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INT. BRIDGE: Dallas stares at the screens. Ash punches buttons, starts to consult his panel.

KANE: We can't go anywhere in this.

ASH: Mother says the sun's coming up in twenty minutes.

DALLAS: How far away from the source of transmission.

ASH: Northeast... just under 2000 meters.

KANE: Walking distance?

ASH: Well . . .

DALLAS: Can you give me an atmospheric?

ASH: Yes. . . . . Ohhh, it's almost primordial. That's nitrogen, high concentration of crystals, methane. I'm working on the trace elements.

DALLAS: Anything else?

ASH: Yes, it's . . . rock, lava base. Deep cold... well below the line.

DALLAS: Uh-huh.

KANE: I'll volunteer for the first group to go out.

DALLAS: Yea, that figures. You too, Lambert.


DALLAS: I'm going to break out the weapons.

EXT. SHIP: Sunrise. The atmosphere begins to lighten. Silhouette of the Nostromo becoming dimly visible. Starship perched on barren rock. More rolling clouds of dust.

Alone in a compartment of the ship, Ash performs a vigorous and brief running in place before continuing to his station.

INT. MAIN AIR LOCK: Dallas, Kane and Lambert enter the lock. All wear gloves, boots, jackets. Carry laser pistols. Kane touches a button. Servo whine. Then the inner door slides quietly shut. The trio pull on their helmets.

INT. MAIN AIR LOCK: Another servo whine. Ponderously, the outer lock hatch slides open. Clouds of dust and steam swirl before the three crew members. A mobile gangway slides out the open hatch. Burnt sunlight beyond.

The trio walk down the gangplank. Arrive at surface level. Their feet striking onto a thick layer of lava rock. The wind at gale force.

INT. ASH'S BLISTER: Ash descends companionway to blister. Punches up screens and instrumentation.

Lambert walks into the storm. Followed closely by the others.

LAMBERT: I can't see a God damn thing.

DALLAS: Ash, are you receiving?

Ash leaning over his console. Watches them beneath him. Corresponding images on the screen in front of him.

ASH: Good contact on my board.

DALLAS: Let's keep the line open. Let's go.

INT. ENGINE ROOM: Parker and Brett laser welding one of the ducts.Sweat steaming. Ripley rewiring one of the panels.

PARKER: Hey, Ripley . . . Hey Ripley, I wanna ask you a question. If they find what they are looking for out there, does that mean we get full shares.

RIPLEY: Don't worry Parker, yea, you'll get whatever's coming to you.

BRETT: Look, I'm not going to do any more work until we get this straightened out.

RIPLEY: Brett, you're guaranteed by law to get a share.


RIPLEY: Why don't you just fuck off.

PARKER: What? . . . What'd you say, Rip?

RIPLEY: If you have any trouble, I'll be on the bridge.

PARKER: Hey Ripley, come back here! . . . . Son of a bitch.

BRETT: What's the matter?

The three crew members push their way along. Like divers at the bottom of a dark sea. The wind and dust continues driving down in dark sheets. Lambert repeats.

LAMBERT: I can't see a God damn thing.

KANE: Quit griping.

LAMBERT: I like griping.

DALLAS: Come on, knock it off!

INT. BRIDGE: Ripley looking at Ash on her screen. Ash's video image not visible to Ripley. Hits the intercom. Ripley's voice comes over. Ash quickly shuts off the video image. She pushes some buttons. The noise is now heard on her speaker.

RIPLEY: How's it going?

ASH: Oh all right.

RIPLEY: Have you tried putting that transmission through ECIU yet?

ASH: Mother hasn't identified it yet.

RIPLEY: Mind if I give it a shot?

ASH: Please do.

Ripley at her console. She activates a monitor, studying intently as binaries flash across the screen.

Three tiny figures against the landscape. The trio moves through a dark limbo. They approach a towering rock formation. They stand for a moment. . . Then move away from the rock formation. Fossilized into the other side of the rock is a shape. Fifteen feet tall. Unseen by the members of the party. Ash watches intently. Images on each screen of the trio.

Ash receiving the video transmission. Notices something within the formation. Freezes the image. Enlarges it. Enlarges again. Transfers the image to cathode ray. The image reveals itself to be a giant form. Indistinct. Ash still adjusting image of form in rock. It suddenly resolves. A skeleton. Fifteen feet long. He enlarges the image.

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