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DALLAS: What the hell is that?

BRETT: Jesus . . . Christ. What is that, man?

PARKER: Hey, how in the hell is he breathin'?

BRETT: Is he still alive, or what?

PARKER: Hey, why don't you guys freeze him? . . . How come they don't freeze him? . . . Look what's going on in there.

Ripley appears. Lambert still furious, lunges towards her

RIPLEY: What the fuck is going on in . . . . .

Ripley doesn't get a chance to finish her sentence. Lambert steps forward and slaps Ripley across the face.


As they tussle, Parker and Brett break them up. Ripley puts her hand to her cheek.


Dallas turns and looks at Ripley.

DALLAS: When I give an order, I expect it to be obeyed.

RIPLEY: Even if it's against the law?

DALLAS: You're God damn right!

PARKER: Well, maybe she has a point, you know. Who in the hell knows what that thing is.

DALLAS: How are going to get that off of him? . . . How we going to get it off!?!

ASH: Now just a minute, just a minute.

Ash takes a pair of med tongs from a rack.

ASH: I'm going to try and remove the digitals from . . .

DALLAS: You're gonna do what?

ASH: Finger, I'm going to try remove the finger. Just a minute.

Ash carefully grasps the tip of the Creature. Squeezes tightly.

DALLAS: That's tearing his skull!

ASH: I know!

DALLAS: It's not coming off without tearing his face off with it.

ASH: We will have to take a look at it inside.

Ash presses a switch. The machine lights up. Kane is sucked into a slot on the wall. Visible inside through the glass layer.

PARKER: How come they don't freeze him? . . . How come you guys don't freeze him?

A beam of light performs antisepsis. Two video monitors pop on. Ash punches three buttons. An X-ray image appears.

ASH: Okay, you can take your mask off.

A color depiction of Kane's head and upper torso. The Alien is clearly visible. A maze of complicated biology. Kane's jaws are forced open. The creature has extruded a long tube down his throat. The appendage ending at the base of the esophagus.

DALLAS: What's it got down his throat?

ASH: I would suggest it's feeding him oxygen.

DALLAS: Paralyzes him, puts him in a coma, and keeps him alive. Now what the hell is that? . . . . Well we got to get it off of him.

ASH: Just a minute, just a minute. I mean let's not be too hasty. We don't know anything about . . it. Now we're assuming it's feeding him oxygen, if we remove it . . . could kill him.

DALLAS: I'm willing to take that chance, let's cut it off of him now.

ASH: You take responsibility?

DALLAS: Yes, yes, I'll take responsibility. Now get him out of there.

Ash slips into surgical gloves. Presses a switch, Kane slides back out of the booth.

Ash takes a surgical laser blade from the case. He manipulates the knife until he has a comfortable grip.

DALLAS: Where do you want to do this?

ASH: I'll make an incision just below the knuckle, right there.

DALLAS: Right here.

Ash flicks a small button with his thumb. The blade begins to hum. Ash advances on Kane's prostrate form.

ASH: Stand by.

Ash touches the scalpel to the Creature. The electronic blade slices effortlessly downward. Suddenly a urine-like fluid begins to stream from the wound.

The liquid flows onto the infirmary floor. Starts to hiss. Smoke curls up from the stain. Metal bubbling and sizzling. More smoke rising, Dallas frantically applies pressure to the wound. Dallas runs out into the corridor.

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