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Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast

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Angela: Casey! Casey!

Music: Well, come along boys and listen to my tale . . . . . I'll tell you all my troubles on the old Chisholm Trail
Come a Ki-yi-yippee-yay, yippee-yay

Casey: Mom?

Angela: You gave me a start, sweetheart. You certainly took your time getting up this morning, didn't you? You know what they say, the last one up is a rotten egg.

Casey: You're cooking?

Angela: Don't act so surprised. Your favorite omelet.

Quietly gasps.

Angela: Ooh, that's lucky. Why don't you go join your Father and sister at the table? This will be ready in a jiff.

Casey: Dad, what are you doing?

Henry: Just my job, Button.

Kat: Don't be jealous, Case.

Henry: It's true, Button. Every girl can't be a swan.

Angela: Okay. Dig in, Buttercup.


Salesman: You're being ungracious, dear. Not to mention rude to your family. Picky eaters, they grow up to be depressives and sexual anorexics, you know. Try it. You'll like it. Why resist, darling?

Casey: This isn't like you said it'd be. Something's not right here.

Gasps, grunting, panting.

Salesman: See what you made me do? Do you think I want to hurt you?

Grunts, panting, whimpers.

Salesman: You force me to do this when you resist. Now, I know it's difficult, but you really must give in completely. So say yes. One tiny little word. Yes...

Casey: No, no! No! No!

Salesman: Casey.

Casey: No! No!

Salesman: Casey.

Casey: (crying) No.

Salesman: Casey.

Angela: 72 hours?

Doctor: That is the length of the hold, yes.

Angela: Are you saying there's nothing we can do about that?

Doctor: (sighs) This incident on the train, um, the police have the authority to involuntarily confine someone like your daughter, who may be a danger to herself or others.

Angela: No, you don't understand.

Doctor: E.R. cleaned her up. We'll evaluate her. We're gonna do everything we can for your daughter.

Henry: When can we see her?

Doctor: Right. Um, there's no visitors allowed on a 5150. But you are welcome to stay here if you want, long as you like. She's in great hands.

Kat: I mean, maybe this is a good thing. They're gonna do tests and figure out what's wrong with her. I'm gonna get everyone coffee.

Angela: Henry, this hospital...

Henry: It was the closest one to the train. It's gonna be fine.

Line ringing, knocking.

Postulant Claire: May I help you?

Marcus: Good morning, Sister. I was hoping that I might speak with the abbess.

Postulant Claire: The abbess has taken a vow of silence.

Marcus: Of course. Uh, what time is her hour of respite? She does take one, doesn't she? Otherwise, I mean, she'd go a bit...

Postulant Claire: Mother Bernadette is very busy. She rarely accepts visitors.

Marcus: Bennett sent me. My name's Marcus Keane.

Postulant Claire: The garden. Around the side.

Indistinct chatter, siren wailing in distance.

Tomas: Henry, I came as soon as I heard. Are you okay?

Henry: Me? I don't know. But Casey... I've never seen anything like it.

Angela: Father, did the bishop approve the exorcism?

Tomas: They were not convinced.

Angela: They said no?

Tomas: I've been forbidden from... taking further action other than prayer and advisement.

Angela: So what you're saying is you're useless to us.

Henry: Ange.

Tomas: I'm doing everything I can.

Angela: What about your friend, Marcus? If you can't help us, maybe he can.

Marcus is gone, excommunicated. So, yes, unfortunately, I'm all you got.

Angela: Father, these doctors are telling me that I can't do anything for her. I can't even see her for the next... 60-something hours. And the longer she's in there, this thing festers. Please, doctors and tests are not what she needs. This isn't fair, Father.

Tomas: I will find a way. There is someone I can talk to. Have faith in me.

Music: Like the moon . . . . . Mmm . . . . . Shining its face . . . . . Seems so near . . . . . Yet so far away . . . . . But that's the way love is
That's the way love is . . . . . Day after day . . . . . Day after day . . . . . It's so near . . . . . But yet so far away . . . . . So far away.

Angela: How is she?

Doctor: Uh, well, we've made some progress. There's no intracranial bleeding or temporal lobe epilepsy.

Angela: So, progress in terms of ruling things out. Find anything you'd rule in?

Doctor: It's a process, Mrs. Rance. She's severely dehydrated, and... there is the genital trauma.


Angela: Genital trauma?

Dr. Rho: We found burns.

Angela: I don't understand. Who are you?

Dr. Rho: Dr. Rho, psychiatric attending. We're concerned the trauma might be self-inflicted. Is there history of mental illness in the family? Schizophrenia...

Angela: No mental illness. What I don't understand is this law that allows you to stumble around looking for explanations, when, clearly, she's not getting better.

Doctor: I understand your frustration. We're frustrated, too. But there are some more tests we can run. And in the meantime, we're giving her fluids and we're keeping her as comfortable as... Just hang in there.

Nuns singing.

Postulant Claire: Watch.

Singing continues, man snarling, snarling continues, singing stops, snarling.

Postulant Claire: Holy Mary.

All: Holy Mary.

Postulant Claire: Holy Mother of God.

All: Mother of the Church.

Postulant Claire: Mother of Divine Grace.

All: Mother most pure.

Postulant Claire: Mother most chaste.

All: Mother inviolate.

Growls, shouts.

Postulant Claire: Mother undefiled.

All: Mother most amiable.

Postulant Claire: Mother most admirable.

All: Mother of good counsel.

Postulant Claire: Mother of our Creator.

All: Mother of our Savior.

Low growling.

Nuns: O vriziol maiz, offeret hoc liuionz limix. Brazchia inferorum...

Roaring, groans.

Nuns: reverta ad tronziol...

Low growling.

Nuns: Ninxia nigrum, liberati a conchsis.

Son of the morning, banished from grace.

Low growling.

Nuns: Profane thing, ashes on the earth.


Postulant Claire: You are relieved, outcast. Fallen angel, you are loved.

Low groaning.

Postulant Claire: Restrain him before he rises again. We must go. Come with me.

Low groaning continues, grunting.

Marcus: Is the Abbess ready to receive me?

Postulant Claire: The Abbess is resting.

Marcus: So was I.

Postulant Claire: The sisters have work to do in the garden... and your presence is... undesired.

Marcus: Now, there's a... a young woman whose life might depend on my speaking with her.

Postulant Claire: There are many who depend on Mother Bernadette's aid. She'll speak to you when she's ready.

Marcus: Does she know Bennett sent me? I don't suppose I could use your... Nuns. Bog. (sniffles) "Rego."

Rhythmic beeping.

Faye: Miss Faye knows you're sad, but God don't put us through nothing that we cannot bear, pretty thing. You got to get stronger if you want to get out of here.

Salesman: Isn't she sweet? She called you "pretty."

Faye: Take a deep breath for me. You won't feel a thing.

Hissing, groans softly.

Salesman: No one in their right mind would call you "pretty" now. If I had a mirror, you'd see what resistance is doing to your lilac face, your snow white body. (hissing)

Faye: That's strange. Can't find a vein.

Pained groan.

Faye: It'll be in, in a minute. Just one more try.

You're doing this to me.

Salesman: I was making you perfect.

You tricked me.

Faye: Oh, I'm sorry. This never happens.


Faye: Now, don't you tire yourself out talking, angel. You save your strength.

Salesman: When you stop fighting it, the pain goes away... (hissing) ...and you and I can dance a dark floor, tip tap, tippity tap. Tip. Tap.

I don't believe you.

Faye: Shh.Shh. Shh. It's all over now, pumpkin. You'll feel better soon, I promise.

Salesman: (humming) I couldn't agree more.

Door closes, hissing, groaning, whimpers.

Tinny, old-fashioned piano music plays.

Cherry: "I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspirations to sing."

Female scream on tape.

Cherry: The depraved individual who wrote those bone-chilling words was none other than Chicago's most notorious serial killer, H.H. Holmes, AKA, "The Devil in the White City."

Woman: I read that book.

Cherry: You did? Good for you. Don't interrupt. Chicago has always attracted the sinful, the savage, the sadistic. Nurse-killer, Richard Speck.


Cherry: Killer clown John Wayne Gacy.


Cherry: But none of them could compare in sheer wickedness to Dr. Henry H. Holmes.


Cherry: No, Lester. We cut that one.

Lester: No. I don't think we did.

Cherry: We did. Unbelievable. Where was I? Um, Holmes would butcher and dissect the corpses of those he killed...

Marcus: There were ritual dismemberments?

Cherry: Excuse me, sir. I'm sorry. I said no interrup...

Marcus: Did they include the heart, the liver, or the genitals?

Lester: We'll let you know when it's time to ask the questions, chief. Go on.

Distant siren blaring.

Henry: Hey, there you are.

Angela: Oh. Hey. Oh, sorry. I should have told you where I was going.

Henry: That's all right. I don't need supervision at all times.

Angela: I... I didn't mean that.

Henry: I'm kidding. I told Kat to go home, take a shower, change clothes. Maybe we should, too. Hmm.

Angela: 36 more hours.

Henry: Remember the time we took the girls to Maine?

Angela: Yeah, uh... Algonquin?

Henry: Ogunquit.

Angela: Uh, Ogunquit.

Henry: Ogunquit. (laughs) I've never told you this, but on the drive home, you were taking a nap. I pulled off at this rest stop. Kat wanted something out of the... You put the coins in?

Angela: Vending machine.

Henry: Yeah. I turn around, Casey's not there. So I look for her. She's not in the bathroom, she's not in the car. Then I see her standing by the side of the freeway... cars just flying past.

Angela: Oh.

Imitates whooshing.

Angela: (whispers) Oh, God.

Henry: She's picking flowers. That's the most scared I've ever been. Until last night. What she did on the train... that wasn't Casey.

Angela: Huh.

Henry: So when she gets out of here, whatever you think is the best thing to do... with Father Tomas, or Marcus or... I'm on board.

Angela: Mm.

Henry: But for now, we should go home.

Speaking Spanish.

Tomas: Thank you.

Maria: And who is this?

Speaking Spanish.

Tomas: Uh, he is my little nephew, Luis. Uh, sometimes he's a little bit shy.

Maria: Aren't you a sturdy young man?

Phone dings, phone buzzes.

Maria: I'll tell you what, Luis. Why don't you follow Karen to the kitchen, and she'll have Philippe make you whatever treat you like.

Tomas: Within reason.

Maria: Within reason, of course.

Tomas: Thank you.

Whispering in Spanish.

Tomas: I am really sorry. My sister... she works a lot of jobs, temps. She never knows her schedule in advance.

Maria: It sounds difficult.

Tomas: Well, being a single mom is, but I'm sure you can imagine.

Maria: I can't, actually. George wasn't interested in having children when we married. But even if he wanted to, I suppose I was a bit "past my prime," would be the delicate way to put it. But you didn't come here to listen to me rattle on. What did you want to discuss?

Tomas: Yes. Uh, there is a girl in my parish, and I would like to perform a service for her, but Bishop Egan... he's... tied my hands, so...

Maria: So?

Tomas: I thought maybe if I could bring my case to the cardinal, maybe...

Maria: You want to go above Egan's head? Devious, Father. I mean it as a compliment.

Tomas: Ah.

Rhythmic beeping and whooshing, moaning.

Maria: This service you want to perform... is it the right thing to do?

Tomas: I believe it is the right thing. It may be the only thing.

Maria: Follow your impulses, and keep it quiet.

Beeping and whooshing.

Maria: Nobody has more respect for the church than me.

Rattled breathing.

Maria: But we can both admit, they're hardly infallible.

Moaning, groaning, beeping.

Uncle Tomas. (speaking Spanish) There's a scary man in there.

Tomas speaks Spanish.

Tomas: Um... we've taken enough of your time. I appreciate the advice. Uh... thank you.

Maria: Anytime. I noticed you hadn't cashed my check yet, Father.

Tomas: Yes. Uh, first thing in the morning. Thank you.

Luis: (speaking Spanish) I don't like it here.

Tomas: (sighs) Tara? Can you deposit this check first thing tomorrow morning, please?

Tara: Uh, since when do we get six-figure checks?

Tomas: It's a big one, I know.

Tara: You sure we're not laundering money for the Mob here?

Tomas: 90% sure. (sighs)


Tomas: Yes?

Door opens.

Tomas: Jessica. (sighs heavily)

Doctor: Let me know when you have her intubated.

Angela: What's going on?

Doctor: Well, unfortunately, she's not retaining fluids or eating. So I am having the nurses put in a feeding tube.

Angela: No. No.

Doctor: I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Mrs. Rance, but under the hold, I don't require your permission.

Casey crying.

Doctor: She is ours for one more day, and the decision is mine.

Casey continues crying.

Jessica: It's not like I was even looking for it. He accidently sends me a text meant for her, with emojis, like a 13-year-old. I play along. He doesn't figure out it's me for, like, ten minutes. I come home. I confront him. He tries to pretend he doesn't know what I'm talking about. I show him my phone, then he gives up. And you and me? Tortured for writing letters, and all that time Jim's...

Tomas: No, no, this... this wasn't your fault.

Jessica: Are you sure about that? I need to be at work early morning. I should, um... I don't know, get a hotel. God, the thought of going back there.

Tomas: No, no, please stay. I-I... you-you can take the bed.

Jessica: What about you?

Tomas: (exhales) I can take the couch. Uh... probably you think I am being a gentleman. I am being a nice person. Actually, that bed is... (whispers) horrible.

Dixieland jazz playing, train whistle blowing.

Marcus: Is that yours?

Cherry: That's where I met Lester. I was Anthropology. He was at the Div School. Eyeballed him in this seminar on the occult I was auditing. CO2 plus H2. Boom. Maybe don't bring up academia around him. He never finished his doctorate.

Lester: Inaccurate. I finished. Those snippety bastards screwed me out of it. How do you know Bennett?

Marcus: He excommunicated me.

Lester chuckles)

Cherry: Must have been on to something big. That's when they come for you.

Lester: So, what'd you do to Bennett?

Cherry: Don't pry.

Lester: I'm not prying. I want to know.

Cherry: That is the definition of prying.

Marcus: I pulled a gun on him... amongst other things.

Cherry: A priest with a gun.

Marcus: An exorcist with a gun... to be accurate, Cherry.

Lester: An exorcist. You're an exorcist. So you must have noticed the surge, then. If you look, you see it over and over, these surges of, I don't know, whatever you want to call it... uh, brutality, carnage.

Cherry: Demonic activity.

Lester: Preceding some truly cataclysmic event. Think of England before the great London fire in 1666.

Cherry: 666.

Marcus: Stop right there with your... numerological "Number of the Beast" conspiracy bollocks.

Cherry: Not so good with people, are you?

Lester: The point is, the pressure builds, the plates slip, the earthquake comes, and Chicago's on the fault line this time around.

Marcus: Why Chicago?

Lester: (scoffs softly) Evil's a moveable feast, Padre. Lucifer and his crew banished from Heaven. They're always looking for a place to set down their bag. Hey, grab me my folder, will you there, Doctor?

Cherry: I don't respond well to orders, Lester.

Lester: Oh, funny, that's not the tune you sing in the ol' boudoir.

Cherry: Pig. (groans) Conditions are ripe. The homicide rate here just goes up, up, up.

Lester: Consolidate poverty, and you create these cultures of violence. It jumps from one person to the next like a virus. If you don't want to be a victim, you have to be a killer.

Cherry: So 4,000 people get shot, or stabbed, or fill in the blank this year.

Lester: On the bus, you asked about dismemberments. I assume you're making a connection to the whole Englewood murders, right?

Marcus: Yeah, there were organs... harvested, specific organs for a mass called...

Cherry: Vocare Pulvere.

Marcus: You know it?

Cherry: I've seen it. A professor of mine, Rexroth, he, uh, he taught a class on ritual. Cult of angels, Vocare Pulvere. Ceremony of ash. Those organs... they're only used for one reason.

Marcus/Lester: A summoning.

Marcus: What do you know about Tattersal Landscaping?

Jessica: Yeah?

Tomas: Hi. Uh... are you okay?

Jessica: This is weird, right? I knew this would be weird.

Tomas: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's-it's fine. It's not weird.

Phone vibrating.

Tomas: Sorry.

Jessica: Now it's weird.

Tomas: It's a woman in my congregation.

Jessica: I talked at you for an hour... come on, tell me, confess.

Tomas: There is a situation. This woman, she needs my help. Um... the Church told me I cannot, but I'm gonna do it anyway.

Jessica: Tomas Ortega... rule breaka.

Tomas: You see? I don't always follow them like you say.

Jessica: I take it all back. (chuckles) Any other lines you're thinking of crossing?

Phone vibrating.

Tomas: Good night.

Jessica: (whispers) Good night.

Doctor: It's okay, Casey. Restrain her.

Doctor and nurses continue speaking indistinctly.

Casey: No. (gasping breaths, coughing)

Doctor: All right... loaded. IV push.


Doctor: Chokehold.

Nurses continue speaking indistinctly.

Doctor: All right. Try and relax. Try and relax, Casey.

Doctor speaking indistinctly, monitor beeping.

Salesman: Love.

Casey coughs.

Salesman: Unconditional love. It's right there on the other side of the door. But you keep staring through the people as if you don't deserve it. I have a sledgehammer in my pocket. I will lift it up and bring it down... again and again... and again. Just... you... wait.

Whooshing, gasps, exhales sharply, sighs.

Marcus: Jessica? "Stronger." Yeah, right.

Postulant Claire: I trust you found a place to hang your hat?

Marcus: I did indeed. A pair of tour guides with a trailer let me sleep in something called a "nook." Bit like a womb.

Postulant Claire: It's a shame they didn't have a shower you could use.

Marcus: If I didn't know better, Sister, I'd call that flirting.

Postulant Claire: Well, it's good you know better, then.

Bell begins tolling.

Postulant Claire: Mother Bernadette. Father Marcus.

Bell continues tolling.

Bernadette: A priest walks into a convent. The punch line hasn't occurred to me yet.

Marcus: These look angry.

Bernadette: The cost of doing business. We've tried to grow aloe vera for such purposes, but it just doesn't thrive in a Midwestern climate.

Marcus: I've noticed that the belladonna flourishes, though. What do you use it for?

Bernadette: Extreme cases.

Marcus: The man I saw yesterday?

Bernadette: Difficult, but not hopeless.

Marcus: How many days?

Bernadette: It's been a week now. . . . . So... Marcus Keane. Father Bennett speaks admiringly of you. What's the phrase he used? "A pain in my ass."

Marcus: (laughs) Yeah, well... the feeling's mutual, I assure you. I guess he thought you could help me. Bennett suggested that the church might have been compromised. He fears for His Holiness' safety here.

Bernadette: He's not wrong. There's been an escalation in the numbers of the possessed. To be honest, it's been a bear keeping up.

Marcus: And, uh, there's... a young woman with a presence more... sophisticated than any I've seen in some... (scoffs) Actually, I'm a bit out of practice.

Bernadette: How long?

Marcus: A year-and-a-half, the last one. A boy. I lost him. I don't lose.

Bernadette: Ever?

Marcus: Ever.

Bernadette: Well, then, Welcome to the Mere Mortals Club.

Marcus: They took my collar.

Bernadette: Is it the collar and the wimple that supply our power?

Marcus: Partly, yeah.

Bernadette: The gift doesn't reside in you or me. The gift is God's alone. These are excuses. You might do well to keep your ego out of it.

Marcus: What am I supposed to do, then? Use your Litany of Loreto, the Invocation of the Virgin Mary?

Bernadette: I suppose you could call ours a more feminine approach.

Marcus: Didn't quite work for you, though, did it?

Bernadette: Well, we're not quite done, are we? Where you coerce and compel, we use compassion, forgiveness, and patience.

Marcus: I'm sorry. Have you seen how I do it, then?

Bernadette: Do you not coerce and compel?

Marcus: What? A bit like you're doing now?

Bernadette: You lost one. It happens. Get back up and try again. What else is there? Tonight you'll join us.

Marcus: Oh, will I?

Bernadette: Perhaps after a year-and-a-half, you might be open to a new method.

Kat: What are you doing?

Angela: Illinois Compiled Statutes. Emergency Admission by Certification, Section 3.610, right here. "Not later than 24 hours, the respondent," that's Casey, "shall be examined a second time by a psychiatrist," and that didn't happen.

Kat: Mom, it did.

Angela: No. Not the way the law states. Look, "The psychiatrist shall not be the person who executed the first certificate." They didn't do that.

Kat: Okay. You haven't slept in two days.

Angela: Oh, don't you dare tell me that what I need right now is sleep, not when your sister is locked in a...

Tomas: Angela.

Angela: She's going to die. Do you hear me? She's gonna die if we don't do something.

Tomas: And we will do something as soon as she gets out of here.

Angela: Are you willing to perform the exorcism?

Kat: Whoa! Mom, what are you talking about? Exorcism? Who brought up exorcisms?

Angela: She's not getting better.

Kat: Maybe that's because she needs specialists, and not... no offense... not priests.

Henry: I'm not sure specialists can help her, Kat. You weren't on that train.

Angela: What happened to not being able to help?

Tomas: I cannot do anything... officially.

Woman singing.

Angela: But unofficially?

Marcus: Holy Mary.

Nuns: Holy Mary.

Marcus: Holy Mother of God.

Nuns: Holy Virgin of Virgins.

Marcus: Mother of Christ.


Nuns: Mother of the Church.


Marcus: Mother of Divine Grace.

Nuns: Mother most pure.

Growling, groaning.

Marcus: Give place, abominable creature. Give way to your Master. Give way to Christ.


Marcus: Son of the morning, banished from grace, you are forgiven. Profane thing, ashes on the earth, you are redeemed. Outcast, fallen angel, you are loved. You are forgiven.

Nuns: You are forgiven.

Marcus: You are redeemed.

Nuns: You are redeemed.

Marcus: You are loved.

Wind whooshing, nun speaking indistinctly, gasps.

Postulant Claire: Shh. This way.

Salesman: Ungrateful little bitch. All that potential just wasting away. It's practically dripping out of you.

Groans, monitor alarms beeping.

Nurse Faye: Oh, Jesus Almighty.

Casey: Stop it, stop!

Salesman: This is your doing. You want it over, say the word.


Salesman: Rhymes with bess, kess, guess, bess.

Casey: Please don't kill her, please.

Salesman: Do you want to save the sweet nurse, Casey? All you have to do is say "yes."

Casey: Okay, okay, whatever you want.

Monitor alarms beeping, panting.

Salesman: All I ever wanted.

Casey. Casey, I'm here. I'm here, baby, you're okay. I'm here, I'm right here. I've got you, honey. Okay? I'm going to get you out of here. Okay, I've got you, okay, okay. I got you. You're alive. Casey.

Nurse Faye: Devil, you're a liar. You're a liar. Ain't no truth in you.

Angela: I want her released immediately.

Doctor: There are eight hours left in the hold.

Angela: Oh, no, no. You screwed up. Another psychiatrist was supposed to examine her. That didn't happen. And what did happen will make a very good lawsuit with your name on it, and this hospital's name on it.

Doctor: Fine, I will sign Casey's discharge papers, Mrs. Rance. But not because of your threat, I want you to know, because I've exhausted my options here. I don't know what else to do.

Angela: Well, finally some reason out of you.

Doctor: But in my opinion, your daughter's condition needs further evaluation.

Angela: "Condition"? I'm sorry, what condition is that? Yeah, that's what I thought. Okay, honey, let's go.

Marcus: That's the look of a man who needs a proper confession. I'd offer to take it, but what with the defrocking, and all. I'm not sure it would count.

Tomas: You're back.

Marcus: Yeah, well. It turns out I've got unfinished business in Chicago.

Tomas: Join my club.

Marcus: "Join the club," I think, is how our flag-waving friends say it. (sighs) You've been practicing?

Tomas: Yeah.

Marcus: I take it the demon has manifested?

Tomas: Mm-hmm, yes.

Marcus: So what are you waiting for?

Tomas: You. I need you. Will you help me?

Marcus: You know what they'll do to you if they catch on? You'll lose everything.

Tomas: I know. I know.

Marcus: You're prepared to take this...

Tomas: As far as it goes.

Marcus: Good. Happens to be the only way I know.

Tomas: How do you feel?

Marcus: Big as a mountain.

Music: There's a light in my life . . . . . Shining over me . . . . . There's a light in my life . . . . . Shining over me, yeah
Let your blessings from above . . . . . Fill me with that precious love . . . . . There's a light in my life . . . . . Shining over me
Lord, sometimes I sit and wonder . . . . . Why strange things happen to me . . . . . Then again I feel
My friends are gone, yeah . . . . . But if I put my trust . . . . . In Jesus

All: ...deliver us from evil. Amen.

Music: Don't you see, there's a light...

Tomas: That's quite a rosary.

Marcus: It's a gift from a friend.

Tomas: Can you help me with this? (sighs) I've been wondering something.

Marcus: What's that?

Tomas: All of this, why is it happening now?

Marcus: It's a good question. Let's go and find out.

Music: Fill me with that precious love . . . . . There's a light in my life . . . . . Shining over me.

Marcus: Let us begin.

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