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Death Race - 2008 | Story and Screenshots

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Jensen seeks revenge during Stage 2 by crippling and rolling Pachenko's car. Jensen comes to a screeching halt and throws it in reverse.

Case: This is a race! You don't go backwards!

Jensen hits Pachenko with his door.

Case [as Jensen puts on Frankenstein's mask]: And you don't get out of the car!

Jensen get up close and personal by snapping Pachenko's neck as he crawls away from the car wreck. From the control center, Hennessey orders in a new player in the race.

Hennessey: Release the Dreadnought.

Hennessey's secret project is finally revealed: A heavily armored an 18 wheel tank/truck-trailer rig loaded from front to back with heavy weaponry. Coach watches the large truck enter the race from his video monitor.

Coach: Oh. . . Well I guess we know what she was building now.

The Dreadnought begins firing at the drivers, picking them off with heavy firepower.

Riggin's and Carson's cars are quickly destroyed, killing both drivers. The Dreadnought targets 14K next. After goring his navigator using wheel spikes, 14K is now being dragged on spiked chains from behind the truck.

14K [as he sees a turret cannon lock onto his car]: Fuck me!

The car erupts in a fiery explosion, killing 14k.

The Dreadnought now targets Jensen and Machine Gun Joe. Jensen radios Joe and convinces him to work together against the Dreadnought.

They manage to corral the Dreadnought directly into a Death Head. A spike mound rises as the large truck rams into it, destroying the truck in a massive explosion.

Coach: Now that's entertainment.

Joe and his gang approach Frankenstein's pit. Joe is beginning to suspect that Jensen, the "grease monkey," might actually be posing as Frankenstein. Elsewhere, Ulrich approaches Hennessey at her desk.

Ulrich: Ma'am, with all respect, what're we gonna do?

Hennessey: We're going to kill him, of course.

Ulrich: You want me to kill Frankenstein?

Hennessey: Don't be stupid. Frankenstein can't die. After all, he's just a mask.

Death Race, Stage 3, 11:05:28 AM - Stage 3 now has only two drivers remaining: "Frankenstein" and Machine Gun Joe. Realizing that Jensen knows what's going on, Hennessey has Jensen's car armed with an explosive before the Stage 3 Race as insurance to make sure he does not cross the finish line alive.

The prison populace is gathered for Hennessey to make an announcement. As Jensen and Joe listen, Jensen reads between the lines, her speech actually implies no one will be set free.

Jensen devises his own scheme from an image shown to him by Coach of a destroyed billboard in an earlier race. Jensen approaches Joe's pit and tells Joe that he and Frankenstein should talk. Moments later, Joe pulls up to pick up his new navigator.

Joe's New Navigator: I'm honored to navigate for you, sir. They call me . . .

Joe [interrupting]: Save it. We won't have time to get acquainted.

Gunner notices new weaponry installed on Joe's truck.

Gunner: What the hell are those?

Lists: Model 7 Russian State Armory RPGs - armor piercing, self arming, accurate to a thousand yards.

Gunner: That's what I thought.

The race begins, and Jensen soon takes the lead. However, the odds are against Jensen as Hennessey rigs the track to benefit Joe. Throughout the entire lap, Joe keeps hot on Jensen's tail, and as they near the beginning of the second lap, Joe preps the newly added missiles and fires an RPG in Jensen's direction.

Joe: Sayonara, Frankie.

However, they seem to miss the car and instead hit the billboard at the first turn of the track. It is shown that the image Jensen saw was a pathway to the bridge leading off the island to the mainland behind the destroyed billboard. Jensen and Joe escape onto the bridge, pursued by police cruisers.

Hennessey: Okay cocksucker. Fuck with me, and we'll see who shits on the sidewalk.

Turning to her back up plan, Hennessey then activates the trigger for the explosive planted on Jensen's car, but nothing happens because Coach had found, removed, and deactivated the bomb prior to the start of the race.

Lists: Somebody's mad right now.

Coach: Nobody fucks with my car.

Hennessey [screaming]: Son of a bitch! Get the choppers in the air!

As the cruisers close in on the two cars, Jensen releases his exposed fuel tank, causing it to explode and stop the pursuing cars. Escaping past the bridge, Joe and Jensen separate, and Hennessey orders the helicopters to focus on Jensen, but he switches seats with Case when she tells him that Hennessey had already signed her release papers for her work, and that she owed one to the old Frankenstein.

He jumps from the car leading the helicopters to believe he is still inside. Soon, Jensen's Mustang is stopped and "Frankenstein" is apprehended. Joe meets up with Jensen and they board a train to escape, lamenting on Hennessey's continued existence. Later, Hennessey believes she still won after all, as Ulrich notifies her about a gifts sent to her for the record number of viewers subscribing to the Death Race.

Ulrich: You win again.

Hennessey: Mr. Ulrich, I always win.

However, the explosive that was put on the Frankenstein car is inside, and Coach blows them up.

Coach: I love this game.

Six months later, Jensen and Joe are shown working in a junkyard in Santa Rosalia, Mexico, when Case unexpectedly arrives. The two men are happy to see her, and Case meets Jensen's daughter, Piper. The story closes with Ames explaining . . .

Jensen: Someone once asked me if I was the best future for my little girl. I've thought about this for long time, and here's what I've decided: No one in this world is perfect. Heaven knows I'm not. But I love her more than anyone else possibly could. In the end, that's all that matters.


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