Pitch Black

The Chronicles of Riddick

Rule the Dark


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C.O.R. Characters / Cast

Vin Diesel as
Richard B. Riddick, Furyan

You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

Kristin Lehman as
Shira, Furyan

There is no future until we settle our past.

Alexa Davalos as
Kyra, Merc / Convict

How do I get eyes like that?

Judi Dench as
Aereon, an Elemental

No, we can't fly. But we do glide very well.


Colm Feore as
Lord Marshal

In our faith, you keep what you kill.

Karl Urban as

I should have brought back his head!

Thandie Newton as
Dame Vaako

Let me show you the way.

Linus Roache as
The Purifier

We all began as something else.

Charles Zuckermann
as Scales

Take it straight into their teeth!

Roger R. Cross as

He won't escape twice.

Mark Gibbon as

Goes to battle with a dagger stuck in his back.


Keith David as

There will be an afterlife for me. Will there be for you?

Kim Hawthorne as

Likes to take a shower when an unwanted guest is in their house.

Alexis Llewellyn as

Are you going to stop the new monsters, now?

Cedric De Souza as
Meccan Cleric

You betrayed your faith!

Lorena Gale as
Defense Minister

There will be no conversion!

Christopher Heyerdahl as
Helion Politico

We simply cannot and will not be converted!


Nick Chinlund as

Now look at you . . . all back-of-the-bus and shit.

Christina Cox as
Eve Logan

What the hell is he thinkin' now?

Terry Chen as
Merc Pilot

I hate this run.

Fabian Gujral as

How does he know where we're going and we don't?

Ty Olsson as
Tank Smith

Damn I love a good smash and grab!

Shawn Reis as

He just ghosted two guys and I never even saw him.

Nigel Vonas as

I don't know, Toombs. It looks kind of tight.


Alexander Kalugin as
Ugolev, Slam Boss

So . . . this is Riddick.

Vitaly Kravchenko as
Anatoly Petrov, Slam Guard

Has a "nose" for sensing trouble.

Douglas Arthurs as
Austin, Slam Guard

She's always got a blade somewhere.

Ron Selmour as
Dawson, Slam Guard

You'll kill us . . . with a soup cup?

Raoul Ganeev as
Ukhomirov, Slam Guard

He can tell you first hand how it feels to have a metal blade rammed in your groin.

Shohan Felber as
Ivanov, Slam Guard

During the hangar battle, a weapon twirling Necro warrior planted an axe in his chest.

Ben Cotton as
Yakovlev, Slam Guard

Seems to have a skill with blades, but in the end, he was Necromonger fodder.

Mark Acheson as
Kuznetsov, Slam Guard

Other than popping the top for fresh air, he's basically just Necromonger fodder also.


Yorick van Wageningen
as The Guv, Inmate

We're here for the rest of our unnatural lives!

Peter Williams as
Sybar, Convict

Once that sun comes up, we won't last five minutes.

Adrien Dorval as
Pallavi, Convict

We ain't gonna last five seconds out there, it will light you up like a match!

Darcy Laurie as
Fino, Convict

Learned lesson not to ever look directly at a planet eating inferno.

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Pitch Black

The Chronicles of Riddick

Rule the Dark

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