?

Kat: Casey?

Casey: (normal voice) Help me, Kat, they're torturing me.

Marcus: Where do you think you're going? Get the hell away from there!

Kat: Casey! Casey!

Thunder rumbles.

Casey: (demonic voice) What an excellent day for an exorcism.

Marcus: What is your name, demon? What do you want?

Casey: (demonic voice) You... with us. An excommunicated priest would make quite the jewel in our crown.

Marcus: Then why torture Casey?

Casey: (demonic voice) You can have her. Though I didn't think that girls were your flavor.

Marcus: You're a coward... hiding behind a young woman.

Casey: (demonic voice) You're not fit to say grace, let alone perform an exorcism. (male voice with Scouse accent) I always knew you'd be a failure, boy.

Marcus: Very clever.

Casey: (demonic voice) He's very disappointed in you, your dad.

Marcus: If you know him... then you know what happened to him.

Casey: (demonic voice, speaking French) History is but a lie agreed-upon.

Marcus: Is it her innocence that excites you? You think she's weak 'cause she's a woman? Pick on someone your own size.

Casey: (demonic voice) When I get what I want.

Marcus: What do you want?

Casey: (demonic voice) Bring her to me.

Marcus: Who?

Casey: (demonic voice) Face your failures, priest. What's another soul rotting in the dust of humanity?

Marcus: All this 'cause God turned his back on you, you spiteful, jealous spirit. Be gone! (groans) She doesn't want you. Can't you feel her fighting? The force of God's love will cast you out, fallen angel. You let the blood of Christ redeem you.

Casey: (demonic voice, snarls) What do you know of love?

Marcus: You let the blood of Christ redeem you.

Casey: (female with Irish accent) Only the good can be loved. Isn't that right, dear?

Marcus: Mum?

Jessica: Jim's in Houston on business. I was out.

Mum: You know I was never one for sentiment or feeling, son. But I need you to know this. Your father and I......it were a hard life. It was a good one... all things considered......up until you come along. You was a mistake... son. You was never supposed to happen.

Marcus: Don't say that.

Mum: Cost your father his pension. Bet you didn't know that, huh? Probably why he brained me with that hammer of his.

Both moaning.

Mum: You took our lives away. Marcus. Mum: Should have flushed you when I had the chance.

Casey: (voice of Marcus' Dad) Go on, lad. What are you waiting for? Kill the little bitch like I done your useless mum.

Marcus: Is that all you've got?

Casey: (demonic voice) That which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with the cares of this world. For there is nothing secret. Damned are the meek, that shall not be made manifest, for they are as lambs nor hid that shall not led to slaughter.

Marcus: Be known and come to light!

Casey: (demonic voice) Give over, Marcus. Come to us.

Heavy breathing.

Marcus: I cast you and I order you into the light, unclean spirit. Leave this servant of God!

Unnatural shrieking.

Sirens wailing.

Angela: No. No.

Kat: Mom.

Angela: No.

Kat: Mom, no.

Angela: No, no!

Kat: Mom, this is for Casey's own good!

Marcus: Casey? Take my hand, Casey, I'm right here.

Loud banging on door.

Officer: Police!

Kat: Up the stairs.

Officer: Let us go, ma'am.

Angela: Please! They're coming! The police are coming!

Marcus: Casey...

Angela: No!

Officer: Yes.

Angela: No, you don't understand.

Officer 2: Get out of the way!

Casey: (demonic voice) Ipse venit.

Grunts, groans.

Marcus: No, no! No!

Marcus grunting.

Angela: You can't interrupt it. Get off me. Let go of me. Casey!

Kat: Mom.

Angela: Casey!

Kat: Mom, this is for her own good.

Angela: You can't!

Officer: Please, clear the hallway.

Officer 2: We've got to get in here, ma'am, please.

Angela: What are you doing? No! No! No, you don't understand.

Officer: Back here, please.

Angela: The man is a priest. No, no, no, come on. You can't stop this. Don't! No! Let go of me! Let go! Casey!

Kat: Mom, Mom, please. Please, this is for her own good.

Angela: Let me go! You can't! You'll kill her. You can't take her. You'll kill her. (crying) Casey, Casey!

Kat: Mom, Mom, please. Please, it's for her own good.

Officer: Can we clear the hallway, please?

Speaking indistinctly, indistinct radio transmission, siren wailing.

Jaffey: Mr. and Mrs. Rance, I know this is a very difficult moment for you. Please know that everyone here, is here for you. If there's anything we can do, you just let us know. Your daughter's on the way to the hospital. She's gonna receive the very best care available. But we're really gonna need to talk about what happened here tonight, Mr. and Mrs. Rance.

Man (over radio) 724, this is dispatch, over. 724, this is dispatch, come in.

Heavy rattling, men screaming, snarling.

Reporter: Breaking news now, the Andersonville family of a missing young woman is fearing the worst this evening after her disappearance two nights ago after a deadly ambulance crash. Casey Rance was being transported to a local hospital when her ambulance suffered a bizarre and deadly crash. Authorities have declined to state the nature of Miss Rance's underlying illness, but they have issued every assurance that she will be found.

Jaffey: (on TV) As police superintendent and as a father with children of my own, I can guarantee no one here will rest until Casey is safely brought home to her family.

Marcus: Ipse venit. Ipse venit... Himself... is coming. He... is coming.

Door buzzes, keys jingle.

Bennett: What am I gonna do with you?

Marcus: You need to warn His Holiness.

Angela: (shudders) Casey! (panting) Henry? Sweetie, what is it?

Henry: Angela, is there something you need to tell me?

Angela: I'm sorry. I've been very selfish lately. I haven't really let you in, have I? Henry, if you won't talk to me, if you won't tell me what's troubling you, how am I supposed...?

Henry: You need to confess.

Inhales, exhales.

Doors open, doors close.

Tomas: (whispering in Spanish) I confess to almighty God, and to you, my brothers and sisters that I have sinned through my own fault . . . in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done and in what I have failed to do. It's my fault, my fault, my great fault. So I ask blessed Mary, ever virgin, all the angels and saints, and you, my brothers and sisters, to pray for me

Doors open.

Tomas: Hello?

Angela: St. Anthony. He was the patron saint of...

Tomas: Uh... lost things.

Angela: I thought that was St. Jude.

Tomas: No, St. Jude is lost causes.

Angela: So how can you tell when something stops being lost and starts being a lost cause?

Tomas: We're going to find Casey. People don't just disappear.

Angela: Well... That's the problem, isn't it? She was disappearing... before she was ever lost. Henry's illness... Kat's accident... Casey. Why did you become a priest, father? Was... was there...? Your grandmother. That's right. El Papa Mexicano. I love that story.

Yes, um... (clicks tongue) ...a story.

Angela: (sighs) My parents split up when I was... quite young. My father, never saw much of him. So I lived with my mom. My friends were mostly... well, her friends, adults. Always moving, always changing schools. It was when we lived in D.C. that... they called it a nervous breakdown. Except it wasn't a breakdown. You know how sometimes kids have an imaginary friend? I had one. To me, he looked like a... little red bird. He could do just about anything.

Correction. He could make me do... just about anything. At first......he made me feel special. Then... I can't remember most of it. Thankfully. Post-traumatic amnesia, it's called. Afterwards, I just wanted to move on with my life, put it behind me. But my mother, she was always finding new ways to use my story to make a buck. "This is the path God gave us, sweetie, use it." But I... I ran away from all that. Changed my name. I never told her where I went. I never saw her again. I... I reinvented myself. But it didn't matter. No matter what I did, I chose Angela. (chuckles softly) Angela.

Doorbell rings.

Angela: Like a name would protect me. That I dreamed I could have a life, a chance. Didn't matter. It wasn't done with me. It's coming for me, Father, I know it. My name is Regan MacNeil.

Chris: I'm Chris MacNeil. I've come to see my daughter.

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