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RIPLEY: Come on, Ash, I mean, the science department should be able to help us. What can we do to drive it?

ASH: Yes, well it's adapted remarkably well to our atmosphere considering it's nutritional requirements. The only thing we don't know is temperature.

RIPLEY: Okay, what about temperature, what happens if we change it?

ASH: Let's try it. I mean most animals retreat from fire, yea?

DALLAS: Yea. Parker, can you rig three or four incinerator units?

PARKER: Give me about 20 minutes.

LAMBERT: Who gets to go into the vent?

RIPLEY: I'll go.

DALLAS: No, you and Ash take the main air lock. Parker and Lambert, you cover up that maintenance opening, please.


INT. COMPUTER ROOM ANNEX: Dallas in the control room submitting inquiries to Mother.

INT. STARBOARD AIR LOCK - VESTIBULE: Ripley stands in vestibule. Looks through the Bulkhead door to air lock. She throws a switch. Watches airshaft entrance into air lock open. The trap is ready.

INT. EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AREA: Parker and Lambert stand ready by a duct. Lambert hits the wall amp button.

INT. EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AREA: The hum of vast cooling plants. Large air shafts run off in different directions.

DALLAS: I'm at the first junction.

RIPLEY: Dallas, I'm right here.

DALLAS: Parker.

Parker hefts his flamethrower.


DALLAS (voice over): Lambert.

LAMBERT: We're in position, I'm just trying to get a reading on you.

INT. AIR SHAFT: Dallas begins to crawl forward. The tunnel is narrow... Only a foot or two wider than his shoulders.

INT. AIR LOCK VESTIBULE: Near the starboard air lock. Ripley pops open the hatch. The air lock now open and ready. She moves to the air duct opening.

RIPLEY: The air lock is open.

DALLAS (voice over): Okay, Ripley.

RIPLEY: Ready.

LAMBERT: Allright, I've got a reading on you now.

DALLAS: Open the hatch to the third junction. . . . Okay, I'm through. . . Ripley?


DALLAS (voice over): Close all the hatches behind me, I'm moving on.

INT. EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AREA: Lambert sees something on the tracker.

LAMBERT (voice over): Dallas, hold it a minute, I think I got it. . . Yes, I got it.

DALLAS: Where?

LAMBERT (voice over): Somewhere around the third junction.

DALLAS: Okay, moving on..

LAMBERT (voice over): It is right around there. Dallas, you need to be careful

INT. AIR SHAFT: Dallas still crawling on hands and knees. Ahead the shaft takes an abrupt downward turn. He moves toward the corner. Fires another blast from the flamethrower. Then starts crawling down, head first. The shaft makes yet another turn. Puts Dallas into an almost immobilized position.

DALLAS: Allright, I've reached the third junction. I'm going down.

Lambert huddled over her tracker. Puzzled.

PARKER: What the hell's the matter with that box?

LAMBERT: Dallas, you're going to have to hold your position for a minute. I've lost the signal.

DALLAS: What? . . . You sure?

LAMBERT (voice over): Look around, it's got to be around there somewhere.

The air shaft tributary opens into a larger two-tier air tunnel. Moves to a catwalk floor. Looks about. Moves forward. He notices a slimy substance touched by his hand. He readies the flamethrower. Raises the flamethrower. Fires a blast around the corner into the darkness. It roars loudly in the confined tube. Smoke drifts back into his face.

DALLAS (voice over): Check it out Lambert, you may be getting interference.

LAMBERT (voice over): Dallas, are you sure there's no sign of it? I mean, it is there. . . It's got to be around there.

RIPLEY: Dallas?

INT. AIR SHAFT: Dallas against a wall of the shaft. Clutching his flamethrower. Whispers into his throat mike.

DALLAS: Allright. . . . Uh, I might turn around, I would like to get the hell out of here.

LAMBERT (voice over): Oh God, it's moving right towards you!


Dallas stops. Turns around. Looks back down through the catwalk. Lowers the nose of the flamethrower, his finger on the trigger.

LAMBERT (voice over): Move, get out of there! Move! Dallas! Move, Dallas! Get out! The other way, Dallas!

From behind him, The Alien reaches towards him. Ripley hears the sounds of the struggle... And Dallas' screams. She cries out. Lambert and Parker: Hearing it all. Then silence.

RIPLEY: Dallas?

PARKER: Take it easy. . . Dallas?

INT. MESS: Parker places Dallas' flamethrower on the table surface.

PARKER: We found this laying there. No blood, no Dallas. Nothing

The remaining crew at the table. Silence. Parker slams the flamethrower on the table again out of anger.

PARKER: How come anybody say nothing . . . .

RIPLEY: I'm thinking. . . . Unless somebody has got a better idea, we'll proceed with Dallas' plan.

LAMBERT: What? And end up like the others? No, you're out of your mind!

RIPLEY: You got a better idea?

LAMBERT: Yes, I say we abandon this ship. We get the shuttle and just get the hell out of here. We take our chances and just hope that somebody picks us up.

RIPLEY: Lambert, the shuttle won't take four.

LAMBERT: Well, then why don't we draw straws.

PARKER: I'm not drawing any straws. I'm for killing that got damn thing right now..

RIPLEY: Okay, well let's talk about killing it. We know it's using the air shafts . . .

Parker ignoring what Ripley says and rambles on.

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