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The lights come on. The three continue on, enter another compartment

RIPLEY: Five meters.

PARKER: Be careful

Parker and Brett grow tense. Start looking around. Ripley peers closely at the tracker. The device leads her up to a small hatch in the bulkhead.

RIPLEY: Machine's screwed up.


RIPLEY: This locker, right here.

BRETT: Wait.

Parker and Brett heft the net. Ripley has the prod in one hand, tracker in the other. Moves with great care.

RIPLEY: Okay Parker, when I say . . . allright, now.

BRETT: Easy.

Almost in a half-crouch, ready to leap back. Prod extended, Ripley constantly glances at her tracker. Perspiration rivers down her face. Raises the prod, grasps the hatch handle. Yanks it open. A nerve-shattering squall. Then a small creature comes flying out of the locker. Eyes glaring, claws flashing. Very annoyed. It's the cat. Hissing and spitting. They have it pinned, but Brett lets it scamper away.

RIPLEY: Wait, don't let it go!

PARKER: What the hell are you doin', man!

BRETT: It's the cat.

PARKER: Hey look now, we had to bag it, man. Now we might pick it up on the tracker again.

BRETT: I'll go . . . . .

PARKER: Go on, get it.

RIPLEY: Allright, you go get him. We'll go on.

Ripley and Parker move down the passageway. Brett follows the direction taken by the cat. Moves across passageway into equipment maintenance area.

INT. EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AREA - "C" LEVEL: Brett walking between rows of shadowed equipment. Looking for the cat. Nervous.

BRETT: Here kitty. Here kitty, kitty. . . Kitty crap. Jones. . . Jonesy, here Jonesy. Meow . . meow. Jonesy. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. . . Meow . . here Jonesy.

A reassuring cat yowl. Brett hears Jonesy in the distance, moves on. Peers into crevices, Jonesy pops out, scampers away.

BRETT: Jonesy. . . . .Here kitty, kitty.

Brett sees Jonesy enter the Undercarriage Room.

Brett starts to head that way then notices something unusual on the floor. He picks it up with a look of puzzlement, drops it and moves on.

INT. UNDERCARRIAGE ROOM - "C" LEVEL 132: Brett enters. Still looking for Jones.

A large chamber, a number of stories high, massive hardware fills the room. Large chains, looped, suspended and swaying slightly.

Brett pauses, looks upwards at the high chamber. Takes off his cap to allow the falling water to splash on his face.

BRETT: Jonesy.

Brett spots Jonesy tucked in a crevice. Crouches down to call for Jones.

BRETT: Hey, come on girl. Come on, baby. That's a good cat. Come on, baby.

Jonesy starts to move forward. Something moving behind Brett. Jonesy notices it, repels back and hisses.

BRETT: Hey, hey!

Brett stands and turns around. The Alien. Now seven feet tall.

Brett sees a terrifying sight. Hissing. Saliva streaming from the creature's metal-looking teeth.

The creature unleashes a vicious strike with it's inner jaw. Brett screams in agony.

The Alien grabs Brett and swings up into darkness. Jones still in the crevice witnessing the horror.

Hearing Brett's screams, Parker and Ripley race into the Undercarriage room. At the center they look up, a moment later, drops of blood rain on them.

Ripley: Brett!

PARKER: Brett! . . . . . . . . . . BREEEEEEETTTT!!!

INT. MESS: The remaining crew assemble. Long faces.

PARKER: Whatever it was . . . it was big.

DALLAS: You sure it took him into the air shaft?

RIPLEY: It disappeared into one of the coolant ducts.

PARKER: No question, it's using the air ducts to move around.

LAMBERT: Could Brett be alive?

RIPLEY: No. I mean, I don't think so.

DALLAS: Well, this air shaft may work to our advantage. Here it leads up to and comes out in the main air lock. All right, there's only one big opening along the way. We can cover that up and then we drive it into the airlock and zap him into outer space.

PARKER: This son of a bitch is huge! I mean it's like a man, it's big!

ASH: Kane's son.

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