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Death Race - 2008 | Story and Screenshots

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Death Race, Stage 1, 8:49:24 AM - Jensen, now disguised as Frankenstein is escorted to Coach.

Coach [to Jensen]: Don't talk to the other drivers. Frank never did. Part of the mystique. Let the mask do the work.

Just before the race, Ames is introduced to his navigator, Elizabeth Case (Natalie Martinez), who happens to be Frankenstein's previous navigator.

Machine Gun Joe approaches Frankenstein to taunt him. Ulrich pokes Joe with his club, ordering him to get back to his car.

At the video control center, Hennessey orders the transmission of the video feed to begin. Inside the Mustang, Jensen has removed his mask and questions Case.

Jensen: So what are you in for?

Case: They say I killed a cop.

Jensen: Did you do it?

Case: Yeah.

Jensen: Bad cop?

Case: Good cop... lousy husband.

Hennessey watches the wall of video of monitors as the light tree signals the beginning of the race. Roaring engines blast away as the cars rocket down the track. Siad is the first to be killed when the Death Heads are activated by the Warden. Grimm corrals Siad to crash into the large steel mound which crushes his car with Siad inside. Soon after, Grimm is taken out of the race by 14K, who fires a missile at Grimm's car, destroying it. But Grimm survives.

14K [after blowing up Grimm's car]: What's my name? 14K, that's my name!

Grimm [after crawling out of a wreck]: I'm the fuckin' Grim Reaper baby. Can't kill me! You can burn me, you can even fuckin' shoot me, but you just can't motherfuckin' kill me!

Joe comes from behind ramming Grimm's head with one of his vehicle's turrets. Travis Colt is hot on Jensen's tail blasting away at the Tombstone. The rear shield is close to no longer providing protection, so Jensen orders Case to unhook the napalm.

Jensen [while driving]: Get on my lap.

Case: What?

Jensen: Get on my lap!

With the napalm strapped to the passenger ejection seat, they release the seat, sending flying in the air. It lands on Colt's car, splashing napalm all over it. Case pops out of the sunroof and throws the car cigarette lighter towards Colt's car . . .

Case: Merry Christmas, asshole!

Travis Colt: Oh, shit!

Colt's care erupts in a fire ball as Machine Gun Joe rams into him, sending him flying into the air, killing Travis. During the race, Jensen sees Pachenko make the same hand gesture as the intruder that killed his wife. Ames finishes last after taking a hard hit from Machine Gun Joe. Once again, Jensens meets with Hennessey.

Jensen: You sure are lucky a driver like me just happened to turn up in your prison when I did.

Hennessey: Oh, I'm more than lucky. I'm blessed. Sometimes it's like the right hand of god is sitting on my shoulder.

Jensen learns he is part of a plot to keep the legend of Frankenstein alive, solely for the personal profit of Hennessey. He confronts Hennessey about Pachenko, but instead she shows him pictures of his baby living with foster parents, asking him if he thinks he could provide for his baby better than the foster parents.

Jensen [to Hennessey]: You wanted a monster. Well, you've got one.

Angered, he takes one of the pictures and leaves.

Later in the prison yard, Coach joins Jensen to talk.

Jensen: Why don't you wear a number, Coach?

Coach: Because I'm not a prisoner. I qualified for parole three years ago. Got as far as the gate. They got a name for it: something-or-another syndrome. Simple fact is, world's changed since I've been in here. Don't know it, don't much want to. But this . . . this I know.

Jensen: What did they sent you away for?

Coach: Oh, plenty . . . and nothing. . . . . And what do we owe the pleasure of your company?

Jensen: I killed my wife.

Coach: Bullshit! You're a hard man but you ain't no wife killer.

Jensen: And how do you know?

Coach: I've met my share. But you, the way you look at her, couldn't do that if you killed her mother. So I say bullshit.

Jensen [sees Coach walking away]: Coach? What would say if Hennessy got my wife killed? Get me framed to come in here to be a Frankenstein, what would say to that bullshit? . . . . . Her name was Suzy. I was always headed here. Always knew it; she didn't. She was my chance of something else and that bitch took her away from me.

The night before Stage 2 he makes a trip to the garage pit of Pachenko's team to confront him. He is beaten down by a few members of the team but is helped by Lists, allowing Ames to retaliate and nearly kill Pachenko. His revenge is thwarted by the prison guards telling them to save it for the race.

Death Race, Stage 2, 8:54:29 AM - In the garage, Hennessey had mechanics working on a secret project that was isolated from the rest of the building with guards protecting access to the sectioned off area. Coach and crew find the area now abandoned with nothing but huge scaffolding left behind. Six drivers remain for Stage 2. As they prepare, once again Jensen sees Pachenko make the same hand gesture. When the drivers take off, Jensen intentionally lags behind. He questions Case on her intentions.

Jensen [threatening to eject Case from the Monster]: Did you kill the old Frank?

Case: I sabotaged his rear weapons.

Jensen: Why?

Case: Hennessey. She said she'd sign my release papers. It's my life back.

Jensen: You killed him too.

Case: I didn't kill him. He wouldn't quit! I just wanted to make sure he wouldn't win.

Jensen: Why would Hennessey want that?

Case: To keep Frank here, racing.

Jensen: And yesterday?

Case: I was trying to set you back.

Jensen: So, I'm not supposed to win either. Just make it exciting.

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