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Chapter Two: Lupus in Fabula

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Demonic voice speaking, roaring faintly.

Father Sean: You have no family. No future to speak of. The world don't know who you are and doesn't care.

Faint screaming.

Sean: Today, we find out if any of you lads are something more.

Door opens, closes, whimpering softly.

Boy: I-I'm sorry, Father Sean.

Retching, spitting.

Sean: You.

Demonic voice growling faintly, door creaking, demonic voice growling faintly, door closes, demonic voice growling, chains rattling, demonic voice growling, chains rattling, quiet whoosh, demonic voice roaring.

Man: (demonic voice) Lupus in fabula, venit enim ad me. Lupus in fabula, venit enim ad me.

Young Marcus: "Ask and it will be given to you. "Seek and you will find.


Young Marcus: "Resist the Devil, and he will run away from you. The nearer you go to God, the nearer He will come to you."


Bus engine running, electronic chime.

Driver: Stop coming up. Harrison Street. Downtown Chicago.

Footsteps, stairs creaking.

Casey: (demonic voice) So... fresh.

Angela: (exhales sharply) Casey?

Casey: So wonderfully...

Angela gasps.

Casey: ...supple.

Tablet beeps, Angela panting.

Angela: Casey? Baby?

Casey: She's watching you, you know. Your lying, sneaking mother. She's right beside you. So it's time that you wake......wake up! (panting)

Angela: Casey?

Casey: (normal voice) Mom? (breath shudders)

Rap music playing over headphones: . . . . . Something sinister to it . . . . . Pendulum swinging slow, a degenerate moving . . . . .
Through the city with criminal stealth . . . . . Welcome to enemy turf . . . . . Harder than immigrants work . . . . .
"Golf" is stitched into my shirt . . . . . Get up off the pavement . . . . . Brush the dirt up off my psyche . . . . . Psyche, psyche.

Egan: Is the girl aware of the changes in herself?

Tomas: I sat down with Casey after what happened in the attic last week. She doesn't remember.

Egan: How about the family? What do they think?

Tomas: The mother, she's very concerned. She came to me for help. The father and sister, they don't know. The father is recovering from a brain injury. It's a bad time. I told the mother to gather evidence. Today she sent me this. A video of the girl talking to herself.

Casey: (demonic voice) She's watching you, you know. Your lying...

Tomas: This is the kind of proof we'll need for approval.

Egan: Approval for what?

Tomas: An exorcism.

Egan: We dropped you in a dying parish, and you made good. You have something... an approachability and that thick head of hair of yours. This Homeless to Houses program you started is marvelous. We should replicate it in every parish.

Tomas: This-this girl, this family...

Egan: You've been noticed. You've been noticed, Tomas. His Holiness' visit is a month away, and you're on the welcoming committee. It's a big month for the diocese, it's a big month for you. You keep your energy on the job.

Tomas: This is part of my job.

Egan: No, it isn't. All this video proves to me is that this poor girl needs a psychiatrist.

Tomas: The attic was real.

Egan: Tomas.

Tomas: Hmm?

Egan: I hear you paid a visit to Saint Aquinas the other day.

Church bells tolling in distance.

Egan: One of their priests has gone missing. A Father Marcus. You-you haven't seen him, have you?

Angela: Maria Walters.

Maria: Angela Rance. Good to see you.

Angela: Well, and you. How are you?

Maria: I'm well. (chuckles)

Angela: Oh, love the bag.

Maria: Its maiden voyage.

Angela: Ah.

Maria: Sad we missed you at the planning committee. A family issue, was it?

Angela: Oh, my daughters... daughter. It's working itself out. Thank you for asking. How is Mr. Walters?

Maria: George is a tough son of bitch. So is cancer. So it goes.

Angela: Yeah.

Maria: Well, I have seen the place about a dozen times, but let's make it official.

Angela: Right.

Angela: You brought the Pope.

Maria: I brought the Pope. Well, the Second City First Committee did.

Angela: Your committee.

Maria: George Senior's committee, but I am doing my best in his absence.

Angela: I have to think your family's contributions to the Church didn't hurt.

Maria: Rome loves a cheerful giver.

Angela: Well, uh, we would be honored to host His Holiness.

Maria: Pope Sebastian doesn't sleep in beds. He has a bedroll he puts on the floor. Poverty, humility, be nicer to the gays. Sebastian's gonna sleep in an undisclosed location. Do need a place for a papal entourage.

Angela: Absolu...

Phone chimes.

Maria: And it is a...

Angela: Sorry.

Maria: ...a big, very tightly-wound group. Security is critical.

Phone chimes.

Angela: Uh... thank you.

Maria: I'll be in touch.

Chuckles, line ringing, line clicks.

Angela: Casey? Hello?

Casey panting.

Angela: Casey?

Angela: Casey? Casey? Kat? Henry?

Line ringing, cell phone ringing upstairs, line continues ringing, cell phone continues ringing, door creaking, cell phone continues ringing, door slams in distance.

Angela: Casey?

Henry: Did you... did you save any of that for me?

Casey: No.

Henry: You drank that whole thing?

Casey: Yeah, it's mine.

Angela: Casey. Where were you?

Casey: Um... out? Kat: Look who else we got to come out of the house.

Henry: Yeah. All it took was the promise of ice cream.

Kat: Thought you were at work, Mom.

Angela: I was. Did you call me?

Casey: No.

Angela: Oh! Aah!

Casey: Oh, I'm never sleeping on that pillow again.

Kat: It's just a little bug.

Angela and Kat gasping.

Henry: I'm gonna call the bug man.

Panting, train rumbling, door creaking.

Classic pop music playing faintly: . . . . . Why, why you do me wrong . . . . . Oh, yeah . . . . . Yeah, yeah . . . . .
I want to know, I want to know . . . . . I gotta know . . . . . Well, when I first met you, baby . . . . . I was a sad-eye blue . . . . .
I turned loose a whole lot of girls . . . . . To get real tight with you.

Marcus: We're out of eggs.

Tomas: How'd you get in here?

Marcus: Picked the lock.

Tomas: No, no. What are you doing here?

Marcus: You were the one that came looking for me. Bit of spring reading, is it?

Tomas: Yes. That's the official procedure, yes.

Marcus: Mm. Told anyone else about your possessed person?

Tomas: The auxiliary bishop.

Marcus: (chuckles) Bet he loved that. He tell you to bugger off?

Tomas: He told me you left Aquinas after I saw you.

Marcus: You do exactly as you're told, don't you?

Tomas: That was a week ago.

Marcus: Been sightseeing. The Shedd Aquarium. The big shiny bean in the park. St. Anthony's of Lawndale, Chicago. Bit rough around the edges, your parish.

Tomas: The Church is looking for you.

Marcus: Yeah, could've guessed. Nicolas Cage fan. Aren't we all?

Music stops.

Tomas: Can you please stop doing that? This is not your home.

Marcus: You came and begged me for help with a case of demonic possession, and now you got your knickers in a twist 'cause I didn't bring you flowers?

Tomas: I don't actually know you.

Marcus: No. I don't know you. Marcus: There are stages to a demonic possession, my friend. Right now, my guess... the demon's gone possum. Gathering its strength, waiting to show its ratty little teeth. And when it does... I'll kill the bastard. You'll probably watch. Or pass out. I once saw this fat deacon in Muncie run right through a sliding glass door.

Kettle whistling.

Marcus: Fancy a cup of tea?

Tomas: I know what Saint Aquinas is. It's a place where they send broken priests. Why were you there?

Marcus: Who's Jessica?

Whistles blows, excited chatter, whistle blowing, girls shouting, Casey grunts, whistle blows.

Casey: Watch it!

Girl: Watch what?

Whistle blows.

Referee: That's time.

Whistle blows, girls shouting, grunts.

Kat: Get up, Case!

Quiet whooshing.

Teammate: Hey, Casey? Casey?

Bone snaps, groaning loudly.

Man: Casey, are you okay?

Girl sobbing.

Marcus: Jesus told his apostles how to cast out unclean spirits. "Fear them not," said the man, "for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, nor hidden that shall not be known." You're deceiving yourself. Where there's a secret, there's shame. Shame is a weapon this demon will use against...

Tomas: I'm not ashamed of Jessica.

Marcus: Who is she to you?

Tomas: She's a friend.

Marcus: "I still remember the smell of your hair."

Tomas: What, you... you read the letters?

Marcus: Yeah, I read the letters, so I know you're lying. "I don't dare think about you unless I'm alone."

Tomas: We were together when I was at Loyola.

Marcus: "I don't dare." It's like 19th century prose.

Tomas: She help me with my English, I help her Spanish. It was a not a long-term thing. She got married, I took my vows, that's it. No shame in that.

Marcus: Will the Rance girl be at this community picnic? I want to see her before she knows who I am.

Tomas: Nothing happened since, just so you know. It's just a memory of something beautiful. You never gave up something beautiful?

Marcus: No.

Tomas: Now who's deceiving themselves?

Marcus: I read the letters 'cause, like a fool, you save them. They're important to you, so I know about Jessica. What else don't I know about? 'Cause the demon will. Exorcisms don't simply fail, Tomas. The demon scatters or the possessed die. How you conduct yourself will determine what happens. Break it off with her, Tomas. For the sake of the Rance girl.

Henry: Casey makes a play.

Kat: It's good. (laughs)

Henry: Nice one. Good job, baby. (chuckles)

Kat: She's gonna win. Ha. Your turn, dork.

Casey: Did Mom buy this?

Henry: Don't... No! Ah!

Kat: What?

Door closes.

Henry: These are load-bearing elements right here.

Casey: You definitely made that up.

Henry: I did not make it up; it exists in the world of architecture, thank you very much. I went to college for this.

Kat: Okay, just for the record, you designed toilets and not skyscrapers.

Henry: Plumbing systems, thank you very much.

Kat: Oh, my God. Really? You are such a plum.

Henry: Miles and miles of very sophisticated pipe.

Angela sighs.

Henry: Hi.

Angela: What'd I miss?


Angela: I got hung up at work, sorry.

Kat: Yeah, we figured.

Angela sighs.


Henry: Hey, honey. Sit by me. Come be on my team.

Angela: Okay. Uh, let's see. (inhales sharply) This one looks great.

Kat: Mom, no. It's my turn.

Angela: Oh, sorry! Sorry.

Henry: (whispers) Kat's turn.

Angela: Okay, fine.

Henry: Look at you. (exhales) Ooh.

Angela: Good one!

Kat: Thank you!

Angela: Very nice.

Angela: How was your day, hon?

Casey: Kat came to my game.

Angela: Oh! That's nice! That's great.

Kat: Well, you know, someone should be there for her.

Casey: Leave her alone. It's fine Mom.

Angela: Did you win?

Casey: Yeah, well... I mean, technically. The other team was down a player.

Kat: Ref should've pulled her from the game way before she got hurt. Bitch was all over you.

Angela: What happened?

Kat: Bitch's leg snapped.

Henry: Enough with the "bitches," Kit Kat.

Angela: Her leg... snapped?


Kat: Better watch out. Mom's gonna sic Father Tomas on you, too.

Henry: What?

Kat: She didn't tell you? She told him that I was possessed by the Devil.

Henry: What's she talking about, Ange?

Angela: Your daughter hasn't seen the sun in months because she's recovering.

Henry: Well...

Angela: And your other daughter...

Casey: What about me, Mom?

Angela: She's not herself, Henry. She's not herself.

Henry: Honey, no. It'll fall.

Kat: Holy crap! You see that?

Henry: I don't understand how this is possible.

Blocks clattering.

Henry: (laughs) Oh, ho, ho, ho!

Kat: (laughs) Ho, ho, ho!

Henry: Okay. I told ya.

Kat: Game over.

Henry: Yeah.

Thunder rumbling softly, excited chatter.

Isabel: I know some of your faces. For years, I ate alongside you in the soup kitchens, and slept alongside you on the streets and in the shelters on days like these, when the rain just wouldn't let up, yeah? I was an addict. I used to steal, cheat and lie for my next fix. Didn't have no friends left in the world.

Microphone feedback squeals.

Isabel: But Father Tomas...

Tomas praying in Spanish.

Isabel: ...got me set up in this program. That was two years ago.

Angela: Father Tomas. I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt. I wanted to have a word in private.

Tomas: Of course, Angela. How's Casey? She looks okay, no?

Angela: No. Things are worse. The demon... it-it can move things. It can hurt other people.

Tomas: I spoke with Bishop Egan about your situation.

Angela: Yes.

Tomas: Um... he wants her to see a therapist before we do anything drastic.

Angela: You know she doesn't need therapy, Father.

Tomas: I...

Angela: You saw what you saw in the attic.

Tomas: I know. But there are rules. Procedures we have...

Angela: Are you walking back on this?

Tomas: An exorcism is an extreme thing.

Angela: You said you were going to help us.

Tomas: I am. I'm on your side, but right now, we need the Church to be on our side, too. I-I am sorry. I have to bless the food line. We'll talk soon.

Isabel: I'm paying my own rent with money that I earned at a job I got at Parks and Rec, and I'm going to night school, because I really like making money. And real talk? I need a promotion.

Laughter, water splashes on floor.

Marcus: God helps those who help themselves, right?

Angela: Oh... I'm sorry. I, uh... I-I know I'm not supposed to take the holy water. I just... it was, uh...

Marcus: You're Angela Rance. Casey's mom.

Angela: I definitely don't know who you are.

Marcus: You know how to use that? Put it in her drinking water. It'll appear difficult, but really... it's just hard on the demon. And those who have to watch.

Isabel: Being homeless means that you are alone, you're vulnerable. You're there to be taken advantage of. So if you can, dig in your pockets and give whatever you can. Let's hear it for St. Anthony's and Father Tomas.

Sighs, speaking in Latin.

Tomas: You can start. Thank you.

Excuse me. Can I just...?


Thank you.

Casey: Turkey chili or lentil?

Marcus: Uh... I don't know. Which one do you like?

Casey: Well, I hate lentils, so... (laughs)

Marcus: Turkey chili it is, then.

Casey: Okay. I like your accent.

Marcus: Yeah, well, um... I like your ladle. (laughs) The name's Marcus.

Casey: Casey. . . Turkey chili or lentil?

Chili's really good.

Woman: Hi.

Casey chuckles.

Henry: Kind of humid from that rain.

Angela: Yeah, it is.

Harplen: Hi.

Casey: Hi.

Harplen: I know you. He chose you. You're so special. Has he touched you? Let me touch you.

Dish clatters, people gasping.

Angela: Casey!

Harplen: Let me touch you. Let me touch you! Lupus in fabula, venit enim ad me.

Angela: Casey, you okay?

Tomas: The auxiliary bishop is a very important guy. He's my mentor. He told me not to do something, but I know I should do it, and there is this man... I know I shouldn't trust, but for some reason, I... I do.

Jessica: This is why you wanted to meet? Advice about work?

Tomas: Well, you know me better than anyone. You... you always have.

Jessica: I told two lies just to get here tonight. Actually, three.

Tomas: I'm sorry. I just wanted to see you. I... I always want to see you.

Jessica: Well, you called and I came. I'm right here.

Tomas: Our old spot.

Jessica: Seemed appropriate. I hadn't had a letter in a while; I thought maybe you'd... It's been a year.

Tomas: 13 months and a week. Almost.

Jessica: Your English... (chuckles) (in Spanish) It's better.

Tomas: How's your Spanish?

Jessica: (in Spanish) You're a very handsome man, who's wearing an old shirt. You should let a girl take you shopping.

Tomas: How's Jim?

Jessica: He's fine. It's fine.

Tomas: Hmm.

Jessica: It's not fine; you know this.

Tomas: You look exactly the same, you know. You look nice.

Jessica: You, too. What are you gonna do about it?

Tomas: I'm sorry. I... I-I can't. I... I can't. I just can't.

Jessica: I'm just stupid.

Tomas: Please. Stay, stay, stay. You're already here. Please just s-stay.

Jessica: Write me another letter. I love getting letters.

Over headphones: . . . . . It's probably been 12 years . . . . . Since my father left, left me fatherless . . . . . And I just used to say I hate him . . . . .
In dishonest jest . . . . . When honestly I miss . . . . . Like when I was six and every time I got.

Music fades, vehicle approaching.

Man: Get in. Let's go.

Cat meowing.

The Crone: They said you were gone for good. Always knew you'd be back.

Marcus: Do I know you?

The Crone: No. But we know you. Everyone knows Father Marcus. The one we feared, until you lost that little boy.

Gabriel's voice speaking Spanish.

Marcus: Unclean spirit, come out into the light! I order you!

The Crone: (demonic voice) Order me? On whose authority?

Marcus: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Crone: Ooh! All three? Well, then.

Marcus: I command you. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Almighty Host, release this woman!

The Crone: So it's true what they say.

Marcus: The power... of Christ compels you.

The Crone: Do I look compelled? Man of God. Mighty Marcus. Vessel of nothing!

Wind whooshing.

Henry: Smells good, honey.

Kat: I like that bracelet. What happened to your shirt?

Casey: I'm gonna put it away for tonight.

Angela: Okay.

Kat: It's starting to stink.

Angela: There you go.

Henry: Ready? Okay?

Angela: Yeah.

Henry: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Bless us, Dear God, for these Thy gifts which we are about to receive...

Angela: From Thy...

Henry: ...about to receive from Thy bountiful hands, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Angela: Amen. Okay. (clears throat) I wanted to, uh, apologize for last night.

Kat: Geez, Mom, the drama is killing me.

Angela: I'm sorry I was late for game night, and, um... I'm sorry I've been so distracted. I love you all more than anything.

Kat: Are you sorry that you think I'm the Devil?

Angela: Yes, Kat. Yes, I am. I'm sorry that you are in so much pain. And I'm sorry that I don't know how to handle it. I don't even know where to start with what you've been through.

Henry: We're all getting stronger. Day by day.

Kat: Here. These are good.

Henry: Thank you. (clears throat) Mm-hmm.

Angela: You okay?

Casey: (chuckles) Yeah. Why?

Dinner's good, Mom.

You're getting good at this whole cooking thing.

Henry: Mm-hmm. (laughs)

After dinner......

Henry: (laughs) No, tell them about the crown roast. Tell them about that...

Angela: In my defense, I never had made one, and the package did not say, uh, take the plastic thing off. So, you know, how was I supposed to know?

Kat: So you cooked it with it on?

Henry: Sure did. (laughs)

Angela: Well, how did... You know, I figured you had to leave it so it would stay in that shape, you know?

Henry: Show her what it looked like. (laughs)

Casey: I'm gonna bail for the night. I'm way behind on my psych reading, so...

Henry: Okay, good night, honey.

Angela: Okay, honey.

Henry and Angela continue talking, laughing.

Coughing, gasping softly, insect chittering, gagging, coughs, toilet flushing, gasps, panting.

Train horn blowing in distance, gate creaking.

Salesman: May I?

Gate closes.

Salesman: Why the long face?

Casey: I think there's something really wrong with me.

Salesman: I'm afraid not, my dear. Just a glorious seed breaching the soil. A first glimpse of the sun. Now... tell me everything.

Casey: So, this has to be a secret, okay? Remember that girl who broke her leg? It sounds crazy, but.. I think I caused it. What's worse is tonight at dinner, this... thing came out of...

Train rumbling in distance, door opens, closes.

Tomas: Were you going to tell me about this?

Marcus: So I won't forget.

Tomas: You were watching me. You edit the Bible. You have pictures of tortured children in here! You must have witnessed. You must have participated.

Marcus: The bloke at the picnic, the schizophrenic... why do you think he's hearing voices?

Tomas: How should I know?

Marcus: He recognized the demon inside of her. "Lupus in fabula, venit enim ad me." "Speak of the Devil and he shall appear." Marcus: It's not just Casey's demon, Tomas. There are many of them here.

Tomas: I think you should go.

Train horn blows in distance.

Tomas: Now.

Train rumbling.

Marcus: When I was seven... my dad killed my mum in front of me. I was, um... shoved in a boys' home for a few years before being sold to the Church. Five quid for a boy and a birth certificate. I did four more years with a man called Sean in the darkest little corner of the Church. I won't bore you with that particular narrative, but the first time they locked me in a room with a demon... ...I was 12 years old. You know, when you first saw that demon in the attic, Tomas, were you scared?

Tomas: Yes.

Marcus: You know what I felt? Relief. 'Cause for the first time in my brief... but very long life, I had a purpose. I was the gun, and the Church was the hand, and the words... were true. You've read about the Beatific Vision?

Tomas: Being one with God. Seeing His face.

Marcus: I saw it once. At the moment of exorcism. I saw it, and it was so... loud. (sobbing softly) I could hear it. There is such a... noise in my head, Tomas. (sniffles) I'm not fit. And... uh, you should know that. And... (sniffles) I haven't had that, uh, vision since. Most of the words in here, they're man's words. They're not God's. But I can try. (sniffles) If that's what He wants, I swear... on my life, I can try.

Tomas: I saw Jessica today.

Marcus: And?

Tomas: I don't know. I don't know.

Marcus: Sh... Shall we try this together? Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon...

Both: ...where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light.

Over headphones: . . . . . It's evident, and them eyes . . . . . Where he hiding all them icicles at? . . . . . Something sinister to it . . . . .
Pendulum swinging slow, a degenerate moving . . . . . Through the city with criminals, stealth . . . . .
Welcome to enemy turf, harder than immigrants work . . . . . "Golf" is stitched into my shirt . . . . .
Get up off the pavement, brush the dirt up off my psyche . . . . . Psyche, psyche.

Sportscast playing over TV.

TV announcer: Pass it off to Gonzalez. He tries to get outside. Picks up one, maybe...

Andre: What's up, Pop?

Time lapse, bars rot in heart's bottomless pit
Was mobbin' deep as '96 Havoc and Prodigy did...

Woman grunts.

Woman: Andre! Andre! (grunting)

His sins feeling as hard . . . . . As Vince Carter's knee cartilage is . . . . . Supreme garment and weed gardeners garnishing spliffs . . . . .
With keef particles and entering apartments . . . . . With 'zine article, tolerance for boundaries.

Grunts, music stops, body thuds, crowd cheering over TV, crickets chirping.

Newscaster: (over TV) This is Kiesa Marks, reporting live from West Englewood, where nine people were killed tonight in what investigators are calling a mass homicide. Local police here are being extra quiet, and there are few details beyond a body count. But what I can tell you is that the victims did not die from gunfire. These were all brutal stabbings. I did talk briefly to Superintendent Jaffe, who said this is clearly gang-related. It's a familiar night in Englewood. People are afraid and very angry.

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