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A TIE Fighter pilot adjusts his controls and fires laserbolts at two X-wings flying down the trench. He scores a direct hit on Wedge. In the Massassi Outpost War Room, Leia and the others are grouped around the computer board.

WEDGE: (over speaker) I'm hit! I can't stay with you.

LUKE: Get clear, Wedge. You can't do any more good back there!

WEDGE: Sorry!

Wedge pulls his crippled X-wing back away from the battle. Vader watches the escape but issues a command to his wingmen.

VADER: Let him go! Stay on the leader!

Luke's X-wing speeds down the trench; the three TIE fighters, still in perfect unbroken formation, tail close behind. Biggs looks around at the TIE fighters. He is worried.

BIGGS: Hurry, Luke, they're coming in much faster this time. I can't hold them!

The three TIE fighters move ever closer, closing in on Luke and Biggs. Luke looks back anxiously at little Artoo.

LUKE: Artoo, try and increase the power!

Ignoring the bumpy ride, flak, and lasers, a beeping Artoo-Detoo struggles to increase the power, his dome turning from side to side.

Stealthily, the TIE formation creeps closer. Vader adjusts his control stick. Biggs looks around at the TIE fighters.

BIGGS: (over headset) Hurry up, Luke!

Vader and his wingmen race through the Death Star trench. Biggs moves in to cover for Luke, but Vader gains on him. Biggs sees the TIE fighter aiming at him.

BIGGS: Wait!

Vader squeezes the fire button on his controls. Biggs' cockpit explodes around him, lighting him in red. Biggs' ship bursts into a million flaming bits and scatters across the surface.

MASSASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM: Leia and the others stare at the computer board.

Luke is stunned by Biggs' death. His eyes are watering, but his anger is also growing.

DEATH STAR - CONTROL ROOM: Grand Moff Tarkin watches the projected target screen with satisfaction.

DEATH STAR INTERCOM VOICE: Rebel base, thirty seconds and closing.

Vader takes aim on Luke and talks to the wingmen.

VADER: I'm on the leader.

Luke's ship streaks through the trench of the Death Star. In the Massassi Outpost War Room, Princess Leia returns her general's worried and doubtful glances with solid, grim determination. Threepio seems nervous.

THREEPIO: Hang on, Artoo!

Luke concentrates on his targeting device. Three TIE fighters charge away down the trench toward Luke. Vader's finger's curls around the control stick. Luke adjusts the lens of his targeting device. Luke's ship charges down the trench. Luke lines up the yellow cross-hair lines of the targeting device's screen. He looks into the targeting device, then startled at a voice he hears.

BEN'S VOICE: Use the Force, Luke.

The Death Star trench zooms by. Luke looks up, then starts to look back into the targeting device. He has second thoughts.

BEN'S VOICE: Let go, Luke.

A grim determination sweeps across Luke's face as he closes his eyes and starts to mumble Ben's training to himself. Luke's fighter streaks through the trench.

VADER: The Force is strong with this one!

Vader follows Luke's X-wing down the trench.

Luke looks to the targeting device, then away as he hears Ben's voice.

BEN'S VOICE: Luke, trust me.

Luke's hand reaches for the control panel and presses the button. The targeting device moves away.

MASSASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM: Leia and the others stand watching the projected screen.

BASE VOICE: (over speaker) His computer's off. Luke, you switched off your targeting computer. What's wrong?

LUKE: (over speaker) Nothing. I'm all right.

Luke's ship streaks ever close to the exhaust port. Luke looks at the Death Star surface streaking by. Artoo-Detoo turns his head from side to side, beeping in anticipation. The three TIE fighters, manned by Vader and his two wingmen, follow Luke's X-wing down the trench. Vader maneuvers his controls as he looks at his doomed target. He presses the fire buttons on his control sticks. Laserfire shoots toward Luke's X-wing fighter.

A large burst of Vader's laserfire engulfs Artoo. The arms go limp on the smoking little droid as he makes a high-pitched sound. Luke looks frantically back over his shoulder at Artoo. Smoke billows out around little Artoo and sparks begin to fly.

LUKE: I've lost Artoo!

Artoo's beeping sounds die out.

MASSASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM: Leia and the others stare intently at the projected screen, while Threepio watches the Princess. Lights representing the Death Star and targets glow brightly.

MASSASSI INTERCOM VOICE: The Death Star has cleared the planet. The Death Star has cleared the planet.

DEATH STAR - CONTROL ROOM: Tarkin glares at the projected target screen.

DEATH STAR INTERCOM VOICE: Rebel base, in range.

TARKIN: You may fire when ready.

DEATH STAR INTERCOM VOICE: Commence primary ignition.

An officer reaches up and pushes buttons on the control panel, as green lighted buttons turn to red.

The three TIE fighters zoom down the Death Star trench in pursuit of Luke, never breaking formation. Luke looks anxiously at the exhaust port. Vader adjusts his control sticks, checking his projected targeting screen. Luke's ship barrels down the trench. Vader's targeting computer swings around into position. Vader takes careful aim on Luke's X-wing fighter.

VADER: I have you now.

He pushes the fire buttons. The three TIE fighters move in on Luke. As Vader's center fighter unleashes a volley of laserfire, one of the TIE ships at his side is hit and explodes into flame. The two remaining ships continue to move in. Luke looks about, wondering whose laserfire destroyed Vader's wingman. Vader is taken by surprise, and looks out from his cockpit.

VADER: What?

Vader's wingman searches around him trying to locate the unknown attacker.

MILLENNIUM FALCON: Han and Chewbacca grin from ear to ear.

HAN: (yelling) Yahoo!

The Millennium Falcon heads right at the two TIE fighters. It's a collision course.

The wingman spots the pirateship coming at him and warns the Dark Lord.

WINGMAN: Look out!

Vader's wingman panics at the sight of the oncoming pirate starship and veers radically to one side, colliding with Vader's TIE fighter in the process. Vader's wingman crashes into the side wall of the trench and explodes. Vader's damaged ship spins out of the trench with a damaged wing. Vader's ship spins out of control with a bent solar fin, heading for deep space. Vader turns round and round in circles as his ship spins into space.

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