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The Bat enters.

HARKER: There's that bat again!

MINA: Yes?

HARKER: Look out. He'll get in your hair.

The Bat squeaks.

MINA: Yes?

HARKER: My, that was a big bat!

The Bat squeaks.

MINA: I will.

HARKER: You will what?

MINA: Why, I didn't say anything.

HARKER: Yes, you did. You said, "I will."

MINA: Oh, no, I didn't. John, come, sit down.

Van Helsing and Seward enter Mina's bedroom.

SEWARD: There must be some way...some way to save her.

HELSING: There is only one.

MINA (unaware of Van Helsing and Seward's presence): John, that funny little old professor. He has a crucifix. I want you to get it away from him and hide it.

HARKER: But why, dear?

MINA: Oh, he'll be wanting to protect me again from the night or Count Dracula or whatever it is.

HARKER: Well, I don't know. He may be right, Mina. Your eyes! They look at me so strangely. Mina! Mina, you're...

Mina bends forward to bite Harker's neck.

SEWARD: No, Mina, no!

Helsing runs forward with the crucifix, Mina screams.

HARKER: Give me that. What's the idea? Are you crazy? What are you trying to do...frighten her to death?

HELSING: No, I was trying to save her.

HARKER: Save her? That's a fine way. It's all right, darling.

MINA: Oh, John, darling. You must go away from me. The cross! Put it away. After what's happened, I can't bear to look at it.

HARKER: What's happened?

MINA: I can't tell you, I can't.

HARKER: But you must. You must tell me. I have a right to know.

MINA: Oh, John. You can believe everything he says. It's all the truth. Dracula, he...

HARKER: Dracula? What's he done to you, Mina? Tell me.

MINA: He came to me. He opened a vein in his arm, and he made me drink.

We hear the sound of gunshot O.S.

SEWARD (looking over terrace wall): What is it? Who is it, Martin?

Below on the lawn, Martin and the Maid look at the bat.

MARTIN: It's that big grey bat again.

HELSING: There's no use of wasting your bullets, Martin. They cannot harm that bat.

MARTIN: No, sir.

Van Helsing exits.

MAID: He's crazy.

MARTIN: They're all crazy. They're all crazy except you and me. Sometimes I have me doubts about you.

MAID: Yes.

Martin exits.

Later that night, Mina's Bedroom: Briggs watches Mina sleep. Dracula peers in window. Briggs removes the wolfbane and opens the windows. Dracula enters.

A few minutes later, the front gate of the Sanitarium: Van Helsing and Harker prepare to depart. They see Renfield approach Carfax Abbey.

HARKER: That's Renfield. What's he doing at the Abbey?

HELSING: Come, Mr. Harker.

Inside Carfax Abbey, Mina, Dracula, and Renfield enter.

RENFIELD: Master! Master, I'm here!

Outside Carfax Abbey: Van Helsing and Harker look for a way into the Abbey.

HELSING: Where else would he be going, but to Dracula?

Inside Carfax Abbey: Renfield approaches Dracula and Mina.

RENFIELD: What is it, master? What do you want me to do?

Outside Carfax Abbey: Van Helsing and Harker find an opening into the Abbey:

HARKER: Look, here's an opening. Mina! Mina!

Inside Carfax Abbey: Dracula approaches Renfield.

RENFIELD: I didn't lead them here, Master. I didn't know, I swear! I'm loyal to you, Master. I'm your slave. I didn't betray you. Oh, no, don't! Don't kill me! Let me live, please! Punish me, torture me, but let me live. I can't die with all those lives on my conscience...all that blood on my hands!

Dracula throws Renfield down the stairs. Van Helsing and Harker enter as Dracula and Mina exit.

HARKER: Mina! Mina! He'll kill her if we don't get to her!

HELSING: We must not be too late! We have him trapped! Day is breaking! We have him trapped!

Mina screams O.S.

HARKER: Hurry! Mina! Mina, where are you? Mina! Mina! Mina, where are you? Mina! Mina! Mina! Mina!

HELSING: (seeing coffins) Harker! Harker! Come!

HARKER: Where? Where are you?

HELSING: Here! Here, Harker, I have found them! Get me a piece of stone...anything to help me drive the stake through their hearts.

Van Helsing opens Mina's coffin.

HARKER: Is she? How is she?

HELSING: She is not here!

HARKER: Then...then she may be alive! Mina! Mina! Mina! Mina!

Helsing drives a stake through Dracula's heart. Dracula gasps, Mina screams.

HARKER: Mina! Mina! Mina!

MINA: Oh, John! John, darling! I heard you calling, but I couldn't say anything.

HARKER: We thought he'd killed you, dear.

MINA: The daylight stopped him. Oh, if you could have seen the look on his face!

HELSING: There's nothing more to fear, Miss Mina. Dracula is dead forever. No, no, no! You must go.

MINA: But aren't you coming with us?

HELSING: Not yet. Presently. Come, John.

Harker and Mina exit to the sound of church bells.



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