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RIPLEY: Will you listen to me, Parker! Shut up!

PARKER: Let's hear it . . . let's hear it

RIPLEY: It's using the air shafts, that's the only way! We'll move in pairs, we'll go step by step and cut off every bulkhead and every vent until we have it cornered and then we will blow it the fuck into space. Is that acceptable to you?

PARKER: If it means killing it, that's acceptable to me.

RIPLEY: Obviously it means killing it, but we have to stick together. . . How are our weapons?

PARKER: The weapons are fine. This one needs refueling.

RIPLEY: Will you get it, please . . . Ash, go with him.

PARKER: No, I can manage. No problem, man.

He leaves. Ripley turns to Ash.

RIPLEY: Ash, any suggestions from you or Mother?

ASH: No, we are still collating.

RIPLEY (sarcastic laugh): You're what? You're still collating? I find that hard to believe.

ASH: What would you like me to do?

RIPLEY: Just what you have been doing . . . nothing. I've got access to Mother now and I'll get my own answers now, thank you.

ASH: All right.

Ash leaves.

Parker cautiously makes his way to refuel the flamethrower.

INT. COMPUTER ANNEX ENTRY: Ripley punches a code to gain access to the card key for the Annex. She inserts the key that unlocks the entrance and it opens.

INT. COMPUTER ANNEX: Ripley plugs the key into the board. Data banks come to life. She sits at a console. Thinks for a moment. Then punches up a code. Nothing happens. Punches another combination. One screen comes to life.

The horrifying truth is revealed.

Suddenly Ash is standing right by her.

ASH: There is an explanation for this, you know.

Ripley grabs Ash violently and shoves him into the wall.

RIPLEY: I don't want to hear an explanation!

Ripley leaves the Computer Annex and calls for Parker and Lambert on the intercom.

RIPLEY: Parker? . . . Lambert?

Ripley tries to exit the corridor and the door closes on her. Ash watching her, has a white liquid trickling down his face. She tries another exit, he closes it also.

RIPLEY: Ash . . . open the door. . . Ash . . . will you open the door.

Ripley faces Ash, sees there is something seriously wrong with him.

RIPLEY: Let me by.

Ripley runs away from him, Ash grabs for her, ripping off a patch of her.

Ash catches the back of her outfit and slings her violently across the room.

Ash picks her up and throws her forcefully again onto a table. Ripley is now blacked out.

Ash looking at the unconscious Ripley. Searching for a makeshift weapon. Grabs a magazine and rolls it up tightly. Begins shoving it into Ripley's mouth. Ripley awakes and tries to fight him off.

PARKER: What are you doing!

Parker and Lambert arrive and try to fight off Ash, who appears to be very strong. Ash reaches for Parker's chest, clutching it painfully.

Parker grabs a metal canister and strikes hard on Ash. The blow sends Ash in a spinning frenzy spewing white liquid everywhere.

PARKER (to Lambert): Get her up! . . . Get her up, get her up!

Parker delivers another blow on Ash. A full force strike that literally knocks head off with just a few strands keep it attached to the body.

In disbelief what he sees, Parker delivers several more crushing blows until the body falls to the ground.

PARKER: It's a robot! Ash is a God damn robot!

Parker leans forward to look closer at the body. Suddenly the body grabs him, tackling him to the ground and on top of Parker.

PARKER: God! . . . . . Holy shit!

PARKER: Help me get this fucking thing off!

Lambert strikes the body with the electric prod, sparks fly. The body finally comes to a rest.

They set to work. Begin to reassemble the wiring in Ash's head.

PARKER: How come the company sent us a God damn robot?

RIPLEY: The only thing I can think of is they must have wanted it for the weapons division. It's been protecting it right along. . . . Parker, will you plug it in?

PARKER: I don't know why.

RIPLEY: Cause he may know how to kill it.

Ash's head is placed on the table. The head appears to not be functioning.

RIPLEY: Ash, can you hear me?

No response. Ripley slams her hands on the table.


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