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RIPLEY: Dallas, please be careful.

Ripley bends down and peers under the bunk. Nothing. Dallas accidentally kicks over a tray. Ripley is startled and yelps.

DALLAS: Sorry.

Ash closes the infirmary door. Ripley looks for the creature on a ledge above her.

Ash notices Ripley heading to another corner.

ASH: No, not in the corner, try one of these.

RIPLEY: Kane . . . Dallas.

Ripley is looking at Kane and the creature's tail comes in view just abover her. It drops on her. She screams. Twists. The Alien drops to the floor. Then lies motionless. Its skin faded to a dead-looking grey. Ripley doesn't raise her eyes from the Creature.

DALLAS: You okay?

ASH: I didn't see it, was it in the overhead?

DALLAS: What? It was up there somewhere.

ASH: My God.

DALLAS: Cover that thing, will ya!

Ash carefully touches the Creature with the probe. It twitches, startling Ripley again.

ASH: It's all right, that's a reflex action. . . . Oh we got to have a look at this.

Ash place it onto a stainless steel table. Bright light trained on the Alien. The Creature in a supine position. Ash touches at the Alien with a surgical instrument.

ASH: It's dead enough.

RIPLEY: Well good, let's get rid of it.

ASH: Ripley, for God's sake, this is the first time we've encountered a species like this. It has to go back, all sorts of tests have to be made.

RIPLEY: Ash, are you kidding, this thing bled acid. Who knows what it's going to do when it's dead.

ASH: I think it's safe to assume it isn't a zombie. . . . Dallas, it has to go back.

DALLAS: Well, I'd as soon as not, but you're the science officer. It's your decision, Ash.

RIPLEY: Dallas!

INT. COMPUTER ANNEX: Ripley and Dallas.

DALLAS: I'm not going to change my mind, allright. The decision's been made.

RIPLEY: I'm not trying to change your mind, Dallas. I just want you to listen, will you listen to . . . .

Ripley hits a button to close the Annex door on Dallas.

RIPLEY: Just tell me how you can make that kind of decision.

DALLAS: Look, I just run the ship! Anything that has to do with the science division, Ash has the final word.

RIPLEY: How does that happen?

DALLAS: It happens my dear, because that's what the company wants to happen.

RIPLEY: Since when is that standard procedure?

DALLAS: Standard procedure is to do what the hell they tell you to do. What's happening in repairs? How's it going?

RIPLEY: Oh, they're pretty much finished now.

DALLAS: Why in the hell didn't you tell me so?

RIPLEY: Well, because there's still some things left to do.

DALLAS: Like what?

RIPLEY: Well, we're blind on B and C decks, the reserve power system is . . .

DALLAS: Oh that's a bunch of horse shit, we can take off without that.

RIPLEY: Yea, we can, you think that's a good idea?

DALLAS: Look, I just want to get the hell out of here, allright?

EXT. PLANET: The Nostromo's engines roaring. Belching out streams of superheated air. The starship vibrates. Begins to surge upward.

INT. BRIDGE: The crew at their posts. An electrical hum permeates the air. The pitch of the hum changes. Parker and Brett strapped in and vibrating.

BRETT: Dust in the intakes again, number two is overheating.

PARKER: Spit on it for two minutes, would you? For Christ's sakes.

EXT. PLANET: The ship levels itself. The Nostromo hovering above the ground. Held on beams of shimmering force.

RIPLEY (voice over): Everything holding together down there.

DALLAS (voice over): Switch on lifter quads.

INT. BRIDGE: Lambert bends over the voice amplifier.The ship continues vibrating. A powerful, deep throbbing begins. The vibrations increase. All viewscreens operational.

LAMBERT: One kilometer on ascension.

RIPLEY: Engage artificial gravity.

INT. BRIDGE: Lambert throws a switch. The ship lurches. The pitch of the engines changes...deepens.

LAMBERT: Engaged.

RIPLEY: I'm altering the vector now. . . . Struts retract.

INT. BRIDGE: Parker and Brett watching the guages. Outside the screens, clouds, clouds, clouds. Another tremor runs through the ship. The crew's eyes riveted to their instruments. Lambert begins punching buttons.

EXT. PLANET: The landing struts begin folding. The Nostromo begins to levitate skyward. Seemingly pushing upward on the beams of light. The starship hovering below cloud ceiling. Then begins to accelerate through the dense atmosphere.

EXT. PLANET: The ship moves at an acute angle. Slices through the boiling clouds. The ship clears the top of the cloud layer. Bursts out into star-sprinkled space. Trailing a wake of glimmering dust flecks.

PARKER: Walk in the park. We fix something, we stay fixed, don't we, Brett baby?

Big smiles from the crew.

BRETT: Right.

EXT. OUTER SPACE: The Nostromo is attached to the hovering refinery. The Nostromo now safely beyond gravity. Preceptible movement in the surrounding universe.Stars approaching the Nostromo appear blue.

INT. MESS: Parker, Brett, Dallas and Ripley around the table. Drinking coffee.

PARKER: What I think we should do is just freeze him. I mean, he's got a disease, why don't we stop it where it is. We can always get him to a doctor when we get back home.

BRETT: Right.

RIPLEY: Whenever he says anything you say 'right', Brett. You know that?

BRETT: Right.

RIPLEY: Parker, what do think, your staff just follows you around and says 'right'. Like a regular parrot.

PARKER: Yeah. Shape up. What are you, some kind of parrot.

BRETT: Right.

DALLAS: Oh come on, knock it off! Kane's gonna have to go into quarantine, that's it.

RIPLEY: Yeah. And so will we.

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