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Something has changed. The opaque surface begins to clear. Object becoming visible within. Kane shines his light on the floor at the base of it. He studies it.

KANE: Wait a minute, there's movement. It seems to have life. . . Organic life.

Suddenly the egg opens at the top.

Viscera and mandible now visible. The interior surface spongy and irregular.

Kane shines the light inside.

With shocking violence, a small creature smashes outward. Fixes itself to his mask. Sizzling sound. The creature melts through the mask. Attaches itself to Kane's face. Kane tears at the thing with his hands. His mouth forced open. He falls backward.

INT. CHAMBER ABOVE: Dallas switches on the winch motor. With a whine, it begins to reel the line in. After a moment the line tightens with a jerk. The motor slows, laboring under added weight. Dallas shines his light down into the hole. Shakes his head. A long moment. Dallas shines his light again. The winch labors heavily.

Kane appears at the top of the opening. Dangles limply from the wire. Dallas reaches for him, then recoils. Lambert attempts to help. Kane appears to be completely unconscious. The life form is still wrapped motionless around his face. They grapple with Kane's limp body. Lift him from the hole.

Exterior view of the derelict ship. The sun is down.

Ripley waiting on the bridge. Ash stares at his inactive monitors.

Kane is pinioned between Dallas and Lambert. The storm raging through and beyond the entrance. The ring of floodlights on the ship comes to life. Feebly combatting the darkness and continuing storm.

Dallas and Lambert dragging Kane on a travois towards landing leg. Dallas and Lambert drag Kane onto lift platform. Lambert behind him. Kane pinioned to Dallas.

Ripley seated alone in the room. She stares at the screen and remains seated at her console. Ash comes down the steps.

DALLAS: You there, Ripley?

Ripley presses transmitter, Dallas appears as a huge image on all screens.

RIPLEY: I'm right here.

Ash hurries to the inner door lock. Presses the wall voice-amp.

ASH: Okay Ripley, I'm at the inner lock hatch now.

RIPLEY: Right.

DALLAS: Hey Ripley.

RIPLEY: Right here.

DALLAS: We're clean, let us in.

RIPLEY: What happened to Kane?

DALLAS: Something has attached itself to him, we have to get him to the infirmary right away.

RIPLEY: What kind of thing? I need a clear definition.

DALLAS: An organism, open the hatch.

RIPLEY: Wait a minute, if we let it in, the ship could be infected. You know the quarantine procedures, 24 hours for de-contamination.

DALLAS: He could die in 24 hours, open the hatch.

RIPLEY: Listen to me, if we break quarantine we could all die.

LAMBERT: Stop the jawin' and open the God damn hatch, we have to get him inside!

RIPLEY: No, I can't do that, and if you were in my position you'd do the same.

DALLAS: Ripley, this is an order, open that hatch right now, do you hear me?



RIPLEY: Yes, I read you. The answer is negative.

Ash hits the emergency switch. A red light goes on. Servo whine. Followed by a solid metallic chunk.

ASH: Inner hatch open.

Ripley staring at the console. She can't believe what she sees. Turns to the viewscreens. Watches Dallas, Kane and Lambert enter. The servo again turns over. Another clunk. The outer door has closed. Red light off. The inner door slides open. Dallas and Lambert stagger into passageway. Carry Kane's body between them. Dallas pulls off his helmet.

INT. INFIRMARY: Kane's helmet. Hands begin to open it with a laser cutter. The helmet separates easily. The two halves part.


The life form slowly pulsing on Kane's face. The Alien is anchored to Kane's tissue.

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